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  1. I've read that many people don't like to be under the Sea Walk for fear of a lack of privacy. On our cruise, nobody seemed to be wanting to be out on the Sea Walk ... oddly enough, it didn't bother me one bit and I have a fear of heights ... well, maybe that is really a fear of falling and it is darned near impossible to fall into the sea from the Sea Walk. Anyway, I think I saw one other couple on it the whole cruise, albeit, I didn't stand guard there the entire time. And, I was never tempted to look onto other's balconies anyway... maybe some might. It really wouldn't bother me to have a cabin on that side of the ship. Anyway ... thought this site might be helpful to check out photos that some have taken of the balconies on deck 8. You can pretty much figure out the non-obstructed ones from there by looking at the deck plans, too. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Regal-Princess&cabins=E101-E230
  2. Yes, I think I know just the ones! We were debating over E425 and E409 ...we chose the former one and were very happy in that cabin. I am sure E409 would have been even better but we loved the deal we got on E425. Great balconies and excellent location for both!! Same goes for those on the port side of the ship.
  3. I am also booked for a sailing on the K'dam for next year and found your review helpful. I've sailed on HAL many years ago so basically, will be coming back as a new cruiser on this line. I find the music row a main attraction for us so not so concerned about the lack of production shows. I've only seen a few that have really wowed me in the past. We'll still check out the other shows they have but will most likely be spending most of our evening hours in that music row. Also, very glad to learn of being dished up in the Lido! I see people leave the bathroom without washing their hands and going right into the buffet. Yuk!! As far as the charge for the extra entree, I think most cruiselines are heading that direction. I have no problem with it as I've never been able to eat more than one meal. And, I suppose there are still places all over the ship where one can get something else if they are still somewhat hungry. Again, thank you for the review so I can set my expectations. Very helpful!
  4. Interesting you mentioned this. I forgot all about a cruise that I was booked on for NCL up in Alaska. They rerouted the ship to be in Cuba. They offered me $25 OBC for the cabin to switch....not even per person, if that tells you anything. Needless to say, I went to Princess instead. hahaha!
  5. Wow ... that sounds amazing! I really appreciate you telling me of your experience as I had been wavering on the value, but we are booked in an inside cabin so, it will be great to have our own little viewing area without directly braving the elements. We will be also sailing on the Koningsdam for the first time. Even though we've sailed a couple of times in the past on HAL, it was many years ago so we are really kind of newbies to this line. I booked one of the spa inside cabins just three door away from the pool area. I haven't heard any complaints about those rooms, except for the ones right there at the entrance to the hallways might get some movie screen noise. Otherwise, I think we will enjoy that room with the option of having some shelter of the cabana since we have two inside passage days and one day in Glacier Bay ... all days that seem to be calling out for me to be out viewing the beautiful scenery and wildlife. The entire week is about the same cost as three days so, I went for it ... you never know if they will be all booked up on those days we want it if we wait until we board and still way less expensive than getting a balcony cabin! Now, if they offer me an upsell, I will be jumping on that and then canceling the cabana. But, a nice place to eat lunch away from the crowds sounds rather intriguing to me. Last year when we were up in Alaska (my favorite itinerary of all times), we were out on our balcony all day when at Glacier Bay and the inside passage. We had purchased a bottle of champagne and ordered brunch and oj from room service ... mimosas and yummy snacks and the most scenic place ever ... ahhhhh ... life just doesn't get better than that!! Anyway, yes, I've heard the cabanas on the Koningsdam are much smaller than on the older HAL ships. We really just need it as a place that will keep the wind down and the rain from dumping on us. Or, we could get really lucky and have wonderful weather but it is late in the season so not sure if we can count on that.
  6. The regular balcony doesn't have a couch, whereas the deluxe balcony cabins do as well as a little more sq footage. The premium deluxe are the same as the regular deluxe cabins (both will have a small sofa) but the premium describes the location ... ie: aft facing Not all balconies for these cabins are created the same. There are some in the midship area (maybe aft facing, too) that have much larger balconies.
  7. Whoa! That is some awesome compensation. When the terms noted you got 50% on a future cruise credit, for some reason I thought that was $50 off for each pax (interpreting it as half off the $100 deposit) ... but, I would consider myself blessed to get that kind of deal. My head would be spinning, too!!
