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  1. We got off the Jewel this morning. Slept with queen pad shown in the picture for 41 nights! Heaven! Put it across lengthwise, and the pillow goes where the pad ends at the top. Squished in the suitcase worked fine.
  2. We started with RCCL in 1973 when they had been in business for 4 years. We heard about cruising from a family friend, and thought it a little odd sounding. Then, at the drive-in movie one night (remember those, anyone?), we saw a commercial with pictures of the midnight buffet, and decided to give it a try. Song of Norway first, fell in love with cruising, then a 2 week cruise 6 months later. We were hooked for life! This week we start our 50th Anniversary cruise odyssey, and now I know it's RCCL's 50th Anniversary, too!
  3. I'm not sure if what happened to us was a fluke, or possible again. We turned over my husband's insulin to housekeeping on the Rhapsody last year to put in their fridge, and they FROZE it. What a nightmare replacing it, too. The doctor on board the ship pitched a huge fit over it, and had 4 bottles delivered to our cabin about 30 seconds after we docked in Cozumel the next morning. I guess he called ahead to a pharmacy and told them to be on the ship right away! The doctor said they needed to provide some additional training to the housekeeping staff, obviously.
  4. I'm not trying to sway anyone's opinion one way or the other, but in US $$, this fee is an average of 15 CENTS per country, per year if you went to all the countries covered by it each year. OK, that's a little ambitious, so let's say you go to 1 country per year, or 1 country every 2 years.........it's still super inexpensive. But, we all define our "straw" that will break the camel's back.................
  5. We are about to start our second extended cruise/land vacation since my husband started injecting insulin. He uses needles. We were concerned about the large supply he would need to take with him this time (our trip is 76 days), so we have two solutions. Last year we purchased a battery and electrical operated mini-fridge for storing insulin bottles. It works great. I bought it on Amazon, and it's money well spent, because you aren't at the mercy of melting baggies of ice, and can travel with it. Charge up the battery pack and it's good for 10 hours. Anywhere along the way, like airports, recharge with any electrical outlet. Once on the ship it just plugs into an electrical socket in the cabin. Holds 6 vials of insulin. This upcoming trip, he has to take 22 vials, so he "invented" his own travel cooler. He bought one of these: put a large size vegetable can, empty, clean, and no top, inside. He then purchased a blue ice gel pack, opened it, and poured the gel around the can inside the mug. Put it in the freezer upright. The gel freezes around the can, and he can fit 14 vials inside the can. With the airtight lid on, the gel keeps the insulin cold for literally days. While traveling he puts the mug in his backpack and takes it out going through security. Tells them what is in both the mug and fridge, they may look inside, and we're good to go. Never an issue. Once the blue gel defrosts, he asks the cabin steward to refreeze it for him, and puts the 14 vials in a plastic bag on ice while it's freezing. So, 2 vials at room temperature (good for 28 days), 14 in the mug, and 6 in the mini-fridge.
  6. My husband loves this style hat. The mesh sides keep your head cooler, the top keeps the sun and rain off, the drawstring keeps the hat on in windy conditions. This picture is from Amazon, but he's found them at CVS, too, and Walmart.
  7. OK, in the spirit of true confessions: I wear mine in my bra and set it to vibrate!!
  8. I agree. Whatever the rules are, I'm happy to be a C&A member. It's one of the most generous loyalty programs around, and I appreciate everything they send our way. Loss of priority boarding = meh. We're on the ship in plenty of time. I think they've streamlined the boarding process (in many ports), so priority boarding isn't as attractive as it used to be. Changed out the welcome aboard snacks = meh. I get all the munchies I can handle on any RCCL ship. Crowding in the DL = slightly irritating. We take our drinks and my appetizers out into the nearest lounge. I am so very grateful for the happy hour. I think sailing on other cruise lines makes those of us who are D and above appreciate what we have even more. At least that's how I feel about it, and if anyone looked at my posts from the dark ages, I've been saying this since then!
  9. Please read my post #61. I think you misunderstood my meaning.
  10. Personally, I like sarcasm; I think it's usually self-deprecating and humorous. My husband is huge on sarcasm. To the point that I sometimes tell him I don't need "it or snarky" right now!
  11. Hind sight is not constructive: it just chastises the person for not doing something you think they should have done, and it doesn't help. Premiums at the age of the OP's parents are exorbitantly expensive, and not a good option. Senior outreaches, A&A benefits, disability benefits: those are the true helpful suggestions.
  12. Methinks someone needs to look up the definition of "hostile", and see if the shoe fits or not.
  13. jc is sarcastic, but not really hostile. He should use the "sarcasm" font....
  14. And, if they don't? Do you have anything constructive to suggest?
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