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  1. Fresh fish?.. I have never seen it on princess.
  2. Will they charge you corkage if you bring the bottle of wine to the dining room.? Seems like wine is a bad trade as kJ cab is$10-15 here. I would think you would get the most value out of the coffee cards.
  3. The food quality is nothing special. They bring twice as much food as you can eat. Would not do it again.
  4. People should try it, them they will know.
  5. I am hoping to get a mini suite, although since I am in an outside now,they probably will not offer that. When I call maybe I’ll leave a message accepting the balcony but asking for the mini if I pay more. Not sure anyone has been successful doing that but it can’t hurt to try. Maybe offer double whatever the upgrade to a Balcony might be someone reported that they left their credit card on the voicemail telling them to go ahead and process the upgrade and they did that without a return call.
  6. Great deal. Hoping to get such an offer on upcoming Norway. Iceland cruise
  7. You bet. I would never do anytime and line up with a pager. Traditional every time no wait. Same great waiters who know what we like every night. We have always been seated with interesting people
  8. It would certainly take us out of the guessing game, but maybe that’s what they want.
  9. Great post. Agree completely .i find it funny when I see people struggling with their phones. But what a money maker for Princess since a lot will pay $59.00 a day to stare at their phones. That being said, I usually use all my free minutes , especially on sea days when not much is going on
  10. I don’t want something hanging around my neck. I could see some women wearing pants without pockets wanting one. .otherwise, put it in your pocket.
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