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  1. XPressshuttle still picks up curbside at baggage claim. Expensive but convenient. https://xpressshuttles.com/los-angeles-airport-shuttle/
  2. I'd take this suggestion. We are just off the Pacific Princess and about to sail on the Emerald. We both have the drink package on both cruises. We are flying and will still bring some better bottles of wine with us in our luggage. The choice of decent red wines (even by the bottle) is pretty bad and, as CynCyn said, marked up over 100%.
  3. The white coat is most probably the Headwaiter and I would think that would be the person to talk to. After that you'd have to seek out the Maitre D'.
  4. Having been in a similar situation I can try to explain. Our cruise was 14 days with Rene's twin. You start out hoping that by being pleasant you can receive the same attitude in return. That works (or not) for several nights. Then you say something casually to the Headwaiter. Then you try to ignore it and make it into a joke. Then you happily accept friends' requests to dine with them for a couple of nights. Then you try one more night with "IT". Then you ask the Headwaiter to please move you to what seems to be an empty table next to aforementioned friends for the last two or three nights and every time "IT" walks past he glares at you. As I said previously - lesson learned - one, maybe two, nights with IT and we will, in the future, insist on being moved.
  5. Thinking of this cruise for next year so thank you for your posts.
  6. Thanks for the great review. I always love reading your posts! We had a waiter last year on the Pacific that must have taken classes from Rene. I would say that it WAS Rene but the name was different (I have mercifully forgotten it) and that same waiter was still on the Pacific this New Years when we sailed her again. I told the headwaiter and wrote a scathing letter to Princess (we've sailed 30 some cruises and he was by far the worst waiter we've ever had) but there he was again this year. He was NOT our waiter, though. We , like you, also didn't switch tables but we'll never make that mistake again. We'll be on the Emerald in two weeks so THANK YOU for the warning! We've also been warned about late boarding and late disembarking. How was the Princess transfer to LAX? Did they take everyone to their airlines terminal or did all of you get dropped off at some central point? It looks like we're going to have a lot of luggage and need to be dropped off as close to luggage collection as possible.
  7. Does traffic figure in to the price? I was told that quotes in LA are now just "estimates"
  8. Which of these can still pick you up AT the airport - NOT the off site lot. We are 2 people but will have 3 to 4 suitcases. Arriving at 6 pm on a Friday so probably rush hour.
  9. If you have a second on the 17th could you come back and let the rest of us know what time you were really able to board? Thanks!
  10. For those of you on this sailing - did you receive the late embarkation notice (1:30 because of immigration ) that everyone sailing on future Emerald sailings seems to be getting? And, if so, what time did embarkation really begin? Also, was disembarkation delayed as they seem to also indicate? Thanks!
  11. We will be on her in February and a friend just asked if the balconies have foot rests in addition to the reclining chairs and tables. I couldn't remember.................
  12. Could people who've reported being held up LEAVING the ship please let us know what time you were actually able to get off?
  13. Thanks! I was hoping the cabins had been updated. We're just off the Pacific and the new colors in the cabin and all over the ship were beautiful and the bedside lamp with the USB port was WONDERFUL!!!!! Oh well..................
  14. Does anyone recall how much a taxi is from the San Pedro port to LAX? We have pre-booked a private car but now I see that they have a $1/minute waiting charge if disembarkation is delayed and I'm thinking we might be better off just grabbing a taxi. This will be on a Saturday morning. Thanks all!
  15. We haven't sailed the Emerald since 2017 and will soon be on her for a month so I was curious as to any changes made to her in the last couple of years. I know that she has Medallion Net and the new beds. Anyone sailed on her recently and can comment? Has the decor changed from the old blue and brown to the new grey and beige? Any changes to the buffet? Any other on board areas? Appreciate any and all comments.
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