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  1. Anyone sailing from/to China should read the following post to see if they actually need a visa.....
  2. Of course the one way airfare can be a deal killer...actually, that's probably why the cabins are still vacant. Celebrity seems to have lost their low one way fare contracts with the airlines so a return flight to FLL would be $1800+ economy per person which makes the deal far less of a deal (I didn't try to call to see if they had unlisted fares...they might)
  3. Excellent questions and I'm sure someone will answer based on their experience. We were on the Xpedition in 10/2004 and as far as I know, Celebrity has always offered the cruise only option with absolutely no information on how you actually get to the cruise.....it's been 14 years but maybe IT is just running behind posting useful information. The standard recommendation is that you just buy the package which includes a night in Quito and the flights to/from Baltra. In the long run, it will be the easiest. The problem....you arrive in Baltra and have to get to the dock where the zodiacs leave from somehow and you have to do something with your luggage when you arrive in baltra because if you take it to the dock, there's no place to store it and it doesn't go on the same zodiac you are in...it will arrive later. This is not a normal port with a building..it's a dock (or at least it was when we were there). Best of luck....incredible cruise....but don't try to save a few $'s...just book the package and let Celebrity worry about the details.
  4. New/more activities cost $'s....the stores/franchises running events cost no $'s and perhaps bring income. As long as the ships are full, it's a win for Celebrity. Very simple economics. Don't expect to see more items costing $'s until their bottom line starts to hurt a bit. The edge is clearly a work in process....Celebrity is charging premium prices and it's not filling the ship....should be interesting how that plays out. My email is filled with edge offers.....(we have no interest in paying any premium at all for an infinity veranda).
  5. it would also include michael's club so it's effectively a drink package on a TA.....2x15x$59 (classic) is $1770....so this is actually cheaper than booking an outside cabin with a classic drink package.
  6. This fare seems to be offered by many TA's today.....the Silhouette is sailing from Ft Lauderdale to Southampton with some stops....a transatlantic. While we are not anxious to go on another TA (we've done 4), I was staggered by the opportunity to spend 13 nights in a suite (guarantee) for less than $138 a day. No perks (it's a TA), but dine in Luminae, etc. If you are flexible...it leaves April 14th. If you did the Edge 15 night in a suite, it would cost $306 a day This really is a bargain....have you always wanted to try a suite, luminae, etc.....check it out. Oh yes, that cruise doesn't show on the celebrity site....just on various TA sites.
  7. I agree.....your post just brought back the memories of the caribbean cruises with steel drums. Very different than today's music which is location detached. With so many cruises now in the Caribbean and the competition, maybe that would be something Celebrity really should consider adding back to the cruise experience.
  8. Everyone wants a new level....but few have taken the time to suggest to celebrity what they want in the new level. If you can't define what you'd like to see.....stop asking (that's not you, taking it easy, it's a general comment to all who talk about wanting a new level). Let's all agree that everone wants MORE.....and try to (rationally) define what "more" might be.
  9. Once again....if you were creating the new package for those who reach 1500 points, what would you have in it. I'd suggest that it should be a fixed package of benefits from which you could choose to use or not use a benefit, like they have today.
  10. I see lots of folks agreeing with adding a level...but I see almost no one suggesting what would be in that level.....I guess it's just "give me more" which is not exactly helpful. How about posting what you would like to see in a new level between elite and zenith......make a rational suggestion, not an emotional "give me, give me"
  11. There is no such thing as "free" perks. The cost of those perks is included in the price and if you watch prices, you will occasionally see prices without those "free" perks lower. Having said that,I believe the internet package included as a perk is for 2 internet id's so you can both be on at the same time. From a price point of view, the best "free" perk to take is the drink package. The decision between $300 and gratuities is based on the cost of gratuities for the number of days in your cruise. Figure out the gratuities for 2 and see if it's more or less than the $300.
  12. 1500 or so points here.... How about some real suggestions on what could be in that new level....a list, any or all which could be added, some at essentially no cost to Celebrity. Here's a start: Unlimited laundry Unlimited gelato Free internet Free bottled water captain's club upgrade from C2 to C1 And how about a list of names for this new level Premier elite ultimate elite Special People (just kidding...maybe) -
  13. It is likely that the plane ID number/type was not changed. I would seriously doubt any US airline would be flying 737 max 8's or 9's given the extensive liability should something happen. The geneva (or whatever) convention would not limit their financial exposure.
  14. Great post.... I always tell folks who are going on a new cruise ship that one of the first things they should do is to walk around the ship, get to know where things are and, most important, to find the gym to assure that they never accidentally pass it again.
  15. Not sure if your TA has a contractual problem, but certainly it's their responsibility to figure out how to fix the problem. Since you probably don't have any written documentation, it will be more difficult to resolve, but hopefully with a little nice pressure, they will fix it....maybe they will pay the $75pp charges but that's not your problem. Be nice, friendly but firm. Best of luck (and BTW, you are absolutely right about not wanting to be in adjacent cabins)
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