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  1. Wow! I have kind of been avoiding watching things like this; it just makes me miss the experience even more. But this was different! I have been on each of these ships, with the exception of the Edge (thanks, Covid) and this made me feel like we will be back on the water before long! This even motivated me to book the Apex for early 2022. Very well done, and a peek into what happens on the bridge with all of these ships and these fine Captains, lets you know what good hands you're in.
  2. I just disembarked a Celebrity sailing this week and there were various announcements that the Millennium and one other ship would be used for 'humanitarian efforts" for first responders and fire fighters, as a way for Celebrity to say thank you. The announcements did not include info on whether or not they would be private sailings, but they eluded to the fact that they were 'glad to give back' when the ship could not be used for the originally scheduled for-profit sailings. We believed these would be chartered sailings and we were surprised to see ads selling these sailings in our emails
  3. Unless its been changed, Constellation has the pool; it did in the solarium when it was last in the Caribbean. There is also a martini bar, a great aft 'sunset' bar, hot tubs at both solarium and pools, and really good food. I haven't sailed the new class yet (Apex booked for Nov) but have sailed 3 of the S-class ships many times, and I would love to sail on a great M class like the Constellation again; she is where I first caught my cruise bug!
  4. We feel the same way And we're glad to hear that it's panning out the way we had read it to. We aren't concerned about the bottles of wine, and we were planning on casino time anyway. We just loved the idea of being able to grab a drink/snack when we felt like it, especially late night!
  5. This is exactly what I had hoped for!! Thank you!!!!
  6. We were lucky to book with 4 perks, including the premium beverage package. We now have the option of upgrading to the Drinks and more package; it seems a no-brainer since we generally use some of our OBC in the casino anyway. We are able to upgrade for $126 for 2 of us. Has anyone taken this upgrade recently, and if so, can you let me know some details? The package says it comes with two bottles of wine so I'm assuming if both of us book the package then it would be four bottles of wine, which would be great for our post cruise vacation blues. Also, it says we have full use of
  7. I don't use any medication for seasickness, but I have experienced this illness several times over the years. I remember one time I had to hold on to the shower wall (in my home) because I couldn't keep my balance. Luckily, its only been a few times, but I never know when it will happen again.
  8. You'll find both daily advertised deals as well as 'dynamic pricing' on port days, which drops the cost of certain treatments.
  9. Plenty of entrees and pastas. They will also allow you to order any of the pasta dishes as sides to accompany your entree. We do it every time. We have mostly great experiences at Tuscan, with the exception of a few misses on the Reflection years ago..
  10. I have actually found several of these and its so neat to post my findings to the matching FB site and find out where the rock originated. I have thoroughly enjoyed finding/re-hiding them, and certainly did not consider it 'litter' It started out as a rock, it still IS a rock.....Rocks are everywhere, just these got a little TLC..
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