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  1. A 29% infection rate of those tested so far, scary stuff. I hope for the sake of all those still to be tested that they test negative.
  2. There are 355 confirmed cases from the Diamond Princess, does anyone know how many have been tested. Looks like Australia will evacuate Australian citizens from the ship along with the remaining 11 New Zealanders still on board.
  3. We have a cruise booked on Sky Princess, April 25th in the Baltic’s. Before that we have a 10 day land tour from Amsterdam to Zurich. Glad we didn’t book flights with Cathay Pacific which transits through Hong Kong - we would be denied entry on both the land tour and the cruise. Wow, the world has changed a lot since we first booked back in October 😟
  4. Coronavirus now confirmed as being airborne - A Chinese official has confirmed a scary new fact about the deadly coronavirus: it is airborne. It was previously understood that two main ways the virus transmitted from person to person were: • Direct transmission: breathing in air close to an infected patient who sneezes or coughs, and • Contact transmission: when a person touches an object tainted with the virus before infecting themselves by touching their mouth, nose or eyes. However, over the weekend, an official in Shanghai confirmed the virus also travelled through aerosol transmission, which means it can float a long distance through the air and cause infection later when it is breathed in. "Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which causes infection after inhalation, according to medical experts," Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau deputy head Zeng Qun said at press briefing on Saturday, the China Daily reports. "As such, we have called on the public to raise their awareness of the prevention and control of the disease caused by family gatherings." The concerns about airborne spread of the disease are so dire that the government has urged residents to cancel all social activities and avoid gatherings altogether. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12307276
  5. One New Zealander on the ship is confirmed as having the virus. Terrible situation for all.
  6. I spotted the lovely Solstice as we drove over the harbour bridge today, didn't know what the other ship in port was 🙂
  7. If someone is so restricted in drinking water, food options must be very limited too.
  8. Happy Australia day to my neighbours across the ditch, hope you all have a wonderful day.
  9. Thanks everyone, I was feeling a bit peeved and vented in here. Have cancelled the ships tour for St Petersburg and are keen on Alla Tours which look reasonably priced and are well rated. Another two ships tours I didn't cancel as they are well priced and comparable to what private companies charge for the same type of tour. Just strange the Russian tour is 50% more expensive to Alla and others. Our tour is late April so I had time enough to cancel. Have a great Aussie day Aus Traveller!
  10. I understand that onboard currency is USD. My cruise was charged in NZD. I was charged in NZD for gratuities and the beverage package. Silly me for thinking that excursions would also be in NZD when the currency is not mentioned on the excursions page.
  11. I booked Princess shore excursions in what I thought was my local currency, New Zealand dollars. Looking at my bank details I was charged in US dollars. So the two day St Petersburg tour for example was charged at $775 NZD not the $512 I thought it was going to be. Alla tours for example charges $499 NZD for the same tour. How can Princess say they their excursions are price competitive when they are so much more expensive. They do say that if you find cheaper tours they will give you the price difference but it will be in the form of onboard credit. I don’t want $$$ onboard credit, I want tours at a reasonable and competitive price. it is deceptive to show excursion prices in a different currency without saying so 😞
  12. They often offer a discount on speciality dining once on board. The only negative I had about the Solstice was the constant up-selling got a bit much but I have heard this is common on many cruise lines now. 🙄
  13. Nice, enjoy your cruise. We cruised Auckland to Sydney on the Solstice last January and had a great time.
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