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  1. That's awful! I had the flu on my transatlantic on the jewel last fall and it was not fun. Good thing about it was it occurred during the 4-5 sea days so I didn't miss any islands. Theres always a next time...
  2. Back in 2016, we spent 3 days pre cruise in culebra. We flew a jumper plane over. This was one of the most beautiful islands. Great beaches, restaurants,... I just loved it. I highly recommend doing this pre cruise. On our way back we flew in a jumper to ceiba then rented a car and drove to el yungue, then dropped the car off and went to our cruise. One of my favorite trips...
  3. My husband and I had a 415 flight last November and when we got off our ship around 830, we went to the Marriott which sells day passes. I've been to both places and the Marriott hands down is much better. You have the beach and the pool. There is a shower. They provide towels. AND they store your luggage. We had our backpacks that we put our change of clothes in and stayed until 130, then took a cab to the airport. The san Juan is a restaurant on a beach. Yes it's nice, the food is good, but it's not as nice as the Marriott. What sold me was the shower and the towels.
  4. I could not view my reservation. My husband couldn't link his. After 11 days an msc rep deleted our accounts and had us reapply. She worked with me back and forth via email. After 5-6 weeks, I can finally access my booking thanks to an extremely diligent csr. So there is hope. The site is great once you can get it to work with your information
  5. My husband and I are returning here with the hotel day pass for $35 in April. I really liked it here. I remember the pizza being decent and this is high praise from one from outside Philadelphia. There was a small convenience store near there where I remember us stocking up on soda for the kids (we used the day rooms refrigerator and some munchies). Pool was beautiful. Good massage on beach.
  6. I know I wouldn't pay for a chair in the sun all day. I always find something on the deck above the pool areas in the front or back. Occasionally I do like to sit near the pool and my only gripe is not people who abandon their stuff but people who take up a row of maybe 5 chairs in the shade and 5 chairs in the sun. This is ruder than someone who just may be in the bathroom or pool
  7. We have the same issue. Arrive at 5pm and leave at 1230am from msc seaside next January. I've seen the forts, rode bikes, el yungue... I sent out emails to the bio bay companies with no response. Bacardi plant will be closed. Other than bars and restaurants, there really isn't much to do activity wise exploring the city. I looked at some night food tours and they start at 5.
  8. I'm blind as a bat and still use my contacts with snorkeling. I probably wouldn't see once I took the mask off which is why I probably never invested in the prescription goggles. I usually do shore snorkeling but have done the boats where it can be tricky seeing the ladder for me. Never had water in my eyes but then again I am used to not opening under water unless I have goggles or a mask.
  9. We took a cab from airport to Walmart, then a cab from Walmart to pier.
  10. I have been researching this also as we will be there in January 2020. So far no company has returned a response. It looks like the pickups are at 5-530? I usually hate ship excursions but if MSC offers this, I may take them up on it. Otherwise, I am wandering around the bars of San Juan
  11. I'm using aqua fun bonaire. It's a 2 stop snorkeling trip. He takes a small group out for 3-4 hours. No lunch. $55 a person. We have our own stuff but I think he has snorkeling equipment.
  12. I used the number that was on our edocs for the reservations department for NCL. I also called American Airlines which was whom I have my flight with in April. At the time that I called American, our booking had not been "ticketed" or "released" so they couldn't help me.
  13. I actually now have an MSC rep that has been working on the problem since yesterday. We are almost there. My husbands is 90% fixed. Problem was (and I kept asking this question over and over...) his birthday was backwards as in the "european" way. Then they mixed up (how I have NO idea) the emails with my account and his. We have the original booking letter that went to his email address with his name. We actually had to create new gmail accounts in order for them to fix the problem with the birthday. They are now working on mine. Unfortunately with all this change, they have our status match back to a newbie; however, I was contacted by both the Voyager club and this rep via email reassuring me that the problem would be fixed and they know we are gold. So hopefully after calling daily for over a month, we can get this fixed 100%. I originally a couple of days ago called the existing booking extension instead of IT who were either snippy or clueless (sorry, but that's what I dealt with) and said I cruise at least 2x a year now which isn't much but its something. I said I liked the look of the MSC product and was excited to try it but the website was so aggravating that honestly we were just going to cancel and pick another ship on another line, we were that disappointed. The rep was really nice and forwarded all the info to the current rep who is helping me now. What is good is I told her just email me with questions as I really cannot be on hold for an hour during work. That alone has been great.
  14. We live an hour from nyc in south Jersey. We always rent a car for the day and drive up, drop it off, then uber or Lyft to port. It is easier if leaving out of bayonne but we have done it in nyc. We drop car off at Newark airport then take train to gcs, then taxi or uber to port.
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