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  1. I found this from my recent Serenade cruise. $34 a day if you wait until you get onboard.
  2. Buy it now. It is a rare thing for you to be able to get any drink package cheaper on board than what you would have paid in the cruise planner before the cruise.
  3. Brilliant start, this "Live" will keep me checking back into cruise critic repeatedly over the course of every day this next week. I love that google earth video, like @A&L_OntI plan on pilfering this.
  4. Ditto, @AustinCruise i think @satxdiver is confused with another cruise line. i was never charged a dime while on liberty and i had drink in my hand within minutes of boarding.
  5. For new cruisers planning can be half of the fun. Cruise critic is a great resource!
  6. When we boarded in Seattle in August they had different queues for different time slots. If you arrived early you sent to your time slots waiting queue. If the line cleared early they next waiting group were allowed in. We actually ended up being a few minutes after our checkin time and they sent us strait through. It appeared they were running about 30 minutes ahead of time when we got there but there is no guarantee you would get on early.
  7. Besides the genie and the star perks is the room basically the same as a CLS or is it significantly bigger?
  8. 8 day is better than 7 🙂 Always choose the longest cruise you can.
  9. You don't pay the taxes. Royal pay the tax and only serve booze that has had Texas tax applied until they are a certain distance from shore on day 1. I can't remember how far that is but it wasn't too long.
  10. Yes, call and get the DBP for yourself. You will have to order the RP for your husband. I've done it many time without problem.
  11. Exactly, my DBP on Liberty in Dec was $50 most of the last year. Every once in a while it dropped to $47. I finally purchased it at $47. I kept waiting for a little better but finally gave up and purchased it. Then the following month another sale dropped it to $43. I cancelled and rebooked at $43. I call that a sale.
  12. I'll take that action. On a cost per person per day, the cost is high. Add to that the single supplement and I bet he is more than content to continue to do what he does on regular Royal Caribbean ships.
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