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  1. Purely speculation on my part, but my guess is that based on what’s happening now they will delay, if not shelve entirely the refurbishment of the Victory. I sailed on her just before she went to Spain, and there really wasn’t anything wrong with her at all anyway. It is still very much a pretty and well-appointed ship. This refurbishment seemed to be more of a growth activity, rather than something desperately needing to happen to keep her in service. Carnival, and other cruise lines are going to be looking for ways to save cash right now until they are operating at full steam ahead again. I suspect that they will decide to push off that project for awhile. Just my opinion. I could be wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Each of the cruise lines under Carnival Corp are run as entirely separate operations, plus Princess tends to skew older in terms of passenger demographics. Between that and the couple of ships that have been in the spotlight over this, I imagine they're triaging the situation by suspending operations of Princess for now, and waiting to see how things develop in the coming days and weeks before they broaden that suspension to include other cruise lines.
  3. Keep in mind that Princess is also owned by Carnival Corp, and they are in lockstep on the OBC incentive and the revised cancellation policy. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I've gone cruising many times on my own, and can attest to the fact that I meet more people that way than I do when I'm traveling with a group. Much like some of the others have responded, I also enjoy playing bingo, making a bit of a donation to the casino now and again, playing trivia, or simply just hanging out reading or working on a knitting or crochet project of some kind. There's a wonderful kind of freedom to traveling solo. You can wake up when you like, stay out late or turn in early. Eat when and where you like. And all of this without having to consult anyone else other than your own preferences at the time. Have a great cruise! ❤️
  5. I was on the Regal the week before last (Thanksgiving week), and after having experienced the typical internet speeds on cruise ships over the years, I was astounded at how fast and reliable the new internet service was. I used it for typical emails, gaming, music, and also used it on my iPad for video streaming on multiple services. It was lightning fast! There were a couple of times when it glitched, or wasn't responding as expected, but they were very isolated incidents. Someone above had mentioned about having the ability to stream onboard videos on your mobile devices, but I don't recall that being an option when I was sailing. Perhaps that is something for the future? I did have my first experience of on-demand video from my cabin, however. In addition to limited live TV channels (news, sports mostly) they also offered some TV shows, and a bunch of movies. They also had a category for "recently added" movies that expanded over the course of the week. They would show certain movies at MUTS or in the other onboard theaters, and then immediately add them to this category for watching in your cabin. So, if you didn't get a chance to see a public presentation of one movie, you'd be able to catch it in your cabin the next day. Enjoy!
  6. The most charitable thing I can think is that with a brand new ship, perhaps the ovens were new, and the cooking staff wasn't used to their particular settings? *shrug* Otherwise, you're absolutely correct. If you don't tell them when it goes wrong, they have no way to know that there's something to fix.
  7. Personally, I enjoy doing specialty dining on the first night, since it tends to not be very busy at all that night. You can usually walk right in, even without a reservation, I have found. I sail solo a great deal, and prefer to 't tend to plan a lot ahead in terms of dining choices.
  8. Personally, one of the less financially tangible benefits that I find pretty valuable is the use the much shorter "Elite & Suite Passengers" line at Passenger Services. If I need to use it, it is particularly excellent the night before disembarkation! Gotta say that not spending 30-45 minutes+ standing in line is a pretty nice benefit! That's not about status for me, but rather a much more efficient use of time. 😉 And hey, the mini-bar and the laundry doesn't stink either. 😁
  9. Well, there should be taxis all over the place anyway, so grabbing one for the short trip over to the other terminal should be pretty easy and reasonably priced.
  10. >They do. You'll still have to pick up your luggage to take on the shuttle You could drop your luggage at Pier 21 first, and then drive over to park at Pier 2, and then take the shuttle back to 21. That way you don't have to schlep your luggage with you on embarkation day.
  11. Keep in mind, when we're talking about legit support/service animals, we're talking about a person who has issues that are literally debilitating to the point where they cannot function normally. *I* get anxiety in crowds, even on cruise ships, but it's not so awful that I cannot function. For example, there are vets who suffer from severe PTSD who use service animals that might also be considered "emotional support animals" on some level, even though they are legit trained service animals. Additionally, there are indeed also those animals (as mentioned above) who are trained to detect blood sugar fluctuations or seizures so that their person can either take care of themselves, or let another human know they need help. A friend of mine, who is also a dog trainer, has a couple of her own dogs that can alert her to serious blood sugar issues, even when she's asleep. For seizure victims, while the dog's alert cannot prevent the seizure, it does alert the person generally in enough time to allow them to lie down safely so that they don't fall and hurt themselves when the seizure starts. I totally get it on the allergies issue, since I developed pet allergies later in life myself. The sad part is that so many people who are attached to their animals abuse the system by claiming they *need* their animals with them all the time. I see it most frequently in restaurants, and they're generally little dogs in purses. I don't care so much if they're seated at outside tables, and the animal is on the floor, but otherwise, the self-entitlement of the pet owners is just annoying.
  12. Yeah, I'm debating how much I really want to do myself, and how much I plan to just throw in the suitcase and have done onboard in just a couple of weeks. I'm thinking anything long or that has a tendency to wrinkle, I'll send off to the laundry on embarkation day. 😄
  13. Totally agree with you on that latter part. I always try to make sure I call my banks that I have credit or debit cards with ahead of time to let them know the dates and locations of my travel. It certainly prevents one from having their cards "turned off" due to what their system might see as unusual spending.
  14. On various cruises, I have used cash, debit card, and credit card. I would seriously advise against using a debit card, since any holds against it can take days to fall off, locking up your money on that account in the meantime. If you don't want to use a credit card, cash is acceptable. You could enter your debit card in the personalizer so that you can print your boarding pass, and then when you check in, before signing the debit/credit card portion, just tell the rep that you wish to use cash. They'll check you in, and you'll then need to stop at Passenger Services when you board, and give them cash to put against your account. They'll let you know when your account runs low on cash, so that you can then add more to your account as needed. This has worked for me on many cruises, and on many cruise lines just fine. I like this method, since it has been good for keeping my spending under control. Certainly a credit card is the most convenient method of payment, and if memory serves, they didn't put a hold on my card that I can recall until the end of the cruise, though I could be wrong on that because I may not have noticed. Have a great cruise!
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