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  1. Thanks for the pictures. Not sure I like the look, but if it helps, will be worth it.
  2. We have never gone there for just a drink, but if we wanted to, I agree with ordering something inexpensive to munch on. We love the Asian Pear Smash. The Chicken Ginger Gyoza or the Shrimp Tempura Roll (neither have raw ingredients, if that is an issue) would pair nicely with one of those. πŸ™‚
  3. My DH has never been that impressed with Celebrity ship massages, but loved his Edge massage. If I remember correctly, he booked another one with the same person a few days later. My SIL treated me to a massage on the Reflection a couple of years ago and it was amazing. There was no hard sell - a lovely person and great experience. I often write on the top of my health intake form "Not interested in products - please do not ask", which is pretty much respected, but can't remember if I did so that time. Unfortunately, my SIL, who had a treatment at the same time, had a mediocre experience. Both of us have also only had female masseuses over the years. One thing to keep in mind is that, after you have a treatment, they call your cabin a few times to try to get you to come back. Next time I might write them a note at the top of my form not to do that - they always seemed to call at nap time after a late night of fun.
  4. We each take one large and one small carry-on suitcase and all 4 fit under the bed.
  5. If you have the premium package that most have with a suite, you can get Decoy as part of the package (it was $14 a glass on our last cruise so within the $15 limit). For Caymus or other wines that are more than $15/glass, you can pay the difference. Here is a Luminae wine menu - note that stock may change, as well as prices. Luminae Wine.pdf
  6. Off topic, but here are the other beers that they offer. Sorry, no prices on top page:
  7. Here's the menu from the Equinox. It is limited, but has chicken wings...
  8. It is probably just not complete or is inaccurate (big surprise!). I couldn't find any of the Cyprus Exclusives on your cruise on my app, but saw them on other dates. You must be getting excited - 1 month to go! πŸ™‚
  9. You are keeping us in suspense. You had better tell us or I'm going to start a poll for people to choose what they think Miched's TA knows....πŸ˜‰
  10. I am up for adoption, if interested. πŸ˜‰ It sounds like a fun cruise!
  11. One 7 night cruise that I did a mock booking for came out to $316 more (~$45/day). In this offer you receive $200 extra OBC so helps with the pain (though the basic, no perks cruise also comes with the $200 extra OBC). Note: for the example above - I originally subtracted the $200 OBC, but since the no perks cruise also gets the $200, it’s not really a savings (was pointed out to me by a better mathematician on another thread).
  12. I like seeing the photos too because, though you can't taste it, you get a sense of the ingredients (can see what veggies and amount are used, for example), a sense of quality of meat/fish and other ingredients used in dishes, portion size and overall appeal (food preference is a combination of all the senses, including sight). I agree with Ma Bell - the Preismans' link above is my favorite to look at menus and food pictures. Enjoy! πŸ™‚
  13. This was an X list on the web, supposedly from the Edge. I did look back at a cruise on the Summit in the Carib in Feb 2018 and found this picture - a terrible picture with sides cut off, but you can see that some of the same drinks are $10. That’s great that they were all $9 on the Reflection. Maybe be a change so that Classic can get them all. πŸ™‚
  14. This may be helpful, if dates are hard to find: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/CEL_Eclipse_2020_2021_Revised_Revolution_Schedules.pdf
  15. Alka -seltzer after the meals is often needed! πŸ˜€
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