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  1. pcur

    D+ & Pinnacle "call center"

    Well, since they always ask for your C&A number, my guess is they would transfer you to the regular C&A number. I've talked to the D+/P reps several times in the last month and found them very pleasant and helpful.
  2. pcur

    Guest services for euros?

    I prefer to get Euro's from the ship's Customer Service. It's much more convenient to walk up anytime before you reach the port, get the the Euros, and be done with it. I don't like getting off the ship and hunting for a money exchange desk or kiosk, along with a LOT of other people. I find the fee worth the convenience, and I've never had an extra service charge added. For small amounts of Euros, it's well worth the extra few dollars. RCCL does not provide Euro coins, so they round up or down. I actually gave a guy in front of me a $1 bill so he could complete his transaction on one cruise: a la the person in front of you at the grocery store whose caught short.
  3. I agree. With ships that hold 6,000 passengers, you're going to have a larger number of upper tier C&A. We found the Allure public areas to be overcrowded in general on our cruise. We won't sail the mega ships any more.
  4. The information I received was in MTD is the staff receive the tips for the actual NUMBER of people they serve each night. The tips are guaranteed for each person they serve. Therefore, we don't want to slow down the process, and let them know we won't be needing our table that evening.
  5. Yes, but each evening as you go into the dining room, they log your cabin number to the table they assign you. This way the tips for that evening go to the specific waiter/assistant waiter at that table. We reserve a table for every night in MTD, so if we don't show, that table sits empty for the period of time they will hold it for us, thus slowing down the flow of passengers to that table. Of course our tips go to the general pool, but if one has a table reserved, then it's a good idea to notify the kiosk at the entrance that you won't be using that table the next night if you are dining in a specialty restaurant. That way the table gets filled promptly, instead of sitting empty for 15-30 minutes.
  6. This is like the olden days when they had a "Pier Coordinator" off to the side of the check-in counters, and you'd go there to see if you could get an upgrade. Used to have a price schedule, too, and it was posted here on CC. Something like $100 per cabin from ov to balcony. We got complimentary upgrades several times in our early days of cruising. Just like Pavlov's dog, Mr. pcur wistfully hopes they will give us an upgrade every. single. cruise.
  7. pcur

    Best fan for my cabin?

    We take a fan very similar to this one, only ours is 10". We got it for about $15 at Walmart. It is battery or power cord operated. We pack the fan with the batteries and the power cord in a ziplock bag outside the fan, so it's all visible during x-ray scanning. We've never had it confiscated or end up in the naughty room. It went through fine on RCCL twice, NCL once, and HAL once, all since the beginning of 2017, with RCCL this October 2018.
  8. Whenever RCCL advertises "BOGO" pricing of any kind, the price they show is the average price per person. The price IS the BOGO amount.
  9. pcur

    Tips for flying with Spirit Airlines

    I'll still check it out next time I want to book Spirit. And, I found this helpful too: https://customersupport.spirit.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000381132-Preferred-Ticketing-Hours
  10. Just to clarify, because I specifically asked about this when checking a price with my TA for an onboard booking reservation I have. The OBC received for booking onboard is NOT affected by changes to the reservation, unless you change the date/ship. That OBC is untouchable from the original booking onboard. Any PROMO OBC can change to whatever is being offered at the time of the change. OP: keep an eye on the prices, and if they go down, then make your request again for the 150% price. Just because the price is higher now doesn't mean it will stay that way.
  11. pcur

    Cuba Travel Insurance

    Yes, the fee charged by RCCL includes the Cuban health insurance fee, and covers medical emergencies, repatriation of remains, and medical evacuation. However, I found no information on what the benefits actually are, their copays, or their limits. So, it's wise to buy an extra policy. The policy I got had solid medical benefits, includes travel insurance benefits, and is in addition to what is included in that purchased from the Cuban government with RCCL's Cuban visa fee. For an extra $4 a day, I at least I know what I'm getting. I specifically entered Cuba as my destination to make sure the coverage would be valid there. This is what the extra $30 covers: Emergency Medical $10,000 per person, Secondary coverage Medical Deductible No Medical Deductible Medical Evacuation & Repatriation $100,000 per person Travel Delay $300 per person, $100 daily limit, Covered after 12 hour delay Baggage Delay $200 per person, Covered after 24 hour delay Baggage & Personal Items Loss $750 per person, $250 per item, $500 specific items limit Missed Connection $300 per person, Covered after 12 hour delay, Cruise and tour only Flight Only AD&D Not selected Rental Car Damage Not selected Money Back Guarantee Free look up to 14 days after purchase 24 Hour Assistance Service 24 hour assistance provided Identity Theft Covered
  12. pcur

    Tips for flying with Spirit Airlines

    Fascinating! I will remember this next time. Going east to west we live less than 20 minutes from the airport, and going west to east I can take BART for a few dollars each way to buy the ticket. Most Spirit flights are with at least one stop, so that would be $30 one way, $60 roundtrip per person, right? That's $120 roundtrip for two!!!
  13. pcur

    Cuba Travel Insurance

    We got ours from Travelinsured.com, and bought the Worldwide Trip Protector. Cost was $27 - $30 per person for a 7 night cruse, and the cost is determined from each passenger's age. The requirement is mostly because the Cuban government wants to make sure visitors have medical insurance that will pay inside Cuba.
  14. pcur

    RCL Vs Carnival

    Interesting thread. I just checked Carnival's loyalty program benefits, and that's a deal-breaker right there for me.
  15. pcur

    Sewing Clothes For A Cruise

    Thank you! It was the first, and probably only, time I've tried upholstery. Too stressful! I groaned when I read the alterations you had to do on your husband's shirts: collars and cuffs are such TIGHT, SMALL spaces to work in. You are a better woman than I. I would have probably done the collar, but talked him into two short sleeved shirts. Hahahahahahahaha