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  1. The difference between A1 & A2 is solely Location. On Silhouette there are both A1 and A2 on deck 11 - The A2's mostly forward and AFT and A1's Midship. Many consider a mid ship location even under the pool deck preferable for a smooth ride than a forward or aft cabin. You will find the cabins the same size and have all the same amenities. Only difference is perceived value for the location. I would suggest checking out your room on the S-Class Cabin sticky.
  2. I have only found one MAJOR PROBLEM with suites. They are addictive and hard to go back to a non-suite.
  3. While some others say they had no idea of the details, there is quite a bit of information available. First most helpful to me was the Cruise Tour Brochure which has some good stuff - Look under lodging for names of places they use. 2017-Celebrity-Alaska-and-Canada-Cruisetour-Brochure.pdf Also when you get your Cruise Documents - They have details of your Tour -
  4. One thing that hasn't been mentioned and was the sole reason we took the cruise. I had calculated my CC Status and was going to be 1/2 day short of hitting Zenith. I found that when you book a cruise tour you are awarded the same number of points per day as your room. While I may have done it on my own it was a lot cheaper than booking another cruise.
  5. Thanks for the review. Enjoyed both your post here and the review.
  6. Very impressed with the way that Celebrity has handled this. In the past they have always grandfathered in changes post reservation. I hope you enjoy a wonderful evening.
  7. We did the 1A from Anchorage pre-cruise Nov 2018. It was one of the best tours we have ever taken and was impressed by the tour company that ran the tour. Logistics was well thought out and without problem. In our case our experience began when we arrived at Anchorage Airport for a free shuttle to the Marriott Anchorage Hotel. We had to wait about 20 minutes for an inbound flight with about another dozen passengers. There is an agent in the airport with a Celebrity Sign and once checked in they give you a sticker and take your luggage. Upon arrival at the hotel you met with the tour guides for an introduction and QA. You were given a list of all the add-on tours as well as the logistics of putting your bags out early morning. Hotels - We stayed at Marriott Anchorage, Denali Lodge (a bit rustic) and Talkeetna Alaska Lodge (really nice property). Meals - No meals were included. They did provide hard candy and water. We only took one paid tour (the extended tour into Denali) well worth it. The remainder was interesting but lots of travel time. The trip began with a train trip from Anchorage to Talkeetna. We stopped off at the Alaska Wilderness Park on the way to Seward, which was a nice opportunity to get up and close to many of the wildlife. I have some pictures posted at the beginning of a Live Post I did - I'm sure I have pictures of all the hotels and lodges.
  8. No they don't. It is all purely revenue driven.
  9. Yes... .Wasn't sure of exact quantity but I got an upgrade from Aqua to RS. It was an unusual cruise as it was only a 4 day cruise and most passengers seemed to be value minded.
  10. Same here.. I can only remember once that they stayed on ship time instead of local time. On the first day daily they will have a > or < of the date to designate time forward or time back on the itinerary.
  11. The app isn't updated for your cruise until about a week before your cruise . I was just checking current cruise and they have Beef Wellington on Day 10 Prime Rib Day 11 and "Celebrity Signature" Beef Tournedos on Day 2. Didn't see lobster.
  12. As others have said you can purchase just one internet package. Unless it is on sale it is easiest to just wait until aboard and you can sign up and activate your account in less than 2-3 minutes. All you need is your folio number (on your seapass) and then select package and create Username and 4 digit pin code Free minutes and CC discounts are already applied
  13. Yes - on both sides of the ship. There is a door at the Eden Cafe (Starboard) and also one just outside the Eden (Port Side). The one on port side furthest aft is a smoking area. The no-smoking area probably has seating for about 20.
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