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  1. I'm sorry you've had the same cold shoulder experience I've had, but at the same time I'm glad I'm not alone in it.
  2. Agree. I usually don't even bother because people sit in their little clumps and just socialize with each other. Probably won't even sign up for them anymore because I don't interrupt conversations and I hate being the awkward one just standing there waiting for someone to notice.
  3. To be fair, that time frame IS noted in the daily information paper you get. So it's not unknown when it is for cleaning.
  4. Actually unless it has changed, you have the option to receive 125% of the excursions, beverage packages, etc. that you have PURCHASED (not used OBC to purchase) as an OBC certificate that you can apply to a future cruise (does not have to be the same you use your FCC on) or take a refund. Port taxes and fees ARE refunded.
  5. I loved it!! I especially love that they have solo cabins with them rather than tucking the solos into interior coffins.
  6. Bug Naked is the cutest!! She was the bonus at Capt Kate's Q&A session on our final sea day on the Edge in February. We could hear her meowing backstage before someone pushed her out in her stroller, then Capt Kate picked her up in her Kitty Cave and walked her around the stage so everyone could see. And then Bug Naked dismissed us with a Meow into the microphone.
  7. I'm currently booked here for my pre-cruise stay in July 2021. It may change, but I'm pleased with what I'm reading about it.
  8. We used RomeCabs for our transfer to the port. They were clean and efficient. We shared a shuttle (it's an SUV, not a bus) because there were just 2 of us - we knew that was a possibility, but the rate was the same either way. One thing to make sure when you are researching hotels is exactly where their lobby is. I've found that most of the hotels I've stayed in or looked at staying in in Italy (Florence and Rome - so granted it's limited) have their front desk on the second floor (they say 1st). But they all will generally have a bell if you need assistance with luggage.
  9. My friend and I stayed at the Hotel Lirico and really liked it a lot. Great people working there and pretty convenient to most things. (Booked on our own, not through the cruiseline)
  10. I agree. I was very hesitant about the menu. I found in reality the descriptions generally made the food sound much more exotic than what it actually was.
  11. Several years ago when I was doing a 12-night cruise around Italy starting and ending in Barcelona on Royal Caribbean, I went to a flamenco show the night I arrived in Barcelona to stay awake until "regular" bedtime (I know my body - I adjust better that way). The couple seated at the table next to me were from Long Island, she was also a teacher, and they were going on the same cruise. We saw each other several times on the ship and were on the same flight home.
  12. It's not just MSC. Disney has a very similar protocol. Quarantine once landing in the US for 14 days, tested, quarantine once on board for 14 days. Temperatures taken multiple times a day and random testing done generally with immediate quarantine and testing if you show any respiratory illness symptoms and/or have a fever. (Yes, I do know a Disney crew member.)
  13. I liked both the food and the entertainment in February - and I am usually a pretty basic - not picky, but nothing fancy - eater. I found that if the entertainers saw that people were not into it, they went to the next area - no one was in your face at all. And the waiters were CERTAINLY not part of the entertainment. They were very professional - so I can only guess that the server someone mentioned as talking in a baby voice just naturally has a baby voice (yes, I know grown people who still have high-pitched baby voices, and yes it sounds ridiculous unless there is a medical reason for it - which there is not in the cases I know). But I know different people like different things.
  14. I have Eden booked in February, so I can report back.
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