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  1. I don't believe it's legal for someone, other than a government official, to place something in or mark the inside of a passport. If they want to add a sticker, it goes on the outside of the document. If celebrity placed a stamp or marking inside the passport, I suspect you had someone who didn't understand what he should be doing.
  2. Award for the 2nd top spender: coffee with a waiter in the buffet
  3. Flexibility......would you go through the Straits of Hormuz on a cruise ship right now (yes, there are some that do that twice on the same cruise)..... what if a group of friends all decide to go on another cruise and you want to join them....someone gets seriously ill and you want to be with them (not covered unless they are almost dying).... Lots of scenarios
  4. If you are flexible on times and days, I'd wait until on-board....and see what offers come along on day 3, etc. If you want to start your cruise with a specialty dining meal, they are generally 1/2 off the first night....without any package....and you can book that in advance. For the others, I'd wait. The only restaurant that is sometimes full, without offers is Murano on the ships that still have it. The other restaurants are rarely filled and deals can be made...eg. 30% off or more. We only eat at those restaurants when its a BOGO...and that happens on about 40% of our cruises.
  5. If you're going to do a "try this" cruise from the US....please don't try carnival, msc or norwegian, especially not a 7 day or less cruise which can be a horror for some with kids, drinking, bare chest contests, etc....unless you know folks would like that...."let your hair down and party" type of cruiuse. I think your best bet would be royal caribbean which offers a nice combination of relaxation with activities and good shows. Celebrity is more lay back...and not everyone's cup of tea. RCL is a safer bet for a "first" cruise...and if the indication is that there's too much "rah rah" stuff, then the second cruise should be Princess or Celebrity.
  6. I have a bottle...it's actually not that hard to find where I live. I agree..at the price, it's a bargain....drinks like a much more expensive bourbon.
  7. I can hardly wait for the response to "best", especially for Scotch. Most popular: Gin: Gordons or Bombay Sapphire Scotch: Famous Grouse Irish Whiskey: probably Jameson Since you're a bourbon drinker, what's the best bourbon? Most would probably say Pappy's based only on reputation....having never tasted it.....but is it really the "best". As far as this board....what are the best available on Celebrity ships??? bourbon: woodford double oak scotch: JW blue (for those that like it) Vodka: Absolut Elix Gin: ?? Irish Whiskey:??
  8. You are beating a dead horse. As far as your 50 cruises....yes, any company focused on customers....any folks in customer service roles who understand that just a little something can mean a lot and would have done something within their power.....a cupcake with a candle, a glass of port....whatever on your 50th.....but you unfortunately ran into folks who only understand their job...not their mission. From experience, I know there are folks in those roles on Celebrity ships that would have gone the extra mile...or the extra 100 ft to do something, however small. Sorry you didn't have those folks on your cruise.
  9. yes, they have both....o'douls beer and Fre red/white wines....all are on the classic package. Sometimes you have to prod the waiter/wine steward/bartender to get it, if they don't have it handy, but it is available at any bar and in the dining rooms. If there's any difficulty, sometimes you have to find the F&B manager or bar manager.
  10. I actually found it on the constellation a couple of months ago.....It may have been in the binder with all kinds of other information that no one looks at.....or the options were listed on some other printed material in the room. We were in Concierge....
  11. Other than handling your bags, there is high speed train service...2 1/2 - 3 hours. Barring a strike, you should have no problems. Taxis are plentiful in Barcelona to take you to the cruise. If it were me, I'd spend the last night before the cruise in Barcelona...it's a great city and arriving a day early takes all the stress out.
  12. I suggest everyone stop complaining about the missing footstools lest the folks at Celebrity decide to also do away with the beds.....and switch to futons on the floor. It's coming....along with the pay toilets in the cabins....but that's the for the next CEO to implement.
  13. Celebrity is not the only cruise line 🙂
  14. As you travel more, you will find that the news accounts of what's happening in the city you will be visiting bear little resemblance to reality....at least the reality you'll see. There is street crime in every major city (well Singapore might be the exception). If you stick to the tourist areas which most do, you are not going to have a problem. Pickpockets are always a threat....but you just take reasonable precautions....lots of articles about those. Have you visited Cartagena, Colombia...Port au Prince, Haiti...anywhere in the Dominican Republic....all high crime cities. Barcelona has had pickpockets in the news forever....we've never encountered them and we've been there many times, including a full week just off Las Ramblas (heart of tourist area). Rome has them too...you just don't read that much about them. Is UK safer: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42749089 Good site to look (and then worry) about crime in cities you are thinking about visiting: https://www.numbeo.com/crime/ Don't worry about Barcelona....enjoy whatever cruise you select.
  15. Just buy a case, put a celebrity label on it and give it to the porters with your other luggage. Unless something has changed very recently, this is done all the time. There is no written policy on taking non alcoholic beverages on Celebrity ships.
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