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  1. Stay in the 1A and eat in the MDR....you won't be slumming...it's actually quite nice 🙂 As far as the footstool, We were in a 1A on the same cruise this year. I asked our cabin attendant if he could find some footstools and he appeared with two brand new footstools (I gave him a $20 tip on the spot).
  2. ghstudio

    WiFi speakers?

    +1 We had one cruise where our neighbors also enjoyed music and drinks on their balcony, completely oblivious to the loud music bothering anyone else around them.
  3. Hopefully, Celebrity will institute the same rules for cruises over 8 hours......
  4. We were on the reflection TA and were in group 18, as I recall. Customs/Immigration was actually the fastest and easiest we've ever encountered....they didn't even ask what we brought back with us. I guess it's hit or miss...we were just lucky. Now if you want bad...I vote for arriving at Heathrow Airport from the US in the morning....an hour minimum every time.
  5. ghstudio

    Kobe beef meat loaf on the menu tonight

    $14.95 If you want to know more about American Kobe beef: https://www.bonappetit.com/entertaining-style/trends-news/article/kobe-wagyu-steak-myths
  6. ghstudio

    Summit AQ1 Cabin 1112 - Comments Please

    It is like all the other A1 cabins on deck 11 other than those in the rear of the ship. All of the side balconies are the same size as every other aqua and concierge cabin. The balconies are essentially the same size as well. One nonticeable difference is that the A2 balconies on deck 9 have a large overhang covering them...and the balconies on deck 11 actually have only a small part of the balcony covered....so you have some privacy from those walking around deck 12. I can't comment on any noise from the movies shown above....I have not been in A1 on an M class since those movies have been installed.
  7. ghstudio

    Mayan Ruins

    Some of the tours to ruins require buses and small river boats, are long tours and don't give you much leeway, should something delay your tour. We normally don't take ship cruises....however we did take a Celebrity tour to Lamanai. There were three buses of folks. We were on the first bus and arrived back at the ship 5 minutes after it was scheduled to leave. The other buses arrived over an hour later. The ship waited for them.
  8. You are hearing correctly....and we have been at ports where celebrity offers a shuttle for $10 and there is a free port shuttle to the same place. I would ask on Trip Advisor about each port you will be visiting...or check to see if there is a port page for each port that might have the info.
  9. ghstudio

    Increase in Specialty Restaurant Package Prices

    explanation: Because this is Celebrity where the unexpected is expected.....and errors on the web site are the norm not the exception. If you are interested, book the 10 night package and see what happens.....
  10. ghstudio

    Free Drinks in the Casino

    We had that offer on the reflection TA....in fact it was free drinks all day (and night) on the first sea day.....after that it was free drinks up to I think 5PM on sea days. AFAIK, it's free "bar brand" drinks....it's not any drink or brand you want....but heck, the price is right. I don't frequent the casino during the day...but I do enter the blackjack tournaments. Drinks are free to all players and if you are playing in the blackjack (or other) tournament, you can get a free drink when you are actually playing (maybe more, who knows)..
  11. ghstudio

    Tell me about Celebrity please... (infinity)

    Carnival and Celebrity have a number of differences...but in your case, pick the cruise based on itinerary. Key West and Nassau are not great ports.....grand cayman and the sting rays are exciting...and Grand Turk as well. In answer to your questions... 1) The classic drink package is all you need unless you want high end liquors....it includes most of the drinks you'd have at home. It is not "bar scotch/vodka/etc)....it's a good package. 2)Celebrity is known for being what Carnival isn't 🙂 It's a quiet cruise...relatively few kids....better (subjectively) food without needing to go to a specialty restaurant...essentially, it's much more lay back. Entertainment is adequate. Carnival ships are generally more lively, more activities, etc. 3)On the infinity, the concierge cabins are about 20 sq ft larger than regular balcony cabins...additionally, at times, you get better perks (choose 2 vs 1 option, etc). Regular balcony is fine. 4) I repeat....take the cruise that goes where you want to go. All cruises are enjoyable....don't worry about cruise line differences.
  12. ghstudio

    Increase in Specialty Restaurant Package Prices

    Not sure the dinners were worth the old? prices. I guess as long as folks are willing to pay the higher prices....prices will go up. In our experience, the only restaurant that was fully booked on a cruise was Murano. I doubt the higher prices will inspire more to try those restaurants...but celebrity must believe that those who eat there don't really care that much about price....after all, it's a vacation when you splurge. Time will tell....
  13. I wouldn't do either.....I would find a cruise (princess, etc) that visits the North Cape in Norway. Celebrity no longer does that route. We very much enjoyed our Princess cruise on that itinerary.
  14. ghstudio

    Can you get "Moved Up" twice ?

    Why ask here....call Celebrity.
  15. ghstudio

    Aqua Benefits

    We have had the sommelier in Blu or the MDR offer to give us $28 towards another bottle of wine....once they offered to exchange it for a bottle of "house" red or white. As far as the $60 for Muscato, no wine on board is worth the price they charge....welcome to cruising (and generally buying bottles of wine at restaurants).