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  1. Sorry link didn't work... trying again with attachment. Also saw a photo of the round 1A at the bow of the ship. That should give you an idea of the window washers... not sure if they are moved around or parked in the same spot....link to facebook photo showing 1A cabins in the front of the ship EDGE_Percent_Obstructed_View (1).pdf
  2. One thing to keep in mind is that the 1A and 1B cabins are considered partially obstructed. List of obstructed cabins on Edge I believe they consider the round cut out an obstruction. Some have the window washer outside.. so just be aware of that...
  3. We flew in a helicopter directly over the caldron of Kilauea back in '92... you could feel the heat through the glass ... it was thrilling. They stopped doing that after a number of helicopter accidents... In fact, years later we took a helicopter tour of Kauai ... after the trip we took a group photo... a few years later we heard of a helicopter crash and sure enough we saw a photo of the craft and it had the same number on it's tail. A friend told us that he had friends who were waiting for that specific helicopter to return. They were to have been on that tour... but a friend was late... so they pushed off the tour to the next one. In Alaska many people take bush plane rides to see the glaciers from overhead. Bush pilots have incredibly short life expectancy due to crashes. A few years ago my sister was on a Celebrity cruise... they visited Kilauea the day of the 6.9 earthquake. They were actually exiting the restroom at the national park when the 6.9 earth quake hit. They watched their bus rock back and forth... the park ranger was freaking out... but their bus driver acted like this happened all the time. Anyway the park was closed after that... and the volcano proceeded to fill a local bay adding to the size of the Big Island. Not sure when they reopened the park... not sure if the building was impacted by the volcano's activity. There have been several bus accidents recently where cruise passengers have died while coming or going to an excursion. On our last trip... I took a bus tour on St Lucia... when I returned I learned that one of the other tours buses was hit in a head on by a car on the wrong side of the road... the driver and tour guide ended up in the hospital... the two people who used seat belts were uninjured... but the rest of the cruise passengers were treated on the ship by the medical staff. Now you might think... why not go to local hospital? Well while on the ship we noticed the US Comfort... a US navy hospital ship... off in the distance with patients being ferried back and forth for treatment.... suggesting it was likely best for the passengers minor injuries to be treated on the ship... Funny thing, I recalled seeing the seat belt on my tour... and did not use them... why? not sure... I think I didn't want to look like a dork... well next time... I am wearing them and a clown hat if necessary. Everyone needs to determine the level of risk they are willing to take. Now that I am older... and hopefully a bit wiser... I know that I would not go in a helicopter tour again... unless I knew the pilot and had some idea on how well equipment was maintained. And I am not likely to know that... so I will now remain on the ground. Oh and I never travel without travel insurance... and recently started looking more closely at coverage. Alas accidents happen... you can avoid some of them... but not all.
  4. I have found her to be very responsive, so I am glad you reached out to her. I find their promotions to be overly complicated and often misleading.
  5. I wonder if the process of bidding for upgrades has had the effect of pushing more of the less attractive cabins into the guarantee pool of cabins.
  6. I assume that if you chose the gratuities, drink package and wifi.... the extra charge is for a relatively new 'fee' for the beverage package. I think they were 'losing money' on the beverage package... since people were selecting that instead of other perks...and drinking their fill. Anyway, they decided that a beverage perk had more value than say gratuities...so they added this additional 'fee'. There are cryptic codes on the confirmation document that might help...but to be honest it is not all that easy to understand, even if you have sailed with them in the past....
  7. When you look at cruise planner for your cruise... and look at excursions... you should see something like this. It may be that there is no sale for your particular trip... I am looking at March and Dec 2020 caribbean trips
  8. Interestingly.... when I first heard of the sale... a few days ago... I checked my two cruises... and found a couple of excursions and specialty restaurants a bit cheaper... so I made some changes.... Then a day later.. I looked again and there were additional excursions that were discounted and I saved more on one of the dinners... really odd... but glad for the notice on this board... or I would have missed out.
  9. It was such good times communicating with VT and others as Edge was being built... discussing davit placement and other obstructions... what the IV cabins would be like... locating cabins on exterior photos etc. Her posts really helped build the excitement for the ship.... Her misadventures with the medical staff on one of the early cruises were shared by all of us. She really got me active on CC. I am so sorry for her family and know that she will be sailing with all of us in spirit.
  10. No I am wrong about 'featured tour"... that does not necessarily tie into a sale....sorry
  11. They might also be calling the ones on sale...."featured tour". I did find one of mine discounted nicely... thanks for this.
  12. Was there an email or something about this sail... so far prices dont seem to show a discount except the ususal first night at a few specialty restaurants. Thanks
  13. I never had the opportunity to meet her, but got to know her through her posts. I am so very sorry to hear this news... I will miss her as I am sure everyone who relied on her helpful posts... she really added a lot to cruise critic. So very sorry 😞
  14. While Murano is my preferred specialty restaurant.....On the first night I like having a reservation around sun set in the Tuscan grill and watch the Florida coast light up as we sail out... sitting by one of the large windows. How good the view is depends upon when sunset is and when the ship departs ... but outside the lawn club... only place where you can have a fairly quiet meal while watching the sunset.... Nice way to start the trip... Okay the food isn't the best... but it isn't bad... and if the service is slow... it only means I have a longer time to watch Ft Lauderdale disappear.
  15. In the south you need to specifically request unsweet tea... or else you will get that overly sweet tea. I have lived in the south for over 40 years..and still have not adjusted to sweet tea.
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