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  1. It's not just people in other parts of the country that don't get it .... it is that Princess is still selling these sailings. They won't allow you to use your FCCs, which were first distributed but now yanked. They still want us to believe these sailings are heading out as planned. No chance!! But, they will gladly accept your hard cash dollars.
  2. I'm glad you found a great deal and your positive attitude will ensure your enjoyment. One more thing .. MUTS (movies under the stars ... or sun) is a large outdoor movie screen by the pool. It is pretty fun and they serve all sorts of goodies out there. One other thing to keep in mind is that the Emerald does not have an indoor pool area ... may be important to you, maybe not.
  3. If you are speaking of an FCC ... The entire cruise fare is usually not non-refundable ... it should just be the deposit that is non-refundable. So, if you cancel this booking, the FCC should be replenished under your respective accounts if it is not past its expiration date. You probably won't, however, be able to get a refund of cash for it, though. If you are referring to a FCD that you purchased for $100 pp while onboard ... It will depend ... you may be able to transfer it to another booking. You may lose it, though.
  4. I would go for the cash, especially since the FCC is definitely not transferable to anyone other than the passenger it is under. Not only that, but until this whole CoVid virus situation is under control, your grandparents, if over 70, may need a 'fit to travel' form from their doctor. Princess has made no formal announcement on this form, but it what an agreement CLIA made back in March and Princess does belong to CLIA ... so it may be a requirement for them as well. Definitely go for the cash.
  5. Would you feel that was necessary? Not trying to start a fight ... just curious.
  6. I've been on a couple Panama Canal cruises but on Princess and Celebrity, although I've also sailed on Royal Caribbean. Both Princess and Celebrity will have an older demographic than Royal Caribbean ... less of a party crowd but you will find others imbibing at the Martini Bar on both. IMO, Princess has better food than RCCL. Their beds are a LOT more comfortable. Closets are open on Princess ... better design!! Princess has self service laundromats which are convenient for longer sailings. RCCL has better entertainment and more of it. The cabin sizes on Royal Caribbean tend to be larger. The standard rooms on Princess don't have any additional seating ... just a bed, desk and mini fridge. Princess has a sale right now where you can choose your options for free perks: Beverage package Included gratuities Included WiFi The price increase for adding this package depends on the length of the cruise, but generally, it will run you about $40 a day pp ... so really a pretty good deal if you are already going to add the beverage package alone, which comes to approx $70 a day pp if you purchase it separately. Sometimes you can find the pricing is less than the $40 a day pp.
  7. Point taken. I should have said that is the way it is supposed to work! And I am one of those thousands waiting for my refund.
  8. Thanks! Good luck to you, too. I know my May cruise to Alaska will be canceled, too and like you, just waiting for the official word from Princess. As for my August sailing, it was booked as a move over offer so am just going to move it to a 2022 sailing (if they allow it ... at one time, they said I could move it one time only). If it looks good again for late August, I will just rebook it last minute as we live right near the port. If they aren't, I'm going to shoot for a land based trip.
  9. Yes, Princess pays you back in cash for the entire cost of your cruise if THEY cancel, including the cost of the insurance if you purchased it through Princess.
  10. Does anyone have any further information as to whether or not there will be any August or September sailings up in Alaska this year? I am already booked for a late August / early September sailing and am thinking about moving it to next year or the year after that. It is for a special occasion so, would rather go this year if it's still going to happen. I know you all have insight into these issues. We all know that Canada is closed to cruise ships until at least July first but, someone recently posted that the Railroad and Glacier Bay are closed until July. Makes sense as I think the ports in Alaska are also not accepting cruise ships at this time. Not sure if you all have heard anything more about Princess sailings out of San Francisco. I know Carnival has canceled all of its sailings out of the port of SF ... but haven't seen anything more about Princess doing the same. I can't get any straight answers from Princess and they are still assuring me that my mid-May sailing up to Alaska is on and going to be so much fun. Well, that's when I knew they are just telling their agents to be deceitful. We all know that one has zero chance of happening! Please, no snarky answers ... just want to know if anybody has heard anything definitive with regards to the sailings in the late Alaska season or anything about the Port of San Francisco.
  11. Currently, the Princess Vacation Protection starts at $39 and is dependent upon the price of the cruise. For elite passengers, yes and no ... If you purchase the standard insurance, you are automatically upgraded to the platinum insurance. When you have this insurance in place, AON covers the medical and other portions of your policy. If you choose to cancel for a non-covered reason through AON and they will have you shoot it back to Princess. So, you can cancel up until the day of your sailing but you will get FCCs for 100% of your cruise fare (I think it is 75% back if you have the standard insurance). You will get an actual refund of your taxes and port fees as well as any prepurchased excursions, specialty dinners, beverage packages, etc.
  12. What a deal!! With your original question, without knowing the details, I would have set my limit of upgrading to a balcony for a 15 night cruise around $800 ... and of course, my DH could have talked me into spending up to $1000. Very happy to see you got it for $535!! Yes, I would have jumped on that, too.
  13. Not only that but, I believe it was scheduled to disembark in Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago. So, yes, you are right ... nobody would have been leaving their car at the port of Miami.
  14. Yea, this virus has caused so much uncertainty. I thought for sure the cruiselines would be back up and running this fall but now, I’m not so sure. I don’t think they know yet, either.
  15. They may not be looking to book as much as checking on pricing for cruises that are already booked. I know I will save $700 on a cruise I had refared on a cruise for next year.
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