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  1. I haven't heard anything negative about the SV's on 10 & 11 and have one of the center ones on 11 booked for one of my cruises. 🙂
  2. The Pendulum One of the most meaningful installations on Celebrity Edge is simple in concept—but not in design.Designers Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku elegantly interpreted the concept of a pendulum to create a breathtaking masterwork in the Grand Plaza. Crafted to subtly echo the rhythm of the ocean outside, The Pendulum is sure to mesmerize as it reflects the movement of the ship. A brass pendulum descending through the space takes centre stage in the atrium, contrasting against a canvas of white staircases. The installation reminds us of the wonder of a
  3. Did they tell you anything about the Apex art on your Edge Art Tour?
  4. I'm with you. I like the various classes of ships for different reasons. I absolutely agree about Eden - a real gem and my favorite place on the ship (a big surprise for me and it had to grow on me). They have already made some of the changes i wanted (shortening the Eden show and making it only a few times a week, with a variety of live music in the evening). I'm hoping that they will change up the restaurant a bit and use the open kitchen as a cooking demo area and broaden the menu. Wouldn't mind seeing that on the Apex. I love all the little nooks where we can sit and have a drink - almost
  5. Here's another one. Kids package - $15 per adult.... 🙂
  6. Agree, I didn't think much about it until I saw some other lines and their offers: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4799/
  7. The Silhouette is having their Cellar Masters changed to Craft Social in Feb, 2020, but the Revolution doesn't hit the Reflection until 2023, so likely will have Cellar Masters until then.
  8. No, I didn't add the option "small lounge" - ran out of option options (only 20 allowed). 🙂 We also thought we would miss the small lounges on the Edge, and did on our first few short cruises, but on our January cruise, we enjoyed her for what she is - a very unique experience that is not "S Class". We have never been Martini Bar people - too loud and not enough seats many times that we have tried it - we like the Ensemble Lounge on S Class and missed it on the first cruises. We did like the Grand Plaza on the Edge - we had the excitement of the Martini Bar right there, live music
  9. Have been following along on the app to see what is offered for @Bo1953. Looks like fun! Hope you have been able to keep all of your "baby ducks" in a row! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner onboard!
  10. Sounds wonderful! Here is the Edge Art Book pdf: Edge Art Book.pdf
  11. Even if the $14/day was added, one might still come out ahead with a price drop. Just wanted to remind people that may be part of the equation when rebooking. 🙂
  12. If you book now without the beverage package $14/day surcharge, they will add it if you rebook to get a lower price, unless that offer also waives the extra charge, correct? If the offer is worth it due to the deposit and extra perk, then that may not matter to someone, but just wanted to point it out.
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