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  1. chamima

    “Mini” Mini Bar

    You will be Elite for your Thanksgiving cruise but not for the 3 day one. You become Elite after your 15th cruise. But had you already been Elite - yes, you would have gotten 2 min-bar set-ups for the 3 day cruise in a suite. It has happened to us.
  2. I think it's the middle two cabins. If you look at a deck plan the two cabins with the white space between the balconies are the ones that can't be opened.
  3. Thanks! We really loved them and miss them.
  4. Hello Charles Just found this thread. We're signed up for 2020 so I'm following you with a lot of interest. We were just on the Pacific for New Years. The crew are WONDERFUL!!!! Please say hello to David and Marislova in the Casino Bar from the Jalapeno lady (Karen) and Allan. They are really, really great !!!
  5. chamima

    Jacques Scott Cruise Duty Free

    How did the price compare to pre-ordering on line?
  6. Does anyone have an address (email or snail mail) where I can write to corporate at Disney Cruises to praise our wonderful waiter. We had a group of 16 and of that group 11 had various complicated food allergies. This waiter went above and beyond to make sure everyone (including those with no allergies) was taken care of , not only at dinner but at all meals. The tiny space on the disembarkation form didn't leave enough room to write all that I wanted and I'd like him to get some credit at the corporate level. Thanks!
  7. chamima

    Royal Palms Beach Cabana or Calico Jacks?

    Except we don't pay $39 to sit in a restaurant or bar. ($2/pp entrance, $10 each lounger and $15 for the umbrella) We'll try Public Beach.
  8. chamima

    Royal Palms Beach Cabana or Calico Jacks?

    Anyone have current info? I just read a review from a cruiser who said the people at Royal Palms took away all food and drink from those entering. We have multiple food allergies and usually bring lunch from the ship so if that's accurate it won't work for us. Is Hemingways still open?
  9. We just had a time change to our returning flight on Delta from Fort Lauderdale to 11:35 am. I'm ok with the time as long as it still fits in the parameters of what's ok for Luggage Valet. We're sailing into AND flying out of Fort Lauderdale. Anyone with recent experience? Thanks!
  10. When did you find out that St. Lucia would be a tender port? We've been there many times and we've always docked. We'll be on the Silhouette in a couple of weeks and so far our schedule just says "docked" Ans, yes, our experience with Celebrities tendering process is that it always seems like the first time they've ever done it. It's amazing that other cruiselines can do it efficiently isn't it?
  11. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! Exactly the info I was looking for!
  12. Meant January 20th. (Not February 20th)
  13. Thanks. I didn't know about that cruise. Have fun!!!!! And I meant January 20th - Sorry for the typo.
  14. chamima

    Upsell Offer Opinion Sought

    I think you got a wonderful bargain for a 7 day cruise. (And I think it was a good decision to take the standard - an unusable balcony is worthless.) Make sure you have breakfast out there one morning!