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  1. Here is the current staff on board Infinity in the Med.
  2. I’m sure to be in the minority on this, but we play bocce at least 3 or 4 times on every cruise. I will admit we always have to track down the bocce set every time, but once we do others always join in playing. It’s especially nice on Caribbean cruises when we often stay on the ship since we’ve been to most of the ports. Sorry to see this go.
  3. Looking forward to your report. We have the Ireland/Iceland cruise booked for May 2020 on Silhouette. I’m not sure it’s the same itinerary, but it’s probably very similar. I’ll be especially interested in any of the excursions you book. We usually do not take ship excursions and book independently with Roll Call members. Have a great cruise. We are headed to Venice in 12 days to board Infinity for 12 nights.
  4. Boy this is a tough question to answer. Itinerary and Staffing has a lot to do with our enjoyment of any cruise. Trying to put this in a box is not possible. We have cruised on Horizon during the “olden times “ when the MDR was using the menus created by Michel Roux (sp). We surely miss that level of dining. Equinox was our introduction to S Class ships and loved the lawn. We are among the small group of cruisers that love playing bocce on sea days. So that became our go to ship. Solstice was a disappointment to us, especially the food in the MDR. The saving grace was the fact that we loved Alaska. Eclipse with Captain Leo and CD Alejandro in the Caribbean made us love X again and the food in the MDR was a huge leap better than Solstice. Edge was a combination of love and disappointment. Loved the 4 MDR’s, Eden with it’s many opportunities for food and drink was terrific. Hated the IV since we truly enjoy breakfast on the balcony after walking a couple of miles in the morning. Now we we have Infinity in the Med coming up in 2 weeks and Silhouette post Revolution in May to Iceland. Hopefully one of these ships/cruises will be the best ever. We we truly feel blessed to be healthy and mobile enough to enjoy cruising and pitting one ship against another isn’t where we live.
  5. When you call that number the person will need a credit card. They will be transferred to the ship and charged $79.50 for a 10 minute call. Anything over 10 minutes is charged at $7.95 per minute. Be be sure you leave the ship name and your cabin number for anyone that may need to call. We are also leaving soon and wanted the information. My reply is how it was explained to me by the Captains Club representative.
  6. Your comment that “Restaurants all over the world handle it” has me puzzled. If those restaurants are full on a night that you want to eat there, they tell you sorry, we are full. That is basically the same thing the ship is saying. All of the available slots for Select Dining are full at the present time. You can be put on the Wait List and we might be able to accommodate you later if a slot opens up. A comparison to a land based restaurant is you would need to find a different restaurant if they are full. On the ship you have the choice of the buffet. I certainly understand your your disappointment and concern about being assigned Late Dining, but when you booked the cruise the available Dining Times were known to your TA or you could have done a Mock Booking to check if Select was an available option at that time. I wish good luck in getting your preferred time.
  7. Horizon to Bermuda in 2002 out of Baltimore. This was our first X cruise. I won a travel voucher from my company so upgraded to a Butler Cabin. The food (Michel Roux?) and service was outstanding. The cruise down the Chesapeake Bay from Baltimore to Norfolk seemed to take forever since the speed was limited. That cruise did convince us that Celebrity was a good fit for us. We felt like we were one of the young couples at that time. Now we are more middle aged in X terms. We’ve certainly noticed the changes over the years but also realize that the cost of cruising has not gotten outrageous until Edge came into the fleet.
  8. You must have never sailed with Captain Leo. He along with the Hotel Director were on the gangplank thanking us for sailing on Eclipse in February 2017.
  9. Killsport, You probably missed Mike’s post a month or two ago. Unfortunately Carol passed away.
  10. Assuming your 500 is correct, with 10 ships cruising 35 weeks a year with an average of 2500 (M Class and S Class combined) passengers on board, it would impact .057% of the total of 875,000 passenger load that Celebrity hosts each year. To me that that is a select few. Although, those few are truly Celebrity Loyalists. FULL DISCLOSURE - I will never be one of them. Lucky to be a new Elite this year.
  11. If you are cruising Europe you may be charged a VAT to the upgrade purchased on board in addition to the 20% gratuity. The VAT is based on which countries are included on your itinerary. If all countries are part of the EU, X is required to charge the VAT. That is another reason to upgrade prior to your cruise even if there is not a discount/sale happening.
  12. If the cost of the drink exceeds the Premium Maximum of $15.00, you will pay the difference plus 20% gratuity on the difference. An example is a glass of wine costs $20.00. You would be charged $5.00 plus for $1.00 gratuity for a total of $6.00. PS Paul - We are all still looking for the amazing Moroccan Chicken recipe. Thx
  13. This clearly states that the wine pairing is included. The last line in the description says additional wine pairings are available for purchase. That means if you don’t want the included paring you can choose your own. If X does try to charge an additional $60.00 per person; I guess with the Premium Package we can ask the sommelier to select a paring for each course that compliments the dish being served and that would be included.
  14. We would love to do this dinner, but it shows up as being on Day 1 at 5:30 just like others have mentioned. We depart Venice on Day 1 at 5:30 and I sure don't want to be eating dinner at that time. I look forward to more replies once people have had a chance to experience this dinner.
  15. We had the bottle of Pellegrino left on the table every dinner on Edge in February.
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