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  1. I understand the desire to track customer satisfaction, but at this point I get a survey from almost everyone I come in contact with. Go to the bank... get a survey, same with doctors offices, call a company... get another survey... and on and on. Like so many programs...one company does it and before you know it... every freaking person you come in contact with sends you a survey!
  2. We were on the Sept 23 sailing... our cabin, 6215... a 1A cabin. The only changes I noticed in the cabin were... new bedding, curtains (bluish gray), dust ruffle to match, and pillows (dark blue). To be honest the sofa (rust colored) really looked threadbare and hopefully they will replace. Not being in a suite, I noticed very little change... deck 3 where the passport bar is, had new carpet and chairs... but beyond that... the areas I use seemed the same (ohh the new craft bar noted earlier too). I like the ship, I do wish they would replace the chairs with ones that people with bad knees can use. As with our other 5 Celebrity cruises... I had to hunt for chairs DH could not get in... but get out of... not too low, too deep and with arms.
  3. Missed the Edge note on the original post. We did not do our usual first night specialty dining on Edge... and looking back not sure where I would go to get that same experience we love on S class. Eden is not exactly a quiet spot although it would have the view.
  4. I usually can get DH into a sports jacket, tie, dress shirt, nice slacks and I try dress shoes.... for first 'formal' night. By the second we are down to dress shirt, unbuttoned, nice slacks and comfy shoes. 🙂 I used to pack a long dress, now I just wear a cocktail or nice dress.... try not to outshine DH 🙂 Capri pants with nice tops is my usual dinner attire.... Mix and matching with colorful tops helps reduce number of items packed.
  5. I love doing specialty dining on the first night. They give discounts for a reason.... people don't think about doing this so early in the cruise... so the restaurants are quiet. While I prefer Murano's over Tuscan Grill... there is nothing like sailing out of Ft Lauderdale and along the coast with the sun setting behind you sitting in a quiet restaurant sitting by the large windows looking back at the city... We have done this in the past on Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas ... dining in Portofino's sailing out of Tampa Bay and on other cruises... a great way to start a cruise... and end a hectic travel day.
  6. When a ship has a significant number of unsold cabins.... I wonder if they offer a portion of those to gamblers at a significant discount or perhaps even for port charges only. If it were me and I wanted to fill up the ship... I would rather people who I know would spend money in the casino... I suspect that they know who the big losers/spenders are.... just a thought. I think that if you just want a Caribbean cruise and are flexible on cabin, itinerary and timing.... you can still do well signing up after the 90 period... But if you are looking for a particular itinerary that includes stops that they don't go to often or sailing during a particular time of year (like spring break or holiday cruise)... then early is likely better... and keep an eye on prices overtime... knowing that they may not come down as much as you would like.... but you can still luck out and get a price match... We were recently on Equinox... We wanted a cruise that stopped in Columbia. While on board I found one Nov 18 cruise and while few cabins remained the pricing was really pretty good.... however, we felt we would have left our dog with someone else for too long... so we booked the same itinerary in Mar... for an additional $2000 vs the Nov cruise... Frankly I am cheap and this made me sick to leave that on the table.... Now it is possible that the March cruise will drop in price... but seeing how few cabins remain this far out... I doubt it will drop by much. But again flexibility seems to be key to getting deals and the ability to jump on any deal... which is easier to do when only 2 people are involved and a challenge if planning for a larger group.
  7. Looking at the cruisemapper.com... map with wind and wave info.... looks like Grandeur, Anthem folks are not having a good time 5-6 meter seas and gale force winds...Also Regal Princess, AIDA Diva and Carnival Sunrise.
