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  1. The electronic device has 30 games. One paper card has 1 game
  2. Yes, you can get paper cards but when 80% get the electronic ones, you dont have much of a chance.
  3. Good to know. Maybe I can get some strawberries. Recent Grand cruise had none even if you wanted to order the chocolate covered ones.
  4. None. Less than before no ceramics classes. Computer bingo for $59 a card. No more happy hour or two for one. Shows reduced to 30 minutes. Barrel chair removed from balcony rooms and below. No more writing in extras on room service menu. You must only order what is printed. The ordering of breakfast through the app got the food at 6 am every day no matter what time you checked. Use paper.
  5. If someone is willing to take a chance, I say go for it. I have never heard of large bottles being confiscated. I have a insert gor my Wine Cruzer luggage that takes magnums. Don't have any now so cant try it did use it once a few years ago and they only applied one corkage fee per bottle. If I had some and was not flying internationally, I would try it
  6. Agree. Not much fun any more. Interestingly some companies are going with dancers and high tracks with bing balls falling from the ceiling. When the numbers appear on your card before they are called, it takes away any suspense. They need to rethink this.
  7. I used to bring magnums but have not tried it in a while.
  8. Star Princess is the actual name of the ship fyi.
  9. Anything is better than having to get there 40 minutes early
  10. But its SO COLD in Alaska. Surely they would prefer youbwear a down parka than a tux.
  11. oskidunker


    I would agree . Not worth paying for. All the ice cream was poor on recent Grand. Cruise.was. when they had haagen daz but now just as well as they dont as it is no longer very good.Had a pint of cherry ice cream and it tasted like ice milk. Do a search on google and you will find many complaining about the change in the incredients leaning towards skim milk.used to love their Vanilla. Interesting that Haagen Daz is selling for about a dollar less than Ben And Jerrys nd most markets. Also worth noting that Ben and Jerrys gives you a full pint and Haagen Daz has scaled back to 14 oz. i guess they couldn't reduce the size anymore so they reduced the quality. They should have just raised the price if their costs had gone up. Opinions would be appreciated.Best Vanilla is now at Trader Joes, made by Double Rainbow.And the price is low. End of off topic rant, sorry. https://images.app.goo.gl/xCYk3JKwJLUGdEK16
  12. Whats on the Sapphire now? Tratoria, new menu?..
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