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  1. I would be happy if they did both, I just don't think they will.
  2. They may extend the sail by date, but I doubt they will extend the book by date - at least for the double points promo. L&S is a different value proposition for them.
  3. JMHO, but I would expect that once we are past the 1/31 “book by” date that locks in the promos that it gates, we will see the double points and L&S promos extended to line up with the proposed May 1 restart.
  4. Just an attempt to get back remotely close to the topic the OP started...
  5. Got our first Moderna on 12/30. Getting our second dose on 1/26. First one was painless with no side effects. Hopefully the second one will be as well.
  6. Makes sense. The hospitals are probably the major bottleneck in administering the Pfizer vaccine because the way that the vaccine was designed and its highly restricted storage almost demands that it has to be administered in the hospital (or in closely controlled facilities within earshot of the hospital). It is unfortunate that the one piece of the broader distribution process that is lagging is the one piece that is under direct control of the Feds. Hopefully that will change. Here in Florida, FDs and EMTs are going to long term care facilities and doing ~500 jabs a day. The gov has also e
  7. Arcane state reporting system that can’t handle the demand, so health departments are just letting the paperwork pile up until they have time to bludgeon it into the state’s systems. Tough to input 2000-3000 immunization records/week x 67 counties into a system that was never designed to handle more than a small fraction of that inflow.
  8. It isn’t so much that new allocations aren’t coming in, as much as it is which vaccine is in use. Pfizer requires completely different parameters than Moderna. What I’ve seen in Florida is that administration of Pfizer is lagging because of the storage requirements - which limit its use to hospitals and large counties that have invested in the freezers necessary. Moderna is going into arms as fast as it comes in to the state.
  9. The most logical explanation I've heard (from the head of the local health department) is that they can either put shots in arms and get to the filing of paperwork later, or stop putting shots in arms and process all of the paperwork. Not really a difficult choice...
  10. The J&J vaccine only requires one dose, and it will be out within a month. While it is true that the other three (Pfizer, Moderna, and AZ) currently being administered (AZ only in Europe) require two doses to reach full effectivity, the first dose effectivity of all three is in the ~80% range and the second dose comes 21-28 days after the first. Even if you add a 28 day lag for the second dose to the timeline, you are still only at ~130 days to reach 100 Million.
  11. Since current CDC CSO policy is for ships to sail with reduced capacity through November, requiring a vaccination would effectively reduce the number of people who would be on a ship in the short term. I can see vaccination as a requirement for sailing at full capacity however.
  12. There is usually at least one pool open, and the gym is available.
  13. If you have the same cabin for both legs you can sleep in a bit longer. If you are changing cabins between legs, you will need to vacate your first cabin like everyone else so teh steward can get it ready for its next guests.
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