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  1. If anyone has stayed in this cabin please advise if bed is closer to balcony or the bathroom. And if you have any pros or cons about the location of this cabin please express them. Any information or pics appreciated! Thanks so much! Good view from balcony? No obstruction?
  2. Someone posted that if you choose Traditional Dining - which we prefer - you will be assigned the Cosmopolitan MDR - others said you will be assigned ONE of the four. Since we booked almost a year and a half out - could our TA request which dining room we would like for Traditional or is it automatically Cosmopolitan - which is what we would prefer? Thanks for any information - appreciate it.
  3. Is there any rhyme or reason which of the four complimentary MDR restaurants you will be assigned for traditional dining on Edge if in a concierge cabin. Is it by cabin location? We are on a back to back - can we have first 7 days in one restaurant and another restaurant for the second cruise? Or if we really like the first restaurant and service can we stay there for the second week? Please advise - thank you! Also - must we disembark between cruises - we DO have the same cabin for both.
  4. I read you will be assigned one of four dining rooms if not in Suite or Blu. Can you select or is this determined for you? Thanks!
  5. Are there certain cabins to avoid if you do not wish to have the Magic Carpet block your view? Which decks - If I am correct the Magic Carpet is on Starboard side so any balcony cabin on Port Side should have a clear view. Or are there also some obstructed views to avoid on Port Side. I thank you kindly for any information you can provide.
  6. Thanks for the responses - much appreciated. I was looking at pictures of BLU posted by some online and it appears there ARE windows in the restaurant PLUS some outdoor seating. Can anyone confirm if there are windows or not - just curious Thank you!
  7. Thinking of booking Aqua Class on Edge - any suggestion for best cabin location for Aqua - I think they are on 9 and 10 - any pros and cons about any specific location - Also, is Blu on this ship just as good as all the others. Still can dine anytime between 5:30 and 9:00 without making reservations? Love Blu -
  8. keifernney - Thanks for your post and the information. Just curious, what time were you originally scheduled to arrive at the pier in Manhattan - which day and time? What time are you expected to arrive now due to change in schedule? We are sailing Saturday October 19 - any advice ? Hope you had a great cruise - anything NOT to miss - anything to skip? Hope you have smooth sailing returning home - thanks for any info. - appreciate it.
  9. I was just wondering if there were any itinerary changes due to the strong Nor easter hitting the east coast - Oct. 17, 2019?
  10. I was just wondering if there were any itinerary changes to the Dawn yesterday or today due to the storm in the north east, since she is on the Quebec to NYC cruise? Hope all is well.
  11. We are booked on NCL Dawn leaving Saturday October 19 for 14 day cruise out of Manhattan Pier. I just printed out our documents and it says embarkation will not start till 12:00 noon. It said not to arrive before 11:00 a.m. This was on our last documents in June also - we arrived at 10:15 and were on the ship by 10:45 - and we were not even in a suite - but Platinum. I did check and the cruise before us arrives at 8 a.m. which is a later than usual. I LOVE getting on the ship early and getting "extra" time for lunch and touring ship before muster drill and sail away. What should we do - still arrive around 10:00 and risk doors to terminal not yet open? Or wait till later - I know this sounds trivial, but seeking opinions. Also, when we return from our cruise the time docked is listed as !0:00 a.m. - I hope others sailing noticed this - as we have a car to pick us up - and don't know what time to tell them to be there. I don't want to pay for extra time if they have to wait. Again seeking advice - if docked at 10 a.m. - what time do you think we will disembark? Then again if we DO get in earlier - we might exit earlier. We are in a suite this time - and embarkation for suites is usually pretty rapid. Thanks for your opinions.
  12. Our schedule will permit a cruise in either May or September - which would you vote for and WHY? Thank you for any valuable input!
  13. Does anyone happen to have a complete listing of NCL ships that have windows in the shower and tub area in the bathrooms - If I cam correct these might be only in the ships that have a Haven? Perhaps I am wrong - if anyone knows - please provide a list - I think it would be great to cruise in jetted tub with view of ocean - or take shower with view of ocean - I know some are in the aft corner cabins - THANKS!!! And I would appreciate if you know the cabin category that provides this -
  14. I did get a reply from the concierge on Dawn - said disembarkation will start around 10:30 a.m. since docking at 10:00 a.m. Docking time at pier is correct as listed - I will double check once we are on board - so if I need to make different arrangements for pick up will be able to use internet package.
  15. Looking at pictures of the revolutionized Summit - it appears that the multi nozzle showers were replaced with regular showers. We always thought this was one of the best features of Aqua class - all those streams in the shower were so relaxing after a busy day out and about - shame they replaced them? Am I correct - have they been changed out for a regular hand held without all the extra features? Bad decision.
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