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  1. I'm looking at a cabin that is almost across from the laundry room on the Marina. Will I hear the noise from this room?
  2. The cruise I'm looking at starts in Rome and ends in London. Of course, it's probably Civitavecchia and Southampton. Will the Olife transfers include transfers between city and port?
  3. I do have an idea about sharing dinner with others. Perhaps cruise directors will have a cocktail hour where people who would like to share meals with others can meet each other and form dinner tables. I prefer tables for 6, but even joining one other couple is fine. We often meet another couple while on a tour or at the pool, so why not have a 'party' where like-minded people can find other people for dinner?
  4. This is our 4th month of self-quarantining. We're going stir-crazy! We pick-up lunch and have dinner delivered on the weekends. That's our big excitement! We need to cruise! Obviously, we could be in much worse condition. We're healthy and sane and happily married. But, both of us want to be cruising! We need the company, the entertainment, the smell of the ocean, the glitz, the reason to get dressed. Thanks. I just needed to vent.
  5. Any word on the new ship? I'm booked for November 28 and wonder if the ship is ready and will be sailing.
  6. We booked a Penthouse Suite - S4 - on the Enchanted. Does this type of suite qualify for these amenities? I'm not sure what a Premium suite is.
  7. Since we were canceled for our cruise next week and received FCC, we knew we needed to book a 2021. But, we thought we could wait and relax about it. WRONG! Our favorite itinerary is New England-Canada. I started looking. First of all, except for the Freedom, the ships sailing in September-October are older. And, most of the suites are already booked. I was surprised. So, today when we decided we better book something, we were realized that this itinerary is out. We immediately went to the Caribbean itineraries. Much easier for us - no plane rides. We booked the Odyssey for next December. We'
  8. That's a fabulous review. I'll look at the Empress now. We never go into the casino, but I don't like having its smoke follow me around. Thank you!
  9. So sad. We canceled our cruise that we should have been boarding in 17 days. But, I've asthma and am in that 60+ category. So, we made a decision. (Worst things have happened.) So, we now have a credit that we have to use by the end of 2021. We probably will go back to New England/Canada for the 6th time. The three ships I mentioned are the ones in the area in September-October. Freedom is the newest, but it has many, many passengers. Brilliance and Empress are smaller which we prefer, but old. I'd love some opinions about all three ships, especially if the two older ones are showing their
  10. Could you please share what the CL is. We are on the Grandeur soon in a suite, so this may be something we might enjoy.
  11. We received an upsale offer from RCCL today for an OS. My husband was deliberating. But, re-reading your message has confirmed my opinion that we will stay put.
  12. What is the cost of the specialty restaurants on the Grandeur? There is a 3-night dining package online for $79.00 and I'm wondering if we should purchase it. I think we would probably go to Chops, mostly.
  13. You've no idea how happy your response has made me. Thank you. The idea that the area is carpeted makes me very comfortable with our room choice.
  14. My question is if someone has been in Cabin 8508, is there much noise from the deck above?
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