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  1. just in Hawaii upscale hotel where there was one Ohana (family) allowed in the elevator at a time and hand sanitizers outside the elevator. I can;t see this working on a cruise ship however, cruises have crowds at embarkation, casinos, shows, dining. It will be interesting to see if cruising can survive this mess.
  2. If you have been to any restaurants lately you will see they have eliminated the menus and gone to QR codes, it's maddening but cheaper and possibly safer. So I wouldn't be surprised if the paper Patter goes away.
  3. don't forget your safe travels password, we had a difficult time with the qr code
  4. just back from Big Island, we needed 2 QR codes as we stopped in HNL before a second flight to KOA. Also if renting a car QR code needs to be shown as well as at hotel check in. It will drive you crazy if you are not iphone savvy. many restaurants have menus on QR codes only so be prepared to read tiny print in bright sunlight to decide what to eat. Otherwise Hawaii is paradise as always.
  5. most states have disorganized health systems, no coordination
  6. Yes I have done it, definitely worth it.
  7. https://cruiseradio.net/cdc-rule-cruise-passengers-will-be-required-to-wear-masks/?fbclid=IwAR0rPe6xEDHs_6Z4Q32cMbnxDNyARvrNz0LfZ_u7F46MCSsw-I8FTXHJNJ0
  8. cdc mandates masks on cruises today
  9. Glad to here someone is enjoying a cruise, I miss it.
  10. still waiting cruise finished MArch 6
  11. you end up paying higher rate for the room to get your "perks."
  12. December Reflection cruise CC offer rate is higher than Senior Rate, beware.
  13. ours was recessed in the ceiling on Crown Princess last month, did not intrude at all but the mattresses sucked.
  14. no free rental chairs, we were at the Marriott beach by bus last week.
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