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  1. LOL -- you should hear him tell how fulfilling it is to watch people stick q-tips up their nose all day long.
  2. Agree with others. Never had something confiscated. I was called down to the naughty room where they advised they had to hold the item and then issued a check ticket to pick up at end of cruise.
  3. We are joining Suzanne, Jack, Wanda and Glen for a lunch at Muranos
  4. Now a big shout out to those in Luminae who have made our cruise special. Aurica - Luminae Manager Bianca - Luminae Asst Manager and Bianca - Luminae Asst Manager Marie - Our Waitperson Zuelka - Sommelier
  5. LOL -- I'm sure you are correct. Pres-Legalization of Marijuana in California, anyone could get a "Medical-Marijuana Card" by filling out a questionnaire on the internet and pay a fee.
  6. My doctor is very good and specifically told me he did not recommend I cruise but would sign it with the wording that Celebrity specified. The statement was that I did not have any of the pre-existing conditions listed and was health enough for the cruise. All of that is true and would not open any doctor to a law suite.
  7. Last night was the last Chic night. The mood has been high on this special evening and so much energy. We had pre-dinner drinks with Jack and Suzanne in the Retreat. They were off to a comped dinner at Tuscan (Blue Chip Club) and we chose Luminae. Scallops Rockefeller - MD Tomato - Luminae Lobster - Luminae (specifically requested only one each) Chocolate Cart Baked Alaska -
  8. LOL... But my picture would be "REAL ART". Oopps I didn't say that did I.
  9. Sure can. My e-mail link is in my signature. CC doesn't have private messaging active.
  10. I wanted to thank you and others for making this blog so much fun. It has truly been a team effort.
  11. I use an iPhone 12 Max Pro. I usually shoot in Auto and then play around with settings. I personally find that an iPhone over exposes photos and need a little tweak.
  12. Abby - Celebrity offers transfers to both FLL and MIA If I recall you can buy on-line if booked with Celebrity or have to use agent if booked with agent. They also sell tranasfers on the ship. My experience is that you can get an Uber or Lyft for 1/2 the cost of Celebrity as Celebrity charges per person as opposed to Uber and Lyft by car. The cost of Uber is $45 -55 (Just checked the app and did a mock booking $45.50).
  13. You can’t but live Caribbean Sunsets. We rarely get sunsets in Northern California
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