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  1. Same. Years of travel and lost luggage have us traveling light. We spent two weeks in Barcelona (incl 1 week cruise) and only had a carryon. We are doing the same for our upcoming Alaska travel. Wish us luck. LOL I wish I was on the same trip as OP just in case I need to borrow something. πŸ˜„ Have a great trip, OP!
  2. Never had a problem with turning in my passport. Although, I do admit, our first cruise left out of a Greek port. I was nervous about handing over my passport, but it all turned out fine then and every other time. don't worry about it. πŸ™‚
  3. When your flight is delayed or cancelled, immediately get on the phone with the airline. Last Saturday, my 22 year old daughter was flying to London on a 5pm flight. She had a connection in NY with a 90 minute layover. Bad weather caused her flight to be delayed 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 75 minutes. I immediately got online and looked at alternative arrangements for her. She called United with the alternative schedule and got rebooked on a Luftansa flight (luckily weather delayed - 3 hours until 9:30p). Breathing a sigh of relief, she got some food and sat at the gate. At 8:45pm, the Luftansa flight was cancelled. Immediately, I got on the phone with United. I explained the situation. I explained that I was worried about my daughter being stuck overnight in an unfamiliar airport by herself. The agent put me on hold for about 5 minutes then came back and said he rebooked her on an American Air nonstop flight leaving at 10pm. She hustled over to the gate. She arrived in London 1 hour earlier than her original itinerary. Moral of the story: Look up alternative air arrangements and flight numbers and get on the phone ASAP with the airline; especially on weather delays and cancellations. Don't bother waiting in line at the gate. Seats will go fast. United was a real MVP in this instance. OP, I am sorry this happened to you.
  4. Sounds like your trip is going to be amazing. Have a wonderful time. I think I could whale watch all day, every day given the opportunity. πŸ™‚
  5. Yes, it is the 5 hour tour. Thank you for that information. I feel super excited about it now. πŸ™‚ Do you think dusk will have any effect on whale watching? I am not sure what order they are doing the tour - Glacier first or whale watching.
  6. The lumberjack show is part of the "package" with Celebrity and effectively, ends up being free. Is the trolley any good? Any opinion on the time of the glacier whale watch/photo safari being at 4:30? We usually do not book shore excursions through the ship, but we had OBC to use up.
  7. Cruise is May 24 Juneau - Glacier and Wilderness Photo Safari I really like the idea that this is a small group (14) tour. However, I am not sure about the 4:30pm excursion time. Sunset is around 9:30pm. Has anyone done this tour? Any opinion on the time of the tour from those who have done this or a similar excursion at this time? Should I try to get waitlisted for an earlier tour, once I am on the ship. Advice on tipping guide? Ketchikan - Any experiences/opinion on the Ketchikan Trolley and Lumberjack show? We would love to get crab or salmon bake while in port for lunch. Any recommendations? Skagway - Any experiences/opinion/advice on the White Pass Scenic Railway? Recommendations for restaurants - crab or salmon bake for lunch? Victoria - Kodiak whale watch or should we just linger in port. We do not arrive until 5:30pm. Thanks! πŸ™‚
  8. I heard that sometimes these cabins are held by a TA (group) and then they are released closer to sailing dates.
  9. We are in the same situation. Ultimately, we decided the much larger balcony was more important to us than Blu dining room. We also canceled our bid on a FV ($50pp starting bid) because we decided the size of the balcony is more important than the size of the room. I would feel differently if my daughter was traveling with us. I've heard some of the Aqua class cabins can be quite noisy; so I did not want to risk a guarantee cabin.
  10. Are you sure that is true for all cruiselines? We have been on all of the cruiselines (oddly, except Princess). I seem to recall giving the MaitreD a tip at dinner on the last night of our cruise, way back in the day when you tipped in person. We have always opted for auto-gratuities when they became available, so I haven't paid attention to tipping in years.
  11. Thanks for posting this information. I did not even know it was an option.
  12. Interesting. I wonder why a TA would opt out of the Move Up program. We have a cruise booked on RCI and I noticed on their FAQ about the Royal Up program that the increased amount collected for a move up customer is commissionable. I would think Celebrity would have the same policy as RCI. Are the RoyalUpβ„  upcharges commissionable? Yes, based on the commission percent on the booking. At this time, the only exception is for bookings that reserve under a net price code which will not earn commission on the upcharge.
  13. It certainly sounds like the same guy. We have never had such a negative experience with a crew member. Every other crew member we have encountered has always been professional, at the very minimum. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Getting waitlisted worked. I noticed today that our reservation is no longer waitlisted. We have early dining. πŸ™‚
  14. We had an inside cabin on Carnival that had the same issue as your cabin (also constant vibration). It was a last minute guarantee cabin. Never again. I went to guest services and received the same treatment. Ships make noise. You booked a guarantee. I offered to pay additional for any other cabin. Nope. They weren't budging. I thought I was going to lose my mind by the end of the cruise. Lesson learned. (I have been on over 25 cruises. I have mostly booked veranda cabins, but have booked a few suites, OVs and insides. I am not picky. I have heard anchors, waves crashing, etc. but nothing even remotely like the constant noise and vibration of that cabin.) I have the same issue as you. The cabin was extremely beyond a normal experience and the cruiseline has to know this, yet they continue to sell the cabin. I am glad you were able to change your cabin on both trips. Enjoy your cruises. πŸ™‚
  15. My toddler daughter's sandals were stolen on a beach in Mexico. The ship's store did not have any toddler shoes available for purchase. A very kind couple lent us a pair of their daughter's shoes. I was very embarrassed and very grateful.
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