  8. I just reserved one for the week for a cruise up in Alaska next year. I, too, had many of these same questions. This is what I learned .... If you are reserving the cabana prior to your cruise, you have to pay for it at the time of the reservation and you can only reserve one for the entire week, not on a day to day basis. You are assigned to a specific cabana when you reserve it. I also think the corner ones were the better choices but wasn't willing to spend even more on that one. I ended up booking one along the side (I think #3 or #5) as it looks as though the small structure in the middle may help to block some of the wind while being up in Alaska. If there is any availability for the cabanas on your cruise, you can certainly reserve one once you board for a specific day. If you aren't going to need the cabana (if you cancel the cruise or upgrade to a room where you feel you will no longer need it), the cabana is refundable. I didn't think to ask how far in advance you would have to cancel to receive the refund, though. One more thing, if you are getting it for the scenery, the ones along the side are the better choices (from the pictures I've seen). The other ones look down on the pool area and in cooler weather, they would look down on the retractable roof (from the pictures I saw).
  9. I always say that if there is one itinerary to splurge on a balcony, it is Alaska. Our last time up there (it was our 12th Alaskan cruise ... and certainly not our last), we did just that and got a balcony cabin. We spent so much time out there watching whales and the most gorgeous scenery I've ever seen. This next sailing for us, we got an inside cabin due to budget constraints, but also booked a cabana for the entire week just to make sure we had a wonderful area to view all that beautiful scenery along the way. If we are offered an upsell for a balcony instead, we are jumping on it and will cancel the cabana.
  10. I've been on nearly 60 cruises across different lines and Celebrity has been the only cruiseline that has canceled any one of those sailings ... three times, no less. Now, don't get me wrong, Celebrity is still my absolute favorite cruise line and we are usually very flexible in our plans but I know that isn't the case for some. Anyway, the first time was when Celebrity was doing some 7 night sailings out of San Francisco on the Mercury. They canceled at least two of these sailings and turned them into 11 night sailings. If we choose the one with the same departure date (we were lucky, we were on the first one), we could rebook to the same room and extend our stay for no additional charge and they gave us $200 back to boot. The next one was a 14 night Alaska sailing on the Infinity, again, SF roundtrip and they chartered the sailing for 5 of those nights so canceled Alaska altogether. One of the offerings was to replace our 14 night Alaska sailing with a 9 night Pacific Coastal sailing ... but for the same price! Well, that's crazy .... no other cruiseline would have charged the same price but we really liked the itinerary so were given $200 more in OBC, were able to keep all our perks (except the beverage package) and downgrade to an inside cabin. But prices plummeted, as we guessed they would and we ended up getting a family sized veranda (one of the side ones) for only $100 more. So, that one worked out to our advantage as well. The third time was on the Eclipse for a 7 night Pacific Coastal for this coming October. I really wanted the 9 night itinerary but the price difference was a deal breaker. Well, they canceled the original sailing on which I was booked and offered me the 9 night itinerary instead, again, with keeping all my agreed upon perks, pricing and $200 obc for a cabin in the same category. Score!!!! So, moral to the story .. either don't book the same cruises I book with Celebrity as I sure do seem to know how to pick them (hahaha) ... or, take what they offer you and make the best of it. We came out way ahead in each and every time they've canceled on us. To this day, those were a couple of my favorite cruises of all times!
  11. Yooohooo! I am looking a cruise on the Coral. Glad to see they already have it. thanks for the quick reply, btw!
  12. Is there a tentative schedule for the ships that will be getting the Medallion Net Wifi .. not the Medallion cruises, just the Medallion Net? I understand that the Royal, Caribbean and another ship have it already but is it set to be installed on the Grand or the Coral any time in the near future?
  13. Hey ... I did get some new offers by doing this ... just not the one for Princess. However, I am planning a trip to Vegas so I snagged that one that wasn't there before.
  14. Can I ask the experienced HAL cruisers a question here related to transferring of a direct booking to a TA. I booked with HAL earlier this week and now am looking into transferring this to a travel agency for some OBC or perks ... or whatever they may give me. Does the agent down at HAL that booked it for me lose any commission if I transfer a booking? I asked her and she said, "well, you won't be able to deal directly with me anymore"....but I wasn't sure if that meant she was losing out on commission for her or not. Depending on what an agency can give me, I am apt to choose to transfer it. I just hate leaving money (or perks) on the table.
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