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  1. My TA said they could only enter one but Called CC and they said they could do an exception and do it for me.
  2. Lift and Shift has been a failure for me. I had a B2B2B2B booked starting Nov 10 and 2 of the 4 segments aren't eligible as there are no alternatives. The cruise was on Eclipse out of Singapore - They do not have any cruises from Singapore to Australia in 2021. I'm just about to start the cancellation process for all the cruises as I don't want to pay $30,000 plus only to deal with the hassel of trying to get FCC's. As it is I have more FCC's than I think I will be able to use in a year unless you can apply more than one per person to a cruise.
  3. I'm thinking of just cashing in all of my FCC's and the heck with the 25% bonus. I have had so many cancelled cruises I don't think it will be possible to use them before expiration.
  4. One of the best parts currently is that many of the flights are refundable and you don't have to pay until final payment date. Also during the cancellation. I booked one through airline and one throught Celebrity because we were arriving late and thought their guarantee to get to the ship would be helpful. When Celebrity shut down I just arrived in Florida. Even though I used the flight Celebrity refunded my 1st class fare but since I booked my own return I didn't get that one refunded.
  5. I would also suggest mixing it up at 3 tables. Once you get over 6 at a table you can't communicate with others easily. We have done it before and each night everyone would switch around so everyone would get the opportunity to sit near others and easily talk
  6. I seem to have lost your e-mail. Please e-mail me (e-mail in signature) I have something for you.
  7. Well after 68 days I am almost fully reimbursed. I have one final refund of over $1,000 that is suppose to be released on Sunday 5/24 - "if they send out a batch this week due to the holiday". To those that said the agent can not tell if a refund as been issued - they are just giving you the party line and they can indeed find out. On 2 or 3 calls they told me that they were either working on or had issued a credit and told me the amount of credits and dates. If they won't look it up ask to speak to a supervisor. 2 of my 3 Suspension of Cruising Credits were partially screwed up by me filling a dispute over the Move-Up bids that were awarded the day of the suspension. I didn't want to have to pay them Additional funds. On one the agent insisted that the credit card had refunded me the full amount of the cruise instead of just the Move Up and cancelled my FCC's. The third where there was no problem just got stuck and never got a FCC or Refund. After talking with Zenith desk to avail I eventually sent an e-mail to LLP and CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com To my surprise I received a call back in less than 10 minutes. The lady that called me was excellent and assured me she would get to the bottom of it. It took her a week but she eventually got me all of my FCC's and Credits. I have one credit remaining of over $1,000 that is suppose to be in this Sunday's batch "if they send the batch out this week due to Sunday being a holiday". All I can recommend is to stay vigilant and don't give up. The toughest part I had was matching up the credits to the 5 cruises that had been cancelled. The amounts refunded do not match any line Item on my reservations and there are no reference numbers or e-mails to designate that one was even issued. At this point I have one credit of $38 that doesn't match anything and Celebrity said just enjoy it. Maybe they just wanted to be done with me. LOL
  8. We are cautiously optimistic but are mentally ready if it should be cancelled. It will be interesting to watch Carnival after their announcement to resume sailing on a limited basis on August 1.
  9. Yikes... maybe I should call again tomorrow and check. I'm sure there are lots of errors that are getting bounced back.
  10. That's weird Stan- I generally use the Cruise Critic App using Firefox and type directly into the box. On my side everything is perfectly formatted even when I look at it on my IPhone. I'll have to pull out Iain's IPad and see what it looks like on and IPad.
  11. All I received was this yesterday from Chase - I went to my Chase account and no letters in my Secure Message ara so went to my Statement and Accounts and all there was a statement for April - Buried in the statement was a message that I have a credit balance. I also shows the disputed charges with the original date of transaction. I also received over the weekend a 68 dollar credit from Celebrity that I can't match to anything. *********************************************************
  12. Cherish them. This time of year always bring up fond and loving memories of my Mother and Grandmother.
  13. Interesting to hear. I found it interesting to read of the Lead Shot Tower. Our history in Silicon Valley is a bit sparse. Up until the 70's Silicon Valley was almost exclusively Orchards - Cherries, Apricots, Oranges and Nuts the mainstay. All the towns you hear of were merely train stops between San Jose and San Francisco. Just down the street is a symbol of our Past. While the current tower is a replacement of the original it is a memorial to what was once the largest cannery in the World. Now it is business park with the main tennant now being Walmart Web Services for - Walmart, Sam's Club etc.
  14. I may have my refunds but need to pull all my receipts and confirmation to make sure - Long Story Short --- For may 3/14, 3/21 and 3/28 Cruises - I got Move Up bids accepted days before the cruise and had ppd gratuities Booked two rooms on Millennium for Alaska for 4/30 and paid for them on 2/15 and 2/16. I had disputed the Alaska Cruises and the Upgrades with Chase so I wouldn't have to pay them. Today I received my Statement from Chase and there are a bunch of Credits / Refunds from Celebrity with no notification from either Chase or Celebrity. The dates do correspond with transaction dates I contested. Looks just like this... .so now to reconcile as there are no notations. The transactions didn't even show in my search because I wasn't looking for Feb/March transactions. Looks like they match up but still awaiting my Port / Tax and PPD Gratuities
  15. In my case they sent a FCC to Iain and I separately to the e-mail on record. They also sent a consolidated FCC to our agent showing the same FCC Numbers. When asked she said while she would appreciate booing another cruise we are not restricted to using her again.
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