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  1. We were invited to the luncheon and actually went to it the next day by accident! We decided to eat in the MDR for lunch and when we got off the elevator there was a crowd and we had nowhere to go but blend in. We had no idea it was a second Mariner lunch until we sat down and everything was the same as the day before! They didn't ask for the invitation either day. To top it off, there were no tiles at the second luncheon either. Maybe they just didn't have them for that sailing??? No biggie.
  2. It was our first time on HAL, but we started with one Mariner star because we have many sailings with Carnival. I didn't see anyone with one or getting one when leaving. Just a thing, but it would have been nice to get one, though. My SIL's are all very nice.
  3. I keep all of that stuff in a folder in my carry-on if they need it, but have never needed anything for check-in at the terminal except my boarding pass and passport. My folder has all emails, including the invoice, extra copies of the boarding passes, airline tickets, port excursion confirmations, insurance information, and any correspondence with Special Needs. That's the one I always have problems with -- not getting my specials needs requests. That folder stays with me in my carry-on so it's always within reach if needed; however, I have never and will not ever print all of that cruise contract. If they want that, then they need to send it to me via mail.
  4. Thank you for the review. We will be on the Equinox in September, with the Southern itinerary, but with Key West. We were wondering what to do there since we've been before and the trolley tour sounds great!
  5. I hate we didn't get one, I didn't any anywhere, even as leaving. It was our first time with HAL, not sure that made a difference or not.
  6. Here are the numbers I was given when I called Celebrity for emergency numbers: In Case of Emergency: Phone #: 1-866-755-2171 (give them your name, ship name, cabin number, and have them leave us a message) or call 1-877-266-1020 (give them the info below and they will transfer you to the ship; cost is $7.95 per minute by credit card.
  7. It is just once on a port day. We used ours on the Reflection last year after two days of excursions with intensive walking, and those chairs felt soooo good on my legs and back!
  8. We book many private excursions and have never had a problem. They are all aware of Cruise Critic and they are concerned aboout their reputation. We have booked three ship's excursions recently (different cruise lines) and two of those were late getting us back to the ship. The third's bus broke down in the middle of our tour. Thank goodness they were ship's excursions! We have booked twice with Cosol and had no problems. It's a great your tour with a lot packed in, but you will be back on board in plenty of time!
  9. If you are that concerned about the visa, just get one. If you need it, then you'll have it. If you don't, then you're okay either way.
  10. They were I even handing them out. My SIL said that's what they do, but not for us. Oh well.
  11. We just returned from our Koningsdam cruise and are one star. We had the lunch, but got no tile. My SIL asked if I got it and I told her no. I didn't see anyone get one.
  12. Entertainment was hard to find when you get tired of BB King's and RollingStone Rock Room.
  13. I agree, the food was very good. My in laws rave about the food and I have agree with them.
  14. You are so right! We love those days when most everyone is gone.
  15. I'm so sorry you had to cancel. I hope you can sail the Koningsdam, it's a really pretty ship and the ports, wherever they may be, will be great!
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