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  1. That looks amazing! I can't take it traveling with me, since I have committed myself to being a minimalist with carry-ons while flying. I even replaced my trusty Bose NC headphones with Beats. I do have a flat one in my travel accessories somewhere that has one plug in the back, 3 electrical in the front, and 2 or 3 USB. But, that's for charging on the cabin desk, while my power banks are for charging my phone near the bed. I have a new adjustable bed at home that has USB ports on both sides of the frame, and THAT'S wonderful for my phone at night!!
  2. Yes, you can get the cords up to 12 feet long. Just make sure it's the right connector for your device. Amazon and ebay both sell all sizes.
  3. I decided to try it on my 3 day Navi cruise next year. The price was reduced, and added an extra $33 a day, which I think is reasonable.
  4. I have several external power chargers I take with me traveling. I use them on airplanes, next to my hotel and cabin beds, when I'm out around the ship. I used one a few days ago when I had a power outage at home. My two favorites are the Aukey super slim charger, and my larger blackweb. The blackweb goes for a very long time, and has a digital display on the back that tells you how much charge is left. Nothing I hate worse than have my iphone battery go way down on a long flight.
  5. We were very "successful" in Barbados in January of 1976. Can't take a picture, as he's at a Grateful Dead tribute concert with in Chicago with 3 friends, all with masks and BinaxNOW test kits......my how times have changed.
  6. I hit the phone wall last week. I had phone on hold experiences that were truly awful. I know it's due to labor shortages, etc., but I have an additional wrinkle that adds extra pain. I called my TA last week to do a price check and cabin change on 3 cruises. I was on hold for 1.5 hours before I even got to talk to anyone. Why, you ask, do I put up with that. Because it's been this way for over a year, and I sort of got used to 30+ minutes on hold. But, this entire hellacious call lasted 4.5 hours! The TA on hold with RCCL, the RCCL rep didn't know what a DP340 promo code was (Diamond Plus solo discount), the RCCL rep disconnected because he didn't want to bother being on hold INTERNALLY at RCCL, and we started over. Another call took 45 minutes total to pay a $3 remaining balance for a cabin change: the TA's payment system wasn't working, and I couldn't do it myself. I've had it finally, and called the C&A number and confirmed in 5 minutes total time on the phone, that I could book with them in the future. They, at least, know immediately what a DP340 is. I may transfer to my old TA if the perks are good, but that's only if I don't want to get price drops, because then I'm right back in on hold hell. Good thing my Verizon calling plan is generous........................
  7. The dates have been changed recently: Book by 10/31/21, new cruise booked by 4/30/22, good for cruises through 12/31/22. What I do is just move the cruise and money to a new cruise and don't mess with a future cruise credit. I've done this multiple times in the past year. So, technically if you book by 10/31/21 you don't lose any money if you cancel or change your cruise. They are also allowing refunds instead of FCC's too, from what I've read. I don't book "solo" cabins on RCCL, as they are smaller. I book any cabin I can afford at a solo rate. Caveat: I get a Crown and Anchor discount because of my loyalty level. I now have inside virtual balcony, ocean view, spacious balcony, junior suite cabins booked.
  8. Well, there's..... Inside Dark Inside Lite (Promenade View) Inside With A View (Virtual Balcony)
  9. There is no shame. Your post reminds me of the scene in "Fried Green Tomatoes" where Kathy Bates rams the younger women's car, saying "Let's face it: I have more insurance". You should put a sign on your door that says, "Let's face it: I can buy more cruises". 😀
  10. This is a home test, but there are two Binax testing products. BinaxNOW is the one that is proctored online with a telehealth visit, and is accepted by RCCL. The ones sold at Walgreen's are not accepted by RCCL, because the results are not verified by a health professional, and you cannot (for now) buy BinaxNOW test kits at retail pharmacies in the US.
  11. I remember when my husband and I got our first tests last year. I told him after watching him that I took a breath as the swab was approaching, held it, and then breathed out from my nose when it was done. MUCH less aggravation. He did that the second tests we had.
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