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  1. Take a water taxi and drift snorkel in Klein bonaire. We have our own equipment though. Its fantastic.
  2. You're better than us. I cannot shut my phone off! We need them for work but I love sitting out on the promenade deck with my headphones watching a movie (not titanic) and enjoying the view.
  3. If you love snorkeling, you can try getting a water taxi to Klein bonaire but there is no shade. However, snorkeling is fantastic. Also, you can rent a car and pick some snorkeling spots to go to. You dont need a golf cart.
  4. You can always stream the games. My husband last year on the jewel TA streamed the eagles Dallas Sunday night game at 2am since we were in the middle of the Atlantic. Wasnt the greatest but hey, its football 😎
  5. My husband and I are going to rent a car in Aruba. Two of the places we just couldn't make it to last time was the natural pool and baby beach. We dont want to do a tour nor rent a utv/atv/jeep. Is it possible you can park in the park then hike to the natural pool? How long did it take if you did it? I know it is a terrible idea to drive a regular rental too far in there.
  6. I used them for a snorkeling excursion that picked up at carambola. They were good. I went through viator. Viator I believe you can cancel up to 24 hours before.
  7. But did you originally have it included in the all in package or did you purchase separately?
  8. Omg. Thank God I canceled. Thank you for posting your review. I feel still that for the steerage class, it still doesn't look like MSC is ready in the US market yet. Yacht club appears ok. It may the reason why the yacht club was sold out on my cruise.
  9. Per MSC you cannot upgrade the standard internet package if you have all in. You have to purchase separately the package you want and, I was told by 2 reps, that you have to purchase TWO packages. It is not like the drink package. It's also the one of the final reasons I canceled my cruise.
  10. Ah. They have changed their rules then. We were able to get 4 teenagers and my husband and I in 1 room in 2015. With 2 rooms the price is $310 including the tax as opposed to $210. That's a shame but thanks for posting this. Are any of the kids under 12? I remember some sort of discount for that. I was just there last month and I love it there. Watched tiger woods win while sitting in the pool.
  11. 14 day cruise on the seaside January 25th sailing. Fantastica. All in package. If we cancelled and rebooked it was about 2300 to 2400 without the all in. That was an option but we were turned off at this point.
  12. For someone who vows to never cruise Celebrity again, you certainly are responding to a lot of posts. Now one thing I have not read yet was the lighting when leaving for the tender. If the excursion was at 2am, is it light outside? Was there artificial lighting? That can cause some confusion especially if one is tired or has vision problems which I have no idea if you do. I realize the eagerness to see those lights; however, in hindsight it would have been much better to just go back to the ship medical to be checked or even speak to the officers at the tender to see if someone could help. Was there any place open at 2am to check your injuries (wife)? I may not have read that it was crowded getting off which they may not have seen your wife. Was anything broken or was she just bruised? Is there a sign posted stating "watch your step'? I definitely feel that Celebrity should have been on top of escorting each guest onto the tender as I have seen in the past. I have had my hand held by staff and the tender boat to help me in. They also only allow one at a time to cross the bridge from ship to tender boat. But in hindsight, if your wife was injured, she really should have spoken up and said something right then and there. I know that when an initial injury happens, the swelling has not started so she may not have felt any pain. But it is possible that they may have had some ice or something for her or the tender crew may have. A lot of us posters are not Celebrity cheerleaders. We are just trying to get the whole picture.
  13. Yes thank you. I have no hard feelings. It just wasnt working for us.
  14. Sorry. I didn't understand. Well I booked another inside on the summit for $2300 but nonrefundable deposit. That's ok because we like the summit and it's our 30th anniversary so we were doing a trip anyway. Leaving out of San Juan for 11 days with 8 ports. Better to us than $3300. So saving $1000 and being with a more familiar cruise line was worth it. We went back and forth with this one and Norwegian but ended up with our old friend the summit. We will try MSC again but probably not for a while and definitely for a shorter cruise.
  15. Not really. $198 refundable deposit. So made out nicely with no money losses.
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