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  1. Good call. I did the same in Honolulu after I returned (for the next time). I called US Customs and Border Protection. She wasn't much help though. Pretty much told me to use the airlines to transport my stuff or US Postal Service. The best advice I'd give you is to get something in writing from the country in South America, clear it with the Admin Officer at the front desk, and cross your fingers. Good luck. Where are you going to store your luggage once you take it off of the ship until you meet up with it again?
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I've been "brainwashed" all these years! It is more of an economic (insufficient amount of goods being offloaded to warrant stop). Here is a link to debunking my mis-information: http://www.hawaiifreepress.com/ArticlesMain/tabid/56/ID/10736/Jones-Act-Does-Not-Bar-International-Trade-From-Hawaii.aspx But in Hawaii's defense, good ARE more expensive because they have to be carried over by an American flagged ship (Matson, Horizon, Young's Barges). Those costs are much more than a foreign flagged ship. I was too young to vote in 1959 but most that I have talked to said they didn't vote for Statehood. HA! Most here feel that the Jones Act (that penalizes Hawaii) should be modified. We can thank Senator Inouye for killing that measure. His second wife was the Godmother to Pride of Aloha (NCL). Conflict of interest? He did a lot for the state...just not this time.
  3. Ship security stopped me at the gang way and would not allow me off the ship until they found someone from Port Authority. An officer was summoned. I stood on the side until the ship's officer returned. I am guessing they did not find anyone to "clear" me so allowed me to take things off the ship. My argument was that I was "transporting" goods from a US city to another US city without any international stop between. But I guess....I can understand...the ship is a foreign flagged vessel. Never the less, Princess needs to have a clear policy in place. It is handled with such irregularities that no one knows what the other is expecting. Time to get rid of the Jones Act and PVSA for the good of all. Coming from Hawaii, we are penalized "hugely" for this archaic act. Goods coming from China (Far East) needs to be shipped to California then placed on an American ship to be brought back to Hawaii. This almost doubles the cost of goods. Surprisingly, gasoline is cheaper in Hawaii than California. But that's another soap box discussion. Sorry for my digressions....back to OP...I would think foreign ports are much stricter than my incidents in Honolulu. Not sure they will have the personnel to screen passengers taking luggage off the ship at a port that is not considered a disembarkation site. When we were docked at Cartegena for the day, there was a really, really, really long line going into a custom's office from passengers off of another ship.
  4. You were lucky you did this in Kauai... I've done this (in Honolulu) three times. This was a round trip LA to LA. All were LA to Hilo, HNL...Long story short: First time, I don't remember much except I dragged off a piggy bank full of coins. Must not have been a hassle. The second time, I was stopped with shopping bags full of Christmas gifts, Trader Joes, etc. I was told I was suppose to "declare" the goods two days ahead of time. They would look for Port Authority to clear me. One hour later...security returns to let me go (no PA). Third time, I "declared" items with Passenger services 3 days ahead. Went back 5 times before seeing an "Admin Officer". She made me fill out a customs form and be sure to meet with the Customs Officer at 6:30 AM. I was there by 6 AM. Thrown out of the room at 8 AM and called back at 8:30 AM. Mind you...This is US to US city with no stop in Ensenada before arriving in HNL. These are gifts (like a Disneyland popcorn bucket, Trader Joes' stuff, my daughter's things when she was a youth, wrapping paper). Customs officer wanted receipts. Come on now. No opened packages of food, etc. Nightmare. Won't do this again. Will transport it by plane (luggage). I was told that I could take a backpack off the ship and wouldn't have been questioned.
  5. Thank you Ombud for rotating the image. I was too lazy to do it myself. Makes for much easier reading.
  6. One of the best (in my opinion) Maitre 'd. He was on the Coral for many years. I believe he also was the first on the Royal to take her through her initial voyages. Very personable and receptive to passengers. I did "find" him in his office (aft main dining room) on the Golden a couple of times. As we chatted, he had all the seating charts out on the tables and was hand placing passengers for the upcoming cruise. I doubt this is possible on the larger ships.
  7. Wow...you CAN learn something new everyday. Thanks posters: PS....the adapter I included as a link is terrific. You can actually have your device AND your table light working.
  8. I've complained about this after every cruise. Finally on the Ruby (April 20190), the cocktail hour was moved to 4:30. It's a long walk from Skywalker's to the dining room. Once on board, bring this to the attention of the Captain Circle Host AND Food and Beverage Manager. On other cruises, I've tried to go "after dinner", but they were closing up half an hour early. No guacamole left. I've reduced my amount of time going to these "receptions". I think that is what Princess actually desires.
  9. I didn't remember who first gave me the link...but it's a great adapter. So I shall give you the credit. Really? I knew that it didn't change the voltage. I didn't know that phone chargers did the same as a CPAP machine. Does that include Apple products?
  10. If you have a lamp (on a table) next to your bed, you probably have an outlet behind the bed. It's a pain to crawl down to get it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004SY5O5K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the plug that was recommended on a previous thread for my CPAP machine. It did work. But I believe it is a different voltage and my CPAP machine automatically makes the change. I wouldn't use it to charge my iPhone or other American devices.
  11. Do you really need to purchase internet minutes? You will be able to use the INTRAnet on your phone for free (order drinks, get the patter, message other passengers, check your bill, and anything to do with the ship you are on). Did I mention....for free???? The only time you would need the INTERnet is if you wanted to check for emails, read the news, play games, etc. You did mentioned that you will be on the Royal Princess. Are you doing a Mexican cruise or a California Coastal? If you are doing California Ports, you can use your (smart)phone data when you get off the ship. In Mexico...that's a different story, but there is "free" wifi available at Starbucks and other places like that. In Ensenada, I walked over the "bridge" to get free wifi on the last day.
  12. Now for the juicy details. Did she get a better room? Did she get some OBC for all the stress? Who fixed it (Princess or the TA)? So many tidbits for inquiring minds (who wouldn't think of asking). Thanks for coming back to the thread to update all of us. I've been following your path.
  13. Your traveling companion will receive complimentary balloons attached to the cabin door, a Happy Birthday sign, and a card. Do you need more than that? You can take the balloons inside. I've never done a birthday package, but would guess they do have the supplies on board.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I was just wondering how Canada and surrounding area were doing. Nothing on Princess site considering Caribbean Princess is up your way. Same as Diamond Princess in Japan (Typhoon). Not a word from Princess.
  15. The Royal Princess has many more passengers than her smaller sisters. I would think there's going to be a long wait regardless.
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