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  1. Idahospud: Will the Medallion work with an iWatch? Is there a tech onboard each ship to make those adjustments? Good questions!
  2. You left us with many memories to carry us over until your next installment. Thank you Bob for taking us along.
  3. One more casualty of progress: The lady who used to do a voice send off from the Ports of Call restaurant is silent. You might get a beautiful sunset behind the Angel's Gate lighthouse (okay...just beacon) starboard side. Depends on time of year. The police boat usually escorts you out too. Catalina will be way off in the distance. If going south, you may see the oil well islands and multiple ships waiting to get in to the containers ship yard (port side).
  4. I would be interested to know if this ED/CD do a first night introduction or a last night crew talent show. My last few cruises didn't had them and the then CD said it was something in the past.
  5. Correct, but there are those requests for disembarkation times. Just puts a damper on the cruise knowing that it will end too soon.
  6. can you compare the fares?
  7. Wow, Bob, that seems like such a short trip. And soon it will be over. You need to stay on her and extend your trip to Hawaii. I dislike those disembarkation forms that are delivered to your cabin before you have a chance to start your vacation. I detest, even more, the dreaded task of getting everything back in to the suitcase. Lucky for you, EFFY stuff is very small and should be hand carried off instead.
  8. And ... you are eluding to ... The Window Suites on the Grand Class ships are the best ever ????? If/then, I agree with you 100%.
  9. Oh dear. So sorry to hear about your toe. Spent a couple of hours at urgent care this past Christmas for same. Hope it won't require a pin. Bob: I once ordered the pub lunch to be delivered to my suite. Room Service never had such a request, but they did it. Beats standing in line.
  10. Welcome to San Diego. There's a couple of fun things to do: * Go to Horton Plaza Art Tix half price booth. You might find a play you might want to attend. * Walk across the street to Old Town. * Get yourself to Balboa Park. So many museums. My favorite are Air & Space and the model trains. I believe they have a walking tour too. * Take a taxi to the San Diego Zoo. Use your military ID or AAA for a discount. They actually have an "old people's bus service" (check in with guest services). I usually can only walk so far. Sometimes I reverse the course and have them drop me off at the highest point and then walk downhill. The bus tour is awesome, but only covers a small portion of the zoo. The pandas are not part of the tour. Enjoy your time at the zoo, it's a wonderful place.
  11. Whenever I can, I book a traditional Window Suite (Golden, Grand, Caribbean). The Golden is in Australia, the Grand is soon to follow. That leaves just the Caribbean with the extra deck of passengers. It is classified as a suite so you will get the breakfast and club class dining. I do not intend to book a Window Suite on the Sky Princess because of its location. On the older ships, it is on deck 6 center. No movement. Private hallway. Steps from Suite breakfast location. And 21 drawers. Excellent location. You can stop by your room at anytime. The "new" Window Suites" are too far forward. Too high up. More movement. Not square (because of the bow). And a very long way to go for anything. I don't know what the price point is but the older Window Suites were about the same price as a Club Class Mini. I never missed the balcony and have forgone any upgrades. Enjoy the suite life.
  12. That would be a nice cruise except for the flying to Europe for a TA. Guess you figured by now that flying is not my thing. I do enough of it without adding it to a cruise.
  13. Don't get me wrong, Greenland was the main reason why I initially booked this cruise. Sounded very interesting along with the New England/Canada portion. I gave it up because I just didn't want the hassle of flying in to NYC and staying overnight. One of my favorite West Coast cruises on my favorite ship opened up. Jumped on that and had to cancel Greenland. I am sure you will enjoy this experience. Now if Iceland was included....
  14. I was one of the first guests in this new hotel. Yes, there were lots of bugs (heater wasn't turned on in the hotel...yet). They were so accommodating. The rooms are spacious and laid out nicely. There's a breakfast bar and coffee/tea all day. I'm sure it would be the same in Fort Lauderdale. Your questions should be how far away from the port are you and is there a shuttle. I am sure you will be tired of traveling by the time you land in Miami but I would rather overnight in Fort Lauderdale. There is a train that will take you from Miami International to almost near Fort Lauderdale airport. Not sure how close the hotel is from there (maybe a free shuttle too)?
  15. Stayed at an Element Hotel in Miami when it firsthand opened. I was very much impressed with this new brand.
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