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  1. Did I miss something or am I confusing cruise lines... but can't you cancel within 48 hours and get your money back? Or was that just Royal. If Celebrity has that offer, why not just go ahead and cancel? what am I missing?
  2. I read that too, but wonder about cases in Southern Hemisphere. Perhaps they brought it into the area... not sure.
  3. We are sailing March 2... driving to port, so at least the risk from air flight isn't a factor. I am assuming we are a few weeks before it becomes an issue... hoping that the added restrictions will further assist in minimizing risk. But not sure our Dec cruise will happen... at least we have until Sept to make that call. I am usually not nervous about flu or norovirus... this one is a more concerning because so little is known... but fatalities seem high and all the videos I have seen of people in China doing face plants while simply walking down a street, make me think this thing is very different from a normal flu... but so far the lack of significant fatalities outside of China are a hopeful sign... so we will soldier on... this time we have 4 perks so... we will drink our way into a happy place and try to remember to wash our hands often. I think the government can slow down how fast it gets here... but it will spread... hopefully an effective treatment will happen sooner rather than later.
  4. Speaking of airflow. Ever notice what happens when you have your balcony door open and someone opens the cabin door.... cabin becomes a wind tunnel. While cruise ship cabins are a nicer form of isolation than a hospital room.. they are not designed to maintain a particular airflow. I am not sure the idea of having a green zone vs red zone would have worked on a ship if the virus is airborne.
  5. I suspect part of the problem is it being a completely unknown virus with no established protocol... being handled by a crew with experience in norovirus an not much more. Doubt they had anyone knowledgeble about infection control procedures...nor did they have the equipment ...other than masks and gloves... to handle it... Plus..all this is going on on a ship registered in another country... run by a company headquartered in yet another country... with maritime law and local laws and health regulations... a messy confusing situation... who takes charge in this situation and who is qualified to do so.... The only upside... is that hopefully, the cruise, airline and other transporation industries will take notice and ... at least for the next few years... have an infection control officer and appropriate equipment on board to handle this type of situation.... Something that didn't occur to me... is that while the cabin air may be recirculated within the cabin... every time you open the cabin door and the window... therer is a huge draft...moving air well beyond the cabin... Not sure if it was good to stay or better to leave... really a tough call. I just pray for the best for all and frankly the rest of the world... this baby is just getting started and it is a race to develop effective treatments... If 15% who get this require hospitalization and the say is 3 weeks... there isn't a health care system that can handle that... and a vaccine is years away.
  6. I don't have a good feeling about letting passengers go after seeing this video on twitter infection control doctor talks about what he witnessed on Diamond Princess I think all the cruise lines need to see this and ask themselves if their staff is trained to handle this sort of virus.... Not sure if it was good to stay on the ship... but if I was leaving my cabin.... I would want to be completely gowned, shoe covers, gloves, cap and mask..until safely away from the ship and then deposit all in a hazmat bag and take a long soapy shower...
  7. Question I have for those who chose to stay behind. How do they plan on getting home? I am not sure that airlines will want to accept them, since little is known about this disease... We know you can be negative one minute and possitive another. Also are flights running between Japan and the states at this point. We know the Chinese flights have been put off...but as this spreads.. more countries could be added to the list. I understand not wanting to go on a plane with possible sick... but that can happen later as well. In the meantime they will have the expense to deal with..in terms of hotel... again, if someone will accept them... It seems that is unclear.
  8. I believe that specialneedsatsea.com rents them and will have then placed in your cabin. Not sure if they have to remove a bed or not...but I suggest you contact them or the cruise line.
  9. The other thing is that while the chemicals may kill various viruses... how long do they have to be in contact to do the job... and quantity of chemical vs virus... might work on a counter top... but not work on your hands... why studies are important
  10. It depends upon the airline... BUT if I recall Delta correctly..your departure has to be before 6:30pm.... so 8pm could be an issue. it varies by airline and port. I am thinking of Ft Lauderdale
  11. This came out a year ago and I still think it is in place : https://www.celebritycruises.com/blog/exclusive-captains-club-newsletter-january-2019
  12. I agree... unless you have to cancel now.....I would wait. We have no idea how long this is going to go on with the existing situation... given how more and more people are getting sick and the fact that is spreads easily.....and can live on surfaces for many days.... I suspect that once ship is cleared of passengers....they may want to let the ship sit empty for a couple of weeks and then do a deep cleaning.....allow most or all the virus to die off before doing deep cleaning.... or the reverse deep clean and then let it sit to allow residual virus to die.... that could delay next sailing into April.....but if this keeps getting worse...there could be impact to flights through out Asia. But I would watch and wait before canceling
  13. One of the issues I have with this statement is that the distance between the edge of the railing and the window is between 12 - 15 inches.... this child was a toddler.... why did he think it was a good idea to place a child on the railing and have her lean that distance against distance to bang on the glass. The risk of falling between the railing and the window was substantial... she can barely walk.. This makes no sense. And if his intent was to stand her against the window sill... that sill is quite narrow... no real room... again makes no sense. Photos of the girl banging glass at hockey game, show her standing on the ground doing so... Absolutely no reason she couldn't have done so on the ground. I am not sure why he did what he did... but none of it makes common sense. Perhaps there is some cognitive impairment involved....
  14. Early on I saw an article about the situation on Diamond. The timeline they had was that the elderly man visited Mainland China for a 'few hours' on Jan 10. On Jan 17 they flew to Tokyo... on the 19th he developed a cough... On Jan 20th he boarded the ship. On Jan 25th he got off the ship.... he saw a doctor on Jan 30th... Feb 3rd they quarantined the ship. So it appears that he was in possible contact with passengers from Jan 20th until the 25th. I can not recall when the first 10 were diagnosed or at least suspected of having the virus... I think it may have been on the 3rd. So that places exposure with 9 and 14 days. Now I have read some pieces with suggest that someone who is asymptomatic can also spread the diease... and another piece that suggest an exposure of as little as 15 seconds to someone who is symptomatic.... Now both are anecdotal and hardly peer reviewed... but with the Chinese being... somewhat obtuse as to the true story... data and rumors fill the void. I have to say I am concerned for Dave and Sally on the Diamond Princess who seem to have developed a cough... since that is how it started with the elderly gentleman. I hope that given his underlying conditions that they test them both.
  15. I agree.... They have had such a positive attitude... with the cough and the sudden uptick of cases... I am sure that they are concerned more than they let on. They have become a force for good on the ship... I am sure helping to lift spirits... so it is difficult to let people see something other than a positive attitude. But in the authorities defense... everyone is learning as they go about this virus... and it seems more contagious and deadly.
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