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  1. Thanks to all for your replies. I guess the angle the video was shot at was misleading.
  2. This is the video. Look around the 2:00 mark for the Sanctuary pictures. Specifically minutes 2:18 - 2:23 look like the pool is inside the Sanctuary.
  3. Could someone who has recently sailed on the Emerald verify whether or not the Lotus Spa pool is now part of the Sanctuary. We have sailed on her several times in the past and the pool, while on the way to the Sanctuary, was never a part of that area. I just looked at a recent video in which it appears they have now changed that area so that the pool is past the entrance to the Sanctuary. Thanks for any info.
  4. On our last cruise I gave away three totally unused paper cards to three nice total strangers we met while on the cruise. We also had a drink package on that cruise and I knew the cards wouldn't be good after August and couldn't see just throwing them out. (As I sat near people and heard them order a specialty coffee - I offered them the cards. Met three really nice people that way. 😀)
  5. Thanks! Sorry to hear that. There are so many inclement days on even Caribbean cruises that a covered pool is something we really like to have!
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time from your vacation to show all of us the new ship!!! Re: your pictures of the Retreat pool. I thought the Retreat pool on the newer ships was covered. It doesn't appear to be the case from your photos. 😞 ????????????
  7. 2 questions - We are cruising with friends who have never cruised on Princess before (they are longtime Celebrity fans who we are trying to convert). #1 - We are Elite and we have a drink package. Is there any way we could trade in the mini bar for an electronic "coffee card" for them/ #2 - I do have several old coffee cards - can I give them to our friends to take to Guest Services?
  8. Reviving an old thread. Has anyone recently found this offer on their Amex card? Thanks!
  9. That's what they told those of us who called. We upgraded now for future cruises because basically we don't trust them not to change the policy in the future. The wording says "This new charge will affect all new bookings on or after October 10, 2019. It will also include any bookings serviced/modified that involves selecting beverage as a perk on October 10 and onwards.", which is vague enough to include upgrading .
  10. I would call back and see if a different rep can do it for you. The cruises I upgraded were for Feb. 2021.
  11. But the notice also said that if you make any changes to your booking you would have to pay the $14. I think they meant things like price adjustments but many of us decided to play it safe and add the Premium now. (And some of us discovered that OBC covered most or all of the upgrade)
  12. We also paid it on one cruise. Oil prices were unbelievably high and all of the cruise lines added that little caveat so as not to lose their shirts. The difference was that we all knew the oil prices were sky high and so the fuel "penalty" surcharge wasn't really a surprise. I also remember having a Princess cruise booked a year or two later and expecting to pay the surcharge but oil prices had come down so Princess removed it from our invoice before sailing. Just can't see Celebrity doing that.
  13. Your post reminded me of something. We are Elite Plus - so get all of the coffees included already. We also sail in Aqua so when they took away the daily water I didn't care that much because we always had the drink package. Now - if we decide to keep sailing with Celebrity (and right now that's a big IF) we would probably do so without that particular perk so the elimination of the daily water affects us. (We still get fresh orange juice in Blu in the morning - until they take that away, too) I'll repeat what many of you have said - it isn't just this - it's death by a thousand cuts.
  14. From their handout to TAs. WHY IS THIS TAKING PLACE?•For over 7 years, we have not increased the beverage pkg perk price, however, our costs have increased.•Despite the Beverage Pkg perk price increase, our Bev Pkg pricing remains well below the industry average I know it doesn't have to be (read - probably isn't) the real reason but it's the reason they give. If it really was the reason a limit on alcoholic drinks (which is what Princess does) would take care of "extra costs" they have incurred. We, like most people I think, don't drink that much but have come to appreciate the convenience of not having to think about whether or not we really want (or will even finish) that drink or that sparkling water. I think some bean counter just looked at the most popular perk and figured out a way to charge for what they call a free perk.
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