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  1. The travel rules for testing do not include US territories (San Juan, USVI). We had debated moving our Cozumel trip when we got the news a couple of weeks ago. We researched air bnb and vrbo in those areas. Then our AI said they would provide the testing for us in Cozumel. By then my 2nd dose will be 5 weeks in. Both my husband and I are testing before we go (have an online testing kit affiliated with lab corp) and will test in Cozumel. New rules at least in my state are either a negative covid test 7 days later after back home or quarantine for 10 to return to work. This all includes t
  2. interesting. Do you have the link for this? Id like to see other states.
  3. Just watched the video. I actually dont mind reservations for the gym. I used to hate trying to find a treadmill or elliptical and people not wiping down equipment. I have friends in St. Louis area telling me that one of the gyms requires this and its nice because it isn't crowded. I dont care about the covid testing pre cruise since I have already done this pre travel and it is not the end of the world. I didn't see the current travel rule where you have to have a negative covid test 72 hours before coming back into US or proof of recovery from virus within 90 days. And I know Canada ha
  4. If you read what I wrote, I did NOT say my cutoff was 99. I said I RECHECK them just to make sure it could be environmental factors such as a hat, seat warmers in a car, thick coat... Slightly off subject but I did have a student once who had a headache, was lethargic and had a temp of 100.0. Mom who was a nurse practitioner would not pick up because she knew we could not send her 7 yr old home unless temp was 100.6. I had checked him earlier and he was 99.5. Makes one wonder.
  5. it isnt. The thermometers that my colleagues and I have used will show temperatures of anywhere from 96.5 to 98.0 normally. A reading of 99 is a little high for the thermometers I use. I should have been clearer. As I said, 999x out of 1000, it will decrease once the client comes into a shaded area or a cooler location, removes their hat...etc... Then I recheck. I work in a school. Its a different environment from a hospital. On the weekends at the hospital, I react differently about slightly elevated temps and slightly elevated BP as I have better equipment and other onsi
  6. I have to check temperatures for work. If temp is 99 I usually have them sit down for a few minutes then recheck. 999x out of 1000 the temperature decreases. If its 100, I do the same thing but chances are it probably won't decrease. Just to be clear, this is based on my experience as a nurse during these temperature checks for Covid-19 I have to do. Im sure everyone has a different story or scenario. If you are hot and sweaty at a port, before you reboard, just relax for a few moments in the shade. If you are really worried, bring a thermometer with you.
  7. Yes, a few of my fellow nurses who had covid said the same. They had it at different times last summer and early fall. Haven't read anything yet about that online but this is all still new.
  8. schools and gyms. You can request on your wrist also.
  9. I was there in December and in Spanish Wells there was no vacation in place. Same as US with face masks and social distancing. Anyone including residents traveling into country had to have a negative covid test 3-5 days prior and it could not be a rapid test. If you stayed longer than 5 nights, you had to get retested. This included residents. I remember Eleuthera had a curfew at the time on the weekend and after 6pm which was why we went to Spanish wells. We also went the beginning of December. Bahamas is made up of a lot of islands that have a different ser rules on each one as I disc
  10. Is this new for Bahamas to vacation in place? We were in Spanish wells last month and there were no restrictions on where we went as long as we had our masks, social distancing and negative test prior to flight in.
  11. Im actually curious as to how officers on board cruise ships with their families will handle covid vaccines IF REQUIRED. On almost every cruise I have seen an officer with spouse and child.
  12. What if it is your child who is suicidal and depressed from this and can't even get an appointment because the backup is tremendous at the local crisis centers? What if it is your spouse who was laid off months ago and is contemplating suicide because they are so depressed? Sorry, I cannot agree with the theory of we have to sacrifice our economy for covid and if we disagree, we are selfish. I understand where you are coming from as I have had now 5 family members die of covid related illnesses, but you have to see the other side now.
  13. Lol, look at pictures of crowded USA beaches as opposed to Cozumel or Spanish Wells. No thanks.
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