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  1. File a dispute on your Credit Card. You will receive an immediate TEMPORARY credit.
  2. We were also booked for a March 14, 21 and 28 Cruises and have heard nothing from Celebrity yet, but in my CC account they are showing as past cruises and actually have point applied against one. hmmmmm....
  3. I've not received a refund for the cancelled cruises but have cancelled cruises previously. They break the Credit Down into amounts less than $1,000 to expedite the processing. Somehow there is a dollar limit that the credit cards put a temporary hold on and this is suppose to avoid that. The amounts are also broken down into strange amounts but when added up they equal the total amount. One cruise of over $15,000 came back in about 18 credits.
  4. That is in fact true. I cancelled one cruise similar and requested the Full Refund. It clearly said all passengers on the reservation would be treated the same. Choice was FCC with 125% Credit or Refund of 100%. As I read the OP she wants the 125% FCC and her friend wants the cash back 100%. I can't personally see breaking up a friendship over so little money.
  5. I'm also suffering withdrawals Celebrity is only rubbing salt in the wound and I received another set of luggage tags yesterday for our 3/28 cruise. Geeze when I needed tags I wouldn't receive them and now I'm receiving them and never requested them.
  6. I also used the on-line form and for me no problems at all. I was able to select my cruise dates and the application was submitted. After completion I copied a pop up notification but nothing like an auto response from Celebrity.
  7. Have you had the opportunity to check your original booking to see if it was indeed a non-refundable booking. I know on the NRD Bookings I have there is a code NRD next to a discount line
  8. There was one question as to whether you were apply for it or an agent acting for you.
  9. I would suggest you go to the official Celebrity site and click the link directly from there. I did it yesterday and it was a very simple process. I of course have not received a check back yet. There is no personal data requested except you Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail, Ship / Sail Date and Reservation number.
  10. Curious about this My travel agent processes all payments directly via Celebrity. Is this not common to U.S. agents. Just curious.
  11. Curious if anyone has any experience like my situation. I was booked on a B2B2B and won upgrades on two of the cruises. This was for 3/15 and 3/21. I'm holding off calling because I don't want to burden them with a non-emergency. I've read that you will be given a FCC for the amount of the cruise only and the other amounts would be refunded to original form of payment. Has anyone received a credit for the paid upgrade?
  12. And how many people refuse to get vaccinated for the "Common" Flu?
  13. That is also my understanding and my experience when I just filled out the form. It stated just what you said.
  14. I believe the discussion is about doing it on-line request to cancel via the link as opposed to calling into Celebrity.
  15. You should be able to do it directly. One of the questions was are you processing for yourself or as an agent of the traveler. If requesting a refund it will be refunded to the original form of payment. If your CC was directly charged to Celebrity as mine is even when using an agent you will get it back to your credit card.
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