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  1. chamima


    As long as you're asking about screen names- is boobasimcha what your grandchildren call you? And, as to the original question - it's been hit or miss what Princess does for Chanukah. There will definitely be a Chanukiah in the main lobby and they may have latkes - especially if you ask the Head Waiter in your section. Celebrity seems to think Chanukah is like Rosh HaShanah - they always have Jewish clergy on board and have a "service" every night where we ate latkes & sufganiyot , lit candles (electric) and sang Chanukah songs.
  2. chamima

    Pacific Princess Questions

    Hi Jeannie! How long are you on board? We are on the Christmas/New Years cruise again. Looking forward to seeing you again!
  3. chamima


    The food is pre-prepared by a Kosher caterer and wrapped in many layers so it can be warmed up anywhere. I tried to help a friend open one a couple of years ago and we needed a big knife. No worries about the food itself touching anything. As far as the candles - I saw these on Bed Bath and Beyond and am going to get them for myself. You could use a regular Chanukiah with them. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/led-hanukkah-candles-in-blue-set-of-9/5189206?categoryId=12807
  4. chamima

    Military Bonus

    WOW!!!~ 😍
  5. I know the fall 2020 European (and TA) deployment will come out soon. Just wondered if any of the knowledgeable people on here had an advance copy.
  6. A couple of years ago I called Delta (our preferred airline) about the rumor I had heard about only being able to check in 2 hours ahead of our flight. The representative I reached had never heard of that , but just to be thorough, she contacted her supervisor and her supervisor contacted someone else. Consensus among the 3 of them was that NO ONE was aware of Delta ever having had such a policy. I think it's an urban myth that gets passed around on here.
  7. I'm sure it doesn't! 😳😦 Thanks for checking so quickly.
  8. chamima

    New Wine List Rolling out on the Golden

    Thank you all for the info. I showed my husband the new wine list and, even though we have the premium package, we will be bringing some bottles from home.
  9. Does Nickolas then go on vacation? We board the end of January and are hoping to have Ben as Maitre D' in Blu as we have had the last couple of years on the Eclipse.
  10. They are returning from a transatlantic and , if memory serves (which it doesn't always) , there is no luggage valet on transatlantics. They want everyone to walk through customs with their own luggage. But, other than that, you are SO RIGHT!!!! Worth every penny!
  11. Do you happen to know which ship she's currently on?
  12. chamima

    Pacific Princess Mini Suite Qusestion

    Where is the safe in the mini suites?
  13. EDIT#2 I see that you added your MLife status on line without having to call. I can't seem to find anywhere to do that on the Hyatt site. Do you remember where exactly you did that? Thanks again!
  14. Thanks for this tip - how do we get MLife Status? We are also Elite Plus and , while the MLife status probably won't beneift us , the Explorist in Hyatt will!!! EDIT: Just signed up for MLife and called to upgrade our status to Platinum. As soon as that's done I'll call Hyatt. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS HINT!!
  15. I would sure love to know the truth of whether or not the waiters have to share their tips. We have had the same wonderful waiter for the last three years in Blu and his tips from us (cash in addition to the added-in gratuities attached to our reservation) have gotten larger and larger every year. He has certainly earned every cent but I've heard many rumors about all of the waiters in Blu having to share even their cash tips. (And this would apply to Murano, Tuscan and Luminae as well) it would make me sad if he really had to do this but I WOULD love to know what the truth is!