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  1. Funny I was in st. Kitt in April and got a day pass to Marriott. We checked in then took a cab to carambola where we met our snorkeling excursion. They took us via boat to shitten bay where we actually saw turtles and starfish and other sea life including a couple of rays. When we came back after an hour and a half, they took us back to carambola. By that time (11am?) It was a zoo of chairs and umbrellas and cruise people. We got a cab back to the Marriott and sat by the pool with drinks with a sigh of relief. We almost booked with carambola just because our excursion was out of there but I'm glad I read about it beforehand with the crowds. I'm a st kitt Marriott person. I love it there.
  2. I'll be there on a monday in November which according to several websites, the powers that be close the amphitheater and the ferry to the port. In the case of cruise ships visiting in that time frame, has anyone actually been inside the amphitheater or the ferry to the port? I'm hoping that places will stay open with a cruise ship.
  3. Best part of my cruises is planning the excursions and researching. What I always do is read about each place. Find something there like a landmark, snorkeling spot or a beach or a hiking trail. Then plot out the best way to get there. I always find one or 2 spots to visit then research the best way to get there. Sometimes the ship excursions are the best. I've done buses, bike rentals, scooters, boats, ferries, taxis and scheduled tours. If I choose to use a local tour, I tend to read all reviews to make a good investment. Once you start cruising you'll see how much fun it is to plan. I'm too lazy to look but where are you stopping at on your cruise?
  4. I think they remember someone saying something to them about their rudeness. Our bags were right next to them. The tag was taped and stapled. I am pretty confidant that they ripped it off. And I commented that usually the porters are very polite. I was actually surprised that someone would actually comment about the tip and roll their eyes right in front of us. Maybe if you were there you would have seen what I saw but since you weren't, no need to imply that I am lying.
  5. There are endless posts on the area around souferie with the waterfall, mud baths, pitons and sugar beach. Having done that plus pigeon beach and I loved all of it, I am trying to do something new as I think theres much more to st. Lucia then that. We aren't big fans of long tour bus or van trips especially here because of the winding roads. My husband and I love to hike, snorkel and bike. I found a couple of hike and bike tours on the northern end of island that leave out of rodney bay. Has anyone done anything similar to this? We have been to st Lucia via cruise and land vacation and love it but it seems like everyone gets pushed to do the land and sea Itinerary near soufriere.
  6. Last January the husband and I left on a vision of the seas cruise out of NOLA. We were dropped off by our Uber driver then we placed our bags where indicated. Unfortunately we only had $20 Bill's on us which we were not going to tip with. I found $5 and apologized to the porter for the low tip. He rolled his eyes at his fellow workers and started making comments about our cheapness. My husband was annoyed because he actually got the bags out of the car and put them next to the cart. This guy did nothing. Husband said she shouldn't give you anything at all since you did nothing. Well, result was my husbands bag never appeared so he had to go look for it. The paper tag was off. We now have the plastic ones. I was really surprised at this guy because honestly he really did nothing but just stand there while my husband did the unloading and putting bag next to cart. I think this was an extreme case since we usually have 2 or 3 people offering to help but for some reason I guess due to torrential rain, no one wanted to help and they just expected a tip for standing there.
  7. We have done the Marriott day pass 2x, rented a car and drove around island 2x, climbed mt. Liamiuga, shipwreck bar 4x, snorkel boat trip small group from carambola, and are trying nevis in January. My favorite of all was mt liamiuga. Followed by renting a car for the day twice and just exploring brimstone, northern part of island... I really love st. Kitt and I always find something to do. There really is no need to do a RCCL excursion. If you like hiking and beaches and just exploring, I really would research the area online, read reviews, then pinpoint 2 areas of interest, someplace for lunch, then a beach, and rent a car. St. Kitt is very easy to navigate.
  8. I just love him. I always would sit in the back and he brought a smile every day to everyone. I'm back for my 5th time on summit in January and I hope hes still there.
  9. Just out of curiosity is the coffee man still on the summit in the oceanview? He was on in 2016 and 2018 in april. He always made my morning as I was waiting for the ship to dock.
  10. I remember seeing it somewhere but I think it was Mediterranean. Someone posted about it a couple of weeks ago. I wish they did it in US.
  11. I'm not sure which forum I read this but is there a package that you can get to stay on ship until 1 or 2pm? We have late flights out of Tampa in November and wouldn't mind spending extra dollars to just relax on ship after our transatlantic.
  12. jean87510

    Which excursion?

    I hope my husband and I are as active as you are in your 80s. If you are ok getting off and on a catamaran, and I'm not sure what cruise line you are doing, a coastal catamaran to the pitons is nice. This offers snorkeling. I'm doing tour non cruise line with paradise tours that's doing a tet Paul stairway to heaven hike tour with snorkeling after at anse chastenet. Good luck with what you choose.
  13. I was on the jewel TA last November when they changed our ports 4 days before the cruise. I was in Rome at the time pre cruise. Instead of Valencia, Lisbon and ponta delgada, we went to tenerife, gran canaria and St. Martin. Yes we were disappointed but we still had a great time even though we were there before. I hope you change your mind and go. It's not worth being so upset you cancel a trip. I wish I had enough money where I could just give a cruise line $2000 because I couldn't go to st. Thomas and I was angry.
  14. It's why we dont allow politics and religion discussed at meals. We laugh about it now and actually that night when we got back to our hotel. What can you do but find humor in situations 😉
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