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  1. The first cruise we took back in 1981, there was a daily newspaper delivered to our cabin every morning. By 1991, they were gone.
  2. Also a very minimal number of on board shops. I bought a Seiko analog/digital watch on our first cruise, and it still keeps perfect time.
  3. We started cruising in 1981, so the list of things that we miss would fill a book, but here are our top ten: 1) Passenger Manifest (there were only 600 or so of us on board, and there was a "scavenger hunt" of sorts where you tried to find the "mystery couple" to win a bottle of champagne. 2) Dining - really attractive menus (we still have them), and high quality food - for every meal (from breakfast to the midnight buffets every night). Especially liked when the head waiter prepared pasta dishes to order tableside 3) Flaming Baked Alaska parade and Cherries Jubilee flamb
  4. I don’t deal in woulda, coulda, shoulda. Maybe that’s how you think on your planet, but not on this one.
  5. Thanks for confirming that our government was proactive and yours was reactive.
  6. The home called. Your straight jacket is ready for your next fitting.
  7. On a per capita basis (the only accurate way to measure these types of data) the U.S. ranks 14th with a death rate of 1,712/million. The U.K ranks 11th with 1,898/million. Perhaps you should be asking why your death rate is so high. At least you're doing better than Italy at 1,916, but not as good as France (1,466) Spain (1,630), or Portugal (1,648).
  8. I believe it was broadly worded on purpose to make it sound authoritative without actually having any enforceable teeth. Pure political theatre.
  9. Not to split hairs, but if the CDC says that the cruise lines can only sail from U.S. ports with fully vaccinated and negative tested passengers, and leave the method of documenting compliance up to the passenger and the cruise line, then technically the CDC and not the cruise lines are mandating proof of a vaccine. The new language in the cruise contract is really clear on who bears liability for testing positive once a passenger is on the ship if the CDC's rules are violated. State policies cannot constitutionally overrule federal rules, so regardless of what Florida's governor says, if the
  10. Under the 10th Amendment, states have the authority to enact policies to protect public health, and executive orders related to the pandemic fall squarely under that authority.
  11. The article says the ships being converted will be berthed for 3-5 days at a time, so the T1 terminal would appear to be available on the other 2-4 days for cruise ships.
  12. We're trying to do online check in for a July cruise (holding out slim hope it will sail), and the RCL website says check in is available, but when we click on the "begin check in" button it comes back with "check in is closed", and we are required to download the app. We have the app, but when we try to check in there, it just says to check back later. Doesn't look promising for July cruises.😟
  13. Not sure about anywhere else, but here's the year-over-year comparison of flu pre-covid to current in Florida:
  14. We didn't either...until the pandemic hit and cruising stopped. Then we bought a hot tub, a clam shell, a few deck chairs and a few market umbrellas, and constructed our own pool deck. 😃
  15. One of the major benefits of living in a free republic is that everyone has a right to their opinion and the absolute right to express it without rebuke. To quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.”
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