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  1. This is not really new and innovative for RCCL. Somebody must have been cleaning out old marketing files, because this is the "Royal Journeys" renamed. It was in 2001-ish, and they had around 4 segments then, too. I had the brochures and kept them for a long time, as they were gorgeous. Everything old is new again...............................
  2. Threads like this is why I added the two links below to my signature, just in case someone notices and goes to the protocol page, or wants to know about proctored home testing. It's really best to go with the most cautious approach if you're going to spend money and go somewhere there are a lot of people. Vaccine, vaccine, booster (when available), read, read, read, fill out the forms, test.
  3. Thing is, it's got to appeal the majority of passengers so as to stimulate bookings. So, I doubt if it will be C&A related. But, I won't complain, because at 518 points, it's been a loooooong haul from the start of D+. I had a Loyalty Ambassador on a ship tell me he's been begging them every time they have all the LA's meet in Miami to add another level between D+ and Pinnacle.
  4. I LOVED Vanuatu! Mystery Island was one of the most beautiful places I've been. Right up there with Tahiti, but no people. It's a day tip kind of teeny, tiny island.
  5. I have looked at Barbados cruises several times, and would love to go. My problem is the air schedules to get there. Waaaaay too long getting to and from.
  6. I found a web page from 2009 with all the surcharges for pretty much all the cruise lines. The ones that published their surcharge were charging $10 per day per person with a maximum of $140. (can't provide a link because it's a travel agency's web site; BIG no no here)
  7. Minus the ziplock bags, I do this, too. When you moisten the fabric with water and hang it in the closet, then add other garments, it creates a slightly damp environment in the clothes cupboard. The heat from the cabin helps, and when you go to wear the garment there are no wrinkles. If some creases are ever on my clothes, I just spritz them again and hand-smooth the fabric. Gave up on steamers and travel irons about 10 years ago.
  8. I noticed this today. The entire "select another cruise" option is gone. Sounds to me like they updated the software, and "forgot" or deleted that part of the software. I'll try to download it again.
  9. Unfortunately, yes you do lose the double points promo if you take a refund. I had to do this because none of the FCC or Lift and Shift options they offered would work for me. I worked out the points issue by checking the cost of upgrading an existing booking, or booking the b2b that I ended up deciding on. I called Guest Relations in Miami and discussed it with them, and was told that because I booked after 9/30/21, even though THEY cancelled the cruise, I would not get double points. I was not angry, but explained that she needed to communicate with her management (who she had consulted to see if I could have the double points honored on the new cruises), and tell them IF RCCL cancels cruises after 10/31 their passengers are not covered by EITHER the Cruise With Confidence policy OR the double points policy. They are triple penalizing the customer: cancelling the cruise, taking away the CWC (in 14 days), and taking away double points.
  10. I was informed two days ago that my Ovation Honolulu to Vancouver, BC cruise was cancelled for next April. Not wanting to wait around in case the CWC policy doesn't get extended past the 10/31 book by date, I replaced the cruise with a b2b on the Jewel. The money (paid in full with prepaid tips) was in their "cancelled" bucket, and I could not just move the booking over to the Jewel. So, I paid the deposits and the refund will pay the finals.
  11. The way I read RCCL's announcement is that IF you have had 3 shots, you have to wait until 14 days after the third (booster) shot before you sail. You are not required to have 3 shots in order to sail.
  12. I just checked my bookings, and I can add MTD for January and February 2022 sailings. So, about 4 months in advance. I was able to get the time I wanted for both cruises.
  13. You can still buy them through the optum.com store in the 2 and 3-pack sizes: https://store.optum.com/shop/category/tests-and-devices/covid-19-home-tests/
  14. "Millions of Americans will be one step closer to receiving a Covid-19 booster shot this week when a key Food and Drug Administration advisory panel meets Thursday and Friday to debate extra doses of the Moderna vaccines." This is a quote from a CNBC article updated on 10/11/21. I'm hoping it's approved quickly, as I'd like to get it before I fly to Kauai in November. Fingers crossed.
  15. My son has used BinaxNOW supervised test kits on three different occasions. I bought six test kits, not realizing they would expire before I could use all of them. So, I gave them to my son and his family. They were all purchased in my name, but you can enter up to three names on one account (I think it's three; two for sure). When my son, with his own account, went to use the first one, he selected "I'm ready to take a test" in the Navica app. When he scanned the test kit identifier, he was directed to emed.com to register the test in his name, and then went on to do the appointment. The video call is one way: the medical technician can see you, but you cannot see them. The video feed is kept on throughout the session. My son said he thinks they contract with labs all over the world, so all time zones and 24 hours a day can be accommodated worldwide. The lab technician verified the test kit, instructed my son on what to do, and then said he would keep the video on to check the results within 15 minutes. Once verified, the technician sends a message through the app to verify the results, and an email is also sent. My son said each of his 3 tests took about 10 - 20 minutes each. The Navica app can be used to by the 6-pack test kits, while optum.com can be used to buy 2 and 3-pack tests. RCCL's link is to the optum web site. 6-packs average about $30 per test (including shipping); 3-pack $33 per test, and 2-packs $35 per test. 2 and 3-packs include shipping.
  16. What we used to do is find a decent looking bar in port, ask if they had wifi we could use, buy a margarita, use the wifi. Just about everywhere.
  17. My thoughts exactly: I'm not traveling for at least 10 days after the Moderna booster. I have to smile: everyone who knows that I'm going to Kauai for a week are envious. I'm starting to get "Hawaii traveler's guilt". (Plus, it's a friend I'm visiting who wants me to come any time I want. Now, THAT'S a travel honey pot I fell into.....HA!).
  18. Whatever any ship gives me to ID me as vaccinated, I will ask it be attached to my lanyard. I cannot stand to wear anything on my wrists. I always wear a lanyard to match my clothing whenever I'm cruising. I use one at home, too, for my apartment door fob, keys. DL and credit card go in a plastic sleeve attached to my lanyard. I do this so I don't have to carry a purse anywhere.
  19. Perhaps. In my case I was dealing with the State of Hawaii, known to be very strict about timing of vaccine shots and coming into HI. So, I thought I would call and ask. Their explanation seemed applicable to what the cruise lines are requiring.
  20. The reason I called was because I COULDN'T be boostered 15 days in advance, to be completely over an side effects, and was that a trip-killer? They don't count the boosters as your "last vaccination"; they are only interested in the first two (for me, with Moderna).
  21. Parking is $17 per day for the duration, including the day of arrival and departure from the parking lot. https://www.portcanaveral.com/Cruise/Cruise-Parking,-Directions-Rates Uber is $60 each way plus tip.
  22. Uber is $10-$25 for everyone in the car from LGB to San Pedro, depending on the time of day.
  23. Thank you for your sympathy. We loved living in Elk Grove, and loved our neighbors, too. They were also very supportive of my family through the bad days. Our next door neighbor was an ex-Marine from Guam. One of the funniest people I've ever met next to my husband. He and my husband used to yak up a storm in the garage, with the door open, wearing their masks, standing half a driveway away from each other. Thanks again.
  24. I never went near an NCL cruise for decades, but that cruise with my bff was fabulous!
  25. No, it's not, but my comment was based on it being available by the time the OP sails.
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