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  1. Capris or lightweight long pants and one of these type of tops:
  2. I still dab it on my eyelids and under my eyes every morning now. Even without the full monty treatment with the baking soda, it tightens the skin nicely for the day. Been using the gel for 5 months now.
  3. I was discussing this thread with my husband over lunch the other day. He was bewildered, being a man and having pockets in all his pants since he was in kindergarten. So, I explained the anatomy differences, and told him that wearing pants with pockets for a woman is like having THREE layers of fabric added to each hip; like wearing grocery sacks on my hips! He got it, then. The solution, and why the women's garment makers haven't figured this out in the last 150 years, is the way men's pockets are made. They are usually a different, MUCH lighter, fabric. Kind of like cotton lining fabric. Why don't they do that for women?????? I always topstitch across the top of the pocket opening, and then trim it up the side seams and across the top from the inside. If they are side pockets only, I stitch them up the side seams and get rid of them.
  4. That dress keeps the girls in a good place, too! You have more on top than the model, but that dress keeps the ladies well. Did you have to sew in cups or anything?
  5. Whatever cruise port we leave from, we've pretty much switched to Uber. It pretty much eliminates the wait time for a shuttle. Shuttle prices that I found from MCO to Cocoa Beach were $58 for two people, and Uber was $60. I also preload money on my Uber app for my iphone, and the transaction doesn't include any cash or credit card. Having the whole car to ourselves is nice, too. We will Uber from the airport to our hotel, and then the next day take Uber again to the port. Then, port to airport after. No shuttles, no buses, just stand and wait.
  6. I also would like to reinforce the same thing as kccrzr above: you have to book with transfer companies that are licensed to come into the port. Otherwise, the cheaper ones are located at the off-site pick-up area where the free shuttle will take you. I recommend you first find your roll call and see if other passengers on your cruise are organizing transfers. We did this, and it worked out great: 35Euros each. This web site is handy, too: https://www.civitavecchiaport.org/shared-shuttle-service/ You join a group for your ship and debarkation date.
  7. I agree, but take all the products. For instance, up until 6 months ago I had a single process color for my hair, BUT because there was a natural red undertone to my natural color, my stylist would have to add some "blue" peroxide to the mix. So, make sure you take the usual lightener product, as well as the color product. Different types of peroxide products will produce different colors, especially in blondes. I am now with my natural hair color, and it turned out to be dark blonde (mix of silver and brunette) on my short sides and back, with platinum/silver on top. Natural highlights on top!! Who'd of thought that, but it was all covered up by blonde for decades.
  8. When you renew your passport, you are given and new passport number. Since your GE is linked to your passport number, you have to have the new number linked, and they will only do that in person to verify you and the passport. At least that was the policy in late 2017.
  9. Glad to hear this. Last time I looked it was more expensive, but I'm almost exclusively Southwest, Spirit, or JetBlue for domestic flights. It's the long hauls that I look for more amenities and comfort.
  10. Sounds like GE heaven!! Remember, I was referring to SFO, and it was pretty crazy out there in the waiting area.
  11. I suggest you look at Alaska and Southwest Airlines, since they charge the same for a flight whether it's one way or roundtrip. I have found if you book a multi-city itinerary, the cost is higher.
  12. I booked British Airways for us after our cruise this past April. I got both of us British Airways credit cards, spent the required amount on both (paying for the cruises, hotels, etc.), and combined the points into a household account. I then booked us one way in Business Class FCO-MIA with points, plus cash, plus seat fees. Total cost for two of us was $1,079, plus seat fees. I've done this before from London with points donated from my son, and transferring Chase Sapphire points to my BA account. You don't have to look at airfare by the $$ cost if you have a year to get the credit cards, pay for things you have to pay for anyway, and use points to offset the costs.
  13. I agree. British Airways has their booking window open 360 days in advance.
  14. I got my GE done 2 years ago, and at that time Las Vegas had an interview office at the airport. It was like crickets outside that office, and my friend and I were done in about 20 minutes total. THEN, we had an overnight in Vegas!!! I had to get my passport renewed the end of September 2017. Completely different experience. Much to my dismay they had closed the Las Vegas office (guess they heard too many crickets), and I had to go to dreaded SFO, which has an average of a 6 month waiting period. I called them and they said not to make an appointment, but come as a walk-in. I took BART, read a book on my iphone, and had the 45 second interview to get my new passport number recorded in the system. It took about 30 minutes waiting for it. The trick to walk-in appointments is to go BEFORE they first open the office in the morning, and sign-in when they come out to see whose waiting.
  15. pcur

    SW from FLL

    It's happening all over the US with SW right now. Weather and Max8 are causing disruptions. I've had it happen in DTW and OAK in the last month. I'm starting to look at flights that have long layovers as insurance against their delays. Also, any nonstops I can find, like OAK-HOU.
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