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  1. I think you meant 'respect to others' on your bottom line ... but point received. I think the reason nobody got those in the start is so that healthcare workers could have an adequate supply of these N95s. We had some leftover from all the wildfires over the last couple of years and even then, it was really hard to find these. Thankfully, I'm starting to see limited availability of these to the general public now. Fire season is right around the corner.
  2. My only worry is standing in long lines for everything. I don't even mind eating my meals in my cabin but a balcony would probably make that all the more desirable. But, unless they significantly restrict the capacity, I just don't see it working. Now, mind you ... I had to go to the DMV today and online, it showed a 2 minute wait. It was actually a 2 hour wait but, that's done and we survived. I don't mind being a hermit on a cruise, I don't mind eating in a venue outside of the MDR, I don't mind room service. But, I would mind not being able to see a show, play a game to get a seat in the casino or the pool or waiting in 2 hour lines to board, etc. I would miss the pop choir, dancing to some great live music or heading to the spa. Time will tell .... I'd be willing to give it a try but, I think my DH would refuse to go unless we had a balcony or better.
  3. If Princess is still selling the cruise on their website, nobody at the cruiseline will tell you that it won’t be sailing. It is at the point of cancellation that they can finally be truthful. Honestly, with the huge uptick of cases in California, I see no path for cruiseships leaving out of California this year. We were just subjected to reversals in the reopening efforts last week. Ugh! You might actually be better off moving the sailing to the future before they cancel it just so you can avoid having the value of your FCCs locked up for a painfully long time once the cancellation occurs. If they won’t allow you to apply it to a booking past the FCC’s current expiration, well, I guess you are stuck while waiting for the cancellation to occur. They will extend the expiration date, though, if they haven’t already done so.
  4. As you probably know, it doesn’t say this ... but it’s only reasonable to assume their capacity would need to be reduced in order to abide by the restrictions. It probably will be a moot point, though. The virus will most likely have to be under control, via treatment, a vaccine or herd immunity before ships will be able to set sail agin.
  5. Oh yes, I think you are right. Someone asked which vaccine we should take. I answered whichever one Medicare would pay for, as they seem to cover the one that is deemed to be most effective. None will be 100% but, Medicare pays only for treatments that meet the standard of care. I'm not sure we will have options as to which vaccine to take. That will probably be decided for us if they ever develop one with adequate prevention and minimal side effects. And, I worked at a hospital and they even came to our work areas and administered the flu shots for no charge. If you refused it, you couldn't enter the hospital without wearing a mask, even outside of the patient care areas. That was a state requirement, I believe. I'm sure the same will be required for a CoVid vaccine, like I mentioned, if one ever comes to fruition. I understand that there were scientists working on a SARS vaccine back in 2003 (also caused by a Coronavirus) but, it fizzled out before an effective vaccine was ever developed. Could we be so lucky?? I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I called, per Thrak's recommendation and she noted that if the cruise on which the bonus card was canceled, call to request it be restored with an extended expiration date . Now, I did have a sailing that was ultimately canceled but, I saw the writing on the wall and asked my PVP to move it to a different sailing prior to the cancelation. She did that ... I assume that this next one (or two) that I have booked are also going to be canceled, thus, I am just going to wait and ask for the extended expiration at that time. However, if the cruise lines are not yet sailing and the final payment is due for these future cruises. I'm just going to cancel them and move that bonus card to a 2022 sailing. This waiting game is just too painful!
  7. A couple of mine stayed on until well after the sail date. The other couple were removed early (sail dates were in late summer) but, looks like they dropped off once the reimbursement was completed.
  8. I think there will be enough people that would more than welcome the vaccine. You'd only need a certain percentage to create herd immunity once there is an effective vaccine.
  9. Interesting times ... that is for sure! We keep hearing that the promise of a vaccine is on the horizon ... but do we believe anybody at this point?
  10. And the scary thing is, it will probably not end there in Alabama. I guess college students, mostly young adults, are not known to suffer the most severe consequences from this illness (for the most part). I can only think they are going for that herd immunity or, maybe it is more along the lines of eating tide pods as a challenge. Who knows? The brain certainly is not fully developed and when alcohol is added to the mix, well, they engage is reckless behavior. It will only ensure this lockdown will remain in place for a long long time!
  11. Wow! Some of this sounds like a total improvement to me. However, I just don't know how the cruise lines will survive this, as they would have to limit capacity to about 25% - 50% to keep within the confines of all these restrictions. I just don't see any sailings opening back up until there is a vaccine (if that ever happens) or this bug dies out on it's own.
  12. Didn't work for me but, will try again later. Thanks for the head's up, nonetheless.
  13. That's exactly what happened with all the cruises that I've had canceled.
  14. I agree 100%. If you apply the FCC and the cruise is canceled, you will be stuck waiting and waiting for it to be put back into your personalizer. Princess is automatically applying it to any new booking, current booking (in some cases) or change in a booking. They did it twice to me and had to ask them to remove it. When I am ready to apply it, I will ... and it certainly won't be before any final payment date.
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