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    Adjoining cabins

    Well, kinda. All connecting cabins are adjoining, but not all adjoining cabins are connecting. In travel-industry speak, "adjoining" means next to or across the hall (can even be diagonally) from each other, but NO door between them. "Connecting" means two rooms next to each other (hence they ARE adjoining) THAT HAVE A DOOR between them - in other words, they literally connect.
  2. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Confused by this...

    Thanks. I plan to call Sophia tomorrow and will ask her to do so.
  3. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Confused by this...

    I (at least tentatively) booked the 4/20/19 Anthem for my Spring Break (NYC teacher here). I was signed in when I booked it - or I thought I was. It shows up when I log into my account on the RCCL page. But what I got confirmation-wise was an email that says this: "Thank you for making an online reservation with Royal Caribbean International. This is your confirmation that we have received 250.00 USD towards Reservation Number XXXXXXXXX (it says my reservation number - I just x-ed it out). As a valued Crown & Anchor Society member, your reservation includes a special discount of 100.00 USD. Please note that in order to continue making payments online and to take advantage of our Countdown to Cruise features you will need to create an account and associate your reservation to that account. Please make sure to indicate that you would like to be the owner of the reservation. You can create an account by visiting https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/mycruises/createMyCruisesProfile.do. If you would like to proceed without an account, please call 1-866-562-7625 (United States and Canada) to make any additional payments or to make changes to your reservation. For our international contact information, click here: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/customersupport/contactUs.do. Thanks for choosing Royal Caribbean International." I know I already have an account, but I clicked on the link anyway and started filling it out and it said "This email already has an account associated with it". Should I give them a call (or, have Sophia from the executive office who I spoke with after my experiences on Jewel and who told me to give her a call when I booked another one and she would ensure that the gluten-free notation was on in the correct place) to make sure it's all copacetic? Or not worry about it since it does show on my page on RCCL?
  4. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    I have tentatively booked the 4/20 cruise. It's a refundable deposit, so I've got time to rethink it. LOL. But I'm cautiously excited.
  5. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    Thank you for confirming my intuition about NCL. I have always suspected that their "freestyle cruising" thing and allergies or dietary needs did not fit well together. I'm not sure about Anthem yet...gotta crunch numbers after my Feb break plans (which will be Orlando-based no matter what as I've got my air tickets on points for that timeframe already purchased. It'll either be a night at Disney and a 4night cruise on the Wonder or 5 nights at Disney.
  6. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Your favorite drinks without coconut?

    Never mind. I got this one mixed up with the gluten-free cocktails one.
  7. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    Ah, got it! Excellent if I decide to give the cruise a shot as in looking at the pictures of the MDRs I was most wanting Silk.
  8. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    I thought 2 were for fixed dining and 2 were for MTD?
  9. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Need help, first cruise gluten free

    On the Jewel this summer I found a marked decline in the care about gluten-free as compared to the Brilliance 2 years ago. The menus were mislabeled in some cases - things that were safe were not labeled, and at least one thing that was NOT safe was marked as safe (and the head waiter insisted that it would be fine). Also, they were far less open about me being able to order things off-menu until mid-cruise when I filled out the survey and also the food survey they had out expressing my disappointment at how it had slipped in two years in terms of dealing with food allergies - or at least gluten-free. Then and only then was it made clear that I could order off-menu - but it should not have taken that, especially when I was struggling with finding things on the menu I'd eat (I cannot eat fish without gagging...not an allergy, but I physically cannot get it down because of the taste and texture and physical memory of choking on a bone once in 1st grade). Also, there were times that a side was listed on the menu that did not match what was on the plate (NOT a gluten issue) but the servers tried to insist that that was what was supposed to be on there. Also, be VERY cautious if there is an "open dining" night on your cruise. We had that in Santorini, and it was a hot mess and they almost couldn't find my order in spite of having my name, table number, and my servers' names. Finally when I was in tears and about to leave to get rice or something in the Windjammer a third head server (none of whom were mine) took charge and managed to find it. Like I said, 2 years ago I had an excellent experience on Brilliance. But my experience this summer on the Jewel was honestly enough to make me seriously debate going on RCCL again.
  10. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    So when do you find that out? And if you prefer the looks of one more than the other, can you have that added as a request?
  11. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    That's mine too. District 75 teacher. :) I'm still VERY iffy on it. I'm a Disney Cruise Line girl and have been generally ok with RCCL's Radiance Class. I'm not sure about the huge ones - and I didn't have the best experience food-wise on Jewel this summer in Europe. I'm gluten-free and found the new menus pretty limiting and my head server less than knowledgable about things (like faro which he tried to insist was safe (it's not)) and it taking me complaining on the mid-cruise survey to make me feel like I could ask for what I wanted and they'd try to make it happen (whereas 2 year prior on the Brilliance my server (not even the head waiter) made it clear from the moment I was seated and he came over to greet me that if I didn't see anything on the menu we could come up with something. That quick Lyft ride over to Jersey sure does make it tempting though.
  12. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Anthem MTD

    Question... I know Silk and American Icon Grill are the two used for MTD. But do you select which one when you make your reservations through the planner? Or do you just go to the one you want at the time you made the reservation? I'm pondering the Anthem over my Spring Break but am confused by how MTD works on a ship where there are 2 dining rooms used for it.
  13. WrittenOnYourHeart

    World Cup on RC

    All matches were on the poolside screen, in The Pit Stop, and on Channel 27 in your stateroom on Jewel this past week. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Cruise rerouted - booking new shore excursions

    I just got off the Jewel in Civitavecchia and even though she is an "older" ship, we could book shore excursions on the TV. I'd be shocked if one of the behemoth girls didn't have that capability.
  15. WrittenOnYourHeart

    Hope We Get There

    American had the same notice for my flight this evening to Rome. There may be some stuff early this afternoon, but we are currently in sun - and I am super early to JFK, but I decided I would grab the break in rain to get to the subway and be early and dry rather than wet (or dealing with wet clothes after changing) and not as much airport time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums