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  1. Which is why i said we shall see in a couple of weeks.
  2. Noted. I expect we will see in a couple of weeks. If nothing changes, then I expect the travel industry will take note.
  3. With the lack of social distancing going on, I doubt we will have it enforced on the ships. I think its pretty obvious that the covid quarantine after 12 weeks was excessive and exaggerated. Note people were arrested on beaches not too long ago yet cities are being destroyed. My daughter cannot have her senior graduation outside in July but 3 candlelight vigils were held with over 1000 people with no masks or social distancing in the past 48 hours in my town. My point is to show that this quarantine is obviously unnecessary at this time.
  4. I think after this week, no one will test for coronavirus.
  5. After what has happened in the US over the weekend, I seriously doubt anyone needs masks. Unless there's a spike in 14 days...
  6. We started cruising later (actually our 20th anniversary was our first) and have been on rccl, celebrity, carnival and ncl. I have 5 kids and all have been with us at one point. We started in 2009. Before that, it was the week at the jersey shore. My husband and I tried the shows, the restaurants, games, trivia, ... We discovered we liked the smaller ships like the Summit on Celebrity, Vision, Rhapsody. And we like the TAs as well as port intensive carribean. Longer schedules over 9 days. When he retires, we will go to the galapogos. I just retired due to COVID so Im waiting for him to call it quits.
  7. 1. Each person booked gets the 25% minus the port fees. 2. Not sure with the kids fcc. Call carnival. 3. Do a booking and put on a hold 24h online of the cruise you want. Then call carnival and have all of your FCC applied. I had same issue and when I made booking and had my booking # ready with the 24h hold, it was easy for the rep to do.
  8. Getting stir crazy here in NJ on week 10, day 72 of quarantine so I decided to research a little for upcoming cruises. And yes, I will be going. Im staying positive. So has anyone out there ever been to this resort on a day pass or stayed here and did you like it?
  9. I appreciate the concern about a same day flight which truthfully is my concern only but my original question was about moving the lunch not my flight. I did call RCCL as well and it appears I have to contact guest services onboard.
  10. Yep. Got it and appreciate the concern. Its why I have Chase Sapphire and Air to Sea.
  11. We have flown in every time to sju that day only on direct flights. We will be fine.
  12. I used OBC so all is good. I wouldn't pay out of pocket now for any shore excursion. I had 2 cruises that were cancelled in CA and I just got the last of the refunds from 3rd party. I have 4 upcoming cruises and all of them were done either pay in cash the day of, viator option of reserving or OBC. Thx for response. If we miss it, we still got a good deal for internet!
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