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  1. Just tried and no problems for me. Using Firefox.
  2. Thanks for you quick reply.
  3. Does anyone happen to know who the Current MCC and Suite Manager are on Summit? Jim
  4. As mentioned by Cruisestitch your butler can serve both Small Bits and Afternoon tea in you suite. The default is you will have Tea in Michael's but if you choose they will bring it to your room instead. The small bits are similar to the things you describe above in other classes. We usually ask or butler to skip them. If you wish cheese and crackers or Shrimp all you have to do is ask you butler and he will make it happen.
  5. Click the picture to see additional pictures of her Departure from Lisbon
  6. Yes we spent 20 days on Infinity last month and from my humble opinion loved both the ship and staff. If you are expecting a sparkling brand new ship you will be disappointed but for a 20 year old lady which has had a number of facelifts she still looks pretty darn good. I did notice that just before our first cruise they hand installed all new deck chairs throughout the ship and were constantly sanding and painting on a daily basis. I do a lot of walking and walked every hallway on every floor numerous times a day (when windy or cold). I noticed that on many of the floors they had replaced hall carpeting and looked really good. I noticed that in a couple areas some of the chairs were showing some wear. The only problem we had was the bedroom thermostat didn't seem to be functioning properly and the first night it was VERY chilly. The next day I reported it and an engineer was up within a couple hours checking it out. I found a circuit breaker had tripped and reset it. Was perfect for the reminder of the cruise. I would have no qualms sailing on her again. Just my opinion.
  7. Thanks.... I'm glad to see they are still there.
  8. wine list from Cellar Masters From Ensemble Lounge
  9. I don't recall the shade sails on the Sunrise Deck. This may be nice for those that are looking for shade.
  10. My understanding is the adhesive tags are for N.A. passengers only. All you need to do is request them as indicated above. Easiest is to go to your cruise and choose Cruise Planner - Next click Tab - "Before You Board" Select either Print Luggage or at the Bottom there is a Button "Mail Me Luggage Tags"
  11. I'm sure they can accommodate if you contact them at least 24 hours in advance. They did ask when ordering if anyone in our party had any food allergies.
  12. Look forward to meeting you. This is shaping up to be a fun cruise and we know a number of fellow cruisers already. BTW - My partner's name is Iain (with an I) which is the Scotch version of Ian and pronounced the same. He get's called Lain often. You will definitely find me out walking I generally do 25,000-30,000 steps a day which is how I keep from blimping out. I usually walk outside on Deck 11 (Sunrise) and then climb the steps Forward and Aft to make a loop. Will be interesting to see how the new Retreat affects my forward walk on Deck 12. If the weather is cold or too windy I find refuge and walk the hallways starting on deck 9 and work my way up and down.
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