  8. SHIP NAME Equinox CABIN # 6215 DECK # (3-14) 6 CATEGORY: 7-12, 1A-1C, 2A-2D, A1-A2, C1-C3, CS, FV, PS, RF, RS, S1-S2, SG, SV 1A LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front), Stern (back) or Inside and Forward, Midship (between the forward and aft elevators), or Aft (For example: Port-Midship, Bow-Forward or Inside-Aft) Port, near aft elevator, on side of the hump facing forward BED NEAR (Bath, Balcony, Window, N/A) near balcony QUIET? (Yes/No/Usually) usually yes, did get a bit loud during Gatsby party but that lasted until just after 11pm BALCONY VIEW (Good, Great, Obstructed?) Good, not obstructer BALCONY SIZE (Standard, Oversized, Other) Huge.... very deep.... could sit out during heavy rain storm and stay dry WIND A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) Not an issue on our cruise SOOT A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS (Explain all Noise (including crew door issues), Wind and Soot Problems here, plus all comments and information regarding things like connecting or accessible cabins) We rented a scooter. There was an area outside this cabin where we could park it without impacting hallway... which is wider in this area... provided you pulled up the scooter to cover some of the doorway to this cabin. At night we parked it inside the cabin... if you carefully position it... you can still get into the bathroom. Note photo PICTURES (Attach pictures in your review) DATE OF CRUISE AND "REVOLUTION" COMMENTS Sept 23 '19 sailing. Deck 3 appeared to have new carpet and chairs in the Passport bar area... but only other change we saw was looking into Retreat lounge. Our cabin had new... fabulous bedding, blue gray curtains, dust ruffle... decorative pillows and robes... carpet and other furnishings appeared unchanged... Assuming that they are working down from more expensive cabins and will get to this one eventually... but I have no issues with that delay
  9. Good point on the other drinks.... I am not a specialty coffee, water or soft drink drinker... just the captains club cocktail hour and ocean view beverages.... I backed into that assuming that if the $14/day is gratuities... and as I recall we were charged 18%... that would equate to a daily drink expenditure of $78 (ignoring package).... the most expensive drink on classic is $9.... so that is about 9 expensive drinks a day..... and more if you adjust for specialty coffees..... what about $5? Looks like the new charge is based on some estimated usage vs package cost.... At least that is my interpretation.
  10. One guy getting a 20% bonus... probably wouldn't impact things.... but a decline in purchase of drink packages to the point where drink package revenue declines, would be noticeable. Will be interesting to see if this extra fee holds remains in place... seems high to me. Did a quick calculation... the extra $14/day/pp for 'gratuities' translates to an 18% tip on a daily expense of around $78/day/pp. If the highest drink covered (classic) is $9.. that equates to nearly 9 drinks/day/pp. That seems like quite a lot as an average. Now if they follow this fee up by raising the cost per drink.... well that brings it more in line.... look for a price increase for those purchasing individual drinks... just a guess on my part.
  11. Change is how you make your mark. Ever notice a packaging change on a product? Odds are it was done by a new manager trying to have something to show... If nothing changes... why do they need you at all? You don't get rewarded for maintaining status quo... but growth... but the key is for your changes to actually make customers happy AND increase revenue/profits. But people are measured on a short term basis (did you make your revenue/profit target this quarter or year), generally moving on before longer term impact is known. So ... say you add extra cost to a service.... odds are that the positive revenue impact will be greater than any loss in sales (pissed off customers)... at least in the short term.... Seeing this recent change to beverage package suggests that the team is running out of ideas of products/services that will actually make customers happy and are willing to pay for and they are trying to reach a revenue goal or offset rising costs. Could be that beverage packages are too successful...and costs associated are not being adequately covered by the fees or people drinking more than expected... cutting into 'gratuities' planned for... Now as someone who does not purchase beverage packages... this is fine with me... because the other option is to raise cabin prices... and that would mean a cutback in cruises... at least for me. 😞
  12. As an old marketing person.... I sometimes imagine what is going on within a company's marketing department. In the case of Celebrity... I imagine a guy named Fred who came up with the initial idea of a beverage package. Wow what a great idea Fred! Great way to make extra money, here is your promotion. Fred moves on a legend in the marketing department. Mary replaces Fred and is told about the legend of Fred and asked, how are you going to top that! Well Mary, not to be outdone comes up with the idea... 'lets have a premium beverage package! This will not only cover cost of higher cost items... but will make even more $'. Hurray Mary... a promotion for you. Well the pattern continues, Susan gets promotion for specialty dining packages etc. Poor John comes on board... hears the stories of those who went before him... but what can he do... dessert package... naw.. that will never go over.... well how about a separate charge for beverage gratuities... Yeh thats the ticket. Will he get legend status? Only time will tell. Glad I am out of the corporate rate race.... 🙂
  13. Idea.... try sending a private message on Celebrity's facebook page.... that might at least get things started... celebrity cruises facebook page hopefully that link works. Or you might try emailing: CelebrityOneTouch@celebrity.com Perhaps this would help.
  14. Thanks for that info. We don't usually get a package...
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