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  1. If you've been on a cruise recently were they still offering the discount on multiple treatments if you booked them on embarkation? Did they include all treatments? I want to do both a manicure and pedicure.
  2. Yes, I saw the crepes on our last cruise, but didn't try them because I was already full. I'll look for them again!
  3. I wasn't equating bread pudding was the same as tapioca, other than I didn't like either.
  4. I've never been a fan of bread pudding, but I'm constantly seeing this as a favorite not only on cruises but on land restaurants as well. For me, it's a texture thing. I just don't like it or tapioca pudding or drinks with tapioca pearls. The best Key Lime Pie I've ever had is at J Alexander's and the best carrot cake is from Mc Alisters. I judge all other versions by these.
  5. To the OP...you've reminded me yet again why I will no longer book a GTY. I want to know in advance what's going on above me (nothing but cabins) and near me (not close to the elevators).
  6. I've done many spa treatments and do like the seaweed wrap but I'm not one to lay still very well. I'd prefer the hot stones massage or the body scrubs. Will no longer do Swedish or deep tissue massages as the last one I did on a cruise had me achy for days. But what I really enjoy is getting a sampling of 3 options that they do for either $99 or $119 only one day on the cruise - usually a port day or the last day to bring in more revenue.
  7. We diet in advance of any cruise so we can indulge a bit while on vacation. My DH and I started chatting about our favorite foods on cruises and realized we couldn't recall a favorite dessert. We could name our favorite pastries in the a.m., but no evening desserts stuck out. What have we been missing that are your faves on RCI?
  8. Did they talk about what changes will be made during the next dry dock in April 2020?
  9. That is good to know. I would never considered that was possible.
  10. Since you do last minute cruises, are the better prices on the balconies or higher? Is there much of a saving over booking 6 months in advance than one month? One more question...how can you check the rates. I've tried looking at cruises on the ship's site and TA sites and I only see "call for pricing."
  11. Sealed items shouldn't be a problem. I've brought back spices, tea, coffee, and candies from many countries back to the U.S. They're my favorite souvenirs. Just make sure any glass containers are wrapped really well! Cheese I'd be a bit unsure of taking back as on one trip I went to a farmer's market in Ireland the day before our return trip. Had cheese I was assured wouldn't need refrigeration. However, I spent most of the flight back in the bathroom either throwing up or being hit with a bout of diarrhea. Worst flight ever!!
  12. Most responses...Port Canavaral. That is a growing port. I've never embarked from there, but had it as a stop on a cruise from Quebec to Miami.
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