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  1. No, I just tried a booking for an Alaska cruise as a test, and it worked perfectly. Just be thankful it's not Holland America you're looking at. That is impossible to book online. They automatically give you a guarantee and to try to pinpoint a particular cabin or area leads you to a white blank page. Not good! And it's been that way for almost a year and a half.
  2. I've gotten jewelry three times using non-refundable on board credit. DH also used to go to the casino and cash out after a little poker playing. But the jewelry is a lasting memory.
  3. If you don't get a check within 6 weeks call them. One time we had a big refund coming and when it didn't come we called. They said well what about this big charge at the end of the cruise? We said what are you talking about and they gave us the name of the person who charged something. It wasn't us! Somehow it got posted to our account. They straightened it out and sent us a check ASAP. Be sure to keep your final statement. We got off the Coral on 1/21 and got our check earlier this week for our unused refundable OBC. Took the full 4 weeks.
  4. Ahh, that explains it. Well, anyway, I'm sorry she wouldn't let you buy any FCCs for your son and his wife, etc. It's so nice to get that OBC as well as the smaller deposits.
  5. I saw that too and wondered if her son had even been on a Princess ship before, what with confusing the loyalty club names. I can confirm that I purchased future cruise deposits for eight members of my family in Dec. 2017 and applied them to a June 2019 cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. All eight had been on a Princess cruise prior to the purchase but were not on the Dec. 2017 cruise with us. This purchase was on the Sun Princess and the Future Cruise consultant told us it had been discussed and approved on a conference call that very week. For those who have been told NO I can only guess that either something has changed since then, or their consultant just didn't want to go to the trouble. My advice is to ask - it can't hurt.
  6. I have purchased them for family members who had already traveled on Princess. A couple of the grandkids had not so we couldn't get them one. We did it for a family cruise that we were all going on together. It was nice that everyone who had a FCD got OBC for them when we got on the cruise so that helped with their onboard expenses. It would definitely help if you had their Captain's Circle number, but we didn't have the numbers and the Future Cruise Consultant was able to look them up by name, address, etc. It was totally a surprise to us when he said we could purchase them so we weren't prepared. The ruling had come down just prior to our discussion with him. It all worked out nicely.
  7. How did an incident Floridiana reported on in post 1087 become a part of the Westerdam 83 year-old woman's illness? It was something she'd seen on a Princess ship in the past. And I quote: I wonder whether the 'super spreaders' are like the woman I observed on a Princess ship with noro virus. The ocean was as flat as a mirror, but she touched every surface in the buffet, backs of several chairs, railing etc. The supervisor had noticed her and followed her with his disinfectant rag and wiped everything she had touched. She never saw him. We must be careful when we're reading. I am trying to find the original press release about the Westerdam when it arrived in Cambodia. I am almost positive the 20 people HAL said had reported to the Medical Center during the cruise did not have Coronavirus symptoms, but other complaints including diarrhea. No one reported Coronavirus symptoms. Yet I hear people here discussing these 20 people as having Coronavirus symptoms. I'm going to have to go way back to find the press release but it would be worth it to settle the question in my mind.
  8. I just caught up. It takes a while. Glad to see they are on their way home. It's been a great read all these months though.
  9. Yes, if you are booking directly through the big box store you just tell them you want to use your FCDs as the deposit. Also that you want to use the oldest one, though I often give them the last 3 or 4 digits of my oldest ones to give them a head's up. No need to book directly through the cruise line unless you want to. Also you can transfer bookings from the cruise line to a travel agency within 60 days of booking it.
  10. Me, too! But since I'm not a coffee fan I tell them to give DH the coffee ice cream and they put a scoop of vanilla on my brownie. It is so good.
  11. I remember only one meal on Seabourn that we didn't like. The rest of the meals were great in our opinion. I loved the Galley Market Lunch! That was a real highlight for us. Due to the high cost of Seabourn we don't cruise them every time. Just extra special itineraries so it's a real treat when we do go.
  12. We used room service for breakfast quite a bit and DH got bacon and eggs, toast, etc. a lot. Always good and hot. The way they set up your dining table in your room with tablecloth, condiment tray, even the flowers in your cabin. So civilized compared to a buffet. I use my puffy jacket given to us by Seabourn all the time. We just took the puffy jackets and orange waterproof parkas along for our Antarctica journey last month on Princess. It was really cold so we needed them.
  13. I've read your blog front to back and enjoyed it so much. It brings back many fond memories of our very favorite cruise. I'm puzzled at why there was so much china breakage, though. A new crew member trying to find their sea legs? 😉
  14. I plan on reading the blog but want to say I enjoyed all the comments provided above about your impressions of the differences between your Seabourn and Holland America cruises. We have cruised Antarctica on Seabourn and Princess so far, and will be trying Holland America there in January 2021. I am so grateful we had the Seabourn experience there, though, and I will never forget it.
  15. Thank you for your answers. That makes sense. I emailed Patrick and asked about the tour, he replied and we have signed on for a tour in Feb. 2021. We have been to the Falklands three times so far, made it into port each time, and hope next year is no exception.
  16. If I may ask this question here, I hope someone knows the answer. Do you pay in advance for the tour or when you get there? If the ship doesn't make it into port, that must be a tremendous loss for him. But refunds for everyone would be a nightmare for him.
  17. Jacqui, I have a change for you. You can remove the Nov. 19, 2020 Volendam Amazon cruise for us and ADD the Jan. 4, 2021 Volendam 74 day Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage. Looking forward to our second Grand Voyage and our third visit to Antarctica!
  18. Did anyone else read the promo code for this sale as OF (in Kazu's post #27 above)? I have a cruise on hold and will ask the agent to check to see if that promo code applies. I doubt it though. It's a Grand Voyage.
  19. Same. And lots of times the prices go up. I like nonstop flights and we are offered a lot of those since we fly from Atlanta.
  20. Thank you all! I am missing seeing Antarctic scenery so am happy to be returning there. Incredibly beautiful! And Bon Voyage to everyone else. Enjoy!
  21. Those two FCD's had original expiration dates of Dec. 2019, but had been extended by Princess in August to Dec. 2021.
  22. Sorry I have to disagree with a couple of facts I read here. I recently booked a cruise for 2021 and had no FCD's. Later that day I consolidated a previously booked B2B cruise into one booking because of the BSE promo and had an FCD available for us both to use, so within 24 hours I called Princess and asked if I could apply the two FCD's to the new booking. They said yes, applied them, and my personalizer shows OBC on our account for using them. Win, win!
  23. If you prefer the wire hangers in order to fit more clothing in the closet, just ask the steward to bring some to you. They have a huge supply of wire hangers. No need to bring your own. Saves space in your luggage.
  24. I added BEST2DG to my cruise booked under the Cyber Sale, and only have Medallionnet 4-Device Promo 2-30 Day internet. No Wi-Fi Package.
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