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  1. They had them scheduled at 1 or 2 pm on sea days out to Honolulu, but nothing except 7pm going back. 1 and 7 are not greeat for late eaters.
  2. I let my hair go to it’s natural color a year ago, and I like it better than the blond. Who’d have thought I would end up with blended platinum gray and brunette back, more platinum sides, and all platinum frosting on top???? We both get haircuts within 5 days of leaving, and I get a pedi the day before. Clothes are all staged 2weeks before we leave, and a moratorium on Amazon or ebay purchases 10 days before.
  3. We are on the Oosty now, from 11/6 - 11/30, Hawaii and Mexico. So far it’s VERY quiet: almost ghost-towny quiet. We are enjoying our cruise, and the service and food is excellent. Only cold area is the Explorer’s Cafe on deck 10. However, it has lovely soft music playing all the time. A dearth of live music, which is a big change from our last HAL cruise. No music today, for instance, until 7 pm. We are accustomed to pianists, violnists, duets, trios during happy hour. Unless you go to the casino or BB King’s in the evening, it’s crickets on this ship. We find HAL’s tender process archaic. 2 lifeboats running with 2,000 passengers, and it takes until noon to get to open tendering. So, tickets are required, which is waiting lines even with a ticket. We gave up in Kona: we’d have a few hours and then long lines to get back to the ship in the afternoon. This is the way we tendered in the 1970’s with 800 passengers. HAL needs to put more tender boats in service. Outside partially obstructed cabin is lovely on deck 4. Floor to ceiling window; roomy cabin.
  4. Yes, we request a table for a specific time. The “my time” is just that: we pick ou preferred time.
  5. Reporting back on the Ramada. It’s a nice place! Not luxury, but checks all the boxes for a pre-cruise hotel: staff is great clean, clean, clean upgraded rooms; smaller than some hotels great seafood restaurants across the street, closing at 7-9pm Little Italy delivery dinner was very tasty Prompt free shuttle at airport Free cruise port shuttle is at noon
  6. Depends on what I find for where I want to go. The date is not particularly important, but the itinerary is. I search for where we want to cruise, and pick the best price. That's usually a year out, but recently I've booked a month in advance, and cancelled on a year ahead. We got double the nights for the same price. I keep my signature updated with our future cruises, which go out to March 2021 right now.
  7. I cannot remember how many times I have suffered through someone else's loud phone conversation, and wanted to walk by as I left and say, "Say hi to xyz for me!!", because I always feel like I'm in the conversation with them. I once had a man doing this IN MY FACE while waiting for the dining room to open one evening. If I ever get in this kind of situation again, I'm going to put on my "REALLY?????" face for the person. If it's quiet texting or reading: none of my business. If I cannot talk to my husband: MY business.
  8. I would do this, but not through the same TA, as I don't think they can do it. I'm assuming this is for planning/decision-making purposes. Make sure the deposits are refundable.
  9. I have yet to find a Big Box agent I didn't like. They are really great, and are not allowed to get off the call until they have finished/solved the problem/whatever. I was on for 1.5 hours with one guy that said he liked the complicated issue calls: they made the time go by faster and were more interesting! Also, they honor any promos offered by the cruise line, plus their OBC or cash card.
  10. We always use Big Box. They give healthy OBC for HAL cruises, plus have blocks of cabins at somewhat reduced rates. Right now we are booked on a 24 night HAL cruise and the OBC is $215 with an ocean view cabin. Big Box's OBC is based on how much you spend on the booking.
  11. We decided a year ago when my husband's insulin was frozen by housekeeping on a cruise ship, that we would take our own mini-fridge. We just got tired of playing the guessing game about if and what kind of refrigeration would be available in the cabin. The mini-fridge holds 6 bottles of insulin, and keeps the temp inside at 5-C constantly. It's electrical, and we take a back-up external power source in case of an odd power outage on the ship. All of this packs into a space the size of a small shoe box. To transport the insulin, he packs the bottles in an insulate mug with baggies of ice. If we are on a short flight, we even take the medication in the mini fridge on the plane with us, but not packed in a bag. It requires air flow. No more guessing or concern about his medication.
  12. The issue is unless noted as accessible or disabled, tours are designed for a majority of cruisers, and accessible features are not emphasized. My recommendation is to take "on your own" type of tours where you can go at your own pace, and the "tour" is mostly a narrative on the bus and transportation. My husband has severe arthritis in his back, so we usually buy hop on/off bus tickets, take public buses, or the above mentioned "on your own" tours. He carries a lightweight collapsible stool with a shoulder strap, so he can sit when needed if nothing is available nearby. There is also no uniformity on how much each cruise line offers for accessible / disabled excursions. This is RCCL's web site: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/accessible-shore-excursions This is HAL's web site: Holland America Line is committed to providing safe, easy, and accessible accommodations for all persons with disabilities, to the extent that is feasible. The tours are graded according to their relative level of activity. The activity icons that appear at the beginning of each tour description provide a general idea of the level of activity to expect. It is important to keep in mind that tour operators are subject to the laws of their own country with respect to accommodating the needs of guests with disabilities. In most foreign countries, the laws are not as stringent as those in the United States. We cannot guarantee that all are able to provide facilities that are accessible to individuals with disabilities and third party shore excursion facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with disabilities. For detailed information on accessibility of shore excursions, we strongly recommend contacting our shore excursions reservations department well in advance of embarkation at 1-888-425-9376 (or locally at 206-626-7320). Once onboard, please visit the shore excursions office.
  13. We found Alaska and Oahu tours very expensive. There was so much scenery to see cruising the inside passage that we didn't feel deprived by not booking tours. In Hawaii we take the public buses a lot. A good way to see the surroundings, and I research places we might want to stop to see along the way. One of our favorite experiences was on a public bus going up to Turtle Bay. We nicknamed the older lady bus driver "The Queen of Oahu". She was a hoot!!
  14. Hawaii: https://www.tombarefoot.com/activities/cat/handicap-accessible/55/ As far as West and East coasts in the US, it's best to search on the region or city. For instance: "San Francisco accessible tours", etc.
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