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  1. Exactly!! I’ve sailed during spring break and had to stay in FLL. Prices are outrageous!!! Last time a hampton inn put a $600 cc hold on our room too. I was like this is hampton inn not the ritz Carlton!!! have a great cruise!! Excited for you!
  2. Wow! From holiday inn hillbillies to a royal suite!! I like your style!!!! I’ would have done the same!!!
  3. That's fabulous Celebrity and Royal are doing this. I suspect this will be the safest ship in the Pacific!
  4. I have cruised the past 2 Christmas's and have a 3rd booked for this year. Like anything, if you watch sales closely, its the same price as what I've paid for spring break. OUr last cruise only had 20% kids. I will say, that you also have to be creative with flying as THAT is expensive. This year, we are doing PR. the price of the flights are very expensive right now.
  5. I got mine on Halloween. It was a flash sale too
  6. Where are the hump balconys on solstice? I can't seem to find the "sweet 16"
  7. We are sailing June 2021, my SIL and husband. My first time in Alaska. We will be in a balcony, should we pick port or starboard and what floor do you recommend? We have 2 cabins. Any suggestions?
  8. Why didn't you monitor the prices for a price drop? So your ignorance is everyone else's fault? I'm embarrassed that you even admitted to this!!!
  9. I think that is in the eye of the beholder. Obviously, you book with what you are comfortable with paying. I'm booked in a Concierge class, aft balcony with $300 obc, drinks and tips. It is way over my usual budget of $100 per person per day but thi sis a special cruise for us. We paid $2200 for a 7 night cruise. After I factored in the obc, the alcohol and the aft balcolny room, it was worth it to me. Our friends are doing the same cruise in aqua with 3 perks and got theirs for $2290. Its only a good/bad deal to the person who's paying lol! Enjoy your crui
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Tax on a service and gratuity??? For what? What services are they performing to merit a tip?
  11. Nice review. Thank you! Let me edit by adding I really appreciated your review. It was so thorough and easy to read. One of the most informative without being too wordy. Thanks for thoroughness and simplicity. It works!!!! Bringing her back to the dirtyjersey in May!
  12. I booked an inside 7 day cruise and received $100 obc only
  13. Martini bar will charge if you have the classic. Rendezvous does not
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