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  1. I am looking forward to Celebrity sailing out of Tampa. We sailed out of there once on Brilliance of the Seas. I was surprised how long it took to get out of Tampa Bay. I had no idea how large it is. We booked dinner at a specialty restaurant and watched the city and surrounding lights as the sun slowly set... it was a fabulous way to start the cruise. So if you do go with the Tampa cruise... I suggest you try to enjoy dinner at a specialty restaurant seated near a window and enjoy the departure experience. Temps in Tampa will be lower than San Juan... but compared to Sweden... it will be nice and warm... Many decades ago, while going to college in Minnesota, I was able to spend a month in Tampa/St Pete.... went to the beach every day ... compared to -10-20 degrees F.... it was nice and warm... even when only in the 70s. There aren't many cruise lines going out of Tampa. For us it is an hour drive... about the same as Port Canaveral .... so a reasonable drive for one day
  2. I would contact special needs group and specifically ask.(special_needs@rccl.com). Hallways should be wide enough to turn. Most scooters will fit through the door of a regular cabin... except the ones for bariatric (500lbs)... those appear to require an accessible cabin. Other considerations: once scooter in cabin... can you get into the bathroom? For this reason, you should try to get a cabin with bed by the window... this should give you more room to move around. I have similar questions for older ships...like Empress of the Seas. Liberty is a reasonably newer class... although as I recall the elevators are not as large as newer class ships like Oasis. We rented our first scooter when we went on Harmony. Our issue was that this was a last minute decision and the bed was by the bath. Now it worked out okay because on Harmony the bathroom opens into the cabin and not towards the entry... so you could still park the scooter by the door..and get into the bathroom. you might look at the special needs at sea website...they have some info on accessiblity and can give you an idea on scooter dimensions...they offer three sizes ... regular, heavy (249lbs+) and bariatric about 500lbs... The first two fit most cabins... tight fit but if you are willing to work around it... it will say you the extra $ for a suite. We have also rented a scooter on Edge.. and that worked with bed by window. We will by trying Equinox in a few months... again we got a cabin with bed by window. For those out there with experience... can you fit a scooter... 22" wide x 45" long into a veranda cabin on Constillation? Do any of there veranda cabins have bed by window... so far from what I have seen it looks like they are all by the bed.
  3. I should change my user name to "NoReasonWaterWarmNearMe"
  4. Question about the celebrity app.on Equinox. When we were on Edge... we were able (sometimes) to use the text app on the iphone to text off the ship via the wifi used for the app. Now it worked for DH throughout the cruise.. but not so for me. I understood that this was something of a glitch... Wondered if anyone on Equinox using this new app tried to text off ship using an iphone and if they were successful? Thanks
  5. This from the guy who pees in the pool! The very definition of irony 🙂 I laughed till I cried
  6. We tried Celebrity a few years ago after cruising RCL and NCL (less frequently). Radiance class was my favorite class ship... Voyager was second, did not like Freedom as much (did not seem to have enough elevators, and they were small so felt more crowded), did not think we would like Oasis... but loved it. Now we have no children but are generally not bothered by kids. Now when we tried Celebrity.. it was a last minute thing. I have noted this before.. but I just felt very comfortable on the s class ship. We are in our mid 60s.. so perhaps it was seeing more people around our age.. but the experience was like putting on an old pair of your favorite shoes..just comfortable. Frankly few hotties ... so I did not feel as frumpy on chic night as I did on formal night on Royal..again comfortable. Also the size of the ship was large enough not to feel bored... but small enough that we could go from the Sky lounge cocktail hour down to dinner without breaking a sweat. I really liked that on our Celebrity sailings they had lectures which was nice. We did go back to Harmony of the Seas after several Celebrity cruises... it was the President's cruise which was great BUT it reminded me that when sailing Oasis class... I spent hours arranging my dinner and show schedules and the once on board felt guilty when we decided not to go a a show and found it a challenge to figure out when to reschedule it... and what else to move... too stressful. I frankly prefer fewer choices... I like to cruise... mostly for the experience of being at sea. I used to have trouble with motion sickness... now I kinda miss feeling the sea... the ships are almost too stable..if that makes sense... I loved being rocked to sleep. Now I have to look out to see if we are moving. Of course I will take that over the severe rocking I have experienced on one or two past cruises.. but I do like knowing I am at sea :)
  7. This sounds like a plan. We are flexible when we cruise... and I am not convinced that for us... it is best to wait and pick cruise based more on deal than itinerary. Last July we booked (onboard) a cruise for March '19.... as we approached the 90 day period we decided that we wanted to do some work around the house... so rather than get our deposit back... we shifted the cruise to a less costly but still nice Southern caribbean cruise in Sept.... over the course of the year I was able to lower the price... so 90 day period comes and weeks later the cost of the cabin (on an equivalent basis) drops over $100/pp. Now they offered to upgrade us...but we would lose the one perk... So the lesson I learned... is that I should do what we usually do... and track a few itineraries we are interested in and then once the 90 day period... consider booking. We are not big drinkers, don't use our phones when we travel.. so the gratuities or OBC is only perk we are interested in... and I would prefer the lower cost.. to either.
