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  1. This is off topic a bit but, can I ask you if there were any negatives to D736? I booked the premium balcony room right next door to it for Alaska. I can't imagine it would be a bad room.... but, there is no info on that room here on CC. I guess if it were awful, someone would have mentioned it by now. 😉
  2. 100%!!! You are counting on others being honest about their health status when they board ... not to mention all those that aren't exhibiting symptoms but are infected or colonized with a virus or bacteria. We were right next door to this couple on a cruise once and we saw them around day 3 ... we asked if they'd just been moved to that room because that was the very first moment we even knew someone was next door to us. They said, no, they were both diagnosed with pneumonia but didn't want to miss their trip. Well, we share a room steward that touches all their stuff and then touches all our stuff, including our pillow cases where our face sits upon every night. It's just enough to make one want to scream!! I tell you ... if you are sick ... STAY HOME!!! If I am seated next to someone at dinner that is coughing and sneezing, I just get up and asked to be re-seated at another table....preferably, one for two. I seriously question if cruiselines will now change their practice of always pushing people to share a table with others in the MDR.
  3. I totally get that about having a dark room for quality sleep! And ... September and October are our best months for weather in California ... September may even be a little too hot for some but it varies from year to year. Our July is usually plagued with more dreary skies and fog here in San Francisco than September or October. It is my favorite time of year! It rarely rains in California in those months ... very rarely!! Believe me, we watch the rain measures very carefully and they are using that dreaded 'drought' word again. I wouldn't change the dates if I were you. And, October is a perfect time to visit Vegas as well. As snoozecruise mentioned, the Royal is very stable. I went for a week last year and never even felt like I was on a moving ship the entire time. Bon voyage ... enjoy your cruise!!
  4. Since it appears the Ruby does 7 night sailings to Alaska this August, you will see more passengers that are your children's ages than if you chose a 10 night or longer sailing. It really does depend, though, if you chose your cruise towards the beginning or the end of August as many schools start back up in the middle or end of the month and you may see a sharp decline in those younger passengers towards the later dates. My recommendation is to see if there is a roll call for your sailing and just ask the question there. They represent a small percentage of passengers that will be on your itinerary, but, it may give you an idea of others your kid's age will be on the cruise.
  5. I just asked on my last sailing on the Grand, where I didn't use up all the punches on one of my cards. They took it at the beginning of the cruise and punched a hole for every specialty coffee we ordered ... worked out perfectly for us. We had to surrender the card at the IC as we couldn't use it after the sailing anyway. Now, I've heard from someone's experience, they would give you onboard credit as a goodwill gesture for any unused coffee cards you turned in. They are doing this as a goodwill gesture ... very nice, actually, as I don't think they have to do so IMHO.
  6. It's been reported that ultraviolet lights (industrial size) may be used between flights on airlines ... it would be a great idea and still in its infancy and then there are those nooks and crannies on seating and overhead bins that would still need to be addressed. Maybe it could be done .... ???? "Boeing has designed a self-cleaning bathroom that does precisely that in between uses. The airplane manufacturer claims that the UV lamps kill 99.99% of microbes within three seconds." It's promising ... ???
  7. Gosh ... forgive me if this doesn't directly answer your question but for a little over $100 more (per cabin, not per person), you can get what is referred to as an obstructed balcony on this sailing. The ones in the middle have minimal obstruction and some very huge balconies. While balconies can run hundreds of dollars more than an inside cabin, I consider this a very small price to pay for having access to fresh air and natural sunlight.
  8. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/category-detail.php?c=1042#portlet_tab5 There are a couple of videos on this site of these cabins on the Star and Golden ... sister ships to the Star ... that should show you exactly what you will see out your window. Just of note, they do close off this area right outside your window to passengers at night into the morning for your privacy and quiet ... at least that's been my experience on the Grand Class ships and I've sailed on this class at least a dozen times.
  9. Yikes .... I know a while back, Celebrity had my email attached to someone else and I would receive notifications to 'Andrew' that my cruise to such and such was all ready to go .. did I want to book my specialty restaurants or excursions. Love their cruises .... not so confident in their IT department. A little quality control goes a long way ....
  10. I agree with you and even talked to one of the agents down at Celebrity about this very thing. He was so helpful ... described that the fare I was looking at had a non-refundable deposit and that is why anytime anyone that books online should always follow up with a phone call to ensure they are getting exactly what they want. I will skip that step of booking online and just call in, as I agree ... they don't make it easy to see that NRD when booking it online. I checked the promotion email they sent to me and finally found it in the small print but, it sure wasn't apparent in the booking screen.
  11. That is certainly a valid concern! 😉 We've only cruised in a full suite twice and then back to mostly oceanview staterooms afterwards and it is doable .. not easy but doable!! The one thing I will miss about the Grand being in SF is the availability of those Window Suites. They are the best cabins I've ever stayed in. THE VERY BEST!! Oh, and I will miss the wonderful staff onboard that ship, too.
  12. Never heard a thing and we've booked that room (E619) a few times!! On the Grand class ships. Very convenient for pressing a shirt or a pair of slacks!! I wouldn't picked E618 because it is beneath a lounge, whereas E619 is under the photo area so no noise whatsoever and the laundry room has never been an issue. There are heavy steel double doors on either side. We've actually never seen anyone in there but even if we did, the laundry room is very well insulated. The view from the window ... very unobstructed! We'll keep it our little secret, though ... hahaha Us and everyone on CC. 😉
  13. We happen to like E605 and E619 ... both nice and quiet with very limited obstruction. PS - I also use Renmar's site
  14. The first formal night will probably land on the first sea day ... The second one will probably be your second to last night, that is, even if you are port but only if it sails out early.
  15. The Grand will host the specialty breakfast in the Crown Grill .. it comes with pretty much, anything you'd like to order (we were offered steak and eggs with advanced notice) as well as specialty coffees and mimosas. The service is phenomenal. You will also be able to go to dinner in the Club Class section of the dining room. Again, the service is wonderful and the menu is just 'better' than that in the MDR. The head waiter will make a special dish and there is no wait to be seated. For this alone, it is worth getting a full suite. Other perks: You will get two points towards your captain's club status You will be escorted aboard (if you choose) and amongst the first group allowed to board You will receive a couple of bottles of water per day as well as two small bottles of wine upon boarding as well as a complimentary mini bar set up On formal nights, they will bring some little goodies to your room (chocolate covered strawberries, honey roasted almonds, stuff like that) You will have fresh flowers or an orchid plant in your stateroom Our suite on the Grand had a huge bathroom with double sinks, a shower and a separate jetted tub with bath salts .... ahhhh You have priority in embarkation, choice of debarkation time with a special debarkation lounge with beverage and pastry service (OJ, coffee, tea, pastries) You will receive a complimentary dinner on the first (maybe second night) of the sailing in a specialty restaurant There are niceties in your room such as a sleep kit, shoe shine kit, etc. Special line for Suite and Elite passengers at guest services But, the best part of the suite is the dining opportunities .. no waiting and a little something extra provided as described above. Well worth trying it out at least once!!
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