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  1. Great to follow your adventures in Norway! So happy to see that you are enjoying your time here😁 Totally independent (that I’m Norwegian) Norway is beautiful:) Absolutely recommend that you keep an eye on those Norway/Iceland cruises. Specially those that goes to Lofoten Island👍🏻 Your Canon will be in danger of overheating;) My partner in crime is from the north of Norway. So we frequently go there. It’s Christmas & New Year’s Eve for my camera..... I will leave you some pictures from Lofoten this August....(just to remind you, why a new Norwegian cruise is a perfect thing to do) 1. Nusfjord, You will find us in a red Rorbu 2. Ytresand Beach 3. Kvalvika Beach 4. Reine 5. Looking down on Reine and Sakrisøy from Reinebringen 6. Haukland Beach 7. Å
  2. Thank you for a great live tread! It’s been a pleasure to follow you on this journey.
  3. Hurray! A new adventure from Norris & Carol! Welcome home😊 Looking forward to hear about your journey in Norway.
  4. Great! Looking forward to follow your journey. We will sail on RF in October🤩
  5. As a Norwegian I must say, bring it back! There are so many great places to see and visit further north in both Iceland and Norway. attached is a little taste of my pictures this year.... 1. Helgeland, we’re your passing the artic circle. 2. Gjesvær, 71’n Nordkapp 3. Alta 4. Lofoten Islands 5. Loen, looking into Olden from the mountains.
  6. How is the company policy for birthdays and wedding anniversary’s? Since you can report this when you book your cruise. We celebrated 5 years wedding anniversary onboard Equinox. We now it was listed in the booking. But it was no one that greeted us or wished us a nice day. We don’t ask for a big thing. But it felt a little disappointed, it is a small milestone hitting 5 years as Mr & Mrs. Last year we went on Symphony of the seas during our 8 year wedding anniversary. Didn’t expect anything. But we got a little cake that had real candle for dessert, wishing us happy anniversary.
  7. Yes, the deck outside the balcony. As you can see on the pictures, the balcony do not go all the way to the end of the ship. So you have this platform area in front. So you can not see directly down into the ocean. And you can not walk. The area is closed for public, it is only maintenance personnel that will enter.
  8. God morning So fun to follow along, really looking forward to april. Then we will try Edge😁 Can you post what the current onboard booking offer is?
  9. Yes, a new live from you! Have a great cruise, we will shuffle some more snow.....
  10. Do someone know how long the cc Kirsty Sparks will be onboard Edge and who is replacing here?
  11. Do someone know how long Kirsty Sparks will be onboard as CC host?
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