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  1. I don't think they will be allowing private excursions until covid is behind us... Celebrity sent out an email with a link to the new protocols New procedures that the health panel has provided the CDC...
  2. If you are big balcony people.... I suggest the sunset veranda... I hate to say it...but you won't like the IV... far too small to truly enjoy... you could look into the 1A but the views suck in those... the round structure blocks the view and many have the window washing equipment nearby. We did enjoy the ship.. as I posted earlier.. I like the IV..but I am not a veranda person... I liked being able to sit out of the sun.. DH hated that..
  3. There is a setting on the control panel that allows you to keep the AC on while the door is open. I liked the IV room... my husband did not. But we are different when it comes to verandas in general. I burn easily and so even with sun screen I have come to dislike sitting in the sun...so as a result I seldom sit out on the veranda and when I do.. I only do so for a short time... because even in the shade the reflected sun can get you. DH on the other hand can sit out for hours. So with that in mind... I loved the IV because I could walk up to the edge and enjoy being closer to the water... while DH found it frustrating to sit on the veranda and have the captain lock the window while in port during window washing time. If you make a lot of use out of a regular veranda... you won't like this...but if you seldom use it.. you might enjoy the more open experience..no curtains or window framing blocking the view. Now my only complaint about it ... is that it is way too small. We were on one of the maiden voyages... so we were expecting something that looked like the animated video they used to publicize the ship... But the scale was off... the video made the cabin appear wider than it is... the dimensions they give for the veranda does not factor in the walls or window thickness.. the actual sq footage was about 32 sq ft not the 41 advertised. The folding doors are useless because... if your bed is by the window... and you have two people standing on the veranda... you have to take a chair and place it on the bed so you have enough room to close the folding doors... it was a terrible design... I hope in future ships (if they were to make any more) that they at least make the veranda deeper...It is probably very impractical... and outragiously expensive to make it wider..which would either reduce the number of cabins of make the ship longer... and major blueprint changes.... deeper veranda might be easier to pull off... but not sure it would be sufficient to make it more enjoyable.
  4. I don't think they planned this.... I suspect the fact that that Norwegian cruise line (not NCL) had over 30 cases of Covid19 on one of their initial restart cruises, probably played a role in their decision. You can imagine what the CDC thought when they read about that cruise ship... They don't want to have egg on their face... so they are probably toughening their position and will make it that much tougher to get restarted. They are going to want to take a look at what happened there and make sure they have plans in place. Also public health officials are seeking 100% safety... they have no responsibility for the economy or whether or not an industry folds... they have a single focus... stop the disease. We moved our Dec sailing... because even if they did start up in Oct... I want to know it it is still fun... before I make final payment. If I am going to feel trapped with a tight schedule of when or where I can go on the ship and have to wear a mask all the time... I might as well stay home.
  5. I had to laugh at this. Back in the olden days (mid 70s)... we shared a secretary among 3-4 people. you would hand write your memo.. and in a day or two you would get it back and then modify... the secretary would literally take an exacto knife and cut out the offending or incorrect lines. By the time your memo was done.. it was weeks later, with a lot of taped sections... you ran a copy ... signed and then forwarded. .... fast forward to the mid 80s. I worked for MCI. This was the first time I experienced email being used in a business and suddenly.. there were really offensive communications flying around feelings being hurt .... and I recalled my first days where it took forever to get a memo issued... I think the advise is very wise and will avoid lots of problems. I wish others would consider this advise on twitter and Facebook.
  6. The way things are going... you may want to repost once cruising starts again. Things are going to change and we don't really know how. For example if they end up cutting back attendance at shows... if there are shows, they may have to require reservations in order to allow social distancing... Up until now there was no need to do that on Celebrity ships. Same for dinner.. they may have to have multiple seatings and compel reservations slots that minimize people showing up at the same time.. not sure. Once things start back up... they will not be the same and we have no idea when or if they will return to the original format.
  7. It is taking weeks to get test results back for the same reason it is taking months to get back refunds back from Celebrity. Demand outstripping capacity to respond. I know that there is a rapid test either just starting up or under development...but it takes time to produce...especially if components need to be produced as well. I don’t think we will be going anywhere until such a rapid test is readily available and is as simple as a pregnancy test to administer...and it has to be accurate...not just close. So between a truly rapid test and a vaccine and a therapy that is effective and easy for ships medical team to administer (vs say ventilator)....it could be a very long time before cruising is “fun”
  8. But if covid vaccination is as effective or ineffective as flu vaccination... it might not offer the level of protection you anticipate... and it could be quite a while before we know just how effective a vaccine ends up being... especially if, as Bill Gates expects, you will need multiple doses. At what frequency?