  8. I agree.... check out time for sunset and make your reservation at Tuscan Grille for around that time...and do sit by window. Oh another idea is to do your first night at Tuscan Grille sunset.. usually not as busy night one...and they usually offer discount... so a tad more romantic that night
  9. I noted earlier... that if you have the time and are flexible.. it is sometime better to wait until after the 90 final payment. Usually we book about within the 90 day period... but last cruise I booked on next cruise.. $200 deposit on a cruise 6 months out. Well later we changed cruises... promotion was the same as the original one... but it was a cheaper itinerary.. so went for it... then months later another price drop and I was able to get a 1A cabin for $1459/pp with one perk... 11 night S Caribbean itinerary. Well not the 90 payment period has passed and the cabin next to mine is going for $1149 with no perk. At this point irrelevant that it is non refundable. the savings vs one perk was more than enough to cover gratuities... all they could do was upgrade me to another cabin... but I like the cabin location...large veranda. So next cruise... I think I will go back to picking a few itineraries and then track until one hits a good price. Given very low interest rates... having the cruise line sit on my deposit... is no big deal.. but at some point when interest rates rise... better that I hold on to my money as long as possible. Savings in this particular case is minor... but it demonstrates what I have observed... but again it really comes down to flexibility... the more flexible you are.. the more it makes sense to wait until later to book
  10. Glad they haven't changed the Sky Lounge yet... look forward to those nice forward views... really missed that on Edge... looking out the stern is just not the same.... I like to see where I am going... less interested in where I have been. Can't wait for September to see what ever changes they were able to complete...but glad Sky Lounge is still large.
  11. We have probably done 25 cruises and only purchased jewelry/watch twice. Not because they were a good deal... more as something to remember the cruise by. Other than that... I will get a Tshirt.... no gold by the inch or $10 watch sets. One of the on board purchase was a tank watch... something I had admired but wasn't seriously considering purchasing due to cost... but the waves, the wine... I don't know... I did end up with one. Now I am not a flashy dresser... so this was definitely unusual thing to do... but I now wear it a lot. Now I will say that I used some of my 90 free Elite internet to do a quick price check to make sure I was not paying more than I would at home... so the savings was just sales tax. A customs agent told us years ago that the best place to purchase jewelry in the Caribbean is on St Maarten... I have made a few purchases over the years there and on St Thomas and Nassau... but again... more as a momento and I generally keep my choice on the lower end... should it prove not to be the genuine article... but again...it is something to remember the trip by..not an investment
  12. We usually do this as well.... pick the cruise based on the deal.... This still works pretty well on Celebrity... but you have to be flexible in terms of itinerary, dates and cabin location... if you like to do things fairly spur of the moment... I still find this works pretty well. But if you have your heart set on an itinerary that is not offered that frequently or say a holiday timeframe... probably better to book earlier. late 2017 we booked a nice veranda cabin on a 12 night cruise for $2000 total for two with taxes... booked 5 weeks before sailing... great cruise... 1A cabin on hump...so larger veranda. I too see no reason to pre pay. I want to hold on to the money... just in case something comes up and I need the cash... Just because it hasn't happened before doesn't mean it can't happen in the future.
  13. Just want to make people aware, there is a facebook page called "Royal Caribbean Accessible Cruising" where people with mobility issues share hints ask for recommendations etc. thought I would pass it on.
  14. It is funny, our first vacation cruise was on the Constitution back in '92... I had 'done the crossing' when I was a kid on the Atlantic or United States.. can't recall the name... back in the 60s... So the Constitution was what I expected cruising to be like... with stepping over the water door openings (no accessibility here)... The ship was already 40 years old when we sailed her.... While it was all one class at the time... there was still a separate dining room that would have been second class.... in the evening there was the large Captains table in the center, where, yes the Captain did dine with various passengers. No balcony cabins and the vented doors meant you could hear everything. The ship had a lot of history, Grace Kelly took the ship to Europe when she got married and it appeared in scenes in "to Catch a Thief" and "An Affair to Remember". Alas she sank when being taken to be scrapped... perhaps a suitable end. Our next cruise was on The Norway (originally The France).... another iconic ocean liner. Here we had an inside cabin... I think the anchor chain might have passed nearby, I recall noises.... The ship had a true promenade deck with a wide avenue.... what a lovely ship... still recall the beauty of the ship... Again years later boiler blew killing several crewmen. I haven't found a ship I don't like.... I did think the Freedom class could use more and larger elevators... but that is about it. I love the S class.. but if I really try to be negative... not really crazy about the decor of some areas... but it has not impacted my enjoyment nor kept me from booking again... Personnally I wouldn't mind an inside cabin... means I can cruise more... the only reason we now book verandas only... is with DH mobility issues... if he isn't up for it... he can stay in the cabin and still enjoy it... Oh and one cruise we did fall victim to norovirus.. and when quarantined... it is nice to have a veranda to enjoy.
  15. Any business that serves customers and relies on good reviews and return visits... is going to listen to its customers. The key is to find that person with in the chain who is responsive or can get the word. Sometimes one customer will want something that others don't want... or it is impossible to implement in a timely or cost effective manner. I do think it was brilliant for them to come up to OP and tell her that the issues had been addressed. It is the little things that make such a lasting impression. We were on one of the maiden Edge voyages. We purchased a watch onboard and I knew we would need to visit customs... when we got off the ship a crewman gathered us and other who had made purchases... to escort us to customs. He took our seapass cards and passports... the whole process was a mess.... anyway by the time we got through the process... we got our pass ports back... but not our seapasses. Now, I kinda collect those... not that I do anything with them...but when I hold it... it is like a key to the memory of the cruise. Anyway...months passed... and the horror of the departure (took us 2 hours)... passed.. the one thing that I could just not let go of was the loss of the sea passes. Well I wrote the CEO a letter and with in a day or so I heard back from them. While my old passes were destroyed... they did get replacements... might be missing a few words vs the original... but the set is now complete. It is funny it was such a tiny thing...but again... quick response from the company and someone willing to contact the ship to get them to reprint.... helped erase the negative impressions we were left with.... Look forward to my next Celebrity cruise.
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