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  1. For my August 2019 - 9 night Anthem cruise, the lowest price for UDP is $225. Most of the time, it lists at $249. It is a lot higher than what others have posted for their cruises. I got 3 night dining for $89. I have only seen it listed at $99 since I bought it a couple of months ago.
  2. On Anthem - does it include complimentary lunch at Chops or Jamie's or just CK? There is so much variation among ships, it seems.
  3. I am thinking of bidding on a GS on Anthem, 9 night cruise. Minimum bid $400pp. If it could replace an alcohol (me) and refreshment package (husband) and 3 night specialty dining package - it may be worth it. Do you think the perks are worth it? My husband and I drink a couple of cappuccinos in the morning and one in the afternoon. I like to drink 2 or 3 glasses of wine at night. Can I get bottled water from the SL? Is the SL lounge open all night? Can I take a glass of wine from there? Is CK food the same quality/experience as one of the specialty restaurants? I am assuming it is clearly a step up from MDR. (I will book Wonderland with OBC if we are successful with bid.)
  4. Exactly. She purchased an Unobstructed view and got an obstructed view cabin. The Anthem cabin should also be sold as an obstructed view. RCI should compensate her.
  5. You booked obstructed view - why would you have an issue? The OP booked an UNobstructed view balcony. The cabin she got has an OBSTRUCTED view. She is entitled to get what she paid for whether or not it affects her enjoyment of the cruise. RCI should have, at the very minimum, refunded her the difference between the cabin categories.
  6. Oh, my. This same EXACT thing happened to me a few months ago. In my home! I was never so frightened in my life. I kept telling myself it was just a dream, but I know it was real. I am a light sleeper, so my husband sleeps in another bedroom. I could not even scream out because I was so frightened. I wanted to wake him up to be with me, but he had work the next morning so I did not disturb him.
  7. For Grand Suite: Is complimentary cappuccino and unlimited water bottles included in the lounge on Anthem? Complimentary cappuccino in coastal kitchen at breakfast time?
  8. Booked balcony guarantee. Assigned a D2 (ANTHEM of the Seas) Receive the upgrade bid email - 77 days until sailing. Spacious OV Balcony: from $50pp Junior Suite: from $200 pp Grand Suite: from $450pp All suites are currently showing as sold out. My balcony cabin still shows GTY on RCI account, has assigned muster station on sailpass, but TA confirmed room assignment.
  9. Can you do wifi calling on airplane mode on the Anthem?
  10. It happened to us several times on cruises. I believe it is too often to not be purposeful to some extent. I have a similar problem with grocery stores. They have sale and/or BOGO items appear as regular price on the receipt - almost every darn week! I have to watch at checkout to make sure I am paying the right price. Mistakes are never in my favor.
  11. I would chose beverage package and $150pp OBC. Use the OBC to pay the tips. You're $100 better off.
  12. It was $10 plus gratuity on my cruiseplanner for my recent May 24 sailing to upgrade from Classic to Premium.
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