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  1. The chef explained he could not purchase meat or fish in the market because that was not an approved vendor. However, he was able to buy some produce that was incorporated into the meal. Whatever else was used in dinner was obtained through Celebrity approved vendors but not arranged on the tour. Dinner was about 6 courses of various Mexican style cuisine and it was all very good. For each course the chef came out to the table to explain it. We were at the opposite end of the long table and it was difficult to hear him as the main dining room section we were in was loud.
  2. We did this tour in March and it was fabulous. The chef from the ship who accompanied us was actually from Cozumel so that was great. There were about 16-20 people on the tour and we were on a nice van/shuttle bus with air conditioning. At the local market you can purchase snacks/empanadas but be aware the excursion includes a lunch at a local restaurant (we were served a variety of soft tacos). There were several other tourist stops i.e. tequila and chocolate factories. That evening on the ship we had a lovely group dinner that the chef prepared for us. We were stuffed! I wish they would offer this type of excursion in every port.
  3. We have been on many Celebrity ships but have taken 6 cruises on the Summitt as that is our favorite ship. To us, the staff on that ship sets it apart and service has always been exceptional. The ship is smaller than the Solstice and the staff really gets to know your preferences and don't seem as frenetic as on other ships. My only complaint is the high tubs in the Sky Suites as they are a little difficult to step in and out for showering. I don't know if those same tubs are in Aqua Class.
  4. When we plan a vacation we budget an extra $50-75 for laundry on cruises or at hotels as we consider that a small luxury while we are on vacation. Basically that is the price of a bingo game or slot tournament and we would rather not waste time washing items in the sink except for maybe rinsing out a bathing suit. Realize that if you do handwash items there may be no place to hang them to dry. Some of the ships like Edge do not have clotheslines in the shower. We bring a couple of plastic clothespins to hang wet bathing suits on the balcony chairs if needed. We send all types of garments to the cruise laundry and have never really had anything ruined. Only a couple of times have some things come back really wrinkled. As someone mentioned, look for the tiny iron on tag the steward attaches usually by the inside collar or waistband.
  5. We enjoyed our Edge sailing and chose the Equinox in 2020 because it was being Edge-ified. We also paid a premium booking a Sky Suite because the stateroom was supposed to be completely renovated. Realize this is not really Celebrity's fault but it is disappointing that many of the refurbishments on the ship will not happen. We will very likely cancel as we will not be getting what we paid for and were looking forward too.
  6. We have flown to San Juan from the east coast same day as departure on 3 occasions without any difficulties. We prefer not to have the extra expenses of a hotel, extra UBER rides and meals plus the hassle of packing/unpacking for one night in a hotel. We take an early direct flight that arrives by 1 pm and make sure there is also a later flight that same day if ours gets canceled. We accept the risk and make sure the itinerary has a port stop the day after departure rather than 1 or 2 sea days just in case we were to miss the ship. We also have been to all the Caribbean ports multiple times so would not be crushed if we were to miss the first port stop. It is an individual decison though.
  7. I miss the Caribbean night buffets by the pool where they would have tropical food, ice carving demonstrations and the waiters would walk around with carved watermelons on their heads! Also miss the Cafe Al Bacio truffles they would put on the pillow. Miss the srtings players in the dining rooms too.
  8. Some ships have a private Chef's Table where you pay extra for a special dinner in a private room. That might be an option for the ceremony and celebration dinner.
  9. For our recent check in paperwork for the Edge we were asked to upload a picture which we did. However, at the terminal check in they told us it both of our pictures were not adequate so they snapped new ones which only took a few seconds.
  10. We had Armando who was actually from Cozumel. We had the excursion dinner in Cyprus. It was really loud in there and we could not hear the people at the other end of our table. The food was great (except for the cactus) but we couldn't finish it all --it was a lot of courses!
  11. Loved the color palette of the Edge, the relaxing Retreat Lounge, the roomy Sky Suite bathroom, the overall design of the theater (even though it was too small to accomodate the 9:00 show), entertaining/personable Captain, the long tables facing window in OceanView Cafe, Luminae, Chef's Market Discovery Tour in Cozumel Didn't like: had issues with special needs disability requests, mediocre butler, expensive shops, theater too small, Deal or No Deal, The Club was too dark and dreary, no special events for suite guests or in the Retreat (except a singer one night), weird production shows
  12. On March 3 Edge we were Elite and in a Sky Suite and never got a flower
  13. Generally the laundry service is very good. That being said, every so often a couple of items have gotten a tiny hole in them which we did not discover until we returned home. Nothing has ever faded or shrunk. Also, they label most individual items (shirts, undershirts, pants, etc) with iron on tape and the room number. Don't forget forget to look for the tape and remove it before wearing the item or it will feel scratchy against the skin.
  14. You will get a bottle of sparkiling wine in your cabin. If you want to book a future cruise while onboard, the Michael's Club Concierge will arrange for the consultant to meet with you in Michael's Club.
  15. We are Elite and typically book Sky Suites. Since we get the free beverage package and internet perks with that, most of the Captain's Club perks are not useful for us except for the free laundry. Also, how many times can you take a backstage tour? We don't go to the Captain's Club parties because they are so crowded. Benefits I would like to see added would be a free entry in the Blackjack or Slot Tournament, a really good galley tour, cooking demonstration, some sort of culinary tasting, fruit or ice carving demonstration, some onboard credit according to level achieved (even if just limited to casino or excursions), a free photo like they used to do.
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