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  1. You just can't imagine how happy I am to hear this since I have two more sailings booked on her for next year. There were some awesome staff members but, just not enough of them. To be fair, we were on the very first sailing that the Medallion went live .... but it still just seemed like they were terribly understaffed. Now, I have no worries about those future bookings.
  2. Precisely! I am planning a big birthday cruise for next year and wracking my brain with so many choices of sailings that are similarly priced. Celebrity, which is always my first choice requires a long flight. I would say Royal and Princess are probably tied for second place but of those two Princess has the better itineraries. I am considering HAL, Carnival and NCL as well but it’s hard not to get any of the loyalty status perks, even though we’ve sailed on all three of these lines a few times each in the past. I find is surprising that some on here have ranked Carnival higher than NCL ... even though we’ve had greta fun on each of our Carnival cruises in the past. Ahhhh ... isn’t it greta to have such a variety of choices?
  3. We continue to book the Grand even though she is probably my least favorite ship in the fleet ... her and the Golden. But, up until our last sailing on her, she's always had the best service ... called her the ship of 'yes' because nobody ever said 'no' to us for any reason. Well, that ended on the last cruise on her. We still have 2 more sailings booked on her ... but I won't be heartbroken to see a new Princess ship home ported in SF. Now, if only we could get the Royal here ... you'd see one happy camper!!
  4. Thank you for your comments. We sailed on the Royal last April and have her booked for another couple of cruises in 2020. We were impressed with the ship ... she just sparkles! We were also impressed with Matt O and the piano player at Crooners as well as the entertainment overall. We also loved a couple of the waiters and bar tenders, love their new wine list, the food was pretty good .... but it just seemed like the service was lacking in so many areas. I wrote my review at the time describing it was like they were, somehow, expecting 1000 less passengers to be onboard. I completely gave up on the buffet as it was total chaos and there were several times the waiters said they just didn't have time or that it was a pain to get us what we wanted ... some didn't even say that, they just ignored our requests. These weren't even elaborate requests ... they were things like olive oil instead of butter for our bread, cappuccinos with our breakfast in the dining room, our wine that had been opened with our pub lunch, event. Couple that with being seated for dinner and it took a full 45 minutes to even be acknowledged ... yikes! Well, even if we still can't get some of those things ... we are very glad to hear the service has improved. Enjoy your cruise ... and thanks for your comments! They are very encouraging!
  5. I pretty much agree with you on the listing above but having never sailed on MSC, I can't judge. There were things I really liked about Norwegian that might give her a tie with Royal and Princess ... but, Celebrity is also #1 in my book.
  6. Very good point ... For some, this is a good deal but it is not even close to the $39 as it appears on the website.
  7. It is actually a complete turn over of all the cabins ... and a lot more involved than how they clean the rooms during a longer cruise.
  8. As I am sure you are probably aware, that is the double occupancy rate and when you also add in the taxes and gratuities for the one night, it is actually a little over $200 for a few hours on the ship. Still not a horrible price, depending on when you can board. If you aren't allowed to get onto the ship until noon and then go to the muster drill around 3:30 and have to be out of your room by 8 AM the following morning, it doesn't sound quite as attractive to me. I've done 2 and 3 night sailings before and it's just not for me. No chance to settle in and the lines for dining are crazy and the entertainment is rather lacking. If you are just going for a nice dinner and a show, still not a bad deal but, just not a relaxing way to vacation IMO. If you are cruising to bump up your tier status to the next level ... then it is actually a pretty good deal.
  9. I am all booked for this year and have limited flexibility for next year ... not seeing anything that fits into my schedule for the west coast from Celebrity, though. I may fly across county, but that remains to be seen. It might be time to look at other lines.
  10. After 2 dozen + sailings on Princess, this is the first I am hearing of this ... I am definitely trying this on my next sailing!! I love tea time and will plan on skipping dinner that day.
  11. You are right ... they probably don't! It's only checked off on a roster and not sure if it is ever input into digital form. Maybe it's different now with the medallion but it's still doubtful.
  12. All that I can tell you is that we were in a room right under the pool on the Caribbean Princess in this same location and the valves that fill the pool and hot tubs actually made the walls shake. We got very generous amount of onboard credit as the cabin was intolerable!! We were so sleep deprived it ruined our cruise. I thought the response from Princess was more than adequate, so please note that I am not criticizing them for ignoring our problem. I just would never ever book a cabin in that location again. That's just my experience ... maybe others will have different ones.
  13. When you stop by the wine table upon embarkation, they do make a note of the number of bottles brought onboard on embarkation. Now, maybe hey don't check your wine against what is noted per your cabin ... but that is how they would know if you brought your corkage free bottles onboard already.
  14. I feel the same ... love Celebrity but they've kind of abandoned us here on the west coast. I know it is a business decision so, will have to accept that. Just of note, the Eclipse has a sailing out of LA roundtrip, 9 nights up the Pacific Coast. I was booked on their October sailing but they chartered it so moved us to this nine night sailing in November. Alas, I couldn't go in November ....
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