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  1. Have to agree with your wife. This year we began booking other than Celebrity and have bookings on Celebrity, Cunard, Silver Sea, Regent and Oceania. I've been reading on all these forums and VLogs. All have threads on --- drop in services, food, dress code etc...etc. Each also have their group of cheerleaders. I read with an open mind but also realize people are more prone to complain and we al have to accept the fact --- The World will never be the way it was in the Ol' day. I love to read live reports and most are open to discuss reality.
  2. When I had that happen, I sent an email to the CelebrityMoveUp@Celebrity.com and they fixed it and sent me a link. They no longer have a link for that on the move-up page so not sure if it still works.
  3. We've not gotten there yet. I currently need Firewire, Type C and Micro for lots of things I have.
  4. Not clear what you are asking but would recommend going to CruiseDeckPlan. On left you will see all cabin types. When you expand additional information it shows the color code and which floor there are cabins and the color of the cabins. When you go to the floor you will see the deckplans which shows the cabin location to others and for the inside hallway cabins the side of the ships the door open. Also if you hover over a cabin it will tell you the room classification The Legend will show additional information like connecting doors.
  5. Count me in to join in and following your next adventure. I'm in need of a cruise. This evening we finally entered Verdicts this afternoon on a complicated Murder Trial that began in Mid-May. I know you don't practice criminal law but I don't know how you lawyers do it. I'm totally emotionally and physically exhausted. I was chuckling when you were talking about your discussions with Jerome. Doesn't he realized... You are the Queen and need accommodation to fit your status. I'm sure he supports and loves you, even when you pull a fast one on him.
  6. Now I feel better.. Mine didn't work either. Thanks for the laugh.
  7. I've limited the number of cables I need by buying some of these Octopus Cables. I can then cut down on lots of cables for different devices.
  8. Thanks...for clarification. Iain is always complaining about all the adapters I purchase, especially when I sail I will have to get a new one for South Africa.
  9. Yes you can cancel with a full refund up until xx hours before reservation. Not sure they really enforce as I've seen people cancel at last minute. I've cancelled some when a Sale came up and re-booked.
  10. I use to do the same but now once it shows up on reservation I don' worry. As a backup I have all my e-mails backed up going back over 20 years. Do to work life before I retired, I wasn't permitted to delete e-mail due to various court litigation. I was the one that prepped the weekly / monthly data points for the President and Board. During many cases I couldn't even toss paper, notes etc as work product. I'm so glad I' retired... Now I'm just discorganize....lol Just ask Iain.
  11. With all the recent discussion of negative Ice Cream Reviews recently ---- is this the time to rub it in our faces. @Lena11033 was just today talking about the new Vanilla Flavor - 😒 in her live post. Maybe they are saying you should go to Italy for good Ice Cream... not their ship. I have also read some reviews that the ice cream is OK again.... What's your experience... I'm an Ice Cream addict.
  12. Definitely a couple of ways to get there -- they sure don't make it easy. I've done it so frequently I just use a method the IT guy taught me
  13. I think @chengkp75 gave you the best advise and he is really knowledgeable. There is an array of plugs that may work with varying degree of safety. https://www.ceptics.com/pages/world-travel-adapter-guide I use this site to understand the differences. If I'm not mistaken Type CDE may all fit the grounding or non-grounding is in different location. I also found that at an air BnB in Venice I requested to use a Type L with 3 prongs.
  14. We had the same experience on Apex and Edge this year. The said they changed the Vanilla - We are big ice cream eaters and just was off. Both the flavor, color and texture. The texture was more like Ice Milk.
  15. I think my excuse is old age and my finger joint getting larger. My wedding ring got so tight I couldn't get it off. Found a cool hack on YouTube on wrapping a ribbon or Dental Floss around your finger --- It worked and I got it off and had it resized.
  16. Iain used his UK one to quickly go through and I got stuck behind an Air Nairobi flight and they were closely questioning the guest... Took me over 2 hours to get through. At least he had plenty of time to collect the luggage and was waiting.
  17. Answered my own first question when I added my cruise to my newly created RSS Account - I stick them in my Calendar Reminder.
  18. As a small introduction, We are Jim and Iain and booked our first RSS cruise last week after lurking here for the past couple of months. So much to learn and thanks for those who helped us understand some of the pre-booking questions e.g. Cancellation, Port to Port vs Home to Port. We had been a dedicated Celebrity cruiser for 27 years in upper suite and are double Zenith in their loyalty program I will not be flaming Celebrity, but acknowledge that after a long marriage our priorities and their changes are not is sync. Just like a failed marriage we had a fling with a Ponant cruise and made the decision that we needed to move on. This year we booked 2 SilverSea, 2 Cunard, 2 Oceania cruises and now 1 RSS. Getting back out there to dating (cruising) we will be taking Our first Oceania cruise in about 6 weeks. This week I booked a 2026 CapeTown to Miami via Lisbon and am beyond excited. We are late to booking (i guess) and could only confirm a D Category. While we are more comfortable with a Living Room separated by a Bedroom after experiencing Ponant, I'm sure we will love the RSS experience even if we can't clear a waitlist. For those that have traveled on both - Am I correct that a D Category would be similar to a Sky Suite without a butler? We really don't use a butler much even in upper suites on Celebrity ... They are nice but I much prefer to get my own coffee early in the morning while in Sleeps in. Any suggestions on things like at what points one can book excursions etc. We still have lots to learn and will be lurking around daily.
  19. Good seeing you here. We booking a Cat D and could be happy with it. Maybe I will start a thread so I don't trounce my good buddy Redking thread. My perception is a Cat D and E may may compare more to a Sky Suite without a butler and a Penthouse may be more akin to a Celebrity Suite - due to two rooms instead of one.
  20. About 90% you will get a SS 2 and possibly an Accessible. Much of the Guarantees are filled using upgrades to upper Suites are filled with Upgrades. I have however been assigned a SS2 and later bid for an Upper Suite and won. Expect the worst cabin in the class and be happy with anything above that.
  21. Great.. that can really save some time for sure. Iain usually uses his U.S. Passport but also had a UK passport
  22. I was wondering about that. I feel so sorry for those affected by the glitch. Reminds me of why we fly in a day or more in advance.
  23. I have previously been able to use the Celebrity App but is ship dependent. I've used it on Revolutionized ships....But when on Edge it didn't even show up as an option in the app.
  24. I think you dodged a bullet. The outage may have affected you if you left a day later. They are saying the Paris Olympics are being impacted.
  25. Curious is this only available with UK Passports or does it allow Canadian and US passport. We just renewed our passports and the new ones have a thick first page and you can see the chip inside. Iain's UK passport arrived yesterday and it looks identical with the same thick first page.
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