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  1. Thanks everyone for your concern and advice. If things don’t feel better tomorrow I maybe checking in with medical. Yes I was given the RSV shot last fall so that should be covered. I made DH promise to go to the dining room tonight and I may quickly run up to the Lido and pick up something for myself while the stewards tidy up. Well the Captain tells us there is still too much ice in the way for the next three days’ ports, Qaqortoq, Paamiut, and Nanortalik, Greenland. We’re allowed only 10% ice coverage with the HAL ships and there is way too much for us to proceed. He wasn’t clear about any replacement ports or what our plans are for the next three days but I hope they come up with something. Luckily we’ve been to the missed ports before but I’m sure the majority of passengers are bummed.
  2. Good morning friends! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. It is overcast and 48F on our way to Qaqortoq. Provided we aren’t delayed by ice and can get there, it will be my 4th visit there. The Captain promised an update at noon today on our progress. We are moving along at 21 knots right now. Last night we had some time of darkness again, after Friday night’s Midnight Sun. Thanks Rich @richwmnfor the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the fleet location maps. Very interesting discussion topics today. Thanks to Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope,and Ann @cat shepard for your reports on the food and beverages. Prayers for our Care list group, DB, Alex’s twins, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and our men and women of the military watching out for us. Cheers to all with special events today in addition to the holiday, and for those cruising. Thanks to Vanessa @JazzyV for your hard work on the lists. I’m very sorry to hear your 3 tests all came back positive for COVID Terri @Cruzin Terri Praying your condition is short-lived and that Jim doesn’t turn up positive in the coming days. My cold is wearing me out. The cough sounds like a bark! I took a COVID test too but it came back negative. I just don’t want to go out much because I don’t want to be the one spreading things like so many others here do. The port today is Mumbai (Bombay), India which was the port before on Aug. 8, 2021 and July 9, 2022. I have not been before and don’t have it on my bucket list. Here are the links for your convenience in retrieving your photos. Hope you enjoy celebrating Father’s Day today. Try to stay safe and keep well! I think I’ll be doing some napping!
  3. Ketchikan, Alaska! In 2002 DH and I took our first cruise at the behest of our DDIL who was interested in trying it. So with her and DS we flew to Anchorage and boarded the Star Princess in Seward, Alaska. Our better photos of Ketchikan would be taken on future cruises but here is a photo of DH and I kayaking in Ketchikan. 7/18/2002 On Sapphire Princess on September 6, 2009 DH and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. This was B2B cruises in Alaska and this was the first week. After a nice walk around town checking out the salmon running at Creek Street, we took in this view of the long line of passengers returning to the ship before sailing. There were two gangways open, too! Our sunniest visit to Ketchikan was on our 14 day Amsterdam cruise on August 28, 2019. We went down to Creek Street to see if the salmon were running. And here’s the rapids the salmon try to move up. Leaving port that afternoon we saw the spot we remembered kayaking at in 2002 And the flag comes down for the day
  4. Good morning friends! What a gloomy, misty, cold 42F day it was when we arrived in Isafjordur this morning. By lunchtime it should clear a little and temp will rise to the low 50’s. Costa Favolosa arrived after we did and Viking Star is here today too. We are anchored and tendering today. I’m sure Viking bid high for the dock and got it. On cruisemapper it shows the Costa ship docked too. Guess Holland America is the red-haired stepchild! When we were here in Isafjordur last August they were working on improving the dock situation so that was interesting to see. My cold sounds worse today and is more in my chest. We went over for an hour and walked the town so I could get some fresh air. Temp is now 46 and there's still fog on the mountains. Thanks to Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the fleet location maps. A diverse grouping of days to recognize and a quote I could easily forget. No thanks to the meal, drink and wine. Nice day for the Magna Carta, and an interesting fact about the first moving pictures. Thank you ladies for your reports – Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope and Ann @cat shepard. Saying prayers for the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still remaining, and the military members on watch over there. Also for DB and Alex’s twins, and our group of people here with health issues and various other problems in their lives. Hoping for the best and much improvement for you all. Cheers to all celebrating special events and cruising. Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for the lists each day! The MLS Next youth soccer teams are headed to Nashville for the start of the national tournament which lasts a week and begins tomorrow. It’s a knockout tournament so if you lose a game you move on to the showcase games. Whoever wins every game this week in their age groups is the best of the best. I texted Ren and he says he’s confident and excited. I’m proud his team qualified and gets to go. Tomorrow afternoon they play FC Cincinnati. We just read Cincinnati has a great player who is leading in goals scored this season so watch out FC Dallas! The port today is Ketchikan, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska which was our port on Dec. 22, 2023. Yes, I’ve been there (most of us have). Here is the link to last December’s Daily. Tonight is Canaletto for us. Last night was dressy night with beef tenderloin again. Thursday night was beef tenderloin for the 150th anniversary menu so it’s getting a little old. So DH and I ordered cheese tortellini for a change and it was nice. We’re trying to eat less, so had no starter or dessert. I even had a small serving of the tortellini Hope all of you have a nice Saturday and are trying to stay safe and keep well!
