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  1. The crew / staff can absolutely make it or break it!!
  2. The deluxe balcony on the Royal class has a small sofa. I think the OP is referring to the Grand class where the only difference between the premium balcony cabins and the regular balcony is location. The balcony may be larger, as they are located midship on the Caribe deck or aft facing. However, there are also cabins with larger balconies that are on the Caribe deck in the forward and aft (side) cabins. The stateroom itself is exactly the same on the Grand class ships. For the OP, if you are going to spend the extra money, go for a mini instead of a premium balcony.
  3. I've been to the medical center on a Princess cruise once. It looks like everybody's bill, including medication, for routine visits was around $130 at that time (that was approx 2014 so prices could have jumped a lot by then). I only knew that because it was so busy in there so a lot of people got time to get to know each other. The travel insurance, if purchased, reimbursed those costs ... but, of the people I saw in the office (we had a long wait so quite a bit of time to discuss), it was for infections, rather small injuries, sea sickness, etc. I agree that the insurance p
  4. Yes, it was more of an error than a typo .... it was to read 2021. Good catch and thanks!
  5. I noticed that just today, they completed my FCC compensation for a March 2020 cancellation, as well. It wasn't refunded in the way the Princess rep told me it would be, but I wasn't thinking she knew what she was talking about anyway, so no harm done. I am just happy they've gotten their act together on reimbursement of these cancellations. This was the 6th one I've had canceled, most of which were booked prior to the pandemic and this one was, by far, the quickest.
  6. You make a good point. On our last cruise out of San Francisco, though, we had some wonderful choices. Good thing others didn't want to spring for the additional costs as we always found something that was really awesome. But, we've been on sailings before when, like you said, they were out of everything we wished to try.
  7. Maybe 'policy' was not the correct term to for me to use. I am really just curious about the statement that a positive serology test, one that shows antibodies from a previous infection or a vaccine can preclude one from cruising for 6 months? Isn't that what the cruiselines should want of their passengers and crew members? I must just be missing something here ...
  8. I must admit that when I have the beverage package, the wine choices are rather weak. On one of my sailings a while back, I just couldn't even look at a bottle of Clos Du Bois for about 3 years after we returned home. haha! Now, I wish they would sell the wine bottle packages on every sailing, regardless of the length of the cruise and I wish they would sell it to us in our cruise personalizer ahead of time. It is just money in the bank for them. I am not sure why all the hoops to buy it. We found some pretty decent bottles of wine on it on our last few times we've purchased it. T
  9. I see you've gotten many answers to your beer question ... so will answer the lobster question. Just prior to the pause, we didn't see lobster on the Sabatini's menu but it was on the menu for the Crown Grill. It is also served without charge on the second formal night of cruises over 5 days, without an extra charge. There was another option that you could purchase lobster / steaks from the Crown Grill menu in the MDR for an extra charge on any night of the cruise ... I believe it is similar to what the Crown Grill would charge if you ordered an extra entrée.
  10. Well, as mentioned, April is no longer the target date ... But, one also has to keep in mind that of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they not only have to be given with two doses, somewhere around 3-4 weeks apart but, then another 2 weeks to reach maximum effectiveness. So, the shortest period of time to actually ensure 90%-95% effectiveness would be to get the vaccine starting around the first week of April for a May 15th sailing. My doctor seems to feel by spring, everyone here in California will have the opportunity to get the vaccine. I don't know if that's true or not ... i
  11. We do the same when we are sailing out of San Francisco as getting to the port is quick and easy and requires no flight. But, we either have the beverage package or try to purchase a wine bottle package whenever we fly to get to our embarkation port.
  12. You don't pay taxes above and beyond what the normal beverage package costs, even if you order drinks in a port that charges you this tax without the package.
  13. That's what I assumed, too. Hmmm? Maybe the policy wasn't well thought out???
  14. If your FCCs are applied, you can always have them removed if prior to your final payment date ... or better yet, request that they don't even apply them in the first place. Once the cruise has been canceled by the cruiseline, it will probably take a long time to get them returned to your account. But, a proactive approach will take care of that issue.
  15. I just read a current article here on CC that outlines changes we may expect to see once cruising resumes. I found the following excerpt in this article to be a bit baffling ... although, I have no degree in immunology, so maybe someone out there can explain this: (please note that this is specific to Singapore so maybe others have nothing to worry about) The Singapore government prohibits anyone who has had COVID-19 within the past 180 days, or who has had a positive COVID-19 Serology certificate, from going on a cruise, as taking a pre-cruise SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) test could t
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