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  1. I've been trying to find information on what is a suite perk on a Royal Class ship. Does it mean that a suite passenger has access to the thermal suite (hot tile beds) but not to the enclave? What else would you find in the thermal suite area? I was under the impression that these amenities were excluded from Royal Class ships. Thanks
  2. "Good Old Suite Life is Gone" Through the years, they have removed some suite perks (and added daily water). Gone are the beautiful floral arrangements (orchids), Corsages/boutonnière, chocolate covered strawberries, personalized stationary, canvas tote bags, cloth laundry bags, and .... Changes happen and life goes on. It's still nice to cruise in a suite.
  3. If you are in any interior cabin, you will definitely have bunks that are attached to the wall. Not sure about Ocean View cabins (I'm guessing the same). Balcony, Mini Suites, and Suites have bunks that drop down from the ceiling.
  4. oops, missed your post about a suite. You can always wash your feet by sitting on the tub ledge then take a shower.
  5. What do you mean by walk in shower? Do you mean an accessible cabin? Inside, ocean view, balcony all have a small shower with a shower curtain. A shower stool will be difficult to use. Maybe 36 inches x 36 inches and a fixed shower head. Mini-suite (miss named enhanced balcony) and suites have a bathtub/shower combination.
  6. It is complicated. I decided I wanted the FCC. So my cabin mates also had to apply for same. We were each given back allotted amounts (3rd party got less). FCD WAS included in FCC. I thought all was settled. Until Princess refunded my credit card the entire amount for the three passengers (port taxes and insurance). Of which I had to write check to the others. As Thrak stated, if there was a chance that the third party would never cruise again, I would have opted for a full refund to the credit card(s) charged. In my case, the FCC was very generous and I intend to use it when Princess sails again.
  7. AF-1 posted the following... I have a window suite booked on Sky. I had a family suite on Emerald in 2017 and this window suite is the same location as my family suite. I would think both family suite and window suite are similar in square footage; the only difference would be; no balcony in window suite. We should have some pictures rolling in pretty soon. Have a great day. ps. I did not experience any harsh movement in my cabin; even though the cabin is located all the way forward. I'm looking for reviews from passengers who have been in forward cabins on any ship. I am really worried about the movement being so forward. Can't change cabins. I (think) am pleased with the swap from the Grand to the Regal. Thanks. I'm asking everyone I know that is a cruiser. Fact Finding Expedition.
  8. I'm hoping someone checks in AFTER their cruise in 101 cabins to report how they did with the movement of the forward (bow) cabins. Thanks
  9. I have a wonderful Travel Agent who is suffering from the cancellation of cruises. She has gone over and above the service a standard TA would do for their clients. A jewel to keep in my treasure box. But I know she is hurting. She has never and probably will never charge anything extra. With no cruises for 9 months, she is still in the office putting out fires for her clients. Instead of her charging me a fee, I sent her a small token of my appreciation since I couldn't "take her to lunch". Time for you to find another travel agent.
  10. Thanks Pooh. I had both knees replaced this year. I am hoping to be 100% better by the time this cruise rolls around. I am concerned about elevators and stairs. I wish they had placed all suites midship or aft. I appreciate your feedback on being forward. Are you concerned about movement on Riviera deck with your move to mid-aft?
  11. Thanks caribill. I turned in "late" (9 minutes after it got started). I lasted 3 minutes and decided that this was not for me. Thanks for letting me know that I used my "other" time wisely.
  12. I did not want to start a new thread, but hoping Pam from California or other guru's could chime in here. I was in a Window Suite (midship) on the Grand. That translated to C101 (forward) on the Regal. I have never been on a Royal class ship. I read that another Window Suite passenger was successful in getting reassigned to the suites on the Riviera deck. Keeping in mind...the distance to the elevators and the elevator crowds midship elevators Keeping in mind...the higher deck (14) vs way forward (10) Keeping in mind...fact that aft elevators only allow you to go to deck 7 (deck 6 dining room) before you have to wind your way through the maze to get to the Piazza. What can I expect from being in a forward cabin on the Iceland/Norway cruise in June? Am I better off keeping C101? Thank you for your comments.
  13. Grand class ships = (2600 passengers) (Grand, Golden/Star,) Modified Grand class ships = Rivera deck added to Crown, Ruby, Emerald, Caribbean ( 3082 passengers) Royal class ships = Rivera deck and Marina deck added to original Grand class ships (3560 passengers) https://www.princess.com/news/backgrounders_and_fact_sheets/factsheet/Princess-Cruises-Fleet-Overview.html You are correct, it's the cruising that is the enjoyment of being at sea. Looking forward to the resumption of cruising.
  14. I am so glad this will work out for you. I had considered making the same request to my TA. I wasn't sure which was better...way forward on a lower deck or way up mid-aft. I am fortunate to have been assigned a suite on Caribe deck. Decided to keep this one.
  15. Princess is learning from their errors. It is easier to cancel a cruise before final payment than to try to refund or issue FCCs. Saves them goodwill credit. I'm not sure how many people book flights to their cruises way ahead (added cancellation expense). I would recommend traveling to a port you can drive to (I know, not everyone can do that). I am sorry for your disappointment. This is a fluid problem that will not go away anytime soon. It's complicated.
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