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  1. I wouldn't even think about it. Always at least 1 day early for domestic cruises and 2 for my one European cruise. I'm just not that interested in stress and worry. If you don't care about missing the cruise and wouldn't be stressed by that and having to wing an Asian vacation then have it but if going on the cruise is important go in a couple days early and enjoy yourself.
  2. Thanks for all this great info. This has been really helpful. My poor oldest grand daughter is allergic to more things that not. Eating out is always such a challenge for her she mostly doesn't bother anymore. I'm really hoping they are able to really show her some unique dining experiences.
  3. I have done this on every Royal cruise so far
  4. Actually I sent an email to the special needs dept. referenced above and they were quick to reply. They noted the allergies on our invoice and switched us to traditional dining. I also sent an email to the respondent of my first email as I'm sure response was her attempt to help with the matter not realizing my email was sent to the wrong dept. They gave us the option of sticking with MTD but did recommend the traditional dining so we could guarantee that we had the same wait staff each night. While often you are able to get the same staff with MTD (we have in the past) if can't be guaranteed.
  5. I'm not a sunbather, I'm very sensitive to sun but I do like to sit in those big clam shell thingys. Fortunately you can find them in different locations that aren't considered premium locations and haven't had a problem when I have been looking. Unless you are actually swimming I have never understood the attraction of seating by the pool. It certainly isn't peaceful and it certainly isn't conducive to reading and relaxing.
  6. I can imagine world peace more easily.
  7. Thanks Bob, I'm sure they really wondered about my email. LOL. Thanks for for the update on the email. I got the email from a previous post. I'll try again with the right email. I'm sure my results will be better.
  8. So I sent an email to rcldining@rccl.com and got a bizarre response. Hello,We have a reservation booked under three different booking numbers, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx on Adventure of the Seas Dec 1 2019. One of the reservations, xxxxxxx has some special food allergies that we would like noted. For Tasha xxxxxx, she is gluten intolerant and Julianna xxxxxx she is allergic to gluten, dairy and soy. Thank you for your attention to this matter.Regards,Tree_skier This is the reply I got. Good Day, I will be happy to assist you however with my time dining is our open dining option we are unable to request for a pre table allocation. However if you wish to switch to a set dining time to arrange a pre table allocation we offer 5:30pm and 8pm. If you wish to continue with my time dining (open dining) you can request a table onboard for up to ten guests. Please advise thank you Vanessa Hurst Administrator, Restaurant Operations | Royal Caribbean International OFFICE 305-539-6000 | EMAIL vhurst@rccl.com Not really sure what to say to this
  9. I had the same situation happen. TA was linked to my credit card rewards program. I solved that, I just found a different TA. This one great for responding and dealing with things expeditiously. A quick email and I know that things are done. No sitting on hold for CSR's who sometimes know less than I do about Royal's policies and procedures.
  10. Have we seen examples of people being left shoreside because of an oversold cruise. This is the first time I have seen this expressed.
  11. So I just booked an 8 night cruise on the Empress for April 2021 thanks to all for the great help here on CC. I even got the preferred cabin 8664. Special props go to @John&LaLa and @twangster for all their great info and pictures on this and previous threads. This is why live review are so great. They are an amazing way for newer cruise enthusiasts to garner experience that they would not otherwise get. I am quite excited about this one as it has some very interesting ports of call that are not just the usual Caribbean ports. I assume because of Empress' smaller size she can access. It has ports of call in Puerto Platta (unique), San Juan (common), Virgin Gorda (unique) Charlotte Amalie (not as unique but definitely not common). I know that ports can change at any time for any reason but were crossing our fingers.
  12. So the final outcome was that this cruise was chartered. They gave me three options... #1 change to a different date on the same ship with cabin cat. price protected plus $100 obc. #2 change to any other cruise plus $100 OBC or #3 cancel and NRD is fully refunded. We choose #2... This ended upping a good thing for us. The original cruise was selected because there is annual conference that I have attended in So. Florida every year that was connected to this date. I have decided to skip this conference so the choice of this cruise was rendered meaningless. We have now selected a longer cruise, with a unique itinerary, that will be the only reason for travel. Thanks all for help
  13. My bad... that is right. It actually says service charge included.
  14. They say that the "service charge" that was added to you bill when you purchased in the cruise planner is the tip for servers however I think the majority of people add some tip to that based on the over all cost of the meal. That amount is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.
  15. My wife went last year and rented a kayak and there weren't any glass bottom kayaks or at least she didn't see any. The one she did rent had a back though.
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