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  1. Most of Celebrity's sales are purely a shell game. Just another way to get people to book.
  2. At lease we are still here and well. I wear a mask daily and have rather gotten accustomed to them. It's incredible how much we miss sailing.
  3. You can go to the Lift and Shift page and input your existing cruise. It will show you the selection (if applicable) of what you can select.
  4. We have sailed in both CS and RS on all classes of suites. Decision is often based on the relative cost difference. The RS come with some perks that should be taken into consideration in you calculation. Some of these perks are Bar Setup in Room with 2 bottles of Booze of your choice and mixers, beer etc. Unlimited specialty dining, unlimited laundry and dry cleaning etc.
  5. Tipping of course is always subjective. We have had some excellent butlers and always give them an additional gratuity commensurate to the service level. We almost always eat our cooked breakfast in our suite. The amount of additional tips would range from $2.50-$5.00 pp/pd in addition to the standard tip. When on a B2B we tip at the end of each cruise.
  6. So many lost dreams. We will make it through these difficult times and will once again enjoy being at sea.
  7. I may have been slightly younger as I was at University during most of the War. I was a 2nd Lieutenant in Air Force ROTC until they came out with the draft lottery. I pulled a 309 and the first year they announced they would only be drafting up to 155. I volunteered to change status to 1A and served my year of eligibility. I really wanted to see how Vietnam has changed.
  8. I was suppose to leave today for Singapore for a B2B2B2B ---- Sitting here this morning thinking of how much I will be missing this opportunity. They are not sailing the same in 2021 so no Slip and Shift. They were cancelled 6 weeks ago. I've received FCC's but not the Taxes and Fees yet.
  9. Good to hear. I was pretty sure you could use it. I have been able to stream Netflix but they have pretty good buffering.
  10. I just can't see cruising until things are under control. We generally take TA, PA's and repositioning and can't see being out in the middle of the Atlantic days away from a port during a pandemic. Too much could happen. On other cruises the requirements of tours limitations would be a negative.
  11. I did a Lift and Shift on my Rio cruise but the TA portion couldn't be done as they haven't yet released the TA for 2022 yet. I'm still sitting on that reservation hoping they do the TA again. At this point they have not cancelled either.
  12. I would give them a call. I was able to apply 2 each FCC's to a cruise in November from a March cancellation. I accepted a FCC and received 2 FCC in the total amount of the cruise plus the 25%
  13. I cancelled a NR deposit cruise recently and received a FCC for the full deposit. It has an expiration date of April 2022. It was a suite so was $900 pp but figured I would use it to book a cruise once it is safe to cruise again.
  14. Not sure about the rest of you but I was able to work remotely from sea for the 4 years prior to retirement. While Zoom wasn't out yet I was able to conduct conference calls using GoToMeeting (I didn't use Video) At the end of each meeting I would have to submit Financial Consolidations that would run up to 50 Megs. I only had one problem on a TA while dodging a hurricane.
  15. While not a deposit refund, I had 3 cruises cancelled and chose the FCC. I received the FCC in about 4 weeks but has been two seeks since the FCC's arrived and still have not received the Taxes and Port for any of them. They claim it was refunded 10 days ago but still waiting.
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