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  1. It's 5 minutes to make: Applesauce Cakebread: great with breakfast or for a snack Ingredients for 12 servings (I freeze half): ½ cup butter 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup applesauce 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground cloves (optional) ½ cup raisins ½ cup chopped walnuts Preheat oven to 350 degrees Soften butter in microwave, put in large mixing bowl Add sugar and cream the two together. If you have a large serving fork, this works well, or a large serving spoon. I avoided a mixer, as the blades get gooed up with the mixture. Add all remaining ingredients and mix well. Batter will be stiff. Spread into 9-inch square baking dish Bake for 40 minutes Remove from oven and let cool. With a knife, loosen around the edges, and cut half into serving slices to be removed and served warm. Orange marmalade or jelly tastes great on this! Take remainder, slice, and freeze in individual ziplock sandwich or snack size bags. Reheat in microwave for about 20-30 seconds, or until warmed. (I've also been using Instacart a lot for groceries, with double tips. The shoppers need the money, and I can limit my shopping to once a week.)
  2. I just ordered a large supply of dehydrated whole eggs, nonfat milk, and instant potatoes yesterday from Amazon. We only eat scrambled eggs, or I put one it with another recipe. I just don't want to store-hop looking for this stuff.
  3. When you come home, wash your hands, coat them with aquaphor, and take your nap. Seriously, it heals skin so quickly. Bless you for what you are doing, too!!
  4. I agree. CA is TWENTY PERCENT of the 10 million people unemployed in the US as of last Wednesday. I've been doubling my grocery delivery tips with Instacart and grocery stores for weeks. They are the front line people, IMO, and if they are doing this for me and others, they must need the money. I may donate to the local food bank, too. My son is checking around with his friends to see if everyone is OK in the meantime until they get their checks. He and his fiancee are both working full time from home, so they are lucky ones. I expect he will be making loans for the next few months until the unemployment and stimulus money start to flow. My other son supports a University Medical Center, so he's working full time, too. My DIL is a therapist, and telehealth is going through the roof with people dealing with so many emotional issues right now. If you're in a "lucky" group, then help those who aren't. It takes a village, even if the village has several hundred million people in it. Be safe, wash your hands, and whomever you are living with, hug them.
  5. Cooking: just made applesauce cake yesterday. OMG, sooooo good and talk about comfort food! Lots and LOTS of good TV: Saw this article this morning; good stuff coming up this month - https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/27/entertainment/netflix-hulu-amazon-april/index.html?utm_term=158609007130877193d0900e7&utm_source=Five+Things+for+Sunday%2C+April+5+2020&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=195858_1586090071314&bt_ee=A33tXyyPrS%2FR2e9jpr77p0slkc%2F4qcbSmPox8O6d9VZl%2BHVskgQM1OcfnTj%2Fwxd8&bt_ts=1586090071314 Reading: The Guardians by John Grisham. If you use an e-reader, then check the kindle books available at your local library. Free downloads. Get library logins from you family that live in other areas, and share yours. Bookbub.com is a wonderful source of free-to-$3 books. Sign up for a daily email. Video calls with family: We got a "tour" of our son's office yesterday. He goes in on weekends to do in-office work when no one is there. Today is younger son and les bebes. I've asked them to put the tropical hats and clothes we bought the wee ones on our cruises, and we will wear ours, too. Hugging Mr. Pcur....a lot....every day......after washing our hands! 😁
  6. Sent to me from a few friends: "What a long year this week has been" The following video. I call them the Gee Bees, because after 2 chocolate martinis, that's what I call the Bee Gees, anyway: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=stayin+inside+video#id=23&vid=626fcbe23dba48522cd4add6d67ad325&action=click A little California humor: A RECAP OF THE LAST THREE WEEKS* Author UnknownAMERICA: Oh my god! Coronavirus! What should we do?CALIFORNIA: Shut down your state.AMERICA: Wait... what? Why?CALIFORNIA: Because 40 million people live here and we did it early, and it’s working.OHIO: Whoa... whoa... let’s not be hasty now. The president said that this whole coronavirus thing is a democratic hoax.CALIFORNIA: He also said that windmills cause cancer. Shut down your state.TEXAS: But the president said that we only have 15 cases and soon it'll be zero.CALIFORNIA: The president can’t count to fifteen. Nor even spell it.Shut down your state.NEW JERSEY: Us too?CALIFORNIA: Yes, you guys too. Just like when Christie shut down the bridge, but it’s your whole state.FLORIDA: But what about all these kids here on spring break?? They spend a lot of money here!CALIFORNIA: Those kids invented the tide pod challenge. Shut down your state.LOUISIANA: But wait let’s have Mardi Gras first. It entertains people.CALIFORNIA: It also kills them. Shut it down.GEORGIA: Ok well how about we keep the state open for all of our mega churches? Maybe we can all pray really hard until the coronavirus just goes away!CALIFORNIA: Which is working like a charm for mass shootings. Jesus told us to tell you to shut down your state.OKLAHOMA: What about the tigers?CALIFORNIA: What about a dentist. Shut it down.WYOMING: Hold up, maybe we should go county by county like the president said.CALIFORNIA: Stop acting like there are counties in Wyoming. There are no counties in Wyoming. Wyoming is a county. Shut it down.PENNSYLVANIA: But big coal.CALIFORNIA: But big death. Shut it.WEST VIRGINIA: But we were the last state to get coronavirus!CALIFORNIA: And don’t make us explain to you why that was. Shut it down.NORTH CAROLINA: But the republican national convention is coming here!CALIFORNIA: SHUT... ok fine do what you want.
