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  1. I'm glad to hear they read the surveys. I have commended all of my cabin stewards and given them 10s with why I did so. What's interesting is on one rccl cruise I commented on the survey that I didnt like the close tables in the MDR last fall on the jewel. By January, they had us off to the side on the vision. Could be coincidental but maybe not.
  2. We are also turning diamond after our TA brilliance in a few weeks. I so wish we could use the benefits mid cruise as I believe we hit the milestone on day 8 on a 15 day cruise. I know you cant but it would be nice if you could. We got to it pretty quickly with 7 cruises however all but 1 were over 10 days. Now onto diamond plus!
  3. We were in the same areas in November of 2017 and we actually did go in water but up to our waists. It was pretty cold. Also, I remember both islands beaches being windy so we had some sand. We went to papagano in lanzarote and maspalomas in gran canaria. I'd rent a car and explore. Stop at the beaches just to see them, especially the sand dunes of maspolomas in canaria. I thought they were really neat.
  4. I've done this but with Solomon water taxi. Snorkeling is great in both areas. What's also nice is there are showers in both places to rinse off.
  5. Bonaire you can snorkel from divi beach resort. Theres chairs there and snorkeling is good. Cayman you can walk to eden rock and snorkel. 0.3 miles from ferry dock. They have rentals there for snorkeling gear. Aruba, you can take a cab to boca catalina but there really isnt chairs there to rent or snorkeling gear. I'd use that day for a nice beach day. I would definitely snorkel in cayman. I do recommend stingray sailing for caymen. They will help you with any snorkeling.
  6. You could try renting cicar at airport.
  7. Thx for posting this. I called and received the price drop. I now owe $1.46 on my November 2020 cruise. 😍
  8. We usually do the smaller ships. We've sailed with carnival, celebrity, rccl and this past April with Norwegian. All the ships were not the mega ships. I really liked Norwegian for the variety with the specialty restaurants, the $50 deposit, the free air up and back, 4 free dinners (11 day cruise on the pearl from Tampa to nyc) plus the thermal suite with the thalossotherapy pool. I thought for what we paid, we had a better value than rccl. Overall I have enjoyed all my cruises.
  9. At klein bonaire they dropped us off, we walked down to the markers then snorkeled/drifted down to the boat. The other stop we got into the water and snorkeled around. He showed us where to go. If you take the ferry to Klein, you do the same thing. Put your stuff down, walk to the markers then drift/snorkel back. It's pretty rustic way to do it. If you're a decent snorkeler, a good swimmer, have your own stuff and dont like to be part of a group and dont need the meals/snacks I'd just take a ferry to Klein bonaire or use aqua fun if you want an additional stop. Hope this helps. We will be in bonaire in January with a car this time and plan to explore other snorkeling spots on the island and if we have time, take the ferry back to Klein bonaire for an hour or so.
  10. I saw this. Ridiculous. Especially when a lot of us go snorkeling or swimming or other outdoor activities where the less items, the better. We wont be there until next December 2020. I can only imagine the lines to get off. Will there be customs there for everyone? This is not going to be pleasant trying to get 3000 people off of a ship showing their passport.
  11. I've been to both. Personally I would never book a ship excursion to a beach unless it was the only way to get there (st. Barts from st. Martin...). Both are in the same general area but Marriott is on the Atlantic side. I'd take the Marriott any day. Pool and beach vs rows of chairs and beach.
  12. Go to timanfaya definitely. But go around 2pm. Not a lot of crowds then and easy to park. We went to playa de papagano first then to timanfaya with our car rental. Cicar is right near cruise port entrance. Do yourself a favor and reserve now. It's really easy to drive around lanzarote. Below is playa de papagano. VERY rough road to get there but gorgeous. Just drive very slow.
  13. The beard trimmers really do not take up much space. My husband brings his on the trans atlantics when we are gone from 15-18 days. He would never trust anyone to do it but himself. If you can do it yourself, then pack it up and save some money.
  14. I was on a November TA 2017 crossing on the rhapsody that unfortunately missed a stop so we had 9 sea days in a row. I had an inside cabin also. I found the staff really nice and the atmosphere was very friendly. I didnt really notice the wear and tear probably because I'm used to the older smaller ships. I just remembered having a great time. Yes, there is not much to do compared to the bigger ships. We spent a lot of time in gym, solarium, and out on the top decks relaxing, catching up on work, surfing the internet, and watching movies. They also opened up the theater to show movies during the day which was really nice. Only issue I had and this was not the ships fault was the disembarking at Tampa. That was the 2nd worst I've ever seen. One line for suites. One line for everyone else. Other than that, I loved it. But also, i like the smaller older ships.
  15. Yep, same thing as us on the same cruise! $250 a person to go from inside to spacious oceanview. And 40+ days out. This cruise has been so odd anyway with rccl. First it's not on the rccl website and now people got their royal up bids 40-50 days out.
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