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  1. Ramon was one of our waiters too! Do you have Alberto as well? If so tell him Danielle Jonathan and Daphne from the last cruise (we had the little redheaded daughter) said "hi" and we miss them! Same for Giovanni. He called our daughter "Capelli Rossi". Giovanni makes the best "special" dishes. 🙂 Anyway, Alberto was the one who brought us the info on the wine package. The card still lists the silver. I took a picture of it. But Alberto explained that the Silver package was actually no longer available, and that they'd be coming out with something new soon (but there was no word whe
  2. We got on the Grand on 7/25. We arrived at the port at 10am. They didn't open the port for oncoming guests until 10:30 am. They did not start boarding until 11 am. So we had a little bit of a wait (but it was pleasant). Once boarding began, we were the second family on the ship. There were no lines that early either. 🙂
  3. My waiter in Club Class on the Grand last week specifically said the Silver package had been discontinued, and that at some point both packages are set to be replaced. Only the Gold was available. Weird that you're finding the Silver available on the sailing right after ours...
  4. Still never saw a blower. But on our very last night we finally witnessed a leak! We saw a single drip from the ceiling in the photo gallery area. No buckets or obvious wet spots. May have just started. Otherwise the ship appeared to be in very good shape from our experience.
  5. We had an escort on embarkation day, and they seemed a bit confused about the location of our cabin too. Even though we boarded on Deck 6, he took us in the elevator to deck 7. Our room wasn't ready yet anyway, but we did have to go back down to 6 for the MDR lunch. 🙂
  6. We just wrapped up our first cruise in a suite (Window Suite). It was amazing, and I definitely hope to do it again. But it's expensive, and we used a boatload of credit card points to pay for half of the cost. As much as I'd love to only sail suites, next time I expect will be in an Oceanview (probably obstructed) or maybe a balcony if we're feeling spendy. We can technically afford a suite on its own, but we prefer stretching our vacation dollars to take other trips too. My favorite perk was the suite breakfast, and that's going to dearly missed next time. Club Class was also gre
  7. Very few passengers even know about the hallway to the Window Suites. We never saw anyone in that hall other than crew and other Window Suite guests. The door adjacent to the Guest Services desk is always closed, and is unmarked. It looks like it could be a crew door or something. A few times we popped out, and people looked at us oddly. We never saw the doors propped open. But I would imagine it would have been done either by a crew member or Window Suite guest. You can easily close it. And I heard of someone on a prior sailing that requested that it be kept closed by staff, beca
  8. I tend to get devoured by mosquitoes too, more than most people. My daughter got one little bite, that went away quickly. I react heavily to bites, and it takes a couple of weeks for them to fully clear. My husband got no bites. And I didn't hear anyone else complain of bites. I only got bitten through my jeans (I'm guessing the weave was just loose enough for them to slip their mouth through, and they were tight jeans against the skin). No bites on exposed areas where I put the citronella oil they gave us. Mosquitoes can be an issue anywhere in Alaska, so don't let that deter you
  9. Juneau was listed as a tender port prior to sailing (at least I definitely recall seeing that, though I spoke to many passengers who said they did not see that before the cruise). But I've tendered elsewhere before, and never experienced such a mess. We did have priority tender tickets, but A) it was all the same line, and since we had an early shore excursion the suite tickets wouldn't have garnered any priority over that. They only would have been useful if we were doing the port on our own. But having been through that, I won't book an independent excursion for a tender port tha
  10. We've used the tub twice. Neither time did we experience brown water from the faucet. My husband did note a little bit of "oily" brown film on top of the water the first time. But he thought it may have come from the bath salts. When we used the tub the second time there was nothing (but we didn't use the salts). As for smoke, it has not been much of an issue. There's a bit in the main hall between the casino and Snookers. But the fire door right in front of our stateroom door has been closed the entire time, and there's been little to no smell in the "secret hall" for the Window S
  11. It is AMAZING... No. Wait. It's terrible. Horrible. Don't ever book it (unless I'm not going to be using it). Even though we have the smallest Window Suite (F301) it has been really great. We've seen inside the other Window Suites, and they do feel more spacious. But I have zero regrets booking this one (it was the only one left), and would totally do it again. We love the "secret passage" hallway, the smoke hasn't been too bad (and my husband is pretty sensitive to smoke), and there's an amazing amount of storage.
  12. I'm using it right now. 🙂 We're heading to Victoria. We only got the Surf package - so no streaming. The connection is fine enough for our needs. We have mostly been checking emails (including one with pictures that my husband needs to check periodically), Googling something, managing a couple bills, or (in my case) posting to Cruise Critic. 🙂 I have not bothered trying to post to social media (e.g. Facebook) or uploading pictures anywhere. There have been a few times where the wifi seemed to be down. But usually if I checked back a little later it was working again. Not sure whet
  13. It's now Thursday, and the sea day before Victoria. We've had a lovely but busy last few days. Monday was Hubbard Glacier. The weather was clear and we got in nice and close. The boat excursion offered went out (we weren't on it) and it got right up on the glacier. I'll share pics later. The ship pulled in and spun around for a couple of hours before departing. We had dinner in Crown Grille that night, and it was excellent. Although we decided we like Sabatini's more (which I didn't expect, since my husband is a big steak guy). My daughter was being fussy about what sh
  14. I am currently on the Grand. Formal nights are the second sea day (or third night), and the night before Victoria (which is a sea day). It's possible that the second formal night could be on Victoria night, as we had that the last time we did this itinerary, and I'm pretty sure I saw that on another set of Patters someone posted When we embarked I didn't see a wine table. I brought two bottles of wine in my carry on. Nobody said a word. My cabin steward brought me wine glasses, and I've been enjoying them in the cabin. The chapel is frequently open and available. The c
  15. I saw a woman using one yesterday on the Grand. The crew member at the International Cafe didn't question it at all.
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