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  1. Yes - Any HDMI device that is powered up will work. I have connected my laptop using an HDMI.
  2. Also just checking weather and looks like Labadee will also be rainy for the next 3 days.
  3. We booked a B2B 2 weeks prior to departure. We really didn't plan on taking the cruise but prices dropped significantly after final payment and it was such a good deal we couldn't resist Price drops usually occur at about 2 weeks after final payment and my continue to be discounted if the cruise is not selling well.
  4. I love to read Live Blogs and just found yours. Currently bing reading and really enjoying.
  5. Your of course are right- The Retreat Lounge is the one inside. ---- I agree they should have kept it named Michael's Club
  6. The confusion may be from "The Retreat" and "The Retreat Lounge". There is still the existing bar in the "Retreat Lounge" - They have also installed a chill counter in the rounded area where the Piano use to sit where they set out breakfast and snacks. The Retreat Lounge on the other hand has servers who walk around and get drinks for you. The drinks are prepared in a back area and brought to you. The Lounge also serves light lunches every day. This is summit.
  7. Just looked at a video of a tour of Reflection Accessible Sky Suite - No bathtub - Wheelchair accessible shower. I hear it is problematic with water going everywhere.
  8. You will fit right in. Designer jeans are actually listed as acceptable on Chic nights. Many will dress with Jacket and colored shirts and some in Tux on Chic night but you should be fine as indicated above.
  9. Yes and also possibly an obstructed view room. If you expect the least desirable cabin you may get it. You may also get a premium location if someone else with a good cabin got upgraded leaving their cabin vacant.
  10. It usually updates with menus just before the cruise. It is pretty normal that the menus are not up dated until the cruise. Having said that I just checked my Edge October 21 cruise and the menus are already loaded.
  11. Last time I went through Facial Recognition (Immigration not Customs) there was a sign up high with a desk to report to if you had anything to declare. I went to it as I had some items to declare. You are correct that there was no paper customs declaration and the declaration was done verbally. Another interesting situation can come up with Customs. We had purchased some original artwork which was declared and was duty free. They reported it to California and I got a bill from California Franchise Tax Board for sales tax on the purchase.
  12. If you get upgraded to a Suite with Suite perks - e.g. Royal with free specialty dining, bar set up etc you get those benefits.
  13. Or - Remember when they discontinued the little chocolates on your pillow. After years of downgrading from Cova Chocolate (very premium) to those little squares to Nothing. There was such an outcry that Celebrity reversed their decision and re-instated. In the case of the chocolates - how much would they have been saving?
  14. Officially you are suppose to report it on your Customs Form but as of late they have not been issuing them. After immigration there are two lines (not really intuitive) similar to Europe a Red land (something to declare) and a Green line - Nothing to Declare. Officially if caught going through the green lane and are caught they will confiscate the item. In reality they usually give you a verbal chance to change your declaration and may mark your passport in their system and you may be subject to increased scrutiny on future entries into the US. I believe the current rate for general merchandise is 3% but my be higher for booze. As others have said they officer may just wave you through instead of doing all the paperwork for such a small amount of revenue.
  15. On the revolutionized TV's - very different than the older tv system. Firs of all. The Samsung and Universal Remote did not work at all. I believe they are now using RF instead of Infrared. The most important step is that you have to first attach your HDMI device WITH THE DEVICE POWERED UP. In my case I was attaching a Roku Stick+. Once attached and powered up then you turn on the TV. Bottom Right Corner there is a swivel button that when pressed will give you a selection of changing channel, volume and SOURCE. You toggle to the source button and press select then you will see the various ports. Toggle to the port you want and your good to go. From the port selection you can also choose an advertised CAST - (ONLY WORKS WITH ANDROID OR SAMSUNG APP ON AN APPLE). The only problem is Celebrity at least on Summit had not configured it. I got in to the point where you select your TV but you get a choice of about 50 other rooms and they all have the same name. Ugh. If device is not recognized (powered up) the port will be greyed out. I was using HDMI 3. The TV's don't use a HDMI Port and are driven by a computer built into the TV. This is selection of Casting.
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