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  1. Just to clarify ... did you originally book your cruises directly with Princess or are they able to apply add ons if you booked through a travel agent. I think I already know the answer ... just double checking. My travel agent went on a vacation in Europe before taking care of this for me. I just want to get everything in place!!
  2. It's funny you mention that. We were recently in a cabin with one of these private hallways on Princess. The main thoroughfare was through the casino ... the smoking side at that. One lady would use our little private hallway and say she discovered the non-smoking tunnel to the theater. hahaha!
  3. Somewhat related ... my last time to Hilo, I was booked on a kayaking excursion to paddle up to the base of the waterfall. Well, it was canceled because of so much rain and the conditions were just not safe. This is when we booked a tour with a company that we've toured with in the past while in Hilo and went up into Volcanoes National Park. We were just able to book it right there in the little tourist area. We actually recognized the same driver that had given us a tour the previous time there. I didn't interpret the OP's post as whining (or even insensitive) in the very least. I think they were just asking a question ... and even included a thank you. I read nothing else into it.
  4. Thank you so much. I looked at the LAX website a couple of weeks ago .. totally missed that PIN pickup instruction. I'm still a little unsure how you verify your vehicle and driver details but I'm sure they will know what's going on or somebody will be there to help. thanks again ...
  5. Fingers crossed for both of us ... I have no explanations.
  6. So, I got a call from Celebrity as they wait listed me to room 3112 ... and guess what, it came up as available for my sailing. So, I made the switch. I'm really rather surprised they called me about it ... and I think they called twice as I hadn't been home the first time they called. Great customer service and now I have the room I really wanted from the get go. I would have been perfectly happy with 3119, I'm sure ... but, I've always wanted to lay my head down in in the ever so popular 3112.
  7. It used to be that they didn't ask for tips ... when your ride was over, you were done. Just rate your driver, tip in cash if you wanted but not really expected. Now, there is a place on the app to tip and yes, now, they kind of expect a tip. The fare doesn't include a tip.
  8. It kind of reminds me of Celebrity's offers as of a year or two ... 1 perk, 2 perks, 3 perks, 4 perks or some variation of these. I like this promo ... I already booked one sailing with this and I got a great deal. Still waiting for my TA, who is over in Europe until after Christmas, look into add ons for my other two sailings that I have booked. The suspense will probably do me in ... LOL
  9. What?? Would you mind going into more detail? Not sure how Uber charges if you don't order it on your phone. I'm lost here ... Is this only at LAX?
  10. We've gotten it on a 7 night sailing on the Royal in the past. It is just inconsistent.
  11. I'm just curious ... did your Getaway cruises have a non-refundable fare when you booked them? The reason I ask is that I read this on a travel agency website: Please note that this promotion is NOT COMBINABLE with any of Princess' non-refundable fares. Now, that could all change depending on who they get in touch with on the other end.
  12. You could definitely arrange an independent tour of the park. I do understand why a cruiseline would cancel this type of tour. I think they had canceled all float plane tours after a couple of planes went down in Alaska ...also understandable. But, if you still want to go tour Volcanoes National Park, you can pick up a tour with a local van right in town. We've done it twice and it was very interesting. If you have any breathing conditions, be warned that the 'vog' is not very good for your respiratory system.
  13. I just rechecked my account and it was added but on another statement, so it was a few days longer than what I am used to seeing ... about a week. I didn't get an email, either. But, I did get the credit.
  14. I wouldn't chance it. A 10 AM flight out of FLL when disembarking in Miami is just too risky. Just because disembarkation on one sailing starts at 7 AM, there could always be a delay on your day of disembarkation.
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