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  1. OK, thanks. At least the FCC can be used for more than one cruise, right? If they cancel our March/April cruises we will have a whopper FCC.
  2. I searched, and didn't find an answer. Hypothetical right now, but I want to be prepared: If I get an FCC for a cruise, can that be applied to a new booking as a deposit for both the cruise and EZAir if they are booked at the same time? We do not have air booked with the original cruise. Thanks!
  3. Perhaps there will be a lot of "cruises to nowhere" (with a stop at Ensenada or a port in the Caribbean) in the first half of 2021. The cruise we have booked for March 2021 has 18 sea days. I can see it being modified to include Ensenada with no debarking, and they give us a refund and FCC for the rest of the ports we are missing. We'd go in a heartbeat. From what I read this morning there are now 3 companies that have vaccines in late stages of trials. We will see. A 125% FCC is OK, but the itinerary is not being repeated for late 2021 or Spring 2022. That's a disappointment.
  4. My guess is the conversation got political, so the board mods deleted all of them after 7/13. I find this thread pretty fascinating, and I'm glad I'm all booked for 2021 and into 2022. I'll just sit tight and wait to see what Princes will do. We are among those that won't cruise unless we have had a vaccine shot.
  5. We've had some wonderful cruises out of San Pedro and San Diego on Princess and HAL. Until (if?) RCCL gets back to the West Coast, we are very happy with our choices. 10 night Mexico up into the Sea of Cortez (they both have 7 night cruises, but we prefer the 10 night itinerary) 28 night Hawaii and Tahiti 14 - 16 night Panama Canal: Princess to/from San Pedro, and HAL to/from San Diego 15 night Hawaii for both, some are from San Francisco with Princess
  6. Well, there not going to make money on us that way, either, because we are both eligible for the 150% single supplement.
  7. We always book an ocean view cabin, unless we can get a balcony for the same price with our D+ discount. Also, we get any alcoholic drinks from the evening happy hour for free. Of course the company doesn't get any of the cash tips we give the bar waiters during HH. But, when you take into consideration how many years we've cruised with them, they've made a decent profit from us, I guess.
  8. I'm surprised RCCL lets us get on any of their ships at all, since they are losing money when we sail. The only onboard spending we do is tips and about $50 in internet.
  9. The issue I had was the article required me to be logged into either Google, or Apple, or Facebook, not necessarily be a NYT subscriber. I don't like to be logged into Google or FB all the time, because they track your activity and I consider that to be invasive. I have to be logged into Apple to use my iphone.
  10. No, the promo was associated with another cruise I had cancelled within the last several days before receiving the email. I asked that the promo be applied to the 11/4/21 sailing, and they did.
  11. Let's see: organized all my Kindle books this morning, and I have GOT to stop looking at my bookbub.com offers. I now have 355 books to read, inlcluding 10 library books, and 17 Kindle Unlimited waiting for there to be room in my KU library. cruise planning and price tracking Instacart grocery orders, sanitizing, stocking cooking and/or curbside pick-up. We are about to go out to pick up lunch and go to the park to eat it Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video family calls and facetime administrivia
  12. I currently have 3 Princess cruises booked: I have used the promo on one, and I am going to ask to use this promo on another, and leave the third alone, as it has a high dollar balance, and I'm not going to put out that much money right now. My point of view for anyone that didn't get the email, is to call and ask for : Campaign code: PE0MS145 Reference promo code: MFP
  13. It was the Caribbean Princess for 11/4/21, and I booked it 7/22/20.
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