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  1. We booked the Emerald 2/1/20 sailing during last year's Sip and Sail. We have a TA who we really like and she gives us enough of a discount on the cruise that it comes out pretty even with the gratuities from the 3 day sale from that other agency. We're on the Pacific Princess 35 day Tahiti - FLL cruise in the fall of 2020. There are a lot of sea days so I'm really hoping it will be included in this year's Sip and Sale.
  2. Does anyone remember when Celebrity announces their future cruises?
  3. The Sip and Sail will most likely be for fall 2020 through winter 2021 cruises. We booked our February 2020 Sip and Sail LAST June!!!!! EDIT : I just saw that you already have verification that your cruise qualifies. Congratulations!
  4. Where can we see the list of excluded sailings?
  5. Don't misunderstand - I drink both alcohol AND coffee!!! We had a drink package so the coffee cards are redundant for me.
  6. Because of being Elite and having a drink package I had about 4 unused coffee cards. ( I traded in the Elite benefit for them) On our last cruise I had a lot of fun listening for people ordering specialty coffees and then asking them if they'd like an unused card. I gave away all 4 cards that way. As I said - it was a lot of fun and it made me and the people I gave them to feel really good.
  7. You DO realize that you can just take some of the Lipton tea bags from the buffet and keep them in your pocket and then ask for hot water (no charge) at the IC.
  8. Why don't you ask the TA that question? In my experience a good TA can work around that stipulation.
  9. I just had a thought in regards to the Coffee "card" now being loaded into your sea pass card rather than being an actual card. We are going on a 28 day cruise. If we have one cappuccino per day we will reach our limit of 15 in the middle of the cruise. How would we know ? Just have to wait until we are turned down? It was easier when we had the physical card and could see what was happening.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with their cancellation or change fees?
  11. We didn't receive the offer this time but we have gotten it many times in the past. We usually just put the extra $750 or $500 onto the cruise using our Amex but still pay the bulk of the cruise with Chase. (I've checked the Chase guidelines multiple times and the parameters of the insurance are that you have to book the portion you need to cover with their card - not necessarily the whole cruise) And we always use our TA to book our cruises. We call her to put the payment on the cruise and just tell her which card to use. Anyways, the last time we received the offer our whole cruise was paid in full already so I purchased $750 of on board credit with the Amex and received the $150 (or whatever the offer was then) of credit on our Amex bill. (I figured I had nothing to lose. If they didn't give me the credit I still had my $750) So feel free to charge your cruise with Chase and just buy OBC with the offer.
  12. I had the same problem. Contact the "help" section on here. It took them a couple of weeks but eventually it was fixed.
  13. We're staying at the Doubletree. How far is that from Off the Vine? Anyone know if the shuttle will take us there? I also read they have a small restaurant so it might be worth making a trip for dinner and to stock up on wine for the cruise.
  14. First of all - I just realized I wrote 11:35 and the flight is actually at 11:55. We are on a round trip LA-Hawaii-Tahiti-LA cruise next February so I don't expect any customs issues. (And we both have Global Entry) The 11:55 flight is not only more convenient but less expensive. According to our scheduled itinerary we are to arrive at 6:15 so Princess parameters would put us at a 12:30 domestic flight.
  15. I would never normally think this was a problem but when I look at airfares on Princess EZAir this flight isn't offered as an option. The earliest flight they show is 1:50. Does anyone have recent experience with getting to LAX from San Pedro? Thanks!
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