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  1. I've never had problems getting wine glasses from my steward. On my last cruise, he stocked my cabin with 4 since I was the one inviting guests for "cocktails". He was one super duper steward and kept up with all of my needs.
  2. I thought about the child after I posted. Yes, you are correct. OP had mentioned something about the child not being able to be booked on EZ air with Grandparents. That's what I meant the Power of Attorney was for. Maybe that would help with the suite switch. Agree. Wife/Husband should be in same suite with one child. It would help if OP clarified ages of children. Are there any family suites on the Emerald? I would guess they are all sold out by now.
  3. Are there two of you? There is one closet for each of you and a third closet to store ALL of your luggage. I have fit 4 large suitcases, 3 carry ons, and miscellaneous things I wanted to hide. And still there was room to put short clothes items or fill it to the brim. All closets have doors. Keep in mind, that if the boat is rocking and rolling, so will your suitcases with wheels (lol). There are 21 drawers and a few smaller cupboards and shelves. If no one takes a jacuzzi tub bath, you can store more luggage in the huge tub.
  4. I would continue to either contact your travel agent or escalate this to the next level. You may need a power of attorney for the child that will be traveling with their grandparents. It is worth pursuing: to get your wife switched into your suite. The suite breakfast is a great way to start the day. One child can go with you...take turns...special grandparents morning for the other. Good luck and have a glorious first cruise.
  5. I had it on my Hawaii cruise in April 2019.
  6. If you are going to choose a bump out....better to be the last rather than the first. The cabin at the front of the bump out will catch (break) all of wind. You will get much less wind by being sheltered from the first bump out. Also some white areas (don't remember which deck) is Room Service.
  7. Disclaimer: I am not judging anyone. Just my concern. If the children were too young to be booked on their own, wouldn't they be too young to be in a room by themselves without an adult? When I asked for a pass key (left mine in the room), they only allowed me to have one that would expire in 24 hours.
  8. It depends on the ship. On the Caribbean Princess it was in Sabatini's (deck 7). On the Golden Princess it was in the Crown Grill. You had the option to do breakfast in Club Class and lunch on Port days/Dinner in Club Class.
  9. I really want to respond to the "minimum attire" and laundry , but would probably be thrown out of CC. Have a fun cruise
  10. Guaranteed: Weather changes. Trends: Late in the season, hurricanes change patterns and more move along the Eastern seaboard. Hurricane season: June 1 to November 30. Hurricane Iwa arrived in between Oahu and Kauai on November 30 with devastating damages. Your captain will keep you out of harm's way.
  11. I am so confused. I understand OP was offered an upsell. Are there 3 in one cabin? 3 solos? a couple and a solo in 2 cabins? And everyone was offered an upsell? Was this a generic email not specific to OP but to all being offered an upsell? My ignorance.
  12. LAX is under constructions. Lots of driving alerts (aka delays/closures/etc). Buyer beware.
  13. I had a "cocktail" party three times in my interior cabin with 4 people. 2 on the bed. 2 on desk chairs. The first time, we dragged a desk chair in from the other interior cabin. Instead of dragging it back, I asked my steward nicely, if he could find them another chair. And he did. I also requested a round table that appeared before dinner on the first night. Now that is service! The cabin was very cozy. You have a mansion for sail away. Have a great time.
  14. I noticed the same for my cruise. I walked past the Crown Grill almost every night (deck 7). I was surprised that I didn't have trouble getting a reservation for a day of my choice. And they were empty every night. I was expecting limited spaces but not this time.
  15. The first time this happened to me I went to the front desk because I was totally confused. Part of promotion with a card from my TA. Sure looked like I had 2 specialty credits. They had to email corporate and I emailed my TA. Corporate didn't get back to Customer Service, but my TA responded with an explanation (that's how good she is). Happened again, but "I knew"! The next time, my TA actually told me that she was going to treat us to dinner. Could not make reservations ahead of time. I walked down to the Crown Grill with the RSVP's that were left in our cabinSS. They had both reservations linked, perfect day, perfect time.
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