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  1. True, but I'm pretty sure he checked with his manager because he had to check on a couple of other things and came back later with answers (he seemed newish) - of course, the fact that I had a knee injury could have been lost in translation. Since I brought the blow up footstool, I went with it. I likely would have called GS or sent the DH to chat with them (I was minimizing steps at the time), if I hadn't brought it.
  2. I have had one review from an Edge deck 12 aft S1 (12260) on the cabin info sticky and they did mention some noise from above. I have also seen some reviews in other places from people on deck 12 aft who reported some noise (as with other X ships under the outside seating of buffet, there is some chair scraping heard, which could be early in the morning or late at night). Deck 7 has a recent thread regarding the question about noise and people who have reviewed those cabins/suites do not report noise or light issues from Eden. We had friends in 7306 S1 who did not complain of any noise or other issues. They loved their location. We were on 11 (11268) and found it quiet. If only deck 7 and 12 are left, I would personally go with 7 (and I have some reservations for deck 7 on Apex myself).
  3. On the Infinity a couple of months ago (pre-Revolution, but no footstools in AQ cabin that we had), I had almost canceled the cruise because of a recent hamstring injury. I ended up going and asked for a footstool, explaining to the cabin attendant that I had a knee injury that required elevation of my leg. He asked his manager and was told that I couldn't have one. Luckily I had brought the blow up one in case I needed it. I probably should have gone up the food chain - it would be nice if they had them for all, but if not, at least for those with medical needs.
  4. This made me think more about her designs in total. Though haven't been on EQ or revolutionized M Class yet, but my impressions of Kelly designs on the Edge: Wins: -loved the actual dressers with multiple deep drawers in the regular cabins and suites - finally, I didn't have to squeeze 3 shirts in a 2 inch deep drawer or throw everything into a pile in a cubby. -liked the Jewel Box (white box for charging devices) - it was not a pretty thing, but functioned well for us. -I don't know if you count the bathroom fixtures as furniture, but I loved the bathrooms in the regular cabins and the suites - I am so spoiled now. The showers, tubs, sinks, storage were all excellent, IMO. -the Retreat Lounge furniture was generally lovely and comfortable - many comfy couches, chairs and lots of coffee tables in addition to regular tables and bench seating or chairs near the food service station. -the Retreat Sundeck furniture had a few chairs that were weird and looked hard to get in and out of, but there were many comfortable loungers with tables large enough for drinks, a book, etc. -Luminae was beautiful and comfortable. It makes sense that they made the Retreat beautiful and comfortable. When I gave feedback initially about the lack of balcony furniture for a sky suite (on first cruise with paying guests), I was told that there were lots of comfortable loungers on the Retreat Sundeck. That was their original vision. They did start giving loungers to the sky suite guests soon thereafter because of the feedback. Failures: -balcony furniture -Tom Tom "coffee table" in living space - little overall value and easy to trip on, though very good conversation piece (fun to mock) -couch too firm for us, with arm only on one end - good for pillow storage -not enough shelf space in living area -what's wrong with having one drawer in a bedside table so that I can put certain things that I keep at the bedside out of sight? Don't let your imagination run too wild here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So-so: -vanity - nice idea to put full length lighted mirror behind vanity that slides out of the way, but with so little shelf space, I kept stuff there and didn't want to move it to see the full length mirror -the King bed (may not have been her idea) was roomy and we slept well, but the size really impacted others things that could have been better about the space (like the IV veranda space). --I saw all of the upper suites and they were a mix of comfortable-looking furniture and things I would never be able to get into or out of - they were full of knickknacks, vases, etc. that didn't always add a lot to the decor, IMO. Many didn't have tables comfortable for eating on their balconies. Few had loungers.
  5. I pre-booked Select Dining for 6 of 7 nights last week for a January cruise (and one specialty). I did them all at once. Sounds like an inconsistent process.
  6. From today (a few pictures): A cool picture of the Apex (a contrast of the old and the new): Looking stormy in St. Nazaire: Fore and aft: This the Edge - sorry, but I couldn't resist - can't wait to get back on the MC!
  7. Dis2cruise didnโ€™t ask whether they should book one or not - just asked about the cabins connecting. That is answered and now they can plan accordingly. They sound like theyโ€™ve done the research and are excited to sail on the Edge in an IV with mom - I certainly wouldnโ€™t try to ruin their excitement when the decision has been made. So many of us have loved sailing on the Edge and enjoyed the IVs despite their issues - I hope the same for them. I truly hope the OP and mom have an amazing cruise! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. Thanks for doing this, Peggy! It looks great! As with the Edge Class spreadsheet, it may be a work in progress. I'm still making little tweaks here and there. ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. I never saw or heard my neighbors, but I would bet that you can chat at your open windows. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Maybe they will add a 5th perk choice - the "Extinct Amenities Plus" with footstools, reclining chairs, table big enough for room service on the balcony, small bottles of toiletries and big, fluffy towels. Sadly, I would choose it (though unlike you, I wouldn't give up my drink package). ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Our TA on the Reflection was the most amazing cruise. If you haven't joined already, I would recommend joining your Roll Call. We chatted with people from all over prior to the cruise, planning our tours and onboard activities. We booked small private tours and got others on the Roll Call to join. We hit it off with several people on the Roll Call and had many wonderful moments on that long cruise and also did the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii from Rome after the cruise with people from the Roll Call. We have kept in touch and cruised with some of them and had a 14 night reunion cruise on the Eclipse with 3 of the couples a couple of years ago. I think those 7 sea days in a row give the ship a different vibe - it is so relaxing and a good time to just let the tensions of life go and enjoy the little community onboard. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. dis2cruise, I imagine you have done some research about the infinite verandas not being traditional verandas, but if you want more info (pros and cons, pictures, etc.), this thread may help. Please feel free to ask questions. ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. They are infinite verandas and are not able to be connected. I see that you moved to the bump out. Nice location! Enjoy your cruise with your mom! The spa Thermal Suites are amazing and complimentary for you.
  14. If you are in 10215, then your balconies can't be connected. The infinite verandas don't connect.
  15. Your cabin is right next to a bump out (the cabin next to yours extends out a few feet) so as said above, you wonโ€™t be able to see forward as well, but your views toward the back of the ship and straight out will be fine. It is on the obstructed cabin list as only 5% obstructed. ๐Ÿ™‚
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