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  1. When I was working, one of the IT guys urged me to start my own travel website and he came up with the name. I love Cruising and my DH is a huge Raider fan ... so, he put them together as a name. Instead of starting a travel website using that name, I chose to use it as my CC name.
  2. #3 makes me sad to think about it ... sad because you are probably not too far off the mark. It will probably be San Francisco because the pier is right in the middle of town and each time there is a ship in port, it causes incredible traffic jams. It would make me very sad to see this happen. Seattle has similar issues (Bell's Pier), although they do have a port that is located a little further out (Smith's Cove). We could kiss the majority of the Alaska cruises goodbye if Seattle chooses to shut down. And, it wouldn't surprise me if Vancouver was right behind them. Maybe not but, that would be my big concern. LA is set up for cruises and not smack in the middle of the tourist or financial district so, I would think this would be the most likely to survive, but ... their mayor! That's all I will say on that matter. Well, at least this judge issued this order before cruising started back up. It is unlikely that any cruise would be starting up before 2 months anyway. Well, just my thoughts!!
  3. They seem to apply the FCC at will without much rhyme or reason ... I've had to have them remove it in the past. Easy to do! Since I'm not sure what sailings will actually happen and which ones won't, I am now just keeping it all in my personalizer. I pretty much know where I want to apply it when they do start back up again.
  4. I would love if Princess sold their wine bottle packages on every sailing instead of just sailings of 10 days and longer. I have had some luck on some ships purchasing these packages on 7 night cruises but, it sure would be nice to know ahead of time. It would be best if they sold them on their website before the sailing. Now ... to the OP ... I would like the Mer Soliel, Acacia or Wente Riva Ranch for their chardonnay but, I do also like Butterknife. There are way too many wines to choose a favorite but, I can say, we tend to gravitate towards California wines. I like to support our local economy.
  5. I know that SFO ($$) and Oakland (complimentary) both have rapid tests for all passengers flying to Hawaii. They suggest you go to the airport an hour early and I think an appointment is required. I understand there probably aren't nearly as many passengers on these flights as you would see on a cruiseship but, they are preparing for more and more passengers that won't want to quarantine for 14 days once they arrive on the islands.
  6. I've tried one of those ... for me? No thanks!! Glad to hear somebody likes it, though.
  7. Depending on the itinerary, I'd still go. I just wouldn't be shelling out any money for a hands free massage. If it is one of those chairs you sit in, no thanks.
  8. Thanks for posting. I'm still trying to figure out how this can be accomplished: New, hands-free massage treatments ensure no physical contact I don't think that sounds like a massage I'd want.
  9. Yes, it is smaller and down by the smoking area of the casino. And I understand the one on the other end of the hallway, right by guest services is also not optimal. We were in F309 and our friends were in F307 ... perfect!
  10. My guess is you won't be disappointed. Like I said, my DH was all fussy about me booking one of these the first time I did because of the lack of the balcony. He quickly changed his tune the minute he stepped into the room. At check in, they offer to escort you to your room. Nice touch but, for us, it was unnecessary. We went to lunch in the MDR on the Club Class side and made our reservation for the Crown Grill for that evening. Full suites come with a first night's specialty dinner. The room is, as you saw, very spacious. It comes with some extra amenities such a shoe shine service, laundry, a mini bar set up, daily bottled water ... all of this was lost on us as we already had the beverage package and we have elite status so, we already get free laundry and we actually got two mini bar set ups. You can also order off the MDR menu to enjoy dining in your cabin, even for breakfast on the last morning. Again, many of these perks were lost on us, as we enjoy heading to the IC for a small bite and specialty coffee the last morning of the cruise. Breakfast in the Crown Grill and the Club Class dining was what made it stand out for us. For breakfast, they would fix anything we requested, although we really don't tend to go off menu. The breakfast comes with unlimited mimosas, too ... which I indulge in when on a cruise. In Club Class, the head waiter is also in charge of creating a special dish and he even asked us what we wanted the next day and then had it available for us at that time. Oh ... so special!! It really feels like specialized service in club class. I know it is a little thing, but they use Riedel wine glasses in that portion of the dining room ... everything is just a little more elegant. There were also some other little niceties included, again, which were mostly not all that important to us. There is a separate disembarkation lounge where you are served beverages and pastries for your last meal ... haha! You also are permitted entry into the PES event around happy hour. That's not that big of a deal but, we try to go a few times on every sailing. Oh ... and you do get double the Captains Circle points towards your status when in a suite if that's important to you. But, no matter what you decide .. have a great cruise!!
  11. Well, if you book one in that case, they will give you at least a window suite but maybe a suite with a balcony. It would be rare but, stranger things have been known to happen. Now, my DH is always saying how much he needs a balcony. When I first booked that Window Suite, we walked in and he was so happy he couldn't see straight. Now, it is no longer about the balcony for him .. he always wants a window suite! Unfortunately, they are usually snagged pronto and it doesn't always fit into our budget. But, if I can make a convert out of him, I would bet that you could also make a convert out of your wife. There are just so many perks you will get in a full suite and like I said, they are usually a lot cheaper than a Club Class mini. The size of the room alone is incredible ... more like a spacious hotel room. And the location ... can't be beat! There are only 7 of them (something like that) on the entire ship and there are only 3 ships in the Grand and Crown class ships that have them, the Grand, the Golden and the Caribbean. I think there are some on a couple of the Royal class ships (maybe the Sky) but, I believe they are all the way forward. Someone will know the answer to that.
  12. Does that really mean that they won't have those $10 sales in the MDR anymore? 😲 I can honestly say ... I will not miss those one bit!! Nowhere on that email did I see that they were going to sail at reduced capacity or not schedule any longer trips such as I saw from the guidelines that Celebrity / NCL sent out. I guess each cruiseline is doing things a bit differently but, I seem to recall that those lines were collaborating with CLIA to come up with those recommendations.
  13. If you are sailing on the Grand, there is a slim chance they might have a Window Suite available. Even though these rooms are not equipped with a balcony, they are considered a full suite with all those perks, are oftentimes priced lower than a club class balconies and are very nice rooms in the best location on the ship, IMO. Nab one if there are any available. They are on deck 6 alongside the casino ... but separated by a semi private hallway, so there is no noise from the casino. They are extremely popular and sell out quickly. If you don't require a balcony, these are the best rooms on the entire ship. PS .. You will not receive full suite benefits in club class.
  14. I know that SFO will provide a quick test at the airport to fly to Hawaii ... but it will cost you a lot. However, the Oakland airport just announced they will be providing them free of charge for all traveling wishing to fly to Hawaii. If you test negative, you are free to go and not have to quarantine. They recommended showing up at the airport 3 hours prior to your flight. There was an article in the SF Gate about it a week ago. I would imagine this could put some pressure on the airports in So Cal to do the same. Maybe??
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