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  1. chamima

    Bringing on your own wine.

    You have to drink that "free" bottle in your cabin. If you take it to the dining room you'll have to pay the $15 corkage for it also. Read the Princess disclaimer on that.
  2. chamima

    Bringing on your own wine.

    The bottles that have the fee paid get marked. The procedure if you don't finish a bottle is the same whether you brought it on board with you or purchased it on the ship. When there's a bottle that's not finished that you would like the next night your waiter puts the cork back in, marks it and puts it away in back. Then the next night he brings it back out for you to finish. If you've purchased a bottle (not wine by the glass) it stays on your table through dinner. If you want to take a partially finished bottle back to your cabin you can do that also. If your wine is checked with your luggage you will get a notice in your cabin to come down to the "naughty room" to claim it. They'll assess the fee there (Either way it's charged to your on board account)
  3. Thanks for the videos! The "scenery" backgrounds are beautiful but the show itself appears like a remake of everything they've been doing for years. Elysium on the Eclipse is so innovative and wonderful that I was hoping to see more of that creativity. The performers are very talented - not taking anything away from that - but the shows themselves just are missing something. Was that your take away also?
  4. chamima

    Bringing on your own wine.

    If you're driving to the port get a case box from your local wine store. They usually have good foam dividers that will protect the wine. Seal it with duct tape and try to fashion a handle out of the duct tape so you can pick the case (or two half cases) up to carry. Does that sound feasible? Also make SURE to attach a luggage tag to the box - just in case!
  5. chamima

    Bringing on your own wine.

    You are supposed to bring all wine in your carry-on. If driving in or buying it in the port that works. We , as I said , are flying so the wine will be in our luggage. I'm not sure of exactly where it will be until we pack. We have a 6 bottle wine carrier - which is the best way to transport it but that means we pay to bring an empty bag on the way home. If we just decide to take 4 bottles (and have the weight in our bags available) we will wrap the wine in large 2 gallon ziploc bags ( sometimes I double-wrap them) , then wrap those in soft things like tshirts and put them in the center of our luggage. For long cruises we've shipped a case of wine to our pre-cruise hotel . Then you can carry that on the ship.
  6. Weren't these reduced prices set up to induce people to use the spa when they are usually off the ship? If all days are the same price it makes more sense to book a treatment for a sea day. This decision may come back to bite them in the pocketbook.
  7. chamima

    Bringing on your own wine.

    Kevin We're on your cruise next week . We have a drink package but after looking at what's available by the glass on the new wine list we will also be bringing our own wine. (This will probably be our last cruise with the drink package --- the by-the-glass dry red offerings on this new wine list are pretty awful) We're flying in and the wine will be in our checked luggage so I expect we'll be spending the first afternoon in the naughty room claiming it. Not trying to avoid the corkage - .(We also sail Celebrity and Disney where corkage is $25/bottle so Princess seems very fair)
  8. Was this on your screen when you signed into the internet the first time? We're on the Pacific next week for 14 days and I don't think the 250 minutes we get will be enough for my husband - $40 for 200 extra minutes seems pretty reasonable.
  9. chamima

    Fall rollout of 17 new beers?

    I agree! 😠 ! We sail next week on the Pacific (with no Vines) and have the "Premium" beverage package. In the past we've been able to find decent dry reds by the glass but after looking at the new wine list we will be bringing our own and paying the corkage. There are some decent reds by the bottle but 25% off just doesn't do it when we've already paid for the package. I'm pretty sure this will be our last package with Princess. We're pretty disappointed in the wines available and don't drink enough otherwise to make it even close to worthwhile. I hope I'm wrong and that there will be more available on board than what's shown on that list. I'll report back after the cruise.
  10. Adam Thanks for that review of the Royal Palms. We're going to Grand Cayman in February from the Silhouette and we were thinking of going there. Based on your review and the pictures we'll rethink it.
  11. I seem to remember the old packages saying that if you purchased a bottle above the $45 limit you paid only the difference between $45 and the price of your bottle. Is that still the case?
  12. chamima

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    And thank YOU!!! You made me feel really good!
  13. Adam Thanks for all of the photos. That area really looks beautiful!!! I didn't notice any prices on the menu for Eden - is everything there included in your cruise fare (I refuse to say free when I've paid thousands) or is there an extra charge for their food? Thanks
  14. chamima

    Breakfast in a dining room

    Since you are in touch with that passenger please ask them to go to Guest Services to verify. It IS true that breakfast has been in the aft dining room - maybe they aren't even aware that there IS an aft dining room if they are Anytime diners. It is only reachable by the aft elevators or a set of stairs that go nowhere else. We'll be on the Pacific next week and I'll ask.
  15. chamima

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    Please complete and return this form to Revenue Support at revenuesupportdepartment@princesscruises.com or fax at 661‐291‐8680. If you would like to transfer multiple cabins, a form must be signed and submitted by one guest per cabin. Bookings may only be transferred within 60 days of booking creation so long as (a) the request is made outside the Final Payment period, and (b) the booking is not paid in full. Reservation Transfer Request Form Booking Information Booking reference # (REQUIRED) Ship Name Sail Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Travel Agency Name (if applicable) Voyage Number Guest Name(s) Home telephone number Email address Change Requested (please select one of the below)  Direct Booking to Agency  Agency Booking to New Agency  Agency Booking to Direct New Agency Name (if applicable): Phone Number of New Agency (if applicable): New Travel Agent’s Name (if applicable): FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: New Agency ID Reason for Transfer (for quality assurance purposes) In requesting this transfer, I understand the new Travel Agent above will be responsible for ongoing booking support, and will have access to the personal information of all travelers on the booking. I understand current value‐added promotions may not be applicable under the new Travel Agency. Payment Information  I acknowledge that if a booking payment was made via guest check or credit card, the funds will remain on the booking.  I acknowledge that if a booking payment was made via travel agency check, the funds will be refunded to the original agency unless Princess Cruises receives a letter of authorization which specifically states that any or all of the funds may be transferred to the transferred booking. If the original agency does not send Princess Cruises this letter, I understand that I must make a new payment on the transferred booking within one week of the transfer date. I am responsible for recovering monies from the original agency. Princess Cruises is not responsible for the refund on the original payment(s). By signing this form, you are requesting your booking and related information to be transferred to the above‐ listed New Agency. Going forward, please contact the new agency for any booking‐related questions. We look forward to welcoming you on board. Signature Name (please print) Signature Date You can fill this form out on your computer, save, and print. Please sign where indicated and return via email or facsimile.