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  1. It will be supply and demand. Unless they raise prices on ships that go out half full.They built the huge ships, now they have to live with it.
  2. I have requested this from my travel agent on a Cunard cruise. So have not heard if she could do it. If they wont transfer I will cancel and not rebook. I would think they would want to keep my money
  3. Wise decision. Let us know what you get. I cancelled Sept cruise and moved deposit to Oct . 2021. Luckily I did not yet have final payment due.
  4. Has anyone transferred a refundable deposit to a future cruise? How easy was it?
  5. Have Sept 11 cruise with final pay July. I don't know why I am waiting to cancel . Probably no chance of sailing. What would you do? Have a Princess Grill for $11,000. Next year is $15,000. Would not do that. Am considering Northern lights Oct 2021 but cant see any reason to have deposit transferred . The Northern lights is about the same as I am paying for Sept 11.
  6. Princess stopped requiring the medical questionnaire because peoples lied and it wasn't a valuable tool.
  7. Here is an interesting article on why they will not declare bankruptcy https://seekingalpha.com/article/4335789-carnival-corp-wont-go-bankrupt-dive-debt
  8. Stock stable today at 8.18. Bought some yesterday at 8, bought some at 8.9 and some at 9.5. my plan is to keep 100 shares for onboard credit. The rest I will sell once I make 30%. Then if they declare bankruptcy I will only lose $4-500.00. The stock likelt to be volatile for a while but you can make some money in the short term.
  9. What he means you have to wait for cash refund if your cruise is after May 15. :.(
  10. Who cares what gas prices are. Not going anywhere. Good for those still working, though.
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