  5. Whoops! Thank you Joy for thinking of me. I hope you and Allen are doing okay right now and the wound is healing well. Enjoy the pool!
  6. Thanks for your concern Graham. It's good you got over your virus before your trip so you didn't have to cancel. Is Pauline's cough better now? Yes, they are keeping a low profile I guess you could say. We've spoken a few times since Sunday, or rather she has and he is keeping his mouth shut for the most part. 🙂 Thanks Jacqui, I hope I'm over it quickly too. Thanks and I hope yours is better every day going forward. Safe driving today! Katherine, @Lady Hudson have a wonderful cruise and try to stay away from those floating cold viruses! Roy @rafinmd a happy heavenly birthday for your DD DB. I know you remember him fondly. Annie @marshhawk try your best to stay cool. Not a problem where I am right now. And good luck with the job situation. I'm sure if you angered Andrew it was his fault and not yours. 😉
  7. Good morning friends! We are at sea heading towards Isafjordur, Iceland with an ETA of Saturday, June 15. Early this morning it was foggy and the foghorn was sounding, but now we have a few broken clouds with a good amount of sunshine and only 46F. Winds are 15 mph from the ESE. We crossed over the Arctic Circle a short time ago and we’re traveling at 11 knots. Thank you Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the fleet location maps. Today is a nice day to celebrate Flag Day. Family history can be fascinating and of course they must have a day for chop suey. That’s a fun quote from Angie Dickinson. The meal suggestion sounds okay though I eat very little avocado because of the texture. Not sure about the Hawaiian Mai Tai but would probably appreciate the Rosé. Oh my goodness on the 29 inning baseball game! Thank you Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope,and Ann @cat shepard for the food and beverage reports. Prayers for all here on the Daily who are ailing, healing, grieving. Hoping for better news for Jacqui @kazu, Tana, Terry @smitty34877 and family members, Jane @lazey1 , Elizabeth @Haljo1935, Chuck @catmando , Annie @marshhawk, Scottie, Jim and Terri @Cruzin Terri, Ann @Vict0riann, Nancy @ottahand7, Debbie @dfish and any others I may have failed to recognize. Prayers too for DB, Alex’s twins, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and our troops in the region. 🙏 Cheers sent up for anyone celebrating happy events and cruising. Fair winds and following seas! Thanks Vanessa @JazzyV for your outstanding work maintaining the C&C lists, even while caring for BFF and taking care of your own health needs. 🥂 The port of the day is Dravuni Island, Fiji. This was our port on Sept. 23, 2021 and March 20, 2022. In the past I’ve said I hadn’t been there before but now I actually have that port on an upcoming booking, March 13, 2026 Island Princess 54 days round trip Los Angeles. No long flights! Here are the links to the previous two times Dravuni Island was shown here. Yesterday I noticed I was coughing again after having a cold a month ago which luckily didn’t amount to a lot. But before dinner in the Ocean Bar last night they were opening the doors to the Promenade deck a lot while putting up the tenders near us. The cold air kept rushing through the port side where the dance floor and musicians play. We moved to get out of the draft but it was still freezing cold in there. Today my cough sounds terrible! I don’t have other cold symptoms with it but I think I’ll spend most of the day in my cabin taking zinc lozenges and using cough drops and work on my cross stitch stocking project. Hoping everyone enjoys their Friday. Please try to stay safe and keep well! (Easier said than done, right?)
  8. Lenda @Quartzsite Cruiser no worries. I haven’t been there yet either. Hope everything goes perfectly today.
  9. Terri I’m so glad to hear you made it to Jax with no incidents. Hope you sleep well and have a good drive home Friday. 🤞
  10. Thanks Roy! I see myself sitting there on the Zuiderdam on the east coast of Iceland! 😁
  11. For those who would like to visit Djupivogur, here is a photo of the eggs laid out along the shoreline of a bay, with plaques describing what bird they represent. It's quite a walk from the dock in town. I have heard there is a glacier and an area of waterfalls in the region but you would need a tour to see that, since there are few taxis in this village of about 600 residents. Here's a link to a good site with more information. https://www.visiticeland.com/article/a-day-in-djupivogur We turned our clocks back another hour last night for Iceland time and are 4 hours ahead of Eastern time U.S.
