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  1. Yessss, that ship's intro/preview got my attention ... looking into it. Those balcony pricing on a 7 nighters for 2 are what was once, up there into the lower basic suite & Haven tiers on the older ones in the fleet, LOL. I suppose if we're in stay onboard and not go ashore, connect the upcharged unlimited satellite WiFi, and so forth - given the state of affairs & uncertain public health situations ahead, isn't necessary a bad deal per se. Car rental prices are mad crazy this Fall as we are looking at options to fly West, but heck - Uber beginning to be a smarter choice, as much as
  2. Ha, aren't we all wishing, hope and change. Alas, we have extended families north of the borders up in Canada and they are still dealing with getting the most at-risks vaccinated while doing contact tracing against "small" scale outbreaks ... apparently, tiny clusters associated with mostly domestic but a handful of international flights. A lot can change over the next 6 months but in the grand scheme of recovery planning, just don't see the cruise industry able to ramp up and make any Canadian ports this Fall for the beautiful foliage season - it is still possible. But, if the
  3. Good luck - especially long haul fliers - finding available seats at affordable prices on flights to/from the new alternative "home" ports for dis/embarkations on any given day ... great opportunities abound for dedicated chartered flights, all-inclusive from select gateway & transfer domestic airport hubs. Wait, how much air traffic can these island airports handle on any given day. Meanwhile, we are weeks away from the official start of this year's hurricane season in the Americas - let's not overlook that as a "minor" nuisance. IMHO, lots more than simply "ifs" to be answe
  4. As a general rule, we prefer port side for obstructed oceanviews on the Dawn/Jewel/Gem class ships (haven't been on the Pearl) if booking one - there is one sideway cabin toward the front of the ship, which seemed to be above the Bliss Lounge (although, music & party usually quiet down after 11 pm or midnight, not an issue unless you go to sleep early ...) Otherwise, I recommend 8566/8066, 8568/8068 and the cluster like 8574/8576/8578 or 8074/8076/8078 as those are in the middle of that quiet corridor, with inside cabins across the hallway - don't worry about the "big" white s
  5. Just for fun, I did a mock booking just now on my desktop - here is the screenshot, it showed "2 additional Latitudes points per night for this (Gem) sailing" out of NY ... that would be 21 points in total for booking a balcony (oceanview and even inside cabin) as long as it is not the Sail Away prices, to get those "Free At Sea" (not really) promo offers. But, those prices themselves seemed pretty high ... Compared the Getaway balcony off-peak (late February 2022) pricing to similar ones on Royal's Anthem of the Seas, sailing out of Cape Liberty - difference of several hun
  6. Just a POI or Point of information: as of late 2019 (that was our "last" sailing on NCL when ...) - the number of Latitude Ambassadors in the entire "universe" was down to under 40 of them, not several hundreds - previously (2018 or was it 2017) it was around 50 of them. Being P+ already, we aren't in a hurry nor eager to put a rush on chasing the top tier status with our "engraved nametag" - you'll recognize them should they choose to wear them around/onboard their sailings. Hardly "worth" the chase, IMHO, to score that once-in-a-lifetime 7 nights cruise and (whatever) sp
  7. I love the power of positive thinking and we as cruise addicts need lots of that. Reality is that on a global scale, still plenty of if's and but's on Covid-19 and its troublesome variants, and folks getting vaccinated. I also wonder how the cruise industry are going about to vaccinate their crew members abroad in bringing them back onboard, to prepare for sailing again in the coming months ... sooner or later. Some countries abroad are struggling with having adequate access to the vaccine and prioritizing their high-risk population and those on the frontline. I've not post late
  8. Pix below was from one of sister/sibling ships, the Jewel from 2011 - a bit old/outdated as the interior deco has been upgraded since (we're on her again not long ago, again ...) It should give you a good & accurate visual for the space & layout for the thin "couch" - convertible sleeper sofa/day bed. Slightly wider than a typical twin bed at 38" or 39" wide but definitely not a full size bed - I would estimate it to be roughly about 43" or 44" in width, about the size of our futon sofa/bed in our guest/home office. It isn't very comfortable for an adult to
  9. Jan ... Hey, Susan woke me the other night about her dream, that we're on a cruise ... and Anyway, we finally closed & renovated the co-op and moved in about 3 weeks ago, settling in for a long winter ahead - on dry land. We're on the Gem almost exactly a year ago
  10. Sounds cool ... odd timing for the seasonal influenza should it co-mingle with Covid-19. Looking at this from the North America porthole windows: good luck getting to (flying, driving, etc.) the embarkation and disembarkation ports, dealing with any & all voluntary/mandatory pre- and post- quarantine measures at different ports and countries abroad, in 4 weeks of less, i.e. especially for those with residency in NY, NJ or CT. On the pro side, those private islands should be near ideal as refuge, with all the enhanced measures in place coupled with reduced passenge
  11. Clickbait ??? working its magic, I dunno. Got one's attention ... similar to those belated birthday gifts redeemable at Ikea, lately.
  12. US-CDC and flip-flops used to "not" belong in the same phrase or sentence until 2020. I share the feelings among those on the healthcare frontline that this is not a simple solution with the magic wand ... And, that, most likely, 2 shots of the vaccine given at the near optimal interval preferred over doing it at warp speed ... wait, nevermind. I would pay more attention to what the WHO is doing on the global level, in countries around the rest of the world - leave out the politics.
  13. Nice ... does that come with butler services ?? It looks very nice, self-contained with all the essential amenities. Pack a cooler along and have food orders catered/delivered to the "lodge" - and just chill out. "Like" - our kind of land-based vacation looking ahead. No desire to book a cruise anytime soon from the Americas nor flying across, unless it is absolutely essential. We have a 2 bedroom suites booked for Fall foliage in early October, fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival - within our region & not subject to travel restrictions & quaran
  14. Going "above and beyond" to earn those "vacation hero" recognition ?? as in doing their job Think about that for a moment, LOL. Let's ask that question during the onboard Q&A with the senior officers, should get some looks and interesting answer(s) - don't feel that anyone can definitely answer OP's question now for what's over the horizon in 2021 and beyond.
  15. I would make a wild guess, and mine alone only, that it is slightly more than 50:50 chance that in the post Covid-19/pandemic era, until the world learn to manage and cope with the new normal, that complimentary Platinum (Plus for us) offers on these BTS tour would - likely be limited at best, and fair chance for the tour to be suspended ... in line with social distancing & best practices as we understood/know them to be (much remained unknown & un-proven on what worked or not ...) to keep crew/officers and guest contacts apart, especially below decks. Of course, ("lighte
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