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  1. Did anyone else read the promo code for this sale as OF (in Kazu's post #27 above)? I have a cruise on hold and will ask the agent to check to see if that promo code applies. I doubt it though. It's a Grand Voyage.
  2. Same. And lots of times the prices go up. I like nonstop flights and we are offered a lot of those since we fly from Atlanta.
  3. Thank you all! I am missing seeing Antarctic scenery so am happy to be returning there. Incredibly beautiful! And Bon Voyage to everyone else. Enjoy!
  4. Those two FCD's had original expiration dates of Dec. 2019, but had been extended by Princess in August to Dec. 2021.
  5. Sorry I have to disagree with a couple of facts I read here. I recently booked a cruise for 2021 and had no FCD's. Later that day I consolidated a previously booked B2B cruise into one booking because of the BSE promo and had an FCD available for us both to use, so within 24 hours I called Princess and asked if I could apply the two FCD's to the new booking. They said yes, applied them, and my personalizer shows OBC on our account for using them. Win, win!
  6. If you prefer the wire hangers in order to fit more clothing in the closet, just ask the steward to bring some to you. They have a huge supply of wire hangers. No need to bring your own. Saves space in your luggage.
  7. I added BEST2DG to my cruise booked under the Cyber Sale, and only have Medallionnet 4-Device Promo 2-30 Day internet. No Wi-Fi Package.
  8. Jacqui, time to sort through 2020 cruises. I just booked 3 for 2021 but they can wait in case things change. June 6, 2020, Veendam, 14 days - North Cape & Gems of Norway B2B with June 20, 2020, Veendam, 35 days - Spitsbergen, Iceland & British Isles Explorer November 19, 2020, Volendam , 32 days - Amazon Explorer This is our fourth attempt to take the Amazon cruise! This time it will work out, I hope.
  9. Sounds like Costco Shop Cards are a better fit for you. Absolutely not a good idea for me. I will therefore be using the high volume travel agent I have used for a couple of prior cruises (Seabourn is not a cruise line Costco works with), and that agent is giving me great discounts on our cruise fares. She will be getting a lot more business from me. I have two more cruises I booked with Princess recently that I will be turning over to her within 60 days. And this is in addition to the cruise I booked with her last night. She's happy and I'm happy.☺️
  10. Yes, joking! However at this point in life, we don't need a lot of "stuff" anymore. I would end up with so many Shop Cards and it would take years to use it all up. In fact, tonight I booked a cruise in 2021 and gave it to a TA who is giving me a very big discount. No Shop Card from Costco on this one. Costco may regret this decision.
  11. We just spoke with the big box TA and asked about the shop card on a Princess cruise. She told us the change went into effect on Dec. 4 for Princess. It seems from reading here the change for HAL went into effect in late November. We are definitely not happy! We book many cruises and turn them over to the big box store. All the bookings we have already transferred will receive the OBC, anything we book or transfer to them now will have a shop card. Since there are no big box stores near our home we don't shop there a lot, and sometimes the amount of OBC we receive is a couple thousand dollars how am I supposed to spend all that on TP and gas? I much preferred refundable OBC. I asked about a couple of bookings they have of ours which take place in 2021, and if I made changes to the bookings, would we still get the OBC? She said yes. Anything they had on the books prior to the change date would remain OBC. Any new bookings would be the shop card. If I decide to cancel a B2B and book as one single cruise (on the new Princess sale which debuted today), then we would be offered the shop card. We are now having to think about a new TA since this is not going to work out for us. Really bummed!
  12. We've been tightening up security on our laptop (no tablet) the past couple of weeks, but this is the first day I can't even get on the HAL page. I will keep trying.
  13. Gee, I sure wish I could get the HAL website to load on my computer this morning. Some of us might want to do business with them! Sigh... Anyone else having problems or am I the only one?
  14. I know, right? Each of us paid a good deal of money to cruise Princess that many times, not just one of us!
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