  12. Zeebrugge, Belgium We were in Bruge in 2015 and 2019. On our second visit to Brugge we were on Prinsendam too (our last cruise on her May 2019). We took the shuttle to Blankenberge as well, bought our tickets for the train to Brugge and then back again. On May 8, 2015 our ship Royal Princess stopped in Zeebrugge, Belgium. We took a tour from Princess and were driven to the town of Brugge. We had heard a lot about it but it really was stunning. I've described it as a fairy tale medieval town with beauty around every corner. Our tour guide walked us from the parking lot to the edge of the old city. Right away we saw sights like this. Part of our tour was this boat ride along the canals. Yep, that's his favorite spot! Aren't the flowerpots on the wall a cute idea? Time to stop for DH's beer before the tour ends. The following photos were taken May 17, 2019 when we took the train to Brugge. So many good things to sample there if you're hungry or thirsty. waffles! Brugge buildings on these curtains. Love that! Ready to board our train back to Zeebrugge. Have a great day everyone!
  13. Good morning friends! Today Zuiderdam is visiting Djupivogur, Iceland. We were just here last summer and walked quite a ways to see the Eggs of Merry Bay, 34 to-scale oversized granite eggs representing those laid by local birds. The weather is 48F with overcast misty skies and a 40% chance of showers. Ship’s passengers will be tendering over and our visit ends at 4 pm. We may not even go over as I feel a little blah today. We did walk 5 miles yesterday in Runavik, Faroe Islands. Thank you Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily and I'm sure the fleet location maps will show up eventually. I certainly understand internet and computer problems! Anyway, we need a day for axe throwing? Hmm. International Doe B Day is in honor of a rapper killed by gun violence so looks like someone initiated a day for him, too. Now kitchen klutzes I can understand! We’ve all had our little mishaps in the kitchen. Plato’s quote is profound as usual. Roasted radishes might not be enough for a full meal for me. No thanks to the Bamboo drink or Chardonnay. The Treaty of Perpetual Alliance between England and Portugal was so long ago. Amazing it’s still recognized these days. Thanks to Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope, and Ann @cat shepard for your reports today. Prayers for the people in Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, our troops in the region, my DB, Alex’s twins, and my friends here on the Daily. Safe travels to Terri @Cruzin Terri and Jim though staying put for a few days might be less stressful for you. Hoping Tana, her sister and Terry @smitty34877 are feeling better today and recovered from the bug they caught. Cheers to all experiencing birthdays and anniversaries, and on their long awaited cruises! Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for the Care and Celebration lists. You are certainly keeping busy these days! The port this morning is Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium. I was just in Zeebrugge 20 days ago! It’s a popular port for making your way to Brugge and Brussels. This was the port of the day on Feb. 26, 2022 and Feb. 6, 2023. Here are the links in case you need them. Hope all are enjoying their Thursday. Stay safe and keep well!
  14. Good morning friends! Today is a cloudy, windy day in Runavik, Faroe Islands. Temp is about 49F. We’re here from 7 am to 4 pm. We went out to walk around the village of around 4000 people. According to cruisetimetables.com we are the only ship here in June, with 3 ships scheduled in July and 3 ships for August. Thank you Rich @richwmn for today’s Fleet Report and Daily and the location maps which are so helpful. Today we are supposed to recognize cachaca, a distilled spirit similar to rum made from sugar cane juice and it comes from Brazil. In addition it’s also International Falafel Day which I’ll pass on. Loving Day sounds like you can’t go wrong though! A good quote. I’ve never heard of stir fry made with ground beef before. No to the Americano but yes to the Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc. They really nailed Al Capone in 1931, didn’t they? 5000 counts! Thanks to Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope, and Ann @cat shepardfor your very important reports today. Happy Birthday wishes to Chuck @catmando and I hope you enjoy the yummy First Watch breakfast. Prayers today for DB and Alex’s twins, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and the troops in the region. Prayers for all here on the Daily Care list. I hope Tana starts feeling better soon. Terri @Cruzin Terri, safe travels home Thursday and I hope your cold and stomach bug are soon things of the past. So sorry to hear of Chuck’s @catmando DB Scottie’s stroke and hope he is able to recover from that. Ann @Vict0riann best wishes and prayers sent to you as you prepare for your surgery on June 27. We’re thankful they could schedule it so soon. Jacqui @kazu I hope there is some relief from your foot pain and things start looking rosier in your and Ivan’s lives. Congrats to @erewhon on your five year anniversary. Cheers to everyone celebrating happy events and cruises! Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for continuing to post for us each day and keep us on track. The port of the day is a new one, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have not been anywhere in the Dominican Republic but that’s not a problem for me. I do hope someone will have some photos to share though. And of course no links. Hopeful you will all enjoy your Wednesday. Stay safe and keep well.
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