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  1. Would like some personal feedback in addition to Trip advisor and other sites.
  2. We will be in Bath May 2020 and need a recomendation for Lodging. Four days Bath with a side trip to the Cotswolds. City Center with Queen but prefer King bed. Looking at Francis Hotel but cannot determine if there is a room Category that has a Queen or King bed.
  3. I think it might have been the age demographics on this sailing. It seemed to me that there where a lot of seniors myself included. I thought it was a good show. It is very difficult to find someone who can duplicate the vocal range of Steve Perry.
  4. Are there not Hairdryers in all Staterooms? We did a crossing about two years ago and seems to me our Balcony Cabin had a dryer.
  5. I spoke to our MD tonight and also our Waiter about food quality in the MDR. I asked if we were going to have Prime Rib this Voyage and he said no more Prime Rib was being served. Confirmed by the MD! Waiter told me that yes he ageed that food quality has declined. Ingredients have been reduced changing flavor in the dishes. So sad to this once great go down.
  6. Now on Equniox and as we have watched Celebrity over the last 25 years slowly take the downward trend, it has finally hit rock bottom. Food quality in MDR is just plain awful. We have started eating in the Buffet and even found some dishes worse than before. Add all of the things that have changed in 25 years we have been loyal customers, even DW has seen the light. Our HAL experience in October was far superior to what we are seeing on this Voyage. I think we are finally done. Sad to see Celebrity become what it is today.
  7. Will Cunard provide Distilled Water if requested. If so what is the process for requesting it?
  8. Thanks to everybody. Ordered for this weekend. Nieuw Amsterdam here we come.
  9. Is Distilled water available on the Nieuw Amsterdam. How do you request it?
  10. Anyone stayed here recently. If so, how was your stay.
  11. We are not affected by this change, however, the rapid fire changes that LLP is making and has made has forced us to move on. Other changes that have been made did affect us, but we were loyal and hung in there. No more. Color us gone.
  12. Is the Lawn Grill staying? What are the changes they are making?
  13. Thanks to everyone for such valuable information. It is less to purchase the entire voyage as opposed to individual segments. We were ready to pull the trigger until I researched Travel Insurance. 900-1500 USD. Which would have been ok, except if for some reason we had to cancel, we would lose the entire amount paid for the Travel Ins premium. This happened once before and we decided it was to much risk. So back to looking at something different. Thanks again!
  14. How do you see availability? Yes I am in the USA. What does M028 etc mean.
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