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  1. I've been listening to the Broward County Commissioners meeting being held today in Ft. Lauderdale. The Carnival Corporation representative said they plan on putting "well" guests from England/Ireland on a charter flight out, Europeans on another charter flight, Canadians on a charter flight to Toronto, Australians on a charter flight to California and then onto commercial flights to Australia. Local well S. Florida residents will be wearing a mask and will be driven home unless they have their vehicle parked in Ft. Lauderdale. Other U.S. residents will be given a mask and CDC instructions on self isolating and get on flights out of FLL. The CDC doctor on the phone said temps will be taken first and armed with their masks which must remain on until they reach home and their CDC instructions, the best thing for them to do was to get home immediately and not to stay on the ship. Those who are ill but not critical will remain on the ship is what I believe the consensus was. There are 2 patients on the Zaandam who may not even survive until Ft. Lauderdale, and they have tried getting them med-evaced off the ship but no one has allowed that, most recently Mexico. That would make the death count 6. I feel badly for the families of the very critically ill patients.
  2. Disney ships can play 6 songs on their horns. Very fun to be there and hear them, whether on board or from shore.
  3. We appreciate all the work you put into this each day. Thank you!!
  4. Thank you for that photo. I'm missing seeing the ships at ports on the webcams because so many are at sea.
  5. Maybe in all the excitement she forgot to let us know what happened. I could see that happening.
  6. I'm sure they are really looking forward to their comfortable beds tonight.
  7. Do you think Deb and her folks are finished with all the tears and hugs yet?
  8. Probably like on the Grand Voyage. You fill out paperwork, attach a shipping label, then Fed Ex takes them away and delivers to you a few days later. They had an employee join the ship at the last port of call before we arrived back in the U.S. to handle all the questions/problems that cropped up. Not sure about what Customs thinks of it. Holland was the one to worry about all that.
  9. They're at the Florida Georgia line now. What a relief!
  10. Hoping for a short taxi and speedy disembarkation. Wheel chair passengers usually wait till everyone else is off the plane, don't they?
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