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  1. If I'm reading this correctly then that would mean that it will only be Allure out of Galveston. I thought they were goin to be increasing their presence in Galveston not decreasing it?
  2. Last week on Adventure our luggage was in our cabin by 2pm. It would seem, from other people experience, we were pretty lucky.
  3. I did... I made a point in trying to catch them several times over the course of the cruise. Great high energy band that got the crowd on their feet every set. By their last show Friday night Bolero's was jam packed, standing room only, with the crowd calling for an encore after the final song. They were definitely one of the highlights for me.
  4. We were on the same cruise and had a great time. Service was outstanding everywhere on the ship for us. I thought the food in the MDR was the best we have experienced in several cruises. We enjoyed every meal. My main hangout during the day was the Sky Bar every evening was Bolero's and service was always good. I never ran into the less than stellar service at a bar like @maryjaden did although there were a couple of bars I never got to while onboard. I concur with @maryjaden that this is a great ship for first timers. While it wasn't a first time for us, we were traveling with DD, her husband and kids and they were all first time cruisers. For them it was an utterly epic experience.
  5. 2 until Adventure - W. Caribbean 158 until Radiance - Hawaii 373 until Allure - E. Caribbean 505 until Empress - E. Caribbean 637 until Ovation - Alaska
  6. There is one called a mudslide or something like that. I don’t see it on the menu @twangster posted. Does anyone know the actual name and which bar on Adventure would be the best place to find it.
  7. I'm in the same boat... Nothing that I care about has a discount better than I have seen at other times. I was hoping for deals on DBP and UDP for Radiance in May and Allure in Dec. So far nothing that I haven't seen from time to time over the last few months. Refreshment package and soda package are good deals but those aren't the deals I'm looking for Arrrrgh. Hopefully something changes when it is actually Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  8. When you check out you only select one passenger when purchasing a 2 device package. you share the login with two people. if you add a two device package to your cart and then select two passengers you are actually buy two two device packages for a total of four devices. @$15.99 for a 2 device package your price for 7 day cruise should be $112. EDIT: If your price is coming out to 319 I'm suspecting that you are some how purchasing three two device packages. Multi device packages are always the cheapest way to go per device.
  9. No there isn't. You just hand it to the porters like everyone else but there is a special drop area for carry on once you get on the ship.
  10. Just purchase your cruise in Canadian dollars then everything you purchase through the Cruise Planner is Canadian dollars and gets refunded in Canadian dollars. Royal's exchange rate is very fair. They are very close to the mid-market rate and substantially better than anything you will get from a credit card.
  11. The earlier you book the better. We booked our Dec 2020 Allure cruise at the end of April 2019 and I have been tracking the price ever since. Here is a graph of the price of this cruise from the day we booked until now. We have gotten a few price drops early on on this one but nothing recently. The more recent price adjustments to shown on the blue line reflect OBC I received from the cancelation of the soda package included with a Boardwalk Balcony. Earlier is almost always better plus you get a greater selection of cabins. Also, I used to book direct however, I found a TA that provides great service and has gotten me substantial discounts through his group bookings. Sorry I'm not allowed to give names of TA's but you do find a few who post here on CC. They can't solicit business on the forum though so that makes it tougher to identify them.
  12. I'm sure that there are others that will be able to give you a more technical answer but this is something that happens all the time if you are not in airplane mode.
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