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  1. Thanks for doing the review! I’m currently booked on her for Feb break but am weighing my options (in consideration of my big trip in 2021 for my 50th this Feb will probably be the last big thing until after that because I have PLANS!), so all info helps me with that!
  2. Smoking on the balcony is more than just a health hazard to all others around you - it is a fire hazard for the entire ship!
  3. Gotta agree with your husband. I cannot stand fish - cooked or raw. And I am gluten-free so that complicates things - no dumplings or buns or even soy sauce unless it is gluten-free soy sauce.
  4. Question about the chicken... Is it usually with bone or without bone? Or does it depend on the chicken dish?
  5. Yes, dumped. There is a difference between solos who willingly meet up and sit together - which is what sounds like is AN option on NCL - and on a line with fixed seating where the solos are dumped together just because they are solos. Happened to me a few cruises ago on Disney. They are GREAT with families and couples in terms of matching similar ages and stuff, but there were three of us who were solo and got dumped together simply for that. It was NOT good. Luckily I was able to change my table after the first night. This past cruise it was better - myself, a mother and adult daughter, and 2 adult friends were seated together - all female - and it was fine even if my preference was for a private table.
  6. Ugh. I despise solo dump tables. Just because I am cruising solo does not mean I want to be dumped at a table with other solos.
  7. They are not on my Feb Equinox Cruise. Availability begins Day 2.
  8. Thank you! I am trying to keep an open mind about it - especially since I want 7 nights but refuse to lose a sea day to Star Wars (I love legit Disney - I will never consider Star Wars or Marvel or Fox to be legit Disney) which I would have to on the Fantasy. The Magic (other alternative I'd consider the week I have) is only 5-nights and *is* a Marvel Day at Sea, but while I don't consider it legit Disney, I can tolerate it. LOL. I'm definitely excited about the 2 excursions I've booked (Turtle Snorkel and Beach in St Thomas and Jost Van Dyke in Tortola) as well as the alcove I've booked for the port days of San Juan (don't get in until mid-afternoon, but the alcove is port day pricing and I get it all day) and Nassau (late morning arrival - same deal) since I'm not a fan of those ports.
  9. I've got one booked for San Juan day and Nassau day - my two least favorite ports. San Juan seems like a no-brainer since the ship doesn't get in until mid-afternoon yet you're still paying the port day price!! Hoping they can sub cider or something else for the beers since I'm gluten-free...if not, I guess I'll make friends with someone who wants them. LOL.
  10. Me? The owner of the travel agency I use has generally had good things to say about them. She was on the Edge at some point this past year and it blew me away - at booking it was more expensive than the Equinox (not so now, but because I booked with a $20 deposit and that promo is not running now I cannot just move the booking). I am limited by school vacations (teacher), and have no desire to embark and disembark from San Juan (I will stay on board at that port if I do end up keeping the Equinox - just don’t like that city), so the Equinox was it. As I have said, I was excited about it until I came over here and much of what I see is complaining about the ship looking run down, things like service and food deteriorating, etc. - and I am not talking about the “no footstools” thing as I don’t use them so NBD for me there. I’m booked Aqua (it was still less than Edge when I booked it) on my TA’s advice as the price differential was not that much and she knows I like the Rainforest Room on Disney (similar to Persian Gardens) and felt like the smaller Blu would be better and avoid me having to share a table (always awkward as a solo traveler).
  11. Thanks! As a solo adult, the price differences are not always that much. My one experience with HAL was not good. I was willing to chalk the dining room service up to being with a large group and rotating tables each night. But on an individual level, felt like I was bothering them any time I had to to go Guest Services, they messed up closing my account the night before debarkation so I had to go back from the ship entry/exit and wait in line when I was supposed to be on a post-Cruise excursion (it worked out but what a pain), my cabin WAS meticulously kept but based on seeing cabins from others in the group I attribute that to them thinking I was a DCL spy or something (I had DCL bath products because Elemis is not good for my hair or body, a DCL hoodie, and a few other Disney things with me and I returned to my cabin the first morning to find my Steward, an assistant, and the deck manager in my cabin with a checklist). Also, though I know they have tightened the smoking regs, they still seem to have one of the more liberal policies around. I might try them again sometime because they are pretty ships. But price-wise they are usually close enough to Disney for me that going back to something where I had a not great experience to try is tough. If I ever found the right itinerary at a big savings I might be less hesitant.
  12. Also, just to be clear, I was THANKING the two posters I originally quoted for making me feel better about Celebrity. Not posting to have to once again defend my personal feelings and experiences and preferences.
  13. They may not be small (still smaller than Oasis Class) but they look and feel like SHIPS not floating hotels. To me the level of everything on Disney exceeds my experience with the other lines I have sailed. I also go to Disney Parks as a solo adult (though I do not wear short shorts or eat pretzels). Whenever I have had an issue with Disney or Disney Cruise Line, I have gotten personal phone calls from them. On Royal it was a stock “Sorry, so sorry” email response. I do not want or need ice skating, water shows, etc. If I want theme park experiences I go to theme parks. If I want a Broadway show, I take the subway into Manhattan and have my pick of legit shows. I don’t find comedy amusing. If I want a park, I have one walking distance from my apartment and the real Central Park a subway ride away. Other than Palo brunch on Disney, I do not see the need for specialty restaurants. And food-wise I am gluten-free due to a wheat allergy and Disney is the only line I have not had an issue with. A head server on Royal tried to tell me - and the mom of a Celiac girl at the table next to mine that faro was “not really wheat” when it is 100% wheat after we questioned why that dish was marked as gluten-free! So yeah - not trusting them in keeping me safe food-wise. A totally full Dream Class has a capacity of 4000 - Oasis Class 5400. That is a LOT more people. You like that class and all that stuff and obviously need all that on a cruise. I do not need that. I cruise to CRUISE - not pretend I am not on a ship.
  14. I am a solo adult. And I have no desire to sail Behemoths of the Seas. And in terms of food and entertainment (shows...I do not do pools, etc because I find them gross), and service, I find Disney far superior to RCCL (Radiance Class) and HAL (the other 2 lines I have sailed that are still in existence. Fathom did not come close in any aspect, but they had Cuba)
  15. I hate how people jump to adding barricades rather than common sense “DO NOT PUT BABIES - OR YOURSELF - ON RAILINGS! ESPECIALLY OPEN ONES!” This is why we have Halloween costumes with tags like “Cape does not enable wearer to fly.” At least the stupidity goes back to the early 1900s when “pixie dust” had to be added for flying in Peter Pan as children were jumping off things simply thinking happy thoughts. So it’s not a new stupidity that has overtaken us.
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