  7. I'm going back to my pre-COVID19 life (with additional hand washing 😉) as soon as it's safe. I've managed to survive a whopping case of Hong Kong flu (pre-vaccines in 1968), and weathered through SARS, MERS, and a variety of avian flu varieties, so if I get through this, it will be back to my interrupted life with a new vaccine under my belt, so to speak.
  8. It's going to be interesting when the cruise industry rolls back online again. How to attract all those passengers? Lower prices and get volume, or increase prices and get loyalists? I was told by a Loyalty Ambassador on one of RCCL's ship last year that they were meeting in January this year to discuss the C&A program, and make changes during 1Q 2020. With COVID19 popping up, they might have had the meeting, but I'm sure nothing will change until they start cruising again full time. The problem is they know that all the cruise lines are going to be doing the same thing: try to attract as many customers as possible. With all the bad press, I'm thinking the hardest hit by COVID19 media attention, RCC, Princess, and HAL, will be concentrating hard on frequent cruisers and loyalists. That market is more likely to book cruises than newbies who will be nervous. Just my opinion, but I think the "comeback" and the loyalty programs will be examined at the same time.
  9. Non-refundable deposits usually come with a $100 per person change/cancellation fee if cancelled before 75 days before sailing.
  10. I agree. Regardless of the statistics, it's what's happening with the "feet on the ground" that is shocking all of us. The pandemics we had before never, ever got to this level of infection. It's the infection rate that drives the death rate: more infections, more deaths. That's what I keep reading: it's how easily this bug is transmitted, and unlike others before it, it doesn't manifest in the first few days. So, people walk around with it and infect other people without knowing they have it. My older son is in a "essential business" in CA, but he chooses to work from home and self-isolate. He knows that if he walks into that small office, it's not just him and the others, but everyone he's been exposed to, and everyone they've been exposed to, in the last 14 days. I explained that to him: you and about 500 of your unknown friends are there!!
  11. The point I was making is they made it through, regardless of what they had to do to survive. I remember they pulled completely out of the West Coast because of the drug wars in Mexico, and they haven't been back. They have a tendency to land on their feet. We all thought it was close to the end when we experienced the whole over-$100/barrel fiasco, and then they got sued, and then we had the garbage dumping up in Alaska. Still in business. Their survival technique? LOTS of cash on hand!
  12. Just my opinion, but I've been with this company for 46 years: We have 4 cruises booked: 2 this Nov/Dec, 1 in April 2021, and 1 in November 2021. All leave from US ports, so we will fly Southwest, and get their 1 year credit for any cancelled flights. RCCL has already established their pattern: they will offer relaxed cancellation policies during a certain time frame if the virus cycles back through again. We will wait and see, and will be taking the 125% FCC if it's offered. RCCL is smart. They knew the stimulus bill just passed by Congress would not help them, because they are not registered in the US. They went out before the bill was passed and got a $2 billion loan, bolstering their cash reserves to just under $4 billion. They didn't stay in business for 51 years by being dumb. They have survived through the oil embargo in the 1970's, SARS, MERS, hurricanes, and the 2008-2012 bad economy. Also, they will not alienate large portions of their customer base. I think they will continue the heightened sanitizing on their ships, and as soon as they think it's safe they will drop the doctor's "permission slip" for passengers over 70. IF they continue to remain cautious about older passengers, they may require some type of health statement for passengers over a certain age. I have seen people on cruises over the last 12 months that I worried about, and told my husband a year ago that I thought they would have to start screening for health issues. I'm talking about people who looked 85-95 years old. A year later, they have a virus, and they ask for health reports for over 70 passengers. The footprint is there: they could continue it for much older passengers. For the next 18 months, I believe they will not be lowering their prices, but will be more flexible about changes and cancellations for flu season bookings.
  13. As long as it's advisable, we plan to take all 4 of our currently booked cruises in 2020 an 2021.
  14. I agree completely: I read several travel insurance policies a few weeks ago, and they all EXCLUDE epidemics. You have to pay the higher premium for cancel-for-any-reason coverage, and even then it might not be covered. However, RCCL should be allowing for exceptions, and I would escalate this situation. If the passenger called to cancel anytime after mid-February, they should get their credits/refunds. There were articles about the Diamond Princess by 2/14/20.
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