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  1. I've never been in a GS on Liberty but can concur that the ice show seating is packed out for both performances. Every other show we went to had no problem getting good seating.
  2. I'd definitely give it a try if available. I love the similar aft facing ones. I'm not to concerned about the privacy issue. I'm not dressed or doing anything on my balcony that is especially private. Mostly just sitting, reading and having a drink. The only down side for me would be the protecting shields affecting my picture taking.
  3. I doubt she was actually sober when she made the comments.
  4. Thanks, I'm always interested in cruising video's... 🙂
  5. All my baristas have to many piercing for my liking... DW has nothing to worry about from those little homewreckers.
  6. It was comedy gold... I cost me a week in the sin bin.
  7. There is no reason that Princess will have any greater or lesser success than any other CCL brand. Princess ships will sail as soon as possible. They will not delay for one minute for PR reasons. Neither will any other brand. The corporate value of consumer goodwill is greatly over estimated by by the average consumer.
  8. The value of PR diminishes with a lack of revenue. After 9-12 months of no revenue PR will be valued similarly to new toilet brushes. They'd be nice but they are not a priority right now. All energy and resources are focused on getting ships approved for sailing and generating revenue. Each line has established their own policies with regard to how they will cancel and what kind of compensation they offer. Royal's has been good compared to some other lines. That is the extent of PR goodwill you will see. As @Iamcruzin said, lines will continue to do what they have done. The goodwill of
  9. On that spread sheet, my 8 night Odyssey is listed as a 7 night and the previous weeks 6 night is listed as 7 night. My suspicion is that the 7 designation on the spread sheet is simply a catchall descriptor for all 6--8 night cruises and doesn't have as much significance as we might be ascribing to it.
  10. When your cruise is cancelled by Royal you will have three options, a) 100% refund b) 125% future cruise credit, c) Lift and switch (allows to move your cruise 11 to 13 down the road.). There are many thread here on CC that give more detailed info. Don't worry, you will be made whole. Which of the three options you choose will depend on your expectations of the future. I have had three cancelled so far and have two more likely to be cancelled. Some on this board have had many more that that. Everyone is eventually taken care of. As @Biker19 said "Stay patient" Nobody has lost out yet and t
  11. It's tempting, I saw the email but have had so much going on preparing to move I haven't really had time to think about new stuff. I loved Mariner when we were on her in April 2019. I had been thinking about a Can/NE that Oct but this might be a better idea. Hmmm things to ponder.
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