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  1. vtcruising

    Replacement for Kelly Hoppen Rocker

    The only 2 that I have heard of being refused were: 1) the very first commercial cruise (3 night) - I received one when I asked and the person below me in a sky suite didn't get one (I had been injured and my face was a mess and they probably were giving me a way to get some sun without going to the Retreat - probably thought I would scare people 😉). I think right away they realized what a mistake the sky suite balcony furniture was and then I haven't heard about anyone in a sky suite being refused since (but obviously I might have missed a report). 2) someone in a CS was refused because it was a "safety issue". It may be that the butlers were told that all sky suites could have a lounger, if people asked, but since they had a limited number and the CS has comfortable chairs (granted no foot stools) they would not get them (or maybe they tried it one time and it was too crowded). I'm just guessing why, not agreeing with the decision. Am I forgetting any others? Those are the only 2 refusals I remember seeing on CC (and one wasn't a sky suite and the other was the very first commercial cruise so was uncharted territory). I know on my Jan 20 cruise, we were offered 2, our friends did get 2 and when I asked if 2 sky suites could have loungers the following week (request by a CC person), I was told "no problem, do they want 2?" It was a hot topic among the staff and guests and my guess is that loungers will be added at least to the aft S1's and maybe reclining chairs and foot stools to the other sky suites with smaller balconies at some point. There really needs to be consistency, IMO - it is crazy to drag the loungers back and forth. This is a failure that is fixable. I wish I were going with you, Lastdance, because we could raid the pool deck at night to get you a lounger so that you can have the relaxing cruise that you so deserve and need. 😉 Actually, I think they will come through for you!
  2. vtcruising

    Replacement for Kelly Hoppen Rocker

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I've sailed 14 days on the Edge and cannot wait to get back onboard (and I will be in the same type of cabin that you have). There is much to love. It just isn't a good match for some at all and others liked much about the ship, but are disappointed about some things - this is a good place to let X know about things that need improvement (so that maybe there will be improvements for us to enjoy when we sail). Reading CC is a double-edged sword - we are better prepared for our cruises, but lose some of the surprise and wonder of discovering things for ourselves (and aren't as apt to doubt what we like because of other negative reviews). I am so glad that on was on early Edge cruises - I reread my live thread starting with my first Edge cruise on Nov 25th and my excitement and happiness were palpable - despite some disappointments, I had such a wonderful time! Hope that you can board the Edge with excitement and relax and enjoy everything she has to offer (and your big anniversary)! 🙂
  3. vtcruising

    M Class Aft C1's post revolution balcony furniture

    My guess is that there will be some sort of table out there - hoping for something big enough to have room service! I've had my magnifying glass out too. 🙂
  4. vtcruising

    M Class Aft C1's post revolution balcony furniture

    I am watching as well. I have 7208 booked. Looking at this video at 1.02, I can see what looks like white loungers on 7208 and some other balconies in the full screen view - I can't see a table, but they are likely further back. Hoping for a picture soon. 🙂
  5. vtcruising

    Edge Muster Stations

    The Club deck 4 (B2). We were there last time and found plenty of good seating around the corner in the back. The bar is close in case you need a drink after muster. 😉
  6. vtcruising

    Millennium Revolution -

    It makes sense. It didn't look Kelly Hoppen-ish to me. She does the neutrals, but has a pop of color for pillows and art (blue, wine, orange, green in staterooms and bright yellow in the Retreat). The Millennium non-suites are neutral with muted colors for pillows and art (what I've seen so far anyway). It is relaxing-looking. Like the Edge, it probably looks better in person (or at least I didn't like the Edge cabin decor much until I actually saw it in person). 🙂
  7. vtcruising

    Where's My Cabin?

    I also wanted to add to this thread now that it has been brought back to life that some of the cabins don't match with the deck plans as far as whether the bed is by the bath or balcony. So far, these cabins don't match what people who have been in them have reported: AQ: 9248 - actually by bath 9257 - actually by balcony 9259 - actually by bath 10228 - actually by bath 10236 - actually by balcony C2: 9214 - actually by balcony E2: 8146 - actually by balcony For the Edge Class Cabin sticky, 7 out of 18 IVs have been different than the deck plans, so not all are wrong. I wouldn't count on either type until we can figure out a pattern. Hopefully, more people will submit their reviews for the E Class sticky so that we can see the actual configurations of more cabins and maybe find a pattern.
  8. vtcruising

    Where's My Cabin?

    This is the latest Edge Obstructed View Cabin List: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/EDGE_Percent_Obstructed_View.pdf
  9. vtcruising

    Where's My Cabin?

    Your Panoramic Ocean View will have a view of a lifeboat, but it is not on the obstructed list so you should be able to have a nice view straight out. Those cabins have huge floor to ceiling windows. You will be very close to the aft elevators that have easy access to dining venues on 3-4-5 and Oceanview Cafe and pool on 14. 🙂
  10. vtcruising

    Blu Menus - 14 Day Cruise

    I use Mike's Blu menus on this link: https://www.thepreismans.com/suez_italy_menus_blu.htm You likely know that they may be out of order so good to check the order once onboard.
  11. vtcruising

    Where's My Cabin?

    Good idea! I did put it in the Edge cabin overview thread.
  12. We sailed a couple of weeks after Anne's cruise and the shows were always at 7 and 9, like we are used to on X. Maybe they trialed 7:15 and 9:15 for a few cruises and got complaints about dinner reservations that were made by people used to 7 and 9? Anyway, they could have changed it again. We usually make our dinner reservations at 8:15 or 8:30 - when we do 8, it seems a bit rushed to use the restroom and make our way with the crowd to the dining areas, but we've never missed a meal. 🙂
  13. vtcruising

    Secrets of the Edge

    Here is the latest obstructed view list. Your cabin is listed as having a 15% obstructed view. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/EDGE_Percent_Obstructed_View.pdf
  14. vtcruising

    Secrets of the Edge

    So sorry that you are sick! Hope you get better soon. Thanks for the cabin number! I will put it in my notes that 8216 is a cabin with obstruction and less privacy.
  15. vtcruising

    Secrets of the Edge

    Thanks for the info. If you want to review your cabin for the Edge Class cabin info stick at the top of the page, it would be wonderful to share that info with future cruisers. The link is below, if you have time (just copy the template that is in the first post and paste it into a post and add your feedback). What cabin were you in? Thanks!