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  1. Carnival is raising $6 billion with a combination of privately placed bonds and a stock offering. Assuming that financing is successful, one would assume that it's enough to carry them through this mess. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/carnivals-stock-turns-lower-after-175-billion-public-stock-offering-private-debt-sale-2020-03-31?mod=home-page
  2. Perhaps the government might offer aid to cruise lines registered in the United States and require that the registrations remain in the United States subject to repayment penalties on the bailout funds offered. I wonder how long it would take RCL, Carnival and NCL to reregister their corporations.......do I hear days?
  3. Carnival could easily move PCL future cruise credits to the corporation, making them usable on any Carnival cruise line.....and if it comes to concidering bankruptcy for PCL, they would be brain dead not to do that prior to any bankruptcy filing in order to preserve the very people that will start to cruise when cruising starts again.
  4. If it's any consolation, I come home with that same dry cough on about 3/4 of our cruises......lasts about a month and just disappears on it's own. I hope your husband has a similar cough and outcome..
  5. I suspect it's closer to 125,000 bookings....18 ships, 1100 avg bookings/ship, avg 6 cruises cancelled. Taking it one step further, at an avg price of $1500/booking .... puts Princess in the ballpark of potentially refunding $175 million dollars. It won't be that much, because some/many are taking option 1 for the bigger FCC. Note: All numbers except for the number of ships are just guesses to get the sizing into at least the right ballpark...
  6. Once the dust clears, I think it will be pretty easy to book cruises that don't exist right now...like a TA in May. There are many who have flexible schedules and given both the FCC's being issued and potentially attractive prices, people will quickly book.
  7. Guessing at some numbers...just to size the possible cost of refunds: Princess has 18 ships average passenger fare $175/day 2500 avg passengers per ship out of service for 60 days If 100% of the passengers elect to have 100% refund...the total refunded would be in the area of $350 million. Of course many of the passengers will accept future cruise credits instead of cash back....but I'm just sizing the cash needed now for the refunds. My guess is that it will probably cost less than $100 million in cash for the refunds. Carnival has far more than that in cash without tapping their credit lines.
  8. It's not clear how china is testing or reporting, but if, at this point, they are continuing to do tests and reporting deaths, it's been about 2 months and they are now seeing very few new cases. That's making me optimistic, although their response of locking down an entire area may have contributed a great deal to this. Today, my email is filled with cancellations of large group gatherings...sports events, religious events, dinner meetings....and I expect even more tomorrow. Despite the US Government's lack of definitive action, my fellow citizens are smart enough to take proactive actions. It would be great to have more test kits....that will come, albeit ridiculously late...but it will come. My plan, being over 70 and perhaps having underlying issues, is to become somewhat of a hermit for 60 to 90 days....not confined to my home, but I can still drive around without coming into contact with others...so I have some freedom, unlike a strict quarantine. I believe we will see a "rapid" rise in cases (we should see as more testing is done). Death rates are very high...again, because the number of cases is undertested and therefore underreported, but deaths are pretty accurate....likely it's really 3% or less. But then we'll see new cases slow and active cases drop.....so 90-120 days is probably a good estimate of the time to lose weight, like me, in panic mode.
  9. In reading my travel safe policy, I don't see this situation covered....and knowing a little about insurance, if it isn't specifically mentioned, then it's not covered. My question, though, is that I paid over $1000 for the travel safe policy......do I have any path to get that $1000+ back? How are other insurance companies handling the Princess 60 day cancellation of all cruises?
  10. I believe the correct explanation is that if you choose option 1, you get the total value shown in the option 1 column as an FCC. You do NOT get your original cruise payment PLUS that FCC amount. (note the comment that option 1 gives you 25% more total of $'s and FCC if you select that option)
  11. The fine print on the earlier cancel and get an FCC, the small print said you must use it on one cruise. I haven't seen any "fine print" on this one....so who knows? We just took option 2 and at worst, we may have given up a 25% FCC (April cruise). Once the dust settles and cruising is safe, we will favor Princess because of how well they handled this.
  12. Have to agree that cruising the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada are the "safest" place to keep ships operating. Take a few and do dry docks on them. Sending them to Europe puts them essentially in mothballs.
  13. Under the terms of contract, I believe that if Princess cancels a cruise, the money paid is fully refunded. If one cancels under the new policy, you get an FCC for the amount paid. Not clear that cancelling before the last minute allowed under the new policy is the right move. Thoughts??
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