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  1. To my knowledge you can not see them online. I believe if you call in to Captain's Club they may be able to tell you. At least they were able to research one for me.
  2. I've been told by the Hotel Director that if you give a tip at the end of the cruise in an envelope with the persons name on it, it does not have to be shared. I always tip at the end of each cruise even if a B2B. I have special Thank you cards that I personalize and thank the serer for their exceptional service. Those that just provide lack luster service, I do not feel compelled to over tip.
  3. They have a shuttle bus which Is Wheelchair accessible between ship and terminal. The shuttles run about every 15 minutes. Terminal is pretty well laid out and you should have no problems with a wheelchair. Taxis are available in front of Terminal.
  4. The AT&T cruise package is quite limited. OK for Text and Voice but Only 200MB of data then $2.00/MB 200 MB doesn't go very far.
  5. MiFi may help when in a port but not while at sea
  6. I just did a Lift and Shift on Monday and received my Cabin Assignment within 72 hours. I can see it on Future Cruises but have not yet received the paperwork confirming. I'll wait a couple days before contacting my TA.
  7. You can stream Netflix very easily on a pad or laptop. It can also be done using a device like Roku but is more challenging to get the HDMI active and authorize your account. The need for VPN will depend on where the ship is pulling their internet from. Many times I have found that European cruises, TransAtlantic and Caribbean cruises they are using an internet connection via Miami. Many VPN's have been blocked but there are a couple that still work.
  8. I got the credit card refund of the Taxes an Port charges about 2-3 days after FCC. They may be hard to figure out as they are not a single transaction and may be spread over 3-4 separate transaction in odd amounts. Best to search your credit card for "Celebrity" and look for credits.
  9. I found that when Celebrity Cancelled my NRD they gave me a 125% FCC for the deposit. No biggie I'm sure I will use it once they resume unrestricted sailings.
  10. I pulled the plug on our March 2021 Rio / Buenos Aires B2B last night and did a Lift and Shift. It says that I will receive a confirmation within 72 hours. We had also booked an Eastbound TA but so far can't do a Lift and Shift as they haven't released the 2022 TA's yet.
  11. We are much the same. We have had a number of dinners delivered to our home but I just don't feel safe dining indoor or outdoor during these times.
  12. Do see why not. I've also connected my laptop. Recently the ability to get to the HDMI is a bit different on S and E class. I have posted a couple tutorials here's one.
  13. We have had 8 cruises cancelled now and still have a B2B out of Rio in March. We have all but given up on expecting that it will take place so awaiting closer to final payment to make a decision. I think my strategy for now will be just wait until cruising gets back to normal and waiting until after final payment date to pick up some cruises. Being retired we have no restrictions on work schedule.
  14. Wouldn't worry too much. I have heard of Celebrity making exceptions when one party dies. The other option is that at any point up until expiration date you can cash in the 125% FCC for the 100% refund.
  15. I do it often. In my case I use a Roku Stick+ You have to have the Premium package and hopefully sufficient bandwidth. Certain times of morning and evening the bandwidth is limited by so many people using it. The trick is you have to have a bit of experience in creating a hotspot from you PC and usually have to have VPN that isn't recognized by Celebrity. In recent years they have even blocked the ability to search on the word VPN or any of the most popular VPN sites. The VPN part is only required if the ship's Wifi isn't based out of the U.S.
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