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  1. Really love the look of the Family View Cabin. Better than a SS with the partition and the large table.
  2. We took that cruise last year and with the exception of the big storm was a great cruise. Maybe you can hike the Freedom Trail it is a nice 12 mile hike if you go all the way out to the Independence and is worth every step.
  3. There are some on the Millennium Revolution thread. Here's one of the bat
  4. Yea post pictures on Facebook with No One Under 70 allowed. ⛷️
  5. Thanks for posting. I found that to get Summit I had to hard close the Celebrity App and then re-open it. The little cloud with three dots is what you click for texting another guest.
  6. Don't get mad. Get even. Book a private excursion and bring along 2-3 more couples that would have paid Celebrity their high prices.
  7. Yes they have a shuttle but if more than one person it is cheaper and faster to grab a Taxi or Uber.
  8. I'll let you all know in awhile. I upgraded to a SS Guarantee 5 weeks ago. The sailing is in about 3 weeks and I still don't have a cabin assignment. When I booked there was only 1 Guarantee available and then about a week later they opened up Gty sales again for 10 days. At the time they had 3 CS, 5 RS and 1 PH open but they all disappeared when they opened up for Move-Up. While I know I will get a cabin it is a pain that I can't order luggage tabs or print my boarding pass until I have a room assignment.
  9. Thanks for the new photos. She's beautiful.
  10. Wondering if she is having propulsion problems. She is currently sailing at 8 knots and due Nassau at 5:00 tomorrow morning.
  11. Yikes.. That would be scary.
  12. Looks like they are having a 2 day trade non-revenue cruise on Summit leaving tomorrow.
  13. They have done away with most of the plastic water bottles on Edge and shifting to wax coated paper boxes.
  14. Summit has arrived early this morning into San Juan
  15. Summit and Equinox met at sea
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