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  1. We booked through Royal and we are on the August 28th cruise. We received the email this afternoon.
  2. I am currently booked in a JS on Adventure - August 28th. When do they generally offer the Royal Up? Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much! Very helpful! :)
  4. Hi. We haven't cruised on Royal since 2015. I tried "searching" for info but have few questions. We are on the August 28th Adventure cruise. We are currently in a JS and there appears to be a lot of regular suites available for our sailing. How does the Royal Up work and when is it offered? Thank you in advance!
  5. I did call but I'm at work and was getting no where with her trying to find out info.
  6. I am booked on Adventure in August. I received an email about some discounts through the cruise planner. The Key is listed for $17.99pp per day but when I add it to the cart the total is $447.86. I'm no math wiz but how is this price correct?
  7. I'm so excited to end our cruise dry spell. We moved over to Celebrity a few years ago. Our last Royal cruise was on Freedom in 2015. We are Diamond and if anyone can answer some questions I would greatly appreciate it! Can you please tell me if both people in the cabin need to book the alcohol beverage package or if just one can. Is there a Diamond discount on the package and is it better to book now or wait? Do they still offer drinks in the Diamond lounge at night or are drinks loaded onto your account? I called and booked our JS directly through the cruise li
  8. I work at a hospital and received both my Pfizer shots in January. I am very interested in this cruise and can't believe we haven't cruised since September 2019. It seems so long ago! My concern is the required PCR test before the cruise and the time frame involved with that. I have had 3 PCR tests and they all took 5 to 7 days to get the results back. I know there are still a lot of unknowns at this point but I'm happy to see things moving forward. :)
  9. I had heard that. We booked back in October so it currently says our travel funds expire October 2020. That would be great if they extend it. :)
  10. I filed a dispute with my BOA Celebrity Visa today. Our cruise was scheduled for April 21, 2020. I did the on-line full refund cancel request but have heard nothing. They have had my $5,000 since January 2020 earning interest on it. I'm an essential employee at a hospital that has had my 5 day work week cut to 3. I need the money now not when Celebrity decides to refund it. I'm already out $550 for airfare on Southwest. They issued travel funds which do us no good if we can't travel and use them. I contacted Nachi Cocum 30 days ago for my refund deposit with them. Receive
  11. Thank you! How far of a walk are these? or should we Uber?
  12. Hi. We haven't stayed at the Embassy Suites for a few years. Looking for a nice restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. Prefer a water view? Thank you in advance! Wanda
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