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  1. There have been multiple reports - including from people on here - of there being an "East Coast strain" and a "West Coast strain" at the very least.
  2. Are those diseases as prone to mutations as this one is though? Much easier to get near 100% reliability if the virus is relatively stable I would think. So far this one doesn't seem to be all that stable.
  3. Awww!!! ❤️ ❤️ I'll save it up and go big on the Apex NEXT summer!!
  4. I guess it's all in what you value. I value relationships over money. But then again, I'm not in suites and such, so it wouldn't be that much for me if I was in it for that. To each their own.
  5. You do realize that most travel agents do not charge for their services?
  6. Me too!! I used to work for Starbucks and I adore the smell of coffee. (I did even before working there, which is why I was so happy there!)
  7. Some people like the smell of coffee!
  8. I guess better that than the way some domestic issues end up...
  9. Saving this one for July 20 when I should have been on the Summit to Bermuda. (ON my birthday no less!!)
  10. And a huge way for the cruise line to lose passengers current AND future.
  11. They had them on Edge in February. I didn't price them as I'm a weird one who is fine with my nook, iPhone, and laptop and does not feel the need for another tablet, but they had them.
  12. There is likely some code that indicates the reservations with an FCC. I choose to think positively rather than go through life always expecting the worst.
  13. Thanks. That’s what I thought. I didn’t lift and shift - I already have B2B Med cruises booked next summer for my 50th, so I just waited for them to cancel the 7/19 Bermuda cruise. Had my TA double check my FCC math and upgraded to AQ for my Feb Edge cruise - I’ll be paying a little LESS OOP than what I would have for my originally booked OV!!
  14. I'd think they'd also want to take into consideration people who used an FCC on the cruise - having already been disappointed in the original cancellation, it would NOT be good optics to cancel a second cruise on them as long as cruises are going and would likely result in even higher credit being given for a future cruise if the passenger even wanted to try again.
  15. Can't you lift and shift and THEN apply the FCC?
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