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  1. Your response is puzzling. Are you really trying to compare a 10 or 20 minute trip to a Walmart to a 7 to 14 night trip on a cruise ship? If you honestly feel they are the same I’m sure there is no reason for me to take any time to try and explain the differences.
  2. The 10% discount is only if you purchase the Beverage Package, not on the upgrade. The upgrade is $10.00 per person per day PLUS 20% gratuity. That makes the total $12.00 per person per day. The easiest way to upgrade is calling the Captains Club. Most of the time it doesn’t show up in your Cruise Planner. As an FYI, you can upgrade on board for the same price, you do not have to upgrade everyone in the cabin and you can wait a day or two to upgrade in order to see if it is worth the cost.
  3. From my observance in the Martini Bar the cash tips are pooled. That’s why you hear the little bell ring when the BT picks up the cash. They put it in a tip jar.
  4. No - unless Celebrity runs a pre-cruise promotion which is VERY infrequent. Another possible discount we have gotten is the bartender that upgrades you onboard might wait a day so you actually pay for one less day. The other issue can be VAT taxes in Europe that you pay in certain circumstances. So I guess my answer of NO is actually it depends on your individual circumstance, but the basic answer is the actual price is currently $10.00 per person per day plus the 20% gratuity for a total of $12.00 per person per day either onboard or in advance.
  5. Please note that the article was from May 24th and today is September 25th. It has nothing to do with his current positive test. He also apologized for not wearing his mask, admitted he was wrong.
  6. 5 Royal Caribbean cruise ships in Europe and the Caribbean will be rerouted for summer 2021. This article sounds like it is valid even though Royal has not confirmed it. It is definitely in line with what we have been hearing from all cruise line management on how cruising will be starting up. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/royal-caribbean-cruise-ships-redeployed-summer-2021
  7. I believe there is a cutoff date during your Cruise to upgrade. It probably has something to do with processing the upgrade and getting it charged to your cabin. You May want to check onboard. As I recall it’s the last 2 or 3 days of the cruise.
  8. I’m sure you will get conflicting answers here. We have always chosen to stay over a night or two. In saying that we would have been able to make a noon flight. If you are thinking about a 10:00 flight I can’t recommend that. There are several variables in catching an early flight - Delayed docking and debarkation process, Travel time from the port to FCO, Traffic, Long and slow check in process at FCO. I am assuming you are flying to the US. I probably should have posted that earlier in my response. It is great having this question and being being able to at least think about cruising again. Enjoy your Trip whenever it comes to be. PS - I just reread your post and you did say flying to the states.
  9. I’m ready to get flamed, but here is my opinion about what I have read about the CLIA/CDC Mask policy. They state that everyone is required to wear masks indoors where social distancing is not possible. UNLESS they have some type of medical condition that either creates a breathing issue or they are not able to wear a mask. I ask - Why should those people be allowed on a ship in the first place. A condition of sailing should be that everyone allowed to cruise must have the ability to wear a mask. If you have a condition that inhibits you from wearing a mask you shouldn’t be on a ship.
  10. PHere is a photo of the Sunset Veranda Cabins on Edge. There are 36 available. The end cabins on both the Port and Starboard sides are S1 Sky Suites. They all have “Regular Balconies”. The only other Regular Balcony Cabins are the ones pictured in the above post. Those are either all the way forward or aft on the sides of the ship. I’m not sure of the exact number, but I believe there are 2 each forward and aft on both sides of the ship on Decks 6,7,8,9 and 10. I’m sure someone can correct those numbers since I am making an educated guess. UPDATE - I just looked at a ship deck website and if I counted correctly there are 54 Total Regular Veranda Cabins with the round opening on the balcony. 42 are on Decks 6 and 7, 12 on Deck 8 and 10 on Deck 9.
  11. Not true at all, just an intelligent reflective post. Keep them coming Spif!! Sorry we won’t meet on Equinox in January. I believe you did a L&S to January 9, 2022 and we can’t make that sailing.
  12. Edge is a totally different ship compared to Summit. I’ll try to answer some questions. 1. Veranda vs. Aqua - cabins are the same size and both have Infinite Verandas. Not a true balcony but an extension of the cabin that had a window that opens and closes. Some like it others not so much. You again get Blu as your assigned dining room. Veranda cabins have their choice of 4 Dining Rooms, each featuring 4 appetizers and 4 entrées along with additional choices that are the same in all 4 venues. The dining rooms are all smaller than the single dining room on other ships. As long as you have Select Dining you can choose your dining room each night. The Persian Gardens are called the Thermal Spa on Edge and is significantly better than on Summit. 2. All of the Aqua cabins are on Decks 9 and 10 so you won’t have the overhang issue. All cabins are located from around midship to the aft. None are aft facing. Port or Starboard doe not matter other than possibly having the Magic Carpet block some of your view. Check the X website and you can see which cabins are Aqua. 3. Not sure I have real insider info other than Edge is a much newer ship and it’s layout for the most part superior IMHO to Summit. My only real complaint was the Martini Bar is not as good as the other X ships. It is actually simply the bar that services the Grand Plaza and not the circular bar with its own identity. Plus there are very few seats at the actual bar and it’s hard to develop any rapport either bartenders or converse with other guests sitting around the bar. I hope this helps. Check out reviews and online videos that show the actual ship. Have a great cruise.
  13. I am am not sure about soot, but I do know the middle two cabins have the largest balconies. Here is a photo that gives the cabin numbers.
  14. We are not in your situation, but have a similar issue. We are booked on Equinox in January 2021 for a 12 night cruise that we feel won’t take place. We can L&S to January 2022 but we already have Edge booked for January 2022. The eligible Equinox Cruise ends 3 days before the Edge Cruise departs. We tried to L&S to a 10 night cruise on Edge that makes it a B2B and Celebrity would not allow it. The 10 night Edge cruise is currently about $500 Less for 2 people than the 12 night Equinox. I know the rules state we cannot move from an S Class to E Class but we are losing 2 nights and X stands to make more on the 12 night Equinox than the cruise we are looking to book. Oh well an extra 3 nights in FLL is not the end of the world. Plus we can find a laundromat to wash all of our clothes and play a couple of rounds of golf.
  15. We began our cruise in Venice. I will let others discuss ending in Venice. I would "assume" there are cabs available from the port to the hotel as you disembark the ship. If you are asking about getting from the hotel to Marco Polo, the ATVO Express Bus from Piazzale Roma to the airport is very convenient. You board right across from the hotel and it is a non stop straight to Marco Polo. The cost is about 8,00 Euro for the one way trip and takes about 20 minutes + or - based on traffic. Here is a link to a good website that explains the bus process. https://europeforvisitors.com/venice/articles/venice_airport_buses.htm
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