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  1. I’ll leave it that and chalk it up to first night confusion. I had a private conversation with the Maitre’D and I’m sure our experience will be much different.
  2. He is really a nice man. Many of us purposely put our cards face down. On this cruise I had them give us a Suites Card but has Zenith written on it.
  3. Probably a lot better than tub/ shower in CS on m-class. At 6 foot I have to be a contortionist to get in and out.
  4. I have to admit they were delicious. I had chicken and Iain the beef. They had Yorkshire Puddings but nothing to go with them. Maybe beef if on Carvers on other side of ship.
  5. Your looks clean you should see ours. Which type cabin? Our chair has arms on them and won’t fit under desk. They also added a tea kettle, tray with tea cups etc. Another failure is one of our closet doors can’t open fully due to end table. I see you are a Roku fan.
  6. The accessible room has plenty of room even with the chair fully out. The Cafe Table chairs on the veranda don't have arms on them and may be a good swap out for awhile. I chuckled when you posted as I made comments to Iain last night about the chair not fitting under the desk. Another Kelly design failure Another is one of the closet doors cant be fully open because the end table doesn't allow for the swing even when pushed fully against bed. In a single bed configuration this probably isn't a problem.
  7. From my experience at the height of the shutdown, 2 weeks to 5 months. I'm sure things are faster now.
  8. Yes you get a B2B discount or credit. My agent applied it to the room price. One thing I did find out is that the two cruises must be with the same agent or celebrity. I once was trying out a new agent and couldn't get the credit because of the 2 agent rule. Maybe others had a different experience as we all know how consistent Celebrity is. They have also been able to apply after booking prior to sailing.
  9. Sky Suit (accessible) 9117 adjscent to elevator but beneath the stage at pool and can hear base at times. On the positive due to being accessible the cabin is about 20% larger than standard SS one warning. You have to build a towel dame or water flows all over bathroom.
  10. Thanks for reminding me. I did shoot some pictures before it got messed up.
  11. It's funny -- by the shape of the Aft It could be the front of the ship. I'm sure you enjoyed the spiral walk around between the decks. So many quiet nooks and crannies to relax and have a quiet ready spot.
  12. I think you are ok. When we just boarded a week ago, they did comment that it's nice to see you had your booster (our booster was 13 days prior to boarding). I have Lot numbers on all of my shots. You may be able to download your Vax record including lot number from the site where you got your shot or database if your State has a Vax database. In California we have Vax confirmation site with a QR code that give all the details including lot number.
  13. It would be good to check with you oncologist. The risk of sun burn are very low but the sun rays do penetrate glass. My daughter had a Bone Marrow Transplant and sun burn can cause a rejection. When the nurse saw her sitting in the sun on the Sofa one day she immediately brought some sun screen and told her she should use it even if behind glass.
  14. Dropped by the Duty Free Liquor Store where they also have sundry. The Sun Tan Lotion that was asked about are on bottom shelf.
  15. Since the CC reception was at 1:30 we missed lunch so went to OV They had the Pot Pies at the British Fare Station that have been talked about. Yum. Recommended for sure.
  16. Today was the Elite and above Captain's Club Reception. It was heavily attended and was a fun event. I got to meet the famous Henrietta. She is beautiful and so gentle. Bill, who we have known for almost 20 years is top cruiser.
  17. We have a stateroom attendant, Marjorie who came out of quarantine yesterday. She is lovely and I wish I could bottle her enthusiasm and energy. She is a real treat and came up to speed immediately. All of the new crew are experienced, seasoned Celebrity staff and are so excited be back. Really don't notice any learning curve at all. Every crew member greet you and many know your name and remember it within a day. I don't know how they do it.
  18. Yes he will. He is currently on a "Soft" Quarantine and is not permitted to interact with guests. I always get a kick out of his "This is the Voice from Above" to begin his daily briefings.
  19. We did a move up bid and had not received an upgrade. About 2 1/2 days prior to cruise I revised bid and increased it by $10 and must have hit the sweeet spot. It was about a mid range bid.
  20. Your are correct.. No complaints from those going home or coming out of quarantine.
  21. They do have a nice viewing area but Eden is fully aft and has a great aft view. A real treat is there is a nice little nook with outdoor seating with tables outside Eden Cafe (Starboard). On Port side adjacent to Eden they have a smoking area for those that are disturbed by smoke. It is full aft so no smoke going forward. Many complain that there is no real area to look forward. The Retreat and Retreat Deck have fantastic forward views but of course are restricted. I believe the Spa (equivalent to Persian Gardens) also have great views). If I recall the Gym may have some nice views forward also from the treadmills.
  22. We didn't request one. When we came in our room there were Tea Cups, Tea and Sugar but no Tea Pot. I was going to ask for one but when we came back from lunch it was sitting there. Maybe they had to sanitize them between use. Also our Stateroom Attendant just started working this cruise and there was a bit of crossover but went very smooth. Iain being British enjoys it, as I'm sure you do. He brings his own British Strength Teatley with him as they have been out of on the ship as of late.
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