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  1. Actually it is a grab bar for the GEICO Gecko :)
  2. We have sailed in Sept and Oct many times. Never had an issue on the cruise... other than a change in itinerary. The captain will try to make the trip as comfortable as possible so you may not go to places you were hoping to go to... The real question is the departure port and whether or not it is impacted. Back when Irma hit... we were planning on driving down from ATL... as the storm got closer...Floridians headed to ATL. It occurred to me that if we drove we might be on the road with 6 million Floridians heading home... Oh and a week before another hurricane hit Houston...impacting gas supplied in the ATL area... I had visions of gas shortages... a few days before the storm hit...I was checking air flights and located a reasonable flight... so we ended up flying. We lucked out with a hotel with power. Now I have watched the cruise lines... they really really don't like cancelling flights and as I recall travel insurance really wouldn't help if the cruise is not cancelled and you only purchased insurance for the cruise... Now if we had purchased it with the cost of flying included...I am not sure but then it might have covered it... In any event... I knew we had to make every effort. We made it.. and the cruise was great... but several stops were cancelled due to damage from Irma.... Marie was hitting as we traveled to the southern ABCs... but as we headed back north we ended up in Martinique instead of Antiqua (as I recall)... the ABCs had fabulous weather.... I have no hesitation sailing this time of year...but you really have to have a back up plan..the key is being able to get to the port...because ..odds are the ship will sail. This trip our plan A was to drive to Orlando spend a few days at Epcot... then drive down a day before... as time went on we dropped a day off the trip, then two days... then thought of driving down the day before... then decided to fly. It can get a bit stressful. We did have insurance but not sure what good it would have done. Ironically... when we returned we scheduled another cruise just after Thanksgiving... weather great... except for one small problem.... we had an ice storm in ATL. After our flight was cancelled, we rescheduled for the next morning and found a rather pricey 2 star hotel. That night we got a text that our Saturday flight was cancelled and the earliest we could fly home would be Monday... well our 2 star hotel went up another $100/night and we were out of clean cloths... so we ended up renting a car and driving home. Later I recalled that we had insurance and they covered the cost of renting a car, a night in a hotel and meals... so it all worked out. So even though it was not a hurricane... things happen. To be honest... it becomes part of the trip memory.. and I seem to recall the trips with challenges more than the ones that were pulled off without a hitch.... Just have to be able to roll with it.... We currently have a cruise planned in late Sept just shy of peak hurricane season.... the adventure begins again
  3. Been following this thread for quite a while... I had not made any comments... I have no knowledge to share... really happy that chengkg75 was able to contribute... thanks for the information. I will go back and read it slowly... and hopefully will fully grasp the information more completely. Always enjoy your contributions to the discussion when these mechanical problems arise... thanks to the others with experience as well. Just glad things worked out, well as good as can be expected under the conditions....and that the ship did not hit the rocks.
  4. Generally speaking the step up into the bathroom is about 4 1/2 inches. There are not true grab bars and not fold down chair. To be honest, if he is a quad... I would wait until you can find a cruise with an accessible cabin. Also I suspect that the newer ships are generally better for people with mobility issues.... regular cabins seem to be a bit larger... generally speaking. you might post on FB "Royal Caribbean Accesible cruising" group page... while not Celebrity... there are a lot of people with experience on different ships.
  5. Perhaps someone familiar with m class ships can confirm.... but I am under the impression that the bed is by the bathroom on the veranda cabins... and not alternating like S class ships. So this means that there is very little room to get around inside the cabin if in a chair or scooter. Not sure how OV or inside cabins work. We had thought of going on m class but DH needs a scooter and it was unclear to us... where we would keep it... since it seemed clear it would . not fit in the cabin...oh it would get in the door ... but then blocked the bathroom....
  6. I just noticed that the post about it being cancelled was June of 2017..... As a side note, my friend did not hear back from Atlantis for the longest time and finally was able to officially book... I believe it was last December or early January... I was thinking that perhaps Celebrity wanted to keep it themselves because they could likely get higher fees than what they offered to Atlantis. My friends paid $2000/pp about what we paid... for a C2 cabin... as I recall. I have noticed a drop off in threads about Edge... perhaps people are all talked out about the ship.
  7. It was chartered some time ago... a friend told me about it last spring and they had expressed interest months earlier. I don't believe the 17th sailing was cancelled... I looked for it last year and noticed it was not on Celebrities list of available cruises....
  8. I am under the impression that the veranda cabins on Summit all have the bed by bath and that they are smaller... this is why I ask the question. I know that they don't like them/forbid them to be parked in hallway... which makes sense. But I would hate to order a scooter and find that they have not delivered it because it will not fit in the cabin. Gerelmx, did it look like the space you were talking about was designated for scooters? Or were people just leaving them there because there was no place in cabin?
  9. I am wondering if anyone knows if a scooter that is 22" wide and about 45" long will fit into a typical veranda cabin on the M class ships. From what I see it appears all of these cabins have the bed by the bath vs other ships which alternate bed by bath and bed by veranda. Thinking of taking a cruise on Summit post 'revolution', but won't if scooters are an issue in the cabin. And I do not want a handicap cabin since the bathroom is not the issue. Thanks
  10. I believe it is an Atlantis charter... a friend of mine is on this cruise.
  11. I did not see anything like this onboard. I think they hope you will use the app... which has a deck plan but no profile like the one you are talking about. I am not one who generally uses my phone while on board... kinda the reason to cruise... to be unplugged. Edge seemed to be designed for people who sit at the table and text each other. In the beginning even trivia was played on the phone... I believe they have gone back to old school paper and pencil.
  12. Given that they started building the ship the moment Edge launched... along with how long and complicated it is to design a ship with all the plans for wiring and plumbing and the need to have materials ready to avoid delays... I wonder what changes there could possibly be other than tweaks to public areas. They had not had anyone on Edge yet when they started building and much of orders for materials were likely already made before Edge launched. So doubtful the IV cabins will be much different in terms of basic design than Edge... Oh colors will be different... but the size of the IV 'veranda' likely to be the same... They can also tweak the MC to make it less windy and perhaps add some clear wind screens on the RTG as well... and perhaps some clear glass walls up on deck 5 might make dinning a touch quieter... but I can't see major changes until they start the next ship.
  13. Even if you forget to contact special needs.. the cabin attendant can get if for you.
  14. COMFORT SUITES FORT LAUDERDALE AIRPORT & CRUISE PORT Last year we tried Comfort suites (see link). The hotel had only been open a few months. It is near the airport and they have a free shuttle from the airport and a paid shuttle to the port... which is very close. Next door to the hotel there was a nice sea food restaurant that over looked a marina. Also the price was reasonable (at the time) compared to others... probably because it was new. I would stay there again.
  15. Yes there is one by the bed! No longer necessary to string an extension cord across the room. There are also 2 USB ports there.. so you can plug in your phone at night. Nice improvement
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