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  1. Exactly. Especially since they exist on at least 2 classes of RCCL ships and this is the first I have heard of anyone going out them.
  2. My comment was due to my misreading of the airport situation. I misunderstood and thought FLL was the tiny 3-gate and no PreCheck lane airport. NOT about an airline. I will go with whichever is cheaper with the better schedule when I book. I love JetBlue, but they are not always the cheaper option. Or the option with better schedules. (Southwest is 100% NOT an option having been screwed over by them more than once. THAT I will judge on.)
  3. Yes, they are. And those windows are designed to open, are tinted so it is clear when they are open, do NOT have a ledge for sitting on, and exist on at least 2 classes of RCCL ships (Freedom and Radiance) and I have not seen other reports of babies or anyone else falling out of them. The first stage of grief is denial, and by immediately seeking to file a lawsuit (or even retaining a lawyer) they are able to deny that any of their choices had anything to do with this tragedy.
  4. Like I said, she is not the only reason. A completely new itinerary to me is a big one. Of course I may go back to my trusted Disney where I know how things are and I know I will not have to worry about my wheat allergy. Having had a RCCL (I know different line - but same company) tell me that farro was perfectly safe (and seeing it marked gf - I knew better and was just pointing it out to him) on a cruise last summer I am not 100% confident in anything under the RCCL Corp to get it right.
  5. Read it in reports quoting the lawyer. When you walk walk all around the pool deck, you quickly find the smoking area and know which area to avoid. They are more prominent on RCCL than X from what I gather. This is the first I have seen “smoking area” mentioned. Most have said “kids play area” and that is pretty separated from the smoking area.
  6. I will freely admit that I am strongly considering changing my Feb 2020 Equinox Eastern to the Edge Western leaving the next day for a variety of reasons, Capt Kate being one of the larger ones.
  7. It is still very obvious when there where glass is and is not. But either way, there is no way that the “ledge” could be mistaken as a seat. (I have read that also - that he thought it was a seat.)
  8. Unless they have changed, HAL does a hybrid. You get your cabin points per day, but you earn additional points for every $300 you spend on the cruise between excursions and other onboard spending (I think the casino was excluded). No “partial points” for amounts less than each $300 though.
  9. Agreed. I posted a picture above of Jewel of the Seas - the regular deck which shows similar windows. It is definitely very obvious when they are open and when they are not. Especially when you are right up to them. The opening is at AT LEAST waist height so no one is “accidentally” going overboard on their own.
  10. Correct. The lower windows do not open. And the glass is tinted so that it is obvious when a window is open (not to mention a breeze, even slight). I’m attaching a picture of Jewel of the Seas which has similar windows. The red arrow indicates the open window and the black the glass (darker on the left because the window is slid open). This was from across and above. It is even more obvious when you are next to it - I looked and don’t have any pics from that angle though.
  11. Upgrade to a category that gives more points per night?
  12. This is good to know! Since I am gluten-free, I prefer to have the same staff every night. Not a problem on Disney as there is no such thing as Anytime Dining - everyone has first or second seating for dinner. And on RCCL I had My Time (to avoid a solo dump table or worse a table where I am the only solo and have to deal with the “Oh you poor brave girl” attitudes) twice and was able to have the same table (or at least zone) and wait staff every night.
  13. I would be shocked if it went anywhere since a) this type of window is on AT LEAST 2 of RCCL’s ship classes (Freedom and Radiance) and I have seen no other reports of anyone “falling” out of them; b) the windows are tinted so there is a clear difference between window and not; and c) the story the lawyer is spinning is that she “wanted to bang on the glass like at a hockey game” and the grandfather picked her up to allow it - when, as I have said, there is tinting on the windows so it should be obvious where there is glass and not glass.
  14. Thanks. I was under the impression that this was filling up before boarding. So I should be safe waiting until I board?
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