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  1. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates This will be a bit of reading but it may have answers for you. It looks like a negative Covid test will be required pre cruise 5 days and under. You don't need to quarantine in NJ for 14 days (unless you want to). No one really knows the answers yet to traveling pre cruise and arriving 1 day prior as opposed to same day travel. But I think 14 days is a little excessive. And yes, it would be nice to actually get answers to questions posted here instead of the same people informing you that you aren't going to cruise. If they are so negative, why are they on a cruise forum 24/7?
  2. Thx!! I will need one for my rccl cruise out of san juan.
  3. I absolutely agree with this. They will probably contact more local vendors and have staggered times for excursions. Im already seeing evidence of this on 2 upcoming cruises of mine in the Caribbean for RCCL. RCCL is having a lot of 25% off for the excursions. I am one who rents a car and drives around or contacts small group vendors for snorkeling trips. I do not like crowds or the inevitable bathroom and shopping breaks. I dont like being on active ship or private excursions such as hiking or snorkeling with people who cant walk up one flight of steps. But this ship sponsored will not be forever. I honestly dont mind and will go along as long as the excursions are properly socially distanced with a few people per van...etc...
  4. Unfortunately its pretty much my only hope. Im sure this wont be permanent once things ease back to normal. One good thing is the price is cut 25% now and I dont think they will dare pack the excursions. Do you remember if they stuck with Carlisle or if they went elsewhere? My husband and I have our own stuff and are pretty adept at avoiding the kickers/splashers.
  5. Roll call is non existant and I thought it would be better to post on the barbados board as it is a barbados question. Plus I get tired of the same canned responses by the same people saying why would you book an excursion when you aren't going to cruise...etc... I really wanted to get feedback from someone who took this prior to Covid-19.
  6. I have this excursion in my cart ready to purchase. It is the 5 star Tiami excursion that includes lunch. If anyone has taken this, do you remember which beach they went to? Was it solely in Carlisle Bay? Also, it looks very likely that the cruises will start with ship excursions only. Ive been to Barbados numerous times. I know about the big catamarans and private tours. There is a very strong chance I will not be able to take those private tours for a year or 2. My questions are just related to this excursion. Thanks in advance.
  7. In other words, clearing tables, pouring water, coffee... and cleaning. My favorite people in the buffet!! I never knew their titles. I usually just look at their names and where they are from on their badges.
  8. Im seeing quite a few afternoon excursions popping up on my cruise planner which I interpret as they are trying to keep the numbers lower for each excursion so they are offering alternative times. It may not be that bad IF 1. They limit the number of participants, 2. Make the price more realistic and 3. Eliminate the 1 hour shopping and bathroom break part. I despise ship excursions but will do them if needed.
  9. actually a couple of days ago I switched an excursion for a different one that I bought the day prior not using any OBC. My credit card was credited today. And a couple of months ago when they had a similar sale, I had RCCL excursions department credit my credit card for the difference with no issues.
  10. Did any of the exams for the children show any heart damage or any abnormalities? Im just curious.
  11. Well you did mention health services so naturally I assumed medical. And there's no need to overreact about the restaurant staff. True, obviously I am not in the restaurant field. Im in the medical field so naturally I see things differently.
  12. The way I see it its cutting down the amount of people on board for social distancing. Also note the increase of medical personnel which would help with health issues. And an increase in housekeeping is also health related (cleaning). So they cut bar staff and restaurant? Id rather have the increase in medical and housekeeping.
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