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  1. Thanks for the help. I'm humming and hawing over Dec. 2020 on Oasis. There was boardwalk balcony that was the last one before the aqua stage. I thought that would be a great way to see the show but my prevarication cost me and now that one is no longer available so I figured to just save a few bucks and go with the guarantee. I don't know that there is anything special about other BW Balcony or CP Balcony cabins and DW would really prefer to be able to see the ocean from the balcony.
  2. We're scheduled to be there next weekend. The longterm weather forecast is for thunderstorms. I know that weather forecast over five days are dodgy at best but if that weather forecast holds is it likely that we will end up skipping Cococay? Would it just be a sea day or is there some other option for RC. If it is just a sea day do they offer OBC as compensation? What options are there available on the island that would make being there worthwhile during thunderstorms?
  3. This one is an XB so that is good I guess. Are there any balcony cabins that are particularly troublesome on Oasis like severely obstructed views or such like?
  4. I'm considering a cruise in late 2020 on Oasis. My travel agent has the best price on a balcony guarantee. I've never done a guarantee before. Is there any kind of certainty about what type of guarantee you will get ie CP BW or OV or would a balcony guarantee include a possibility of all three of these.
  5. With prepaid grats you have to go all the way through to the end of the booking process to add that to your cruise price if I remember correctly.
  6. Prepaid Grats can be added when booking but Wifi and Drink package can only be seen in your cruise planner after you book. Depending on the cruise that you select drinks price varies between $46 and $52 pppd when it goes on sale and internet can vary between starts at about $12-$15 per day depending on service level for a single device but goes down substantially with multi device packages. It will go on sail from time to time as well. For my Liberty cruise last Nov. I got a very good price on the 2 device package to share with DW and I think it came in at $15.99 per day for two device The prices I quoted are in US$. As you are Canadian your prices will show up higher. RCCL has a pretty favorable exchange rate when purchasing in CDN$. A couple of percent better than what you would typically get from a credit card.
  7. Maybe she misspelled it and had a 't' at the end.
  8. Here is my live review of Liberty of the Seas back in November.
  9. Do they charge the premium like they do when you book online as well for the refundable deposit?
  10. I agree with you 🙂 I probably didn't word my post carefully enough. What it should have read is that I wish, for my own personal selfish reasons, that they allow reservations on the cruise planner in advance of boarding when you purchase a package.
  11. That's true on many aspects of the ship. Early bookers get a better selection of cabins. Early bookers get a better opportunity to prebook the limited number of lower priced spa services Early bookers get first choice at MTD hours. Early bookers get better opportunity to book preferred times for iFly, Northstar, Flowrider private sessions and even popular shore excursion sessions. Commit your money early, increase your options. RCi can't and shouldn't guarantee equal outcomes, all the company should be doing is offering equal opportunity.
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