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  1. ghstudio

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    When people find this site unreachable or extremely slow, they go to "the unmentionable site".....and CC loses readership...translated that means advertising revenue. That's about the worst, but happening, scenario. Hopefully they will fix things soon because "that other site" is far less user friendly, at least to me.
  2. ghstudio

    Infinity verandas? Just windows?

    Are there any non-suite categories that have regular balconies on the edge? Are there any aqua or concierge cabin with a "sit outside" with the sky over my head balcony?
  3. ghstudio


    ?? what discount did you get for posting here???
  4. ghstudio

    Olives on X

    They could still do that today but it would be labor intensive requiring two people. The first picks up an olive and a tweezer which will be used to put some of the blue cheese into the olive....the other holds the magnifying glass so the first person can find the olive.
  5. ghstudio

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    stoli Elit or Absolut Elix straight up
  6. ghstudio

    Questions about a Reflection TA cruise.

    We have done a number of TA's both on M and S class ships. Yes, everything is open..no problems there. There are usually two or three lecturers on board so some sort of lecture each day at sea....some are interesting, others not so much. That's 30-45 minutes. There are many activities each day....but, unfortunately (IMHO) many of them are "selling activities" with a fee or trying to sell you something for a fee (eg. foot health becomes a buy a footbed from us...or "the chocolate diamond unveiling" to sell you diamond jewelry). Liquor store sales become activities listed on the daily events sheet. Some of the activities are "play table tennis with other guests" which is always open, but it's listed as an item on the activities list. It's rare that we go to more than 2 or three things listed on that long activity sheet....but I"ll go to the (fee) wine/liquor tastings or food demos or spend some time in the gym. If you are looking for activities to keep you busy all day, I'd say that a Celebrity TA is not the right cruise. If you want to just veg out, read, eat pretty well, do crosswords, ,etc....Celebrity is a great choice. I don't want to make the TA seem like it's dull...it's just that you pretty much have to do your own thing and not rely on the ship to entertain you.
  7. ghstudio

    Departure valet luggage service is great!

    I just read the posted form...and no statement about customs. I wonder what happens if they find fruits/vegetables of any kind in your luggage....or liquor (or other items above the USA allowance)...or that watch you bought on board. I'm just very surprised that they don't even mention customs allowances....or have any disclaimer about luggage content or condition or liability on the form. Something is not right....I just can't believe that celebrity's lawyers have ever seen this form.
  8. ghstudio

    Specialty Dining - Onboard Reservations

    You will find folks selling specialty dining...believe me, you won't have to look far. Any of them can set up your dining choices for the cruise.
  9. ghstudio

    Millennium Revolution -

    Every time I look at the new balcony picture(s), I look forward to the new teak balcony flooring they are apparently putting in.
  10. ghstudio

    Are children allowed in Blue

    Anyone booked in an aqua cabin is assigned to Blu.....,age has no relevance.
  11. ghstudio

    Departure valet luggage service is great!

    Just a note on Global Entry. Miami/FLL piers are not set up for global entry...but we always ask, just in case. In every case they have taken us out of line and directed us to bypass the line for the next agent. On one hand, that seems like cutting in line....on the other hand, we paid for the "service" so we should actually pass through dedicated lines as we do at airports....so they make do with what they can offer. Anyway...if you do have Global Entry, at least ask if they have a global entry line......at some point, they will have one.
  12. ghstudio

    Celebrity Constellation Vietnam Visa

    In all comments I've seen here and in our personal experience, visas for Vietnam are issued on the ship. Of course, things change and it's almost impossible to get a statement out of Celebrity because they don't want to be involved if there is a visa problem. BTW, we visited three ports in Vietnam, used private guides in each (no Celebrity excursions) and had absolutely no problem getting the visas on the ship. I don't recall if we brought passport size photos with us, just in case...I think we did....we had them taken at our local pharmacy.
  13. ghstudio

    Departure valet luggage service is great!

    Everyone makes their own decisions. We just don't find it very difficult to find our bags and wheel them through customs/immigration (and we are also over 70). We do have many friends and family that have lost luggage and more than a couple of pieces of mail as well as more and more packages that were "delivered" but never arrived. Baggage delivery service is great and we'd use it if we were going to do something between getting off the ship and boarding a plane or we had any difficulty with bags (we pack bags we can handle)....but if we're just heading to the airport, it' just not an option I'd use. My post was really to get folks to think about their decision.....don't just jump at something that looks good or because Celebrity offers it......just like travel insurance.
  14. ghstudio

    Departure valet luggage service is great!

    We have had enough luggage lost over the years that the last thing I want to do is to put my luggage on a third party carrier (it's not celebrity doing the luggage transfer any more than it's celebrity running excursions they sell)....any problems, I suspect the help you'd get from Celebrity is "here's the number of the delivery service we use". Insurance would be through your travel insurance policy. Finally, if a bag is lost, who do you contact...the airline (who says they never received it) or the delivery service (who says they gave it to the airline). Did I mention that customs can be an issue.....'oh, we couldn't transfer your bags because customs stopped them for inspection and found eight bottles of scotch". I know...I'm throwing out lots of negatives but the phrase to remember here is...."the service is good, until it isn't" I
  15. ghstudio

    Celebrity or Disney Alaska no kid

    Agree with others.....princess is great in Alaska. My guess is that you'll find Celebrity very dull....especially the activities offered that are, in many cases, just "sales" events...the grand chocolate diamond unveiling, etc. and few taking part in night activities...(it generally won't be a young crowd). Celebrity does have a lot going for it....but it's for a lay back vacation where you don't rely on the ship for entertainment. Take a look at RCL's cruises....more activities both day and night, etc.