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  1. Just received a notification that the CDC has lifted the No Sail Order effective 11/1
  2. Is that possibly because they haven’t released any cruise itineraries after April 2022? It is possible that when they start releasing their 2022-2023 schedules they will extend L&S if the virus is sill wreaking havoc on the planet.
  3. I expect that when they restart, they will begin with 3-4 night cruises to nowhere (or possibly their private islands, but with limited amenities that don’t require any local island staff), and when they start the longer cruises, the ports and on-shore activities will be tightly controlled. I also expect to see ships/cabin categories begin to show as sold out when they reach the max allowed capacity.
  4. One minor thing will IMO prevent this strategy from happening - $$$$$. If they cancel every cruise that is currently being booked, their bottom line will never recover, even if they attempt to re-start with a "clean slate" of new cruises. They just announced yesterday that they had net revenue of negative $34 million, because they had to make so many refunds on the current passenger cancellations, no sail stoppage, and backing out the non-refundable deposits that they refunded after they had already recorded as revenue.
  5. There aren't that many C1 interiors on the ship, and if the new Covid rules go into effect, they may all disappear from inventory.
  6. We have a JS that we always book on Harmony (8240) and had that one booked for January 2021. When we tried to do a L&S from 2021 to 2022, we couldn't keep that cabin (even though it showed as available on the website) because the category had changed. However, when we went to book two more 2022 cruises in March and April on the same ship, 8240 had magically reverted to its original category. If I were a conspiracy person, I'd presume that they have a "change the category" SW program if anyone tries to do an L&S so they either have to take an inferior cabin/location, or pay more to get the same one they currently have.
  7. If it is CATS, they're probably already gone. Generally, the sound systems are cranked up so high that taking a nap is impossible, so we just leave.😵
  8. As long as the Celebrity cruises are in a Veranda or above.
  9. I don't believe points transfer between brands. Your D+ loyalty level on RCL gives you Elite loyalty perks on Celebrity, but that's all you get.
  10. That's not really a bad price. The lowest we've ever been able to book was about $5800 for two. We've paid as much as $9000, and I've seen them at well over $10,000-$11,000. Allure prices are generally a lot lower than Harmony. BTW, we've done 1756 three times and 1744 once. While you can see the pool deck from 1756, you really have to lean out, and from the pool deck it is virtually impossible to see anything (or anyone) on that balcony unless they are leaning out. Location is not as important to us as stairway location, since DW likes to sleep on the oceanside of the bed.
  11. Yes I was. When they changed from credits to points, my totals went from five credits to 39 points (41 points shy) 6x7=42, so at a minimum it would have taken 6 more seven-night cruises to make diamond, and it took us seven because we didn't take all 7-night cruises. YMMV.
  12. Nope. It was directly related to the change from 70 points to 80 points. It took 12 cruises instead of 10 to get there.
  13. When they made the change, we had just made Emerald (5 points), three cruise later that were all 3-4 night short cruises in JS under the old system would have made us Diamond. It took two additional 4-5 night cruises in JS under the points system to get to 80 points. So for us, it made a big difference.
  14. The bonus is valid for 2021 cruises booked before 10/19, so you should get the double points.
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