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  1. The price is unlikely to go down at this point. However, if you book now and it does go down, up until final payment, you can have your cruise repriced at the lower price.
  2. Trust me I learned a lesson. I don't know what I was thinking except I was hungry. We stopped at a Red Robin. I was sure that that parking lot would be ok.
  3. We have bright red luggage tags with our initial on it as well as a zebra colored ribbon tied to the handle. If somebody takes our bag, they did it on purpose and not by accident. That being said I never have anything truly valuable in checked luggage. Probably the most valuable thing would be a suit and dress shoes for formal night.
  4. We were there the last weekend before the "Pefect day" stuff kicked off. It certainly didn't appear it was going to go away. I just checked my Cruise planner for it on my Dec 2020 cruise on Allure and it's not there. I'm sure that I saw it before under the spa services but it's not there now. Maybe I'm thinking of the cruise planner from last April, maybe they discontinued it. I just can't imagine them discontinuing any revenue stream. That is what Cococay is all about, more revenue for RCi.
  5. Yes, look for it in your cruise planner
  6. That was my experience too. The first time I told them because I wanted to make sure it was included. The second time I didn't bother because I thought it was all good. Got a bill for the Nachos second time around. They told I need to let them know. Seems odd to me. Izumi knew I had it and explained to me how it worked.
  7. I suppose it is possible that it was intentional but it just seems unlikely. I'm sympathetic to the OP, I know the feeling of losing things that seem irreplaceable. One of the things that I lost was hand made by a very dear friend. No amount of money could replace it. I was sick to my stomach when I realized that those thieves probably pitched it in a ditch as soon as they saw it. It would have been meaningless to them.
  8. I think it would. The way my policy was written was that it covered loss irrespective of how the loss occurred. I certainly feel for the OP. No matter how it happens it is a sickening feeling.
  9. This worked for us when my truck was broken into and luggage and a briefcase was stolen from it last New Years eve. There were a couple things that were irreplaceable due to their sentimental value but all our financial loss (iPhone, iPad, Mac book pro, clothes, suitcases etc.) was covered. Home owners insurance policy covered just over $6000.00.
  10. That's my suspicion too. I doubt it was intentional.
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