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  1. I may have seen a basketball court next to the FlowRider. 😜
  2. Not an actual bit, but based on something I've seen. Let's keep it at that. 😎
  3. First off, sorry about the blurry FlowRider image in the last post. Yipes. Something else that shows that this section is indeed the deck 16 'bridge' - The AquaTheatre show's technician booth (circled).Noticing that the ship name is moved lower. The overhang/extension of deck16 seems to be where we see the Harmony of the Seas' name in the left hand image. As for the reason for the deck 16 overhang/extension... there seems to be more deck/floor space between the deck 16 opening and the rear of the Wipe Out Bar on Wonder of the Seas.
  4. A big difference in this part of the ship where the name is located on the forward facing edge of the deck 16 'bridge'.* That's 'looks like' quite the overhang over the edge with the ship name. 📸 Irina That area as seen on Symphony of the Seas. The section sits at a distance from the front of the ship build. Insert the Symphony of the Seas' single FlowRider here.
  5. I lifted and shifted from Anthem of the Seas, where I had asked about sofa bed in a balcony cabin, to Vision of the Seas where I am now curious. Any photos?
  6. 📷 Akanen The Rising Tide bar And in the background, some Aquatheater cabins.
  7. More keel sections arrived at the yard in Turku this morning. The ship may be built before we see a rendering. 😜 📸 Janne-Petteri Kumpulainen
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