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  1. There is no question that you will have more movement in the very front and rear cabins....and more if you are on a higher deck. We have been in 30' seas on the top passenger deck, aft facing cabin and it was "exciting"....we had to duct tape our drawers and doors shut to avoid banging, etc. We were recently on the Veendam, top passenger deck, aft facing cabin and we had to avoid two storms....and yes, we definitely felt the sea movement. Once in the dining room on a lower deck, less movement. If you do get seasick...it's a trade off....the rear facing or rear corner cabins are wonderful, but you will get more movement. There is always bonine, ginger, sea bands, ......, if you do hit rougher seas. Note: much sea sickness is caused by your worrying about getting sea sick....not actually due to the movement. If you feel just the slightest movement, you panic and start to feel ill even though there is almost no movement. I'd suggest booking a center ship cabin....just so you don't worry, but my bet is that on YOUR cruise, those rear cabins wouldn't have noticeably more movement. You're not going to hit 30' seas.....
  2. I'd suggest staying at the Piazalle Roma which is at the end of the people mover and convenient to both the airport busses and walking (or boating) around Venice. We stayed at the AC Hotel Venezia which was excellent. Many good places to eat nearby.
  3. I would pick cruise 1 because it visits both Flam (railway) and the north cape (king crab,...). We prefer the Veendam because of the added cabins which have (relatively affordable rear facing cabins).
  4. Princess actually makes it pretty easy.....look at the longer European cruises....many/most are actually two cruises combined into one longer cruise. You can book both cruises individually, or just book the one that includes both. Since you will likely want to stay in the same cabin for both cruises, just book the longer one in the cabin you want.
  5. OP...finding good deals can be a full time job 🙂 Sometimes, the perks you get due to your "frequent cruiser" status make a "great deal" look not quite so good. While Celebrity would like you to think that everyone charges the same for a cabin, some TA's offer group rates which are lower....and of course TA's offer additional perks above what Celebrity or other cruise lines offer. You probably know all this...which is why you started this thread. One hint that can save you $$$$....Princess and HAL (and perhaps some others but not Celebrity) offer some B2B cruises together as one longer cruise. If you are considering one of their cruises, always check to see if it's also part of a longer cruise. We just did that with a Princess cruise....we booked a 12 night cruise around the UK with friends. A couple of months later, just out of curiosity, we checked to see if the previous or next cruise was interesting to make it a B2B. Adding that second cruise would cost us $5000 (mini suite). Then I found that princess offered a 27 night cruise which was the same TA and the UK cruise just packaged together. Instead of $5000, it only cost us $1600 (total cost for 2) to book the full 27 night cruise in the same Mini Suite instead of two separate cruises.
  6. Bo....AFAIK, you aren't permitted to mention ANY travel agent in the forums.....doesn't matter if they are "authorized" or not.
  7. Longer cruises (over 7 days) tend to have less kids....and HAL tends to attract less younger families with kids. I'd suggest looking at Princess, RCL or perhaps even Celebrity for "equivalent to HAL" cruises. Of course, if you want really kid friendly...look at Carnival and NCL. Every cruise is different....so other's experience may be interesting, but probably will have little bearing on your experience.
  8. I would pick based on itinerary. HAL, Princess and Carnival are all essentially equals, each with their strong and weak points. If you are going to Norway, be sure to go all the way to Tromso and the north cape.
  9. Celebrity is more lax on Caribbean cruises than on most others....so you may find shorts in the MDR at dinner on those cruises. Otherwise, you do run the risk of being refused. I am not aware of anyone being refused entrance because they were wearing a golf shirt....long Khaki/chino/etc pants and a golf shirt with a collar should not be a problem on any Celebrity cruise,
  10. It will be difficult to get a premium price on the deck 9 aqua cabins without Blu. I think they are focused on increased revenue and they'll let the ship figure out how to handle the additional load. Although we only booked aqua when it first was introduced, we now only book it if we can get one of the three middle cabins aft on deck 11 on M class ships, otherwise, we are very happy with C2's at C3 price.....and we never book aqua any more on S-class ships where we prefer 1A's.
  11. Three options are under consideration: 1) serve the entire meal in Bento Boxes which include both appetizer and dessert 2) eliminate the main course and announce it as the "Healthy Dining" with reduced caloric intake. 3) change to family style eating....long tables with all menu selections in bowls on the table....no need to order, just take what you want. All tables will seat 24 people.
  12. I just cringe every time I see that COVID-19 is deadly.....yes, it can kill, but so can the "normal" flu that kills over 10000 a year....and no one keeps saying "deadly flu".......it's just flu season. Granted, it can be serious for some, but many won't even know they have it....much like the "regular flu"....and your risk of your death is likely less than the risk you take every time you get in your car for a drive. Let's keep the emotion, the fear reasonable. .
  13. yes...curious minds would like to know,. We will be on the Regal for 27 days next month in club class.
  14. IMHO, Celebrity's web pages are intentionally designed to steer you to the Non-refundable options. Like others,my recommendation is to never even bother to look at Celebrity's pages when booking a cruise....find any of the large online TA's and use their site for pricing and cabin availability information. Not only will you get more complete information, you will almost always get additional perks from the TA that you wouldn't get booking through Celebrity.
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