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  1. I wonder what happens if you have "cancel-for-any-reason" cruise insurance? Would you get 75% back as a FCC? If so, that might be a better route to go...
  2. We always get the Stream package, and have no problem watching live networks like CNBC and the Golf Channel, so presuming the SEC channel is not location restricted by your streaming service, you should be able to watch your son's games.
  3. We started sailing RCL in 2010, and as best I can remember, they made the change around the same time they launched their never-ending BOGO sale in 2014.
  4. We love the CLS on Oasis class ships, but were unaware that there were any loft suites on Quantum class ships. As we expand our cruising radius now that we're both retired, we'd love to try the Quantum class, and definitely would love to try their loft suites. I can't find them listed on the deck plans. What deck are they on?
  5. Was it a Priceline group booking, and was it Priceline or RCL that refused to honor the price drop?
  6. The two terminals are nowhere near each other (at least a mile if you could actually walk there, so you’d need to take a taxi or other ride service. There’s no way to cross the channel without walking on the shoulder of a major highway. i do not believe Disney will transport anyone to the port who’s not sailing on one of their ships. if you go to the ports forums and search Canaveral, there are several threads with transportation recommendations.
  7. We've had luck doing this on several B2B cruises. Since we always book direct, I'm not sure how the process would work through a TA, but the C&A agents have usually been able to find us matching cabins on both legs.
  8. We’re at the club last week, and it cost us $65pp. Would not pay more than that, even though it was a really nice venue. Too many equally nice free areas on the island.
  9. The price for a Crown Loft Suite usually comes in between the price of a GS and the price of an OS. We prefer the CLS layout and location over either of the other two.
  10. Can you use the Carnival gift cards that are sold in retail stores like Publix onboard/
  11. His response was that anything I wanted to do with my existing booking had to be done through the loyalty desk because he didn't have full access to the system, only to the booking engine. (Not that much different than our last experience at the Next Cruise desk on Harmony last week. That agent could only access the new booking engine as well).
  12. Thanks Molly. After about a dozen other attempts to go through the different prompts, I finally stumbled on that one (didn't really make any sense to try that first for an existing reservation), but the rep (who spoke very poor English) couldn't help me because he didn't have access to anything but doing new bookings. I gave up trying that approach and called C&A once they finally opened, and they were able to figure out what was wrong with my reservation.
  13. Thanks for all the replies, but I tried all of their 24/7 numbers as well, and even those were closed.
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