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  1. Sorry. Posting issues. Like I said, I reposted previous image...
  2. Sorry. Posting issues. Reposted previous image...twice. Aargh. Ummm... In the meantime, this is my office that I haven't seen since March 16 2020.
  3. This is the latest photo I've come upon. Not very revealing.
  4. 1st 📷 Ammo 2nd 📷 Christophe Dedieu 3rd 📷 Cristian View from above the only cantilevered jacuzzie.
  5. You're right. It looked white on my phone. Wishful thinking, I guess. It could be a stage.
  6. Ya, a nice photo of Central Park, but never mind that... they've finally painted the front of the loft suite area! 😜
  7. Balcony view. 😜 🎥 Sam samuelepellegrinoo__2020.
  8. Hangin' over the ship at night. 🎥 cocolamoule cocolamoule__2020.
  9. My apologies. The previous post had screenshots because I had issues downloading the video, but I finally tried again and managed to do so. 🎥 Francis fveca__2020.
  10. Tall-Cruiser, Speaking of photos, remember Ingrid Fiebak (now Fiebak-Kremer), who took some of the first photos of Quantum of the Seas that we posted in the Cruise Critic thread? Quantum of the Seas was the first build that I followed back in 2013. And here we are in 2020 following Odyssey of the Seas and Wonder of the Seas, etc. 😄 She just posted this in FB: On Friday 9.10.2020 the 50th cruise ship of Meyer Werft was delivered. Congratulations to Meyer Werft on this special anniversary! It was a special day for me too. I can proudly say I have photographed all the deliveries. Thank you very much to the Meyer family for the long-term trust!
  11. I wonder if they'll start work on the Ultimate Abyss soon?
  12. A light strip being installed on edge of pod windows. 📷 Jürgen
  13. The Wonder of the Seas build progressing at Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire 📷 Noël Ganuchaud
  14. I asked in the Meyer Werft Fanclub on FB, and got one response that said that they don't announce the float out date now because they don't want people to gather like they usually do.
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