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  1. The post he was referring to has been removed . It was a quote from a newspaper in New Zealand with a lot of inflammatory misinformation I'm pretty sure he was referring to the newspaper that posted the incorrect information when he said the bit about being in the business of selling advertisements.
  2. Carnival Corp (Princess parent company) is arranging (and to my understanding, paying for) the private car transportation to the airport and the charter flights to the passenger's destinations. The Canadians left yesterday so International is possible but getting charters to New Zealand is probably more difficult. I've flown on an International charter flight in the past so I know it's possible.
  3. Princess Facebook post: Coral Princess guest disembarkation started yesterday and continued today, prioritizing those who departed on a charter flight to Canada and chauffeured transport for local Florida residents. Our team has arranged other domestic charter flights scheduled to depart tomorrow. All guests requiring shoreside medical care have been disembarked and are being treated. We continue to work with federal, state, and local authorities to meet their requirements, protect the safety and welfare of our guests, along with the population of other communities. More details here: https://*****/2JLyN1q
  4. Can you call Guest Services and ask for an update?
  5. I hope they put those people into immediate isolation!
  6. Are they all healthy so far? With only 650 or so passengers it would seem more likely.
  7. They moved all of the people in insides to balconies when they quarantined. One of our regular posters had sick people moved into the empty (balcony) room beside them. Not only sick but loud and rude!
  8. Captain Morgan - I agree. Now for some good news Just heard on the morning ABC national news that you are allowed to dock tomorrow!
  9. Is it also possible that people were sick but not reporting it until it became severe? On our last cruise my husband got the flu about 3 weeks into a 28 day cruise(confirmed by a test in the medical center). The young man checking people into the medical center told him that about 800 passengers had the flu but on debarkation day we sat with a couple who said they had had the "flu" but hadn't gone to the medical center. So how many people had they infected while the responsible people were self isolating in their cabins?
  10. As far as the the attendant bringing things- I would imagine they bring the trays and knock on the doors and leave them outside the stateroom doors. The don't want anymore contact than is necessary either. So you can pick up that tray with the confidence that your neighbors health or lack thereof hasn't affected it at all. I'm truly sorry that your once peaceful oasis in this stressful time has been ruined not only by that loud , rude person but that on top of it - he and his wife are ill. We've had several balcony neighbors like that and I know how it changes your experience so much! As far as going outside- if you see the neighbor outside go in. Fresh air is good for everyone and the virus isn't magically waiting in the air.
  11. Can I suggest that you go to Guest Services and ask them to add toothpaste to the supplies they are bringing on in Barbados. Do this ASAP so they have time to order.
  12. Perth and Freemantle are two parts of the same city.
  13. My husband was one of those that went to the medical center. They gave him that figure there. The doctor was awful but she did test him for the flu and it came back positive. He isolated for a couple of days (until he had no fever for 24 hours) but after he was diagnosed we started noticing just how much coughing was going on around us.
  14. Thanks for your glowing report. We were on the cruise previous to yours - the 28 day Hawaii-Tahiti cruise. I agree about Captain Lewis and Aaron and most of the entertainment around the ship. Many times i had to make a choice of which venue I wanted to attend since so much was going on. Did you get to see the 2 girls in the Wheelhouse ? They were fantastic!!!! However, the acts in the main theater for our cruise (other than the Production shows) were pretty bad so I'm happy to hear they found better entertainers for your cruise. I have one question for you. You said no one was sick on your cruise. Over 800 people on our cruise had the flu (and those are just the people that actually went to the medical center) Did you have any sense of that? I wonder how they managed to have a healthy ship (maybe it's because they sent all of us home).
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