  9. I have wondered if some of the treatment rooms in the spa could be converted into isolation rooms... for someone who is ill. As I recall the CDC orders.. they wanted 'hospital level care'... one of their goals is to avoid over taxing local communities with a sudden influx of sick cruise ship passengers. So they wanted ships to have ventilators.. I am not a medical professional, but that would strike me as requiring 24 hour supervised care of some sort... not sure current medical staffs have sufficient people or training to provide that level of care for multiple patients. Since I doubt there will be hands on spa treatments for a while... I thought this might be a good place to have ill passengers treated. Perhaps those with a positive test.. but no symptoms could be placed in isolation in veranda cabins... (Keeps some empty near the spa area). If this UVC technology can safely kill viruses... and do so quickly.. perhaps these lights could be placed in air filtration system... in the elevators and in places where people board the ship or wait to go dinning or in the casino where people might sit for longer periods of tim. If the technology is there for a true quick test... if passengers could be tested a day before boarding (arrive early) and then again a few times during the cruise... eg. after a few days at sea before the first stop... and then again a day before final departure... Some random thoughts. But here is another question.... under what conditions could we go back to no masks and no social distancing? If everyone tested negative and passed through UVC periodically and all baggage and surfaces disinfected using UVC... is that enough... and if not... what would be enough? If we aimed at 100% certainty with automobile or air travel.. we wouldn't do either. I have no idea what the answer is to this question. Outside of getting this dreaded illness... my fear about cruising is that it wont be fun anymore. Back before the recent surge... we thought we should consider a quick trip to Hilton Head... but then the thought of staying in a room the size of a cruise ship cabin with only one view and no restaurant service... we decided to stay home.....
  10. I received this email this morning. I know that some on CC are not on the various mailing lists. I assume Celebrity will benefit as well. Royal has put together a health panel for dealing with Covid-19. I sure hope this team has been operating for a while and Royal is just telling us now... Because it is a little late to be putting a plan together... Anyway I think it is a good idea... I just hope the team is effective and more than a PR move... and a political move... Although heaven knows the cruise industry needs some political assistance... given their foreign flag status.... A Plan Backed by ScienceInsert other media
  11. you might check out this link... it is actually for cabin11160... which is just down the hall... similar cabin on the corner ..with side window... Cabin info 11160 they have included photos...which should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect... along with a review of the cabin
  12. Candidly... I would not count on sailing this year... things are still in flux. We went ahead and did a lift and shift on our Dec cruise. I want to find out from other cruisers... if cruising is still fun... before make final payment. the fact that people are getting their money back in stages... tells me all I need to know about their cash flow situation. The longer this thing goes on...the more it becomes like musical chairs... there could come a time when you can't get your money back. If I were the OP... I would lift and shift that cruise to 2021... and avoid making final payment on a cruise that is likely not going to happen. I am so glad I don't work for Celebrity or any cruise line... I can't imagine the logistical nightmare this has been and continues to be... crews scattered around the globe.. some still trapped on ships... Countries that may or may not let you dock... let alone airlines that may or may not be able to transport passengers and crew, CDC orders requiring hospital level care including ventilators (ie and ICU unit on board).. and now a new virus in China... what a mess. I will be amazed if many cruise lines don't go bankrupt before the end of the year. We went ahead and did a lift and shift to Nov 2021 to give us more time before final payment... hopefully by early 2021 we will know more about who is and who is not sailing and where they can and can not go.
  13. Enjoyed your review... we were on the same cruise... Family thought we should cancel... but I thought we would thread the needle so to speak... we did cut it very close. While onboard I read online that there were 3 workers at port Everglades who came down with the virus... so we planned on self quarantining anyway.... we heard about the cancelation of cruises beginning March 15th on our drive home and then a few days later we were reading about Reflection turning around and coming home. So we really did cut things close. Before we left I actually stocked my pantry.... TP, canned meats, beans, rice, soup, noodles, pasta sauce etc. My husband and friends thought I was crazy.... but I am my father's daughter.. he was a big be prepared guy... I was glad I did... especially the TP. While I am pulling from the pantry... I do want to keep it stocked... cause you never know. But the March cruise was terrific and one we will hold onto the memories of for quite a while. We were scheduled to be on a Dec cruise out of Tampa... just took advantage of the lift and shift program to move it to Nov '21. I want to hear back from people sailing to see if it is still an enjoyable experience... particularly before hitting the final payment date. Anyway loved to relive the trip via your review.
  14. I suspect a vaccine will be longer to develop than we would like and once one is approved it will likely not be as effective as we would like either. Flu vaccines for elderly were developed long after a basic flu vaccine was available. As I recall they use an additive which helps activate T-cells to aid the effectiveness of the vaccine. They may have to do something like this with a covid vaccine as well... but they likely won't play around with tweeking a vaccine until they have one that works. The next question is how well does it work and for how long... does the virus mutate requiring changes like the flu vaccine goes through each year. What I hope they get soon is a series of effective therapies... seems to me that is more likely to happen. We are starting to see treatments for the most severe... what we now need is a Tamiflu equivalent... something you can take at the first signs of illness. Seems to me if there is a basket of treatment options available... cruise ships could more easily sale.... until that happens... I am just not sure when ships can sail safely. I for one am getting stir crazy. Thought about a car trip to Hilton Head... but then wondered if being stuck in a hotel or condo room for a few days would really feel like getting away...other than a view... why spend the money... and unlike a cruise...that new view does not change.. in the meantime I am taking my Vit C, zinc, and Vit D... and using my mask
  15. You might try this link... insert your cruise info on the form and they will tell you what cruises are eligible. After calling and getting info... I was directed to this form and moved an 11 day to another 11 day cruise... I was trying to go from 11 to a 10 day... Interestingly the shorter cruise itinerary was similar to my original cruise and the one I ended up with is much different... basically went from a Eastern Caribbean to a Southern Caribbean. lift and shift form
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