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  1. I don't know if it was my TA's commission, but I had applied the FCC to a cruise (which has since been cancelled) and it was paid in full. Well, we thought it was until about a week before when final payment would have been when my TA pulled the account just to make sure and suddenly I owed about $200 (not exact, I don't remember the exact amount). She immediately called Celebrity, even going up to a manager, and all they would say is "We had miscalculated the FCC". I trust my TA and feel like she would have told me if they had told her it was her commission, but doing a quick mental run of th
  2. If you cancel after final payment with CWC you would have been paid in full and therefore a refund. I specifically said that if you are NOT paid in full, therefore before final payment, you can only get the FCC. At least if you have a NRD.
  3. As I understand it, the only way to get the refund if YOU cancel is if you were paid in full. Otherwise it is an FCC. My FCC was one I originally took when Celebrity cancelled the cruise, but I want to change it to a refund since the FCC from a cruise I chose to cancel was not eligible as I had not paid in full. MY TA was able to initiate it (even she was unclear if it would simply fall under the cruise I had used most on that Celebrity cancelled or not, but she did what needed to be done that I couldn't figure out how to, so it's in process now) for me. But again, it was from crui
  4. I know Celebrity says you can change your FCC to a refund as long as you're prior to certain dates (which I am), but they don't say HOW to do it! Anyone done it? How do you do it? (Or is there even a way to verify the amount on your FCC?) Thanks!
  5. Pricey!! I could have done a Sunset Veranda on the Edge for the equivalent sailing (ish) to my 2021 Apex for LESS than the single stateroom with Infinite Veranda! And I thought the point of the singles was to make them more affordable for solo travelers!! Turns out, since L&S isn't an option, I could look at any. And I was able to book a Sky Suite on the Summit to Bermuda for pretty much the same price as any Veranda (Sunset or otherwise) on the cruise alone for any of the European itineraries I was looking at - and the only extra I'm out is a Lyft across the Hudson! The pricin
  6. Just got the email. 😞 I was offered the 125% FCC or a refund. I selected refund.
  7. It would be more helpful for them to finally revise the BMI. Almost every expert agrees that it is absurd - you have Olympians who fall in the "Obese" category because of their muscle mass.
  8. Yep. I have not gotten notice yet, but I just looked at Feb 2021 and the only departure port showing is Buenos Aires. We'll see how long it takes them to tell me my Feb Apex isn't happening. 😞 I'd hope sooner than later so I can make alternate plans.
  9. Yeah... There is the whole craft beer industry that is booming. Hardly demonstrating a decrease in consumption!
  10. But did they extend the applicable date beyond May 4??
  11. Theoretically. They would have to use different email addresses and take the time to sign in and out - or use different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) for each identity they create. A lot of work if you ask me, but it's possible.
  12. I'm going to take a guess that they just answered a generic answer. I specifically remember reading that the points would be awarded AFTER the cruise on which the spa was booked took place. Otherwise everyone would have booked and cancelled as soon as they got the points.
  13. Have you gone on the cruise yet? Any booking-related points only are given once the cruise is taken and the booked thing received.
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