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  1. I'm confused....does rccl still have a refundable fare that you can cancel before the 90 days and get all my money back? I did a mock booking and it did not offer me the refundable fare, unless I somehow missed it. thanks...
  2. Can anyone else confirm about the above drinks on barefoot beach....does it also include wine and soda?
  3. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer. First, does the Harmony have free beer, wine , champagne and water in the suite/pinnacle lounge from 11am to 11pm like the Oasis? I believe you can also get mixed drinks from 4:30 to 8:00pm. Is that correct? I also saw somewhere that on labadee in the barefoot beach area which is also for suites/pinnacles that you can get beers for free starting at 11am, just like on the ship and you don't need a drink package for that. Is that correct? thanks in advance
  4. Was this special section for breakfast and/or dinner? I've seen special area at breakfast for D and up, but not dinner. Please explain..thanks
  5. what was the cost for the bungalow? does the price go by how many people are in them? thanks
  6. Just got off of Rhapsody today 1/25 and Alan Del Fierro is in the suite/pinnacle lounge and kk is in the diamond lounge and Alan will be in suite /pinnacle lounge. The list should be updated to reflect this. thanks
  7. Thanks..the experience menu for Butchers cut look just fine....
  8. Does anyone know if you are diamond on Seaside which specialty restaurant you can go to and if you can order off the regular menu of that restaurant or is it some kind of tasting menu. I know that on the Armonia you order off the regular menu>>thanks
  9. I would also like to know answer to this question..someone must have insight into this whether the easy package can be used at bars on ocean caye.......
  10. Being Diamond on Armonia, do you have a choice of what is on the menu or only select items to choose from in the S&T speciality restaurant?
  11. If you have an easy drink package, can you use it on ocean caye without a charge? and can you get the standard drinks that the easy drink package allows?
  12. jamon


    I see that Diamond members get certain perks....one of them is a tasting menu at a specialty restaurant....Does anyone know if that is on all cruises that you take? One of our cruises is a 5 night on MSC and wonder if that qualifies. Reading the benefits, it doesn't say how many nights that a cruise needs to be to have this perk. Thanks
  13. jamon


    We have been matched to Diamond, which use to be called Black on MSC....how many cruises does this last until. We have other cruises booked also on MSC for 5 months after this one which is in March. Will this still keep us at Diamond for the other ones we have booked later on this year and early next year.
  14. The easy drink package was part of my deal when I made my reservation, does it already include the tip?
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