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  1. Here's a question that I have been pondering. I believe it was you that mentioned that TA's were getting commission on both the cruise that royal cancelled and the subsequent cruise that folks book using the FCC they are given for cancelled cruises. Would it be beneficial if it was possible for customers to book sooner rather that later with the FCC so as to give the TA a boost during what would likely be a big drop in income during the short term? The likelihood of further cancellations would give the FCC back the customer but the TA would get double commission during a very difficult time?
  2. Very interesting, my DBP on Allure in December 2020 is $56pppd but on Empress in April 2021 it is $72. The Allure on is listed as Bogo 50% off and the Empress one does not list any percentage off. I'm wondering if Royal is switching to a more concrete pricing model where there is a fixed price and the sale price/%off amount is actually meaningful? That is what we hear complained about so much here on CC. Maybe they are paying attention. There's no way I'd pay $72 on Empress for DBP but if that $72 becomes $54 I'm back in again.
  3. I recently had a washing machine stop working. Called a local mobile repair guy. He came and fixed it in less than 5 minutes. I gladly paid him $84.00. I paid for his expertise. I regularly pay my Chiropractor $50.00 for 5-7 minuets work. If I don't show up for a scheduled appt. I expect the fee associated with that. Time is money. Expertise has value. People who think their TA does nothing more than take an order either ought find a new TA or not complain when fees associated with their booking are charged. I've got a great TA 🙂
  4. Typical fake news... Even high school newspaper journalistic skills would cause you to pick up the phone and get a statement from Royal. The original article lies about Royal not issuing refunds and everybody reads that. The correction never gets the coverage and most people believe the lie. Journalism is dead in America.
  5. I've got a great TA! He's quick, responsive, knowledgeable and his group space prices are substantially cheaper than anything Royal advertises on their website. I used to be a 'No TA' guy because of less than satisfactory experience but since finding this one I'm back on board.
  6. It is yahoo after all. There aren't to many worse sources for news.
  7. Will you cut up your Amex card if they aren't?
  8. We had this on a Med cruise a few years ago. It was exhausting. If I had it to do again I'd do it differently and just stay on the ship a couple of days.
  9. Thanks for sharing this one. I absolutely loved and just subscribed to the Youtube channel. Phenomenal content! The Michael Bailey part was utterly fabulous.
  10. Mar 13 cruise planner cancellation posted to my Visa on Mar 16. However, it didn't show in my online banking until the 18th
  11. Welcome Holland America Forum refugee... 🙂 Thanks for the Seattle update. What is the actual zone in Seattle?
  12. But a cruise that is supposed to end up in Vancouver actually ending up in San Diego creates a logistical nightmare trying to get your passengers to the debarkation port that they are supposed to be at. For example, they can't suddenly tell people from the greater Vancouver area, of which there will be many on this cruise, that they now have to fly home from San Diego, CA instead of taking the Sky Train home to Burnaby, BC. With a Seattle debarkation you could at least bus folks north 2 and half hours and get them somewhere near where they expected to debarking. The problem with a Seattle debarkation is that WA state is one of the worst areas in the country right now. Friends in WA state have been texting all day. King, Pierce and Snohomish counties all have issued large gathering prohibitions, King, Pierce, Snohomish and Watcom counties have closed all public schools until April 24th. Two friends were in Costco in Bellingham today and they and elderly gentleman walking with a cane, unrelated to them, were knocked to the ground over TP. If things don't improve quickly I can't see the Port of Seattle not being closed.
  13. Thanks Ken, I was going to email you but I figured you were busier than a one armed paper hanger with everything that is going on and whatever happens is going to happen. With 53 days to go nothing is critical yet about decisions.
  14. I'm hoping that I'm included in this 125% deal too. We are scheduled to board Radiance May 5th Honolulu to Vancouver. Now that Canada has banned all cruise ships I'm assuming my cruise is cancelled. We are outside the 30 day plan but still cancelled so I hope were included in that same deal. I have several cruises already booked so the extra 25% would be a nice bonus for one of these cruises. I haven't heard anything yet but I know things are happening very quickly so I just need to be patient.
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