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  1. I just did a Lift and Shift, so need to change my response: 1. Celebrity Summit, 7/21 2. Brilliance, 4/22 3. My current vibe on most things 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. 1. Brilliance, 4/2021 2. Celebrity Summit, 7/2021 3. I’m no longer devastated by anything cancelled due to the pandemic.
  3. I did get a fairly quick and good response on Twitter, which included follow up messages as well as a phone call.
  4. I found calling earlier in the day ( around 7-7:30 a.m.)I had shorter wait times.
  5. The remainder of our refund finally showed up this morning. It took just under 60 days, 3 phone calls, and one Twitter DM. I did receive a phone call from RCI yesterday to let me know the remainder of the refund had been processed.
  6. For those of you that received refunds on different dates, what was the time frame between each refund (for the same booking)? I’m still waiting on about a third of our refund. The total amount I was quoted by one of the csrs I spoke to matched what I should be receiving. It’s been a week and I still haven’t seen the remainder.
  7. Another update- we received a partial refund this morning, so there’s hope 😀. The amount is for about 2/3 of the total. The total number of days for a partial refund to post from the request date is 50.
  8. Still nothing for us, nothing pending on my cc. The Twitter conversation I had with RCI stated refund was issued on 5/6, but 🤷‍♀️.
  9. Our refund request was done online, and we received a reference number in the initial email that stated our refund would be received within 30 days.
  10. I’m still waiting as well. I reached out to RCI on Twitter, and someone actually contacted me. I let them know what would have been most helpful would have been stating from the start that it could take between 30-60 days to receive refunds. Giving specific dates and then not receiving a refund or update has proven very frustrating.
  11. I’ve spoken to my cc company, and there is no pending activity at all. I just thought it was interesting that when I asked for reference numbers for the refund I was told was initiated on 5/6 that the response was they really have no idea when the refund will be received.
  12. An update- no refund for us yet. I spoke to yet another CSR, and was told that my situation was escalated. I asked again for more specific information on when we could expect any refund and was told “ there is no way to tell when you will receive your refund”. We went from refund within 30 days to refund in 45 days, to refund by 5/6, to we don’t know when you’re getting a refund. So while I appreciate the honesty, it doesn’t leave me with much hope to see any part of the refund any time soon.
  13. Happy birthday to Owen! As an educator it’s been really tough not seeing my students. Remote doesn’t work for all kids. The highlight of my week happened on Thursday when I held a thirty minute lesson in a driveway (social distancing) to a student who has not engaged in remote learning since we closed school in March. There is hope 🙂.
  14. I’m probably being too logical in thinking there was some sort of order or protocol for processing refunds. It doesn’t appear to be done by date requested, TA or non-TA, amount of refund, C&A status...
  15. So, despite receiving an email from RCI stating I’d receive my refund or an update by May 6th I received neither. I called customer service this morning, and was told that she could see my refund was “in the final phase of processing “, whatever that means. I reminded her that it’s been 6 weeks since the refund request was made and acknowledged by RCI. I also asked for a specific date, because the “final phase of processing “ did not give me much information. I was told I could expect a full refund next Monday. I’m not sure if that was a random date to get me off the phone, or if I will actually see something next Monday. Did anyone else who received the email last week receive anything?
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