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  1. Question I have for those who chose to stay behind. How do they plan on getting home? I am not sure that airlines will want to accept them, since little is known about this disease... We know you can be negative one minute and possitive another. Also are flights running between Japan and the states at this point. We know the Chinese flights have been put off...but as this spreads.. more countries could be added to the list. I understand not wanting to go on a plane with possible sick... but that can happen later as well. In the meantime they will have the expense to deal with..in terms of hotel... again, if someone will accept them... It seems that is unclear.
  2. I believe that specialneedsatsea.com rents them and will have then placed in your cabin. Not sure if they have to remove a bed or not...but I suggest you contact them or the cruise line.
  3. While Coronavirus scares the hell out of me.... My more immediate concern is the norovirus, which has recently popped up on a Princess cruise... we have no plans to drop our March cruise, but I may pack some Clorox wipes and extra Rx and Imodium. However.... hope my Dec cruise will not be impacted by future cases of Coronavirus. I am hopeful that we will have new cases under control and effect treatments by then, although I don’t believe a vaccine will be available for years despite hopeful opinions in the press. No plans to drop March trip....today
  4. The other thing is that while the chemicals may kill various viruses... how long do they have to be in contact to do the job... and quantity of chemical vs virus... might work on a counter top... but not work on your hands... why studies are important
  5. We used to be open to inside cabins.... but now with DH's bad knees we prefer balcony... so he can stay in cabin on days when his knees are bothering him. Also back around 2000 we caught the norovirus on a NCL sailing... DH was quarantined for 2 days and then I was... we essentially spent 4 days in our cabin. We happened to have a junior suite... After that... I don;t think I could go back to an inside cabin... perhaps an ocean view with a large window... but not sure I could do that at this point.
  6. It depends upon the airline... BUT if I recall Delta correctly..your departure has to be before 6:30pm.... so 8pm could be an issue. it varies by airline and port. I am thinking of Ft Lauderdale
  7. This came out a year ago and I still think it is in place : https://www.celebritycruises.com/blog/exclusive-captains-club-newsletter-january-2019
  8. I agree... unless you have to cancel now.....I would wait. We have no idea how long this is going to go on with the existing situation... given how more and more people are getting sick and the fact that is spreads easily.....and can live on surfaces for many days.... I suspect that once ship is cleared of passengers....they may want to let the ship sit empty for a couple of weeks and then do a deep cleaning.....allow most or all the virus to die off before doing deep cleaning.... or the reverse deep clean and then let it sit to allow residual virus to die.... that could delay next sailing into April.....but if this keeps getting worse...there could be impact to flights through out Asia. But I would watch and wait before canceling
  9. One of the issues I have with this statement is that the distance between the edge of the railing and the window is between 12 - 15 inches.... this child was a toddler.... why did he think it was a good idea to place a child on the railing and have her lean that distance against distance to bang on the glass. The risk of falling between the railing and the window was substantial... she can barely walk.. This makes no sense. And if his intent was to stand her against the window sill... that sill is quite narrow... no real room... again makes no sense. Photos of the girl banging glass at hockey game, show her standing on the ground doing so... Absolutely no reason she couldn't have done so on the ground. I am not sure why he did what he did... but none of it makes common sense. Perhaps there is some cognitive impairment involved....
  10. Early on I saw an article about the situation on Diamond. The timeline they had was that the elderly man visited Mainland China for a 'few hours' on Jan 10. On Jan 17 they flew to Tokyo... on the 19th he developed a cough... On Jan 20th he boarded the ship. On Jan 25th he got off the ship.... he saw a doctor on Jan 30th... Feb 3rd they quarantined the ship. So it appears that he was in possible contact with passengers from Jan 20th until the 25th. I can not recall when the first 10 were diagnosed or at least suspected of having the virus... I think it may have been on the 3rd. So that places exposure with 9 and 14 days. Now I have read some pieces with suggest that someone who is asymptomatic can also spread the diease... and another piece that suggest an exposure of as little as 15 seconds to someone who is symptomatic.... Now both are anecdotal and hardly peer reviewed... but with the Chinese being... somewhat obtuse as to the true story... data and rumors fill the void. I have to say I am concerned for Dave and Sally on the Diamond Princess who seem to have developed a cough... since that is how it started with the elderly gentleman. I hope that given his underlying conditions that they test them both.
  11. I agree.... They have had such a positive attitude... with the cough and the sudden uptick of cases... I am sure that they are concerned more than they let on. They have become a force for good on the ship... I am sure helping to lift spirits... so it is difficult to let people see something other than a positive attitude. But in the authorities defense... everyone is learning as they go about this virus... and it seems more contagious and deadly.
  12. Tuscan restaurant on Edge is not a specialty restaurant but the name of one of the four main dinning rooms. I wish they did have a Murano... there is nothing with that intimate feeling on Edge. The specialty restaurants all open up onto the Atrium which can be quite loud. Eden has its own show during dinner... some love it.. definitely different. We did not try any of the specialty restaurants...
  13. We are sailing out of Florida in a few weeks. Coronavirus has me concerned...but not for this cruise... it looks like the Anthem situation is more like the Costa ship in Italy than the Diamond Princess. I am hopeful the this virus wont reach the US in significant numbers in the next few months and that by that time we will have better and faster testing... and at least some treatments to reduce illness severity. My plan it to take a lot more of my prescription medication.... say enough for at least 14 extra days... and perhaps a larger supply of cold and flu medication (more for regular flu than this new thing)... and remember to limit touching of face after touching public surfaces... like railings and elevator buttons. But to be honest, I am glad we are driving... we always seem to get some crud whenever we fly.
  14. Agree completely.... letter posted on anther thread...by RCL says that one of the passengers who was ill had been tested and found to have influenza A, so this... while not 100%... does help explain why CDC felt there was a low risk.. Would have been nice if this information was known earlier.... It appears this case is more like the Costa ship in Italy than the Diamond Princess.
  15. This letter is a tad more comforting than what has been publicized. I wondered why the ship (with passengers) wasn't being quarantined until they had results, but if they are pretty sure... based on test results, that the passenger(s) has influenza... then I can see why they felt it was low risk.. I was looking at the timeline for the Diamond Princess... it looks like the elderly man did go to mainland china for a few hours on Jan 10... he then flew to Tokyo on Jan 17 ...on Jan 19 he developed a cough... he boarded the ship on Jan 20... on Jan 25th he left the ship in Hong Kong and did not return.... He went to a doctor on Jan 30th and on Feb 3rd the ship was quarantined. So passengers on the ship were exposed to a symptomatic passenger between Jan 20 and the 25th. Feb 4th it was reported that 10 people had the virus. What is difficult is having this virus and the regular flu virus circulating at the same time. DH has asthma and I can just see the looks we will get when he clears his throat on our next cruise...next month.
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