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  1. Continuing prayer for @dani negreanu and all of Israel. Back on another flight. This time I’m heading to Seattle. Except for the masks everything else seems just like pre pandemic travel. Packed flight and no social distancing anywhere. Im looking forward to when everything is as it was.
  2. Yeah. Went and looked back at the emails and the one received didn’t say cancelled just fifer options. I took the lift and shift.
  3. The last time I was in Vegas in Sept 2018 the Casino's were packed. Stange how they can operate in this environment but a cruise ship is destined to take us back to square one. I think today's new mask policies is an admission that the CDC's ridiculously slow adaptation to evolving science has hurt the "get vaccinated" message.
  4. A bird might crap on your head and you could contract Avian Flu so you should always walk around with an umbrella. Good god, if you are that scared of the unknown just stay home and seek a zoom counseling from your therapist. You are afraid of something that doesn't exist. Can you not see how unhealthy that is!
  5. I flew Alaska Airlines last month and it was the same. Every airline does it.
  6. In California it is only McDonalds that hasn't gone back to inside dining. I've eaten inside at In n Out, Jack in the Box and Wendy's. I think McD's discovered they are more profitable doing drive thru only and are going to stick with it for a while.
  7. it is the same way in California and in every other state as far as I know. This will be how it is on cruise ship once they sort the details out.
  8. I don't think they "have it in for cruise industry" it could be any industry that they have this much God like power. It just happens that they only have advisory power over other industries. This is more about their ego's and their desire to feel important. Small petty little people that suddenly became important media darlings. This is what passes for science from the CDC these days... "I'm going to pause here, I'm going to lose the script and I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom," This isn't science this is someone who
  9. Will it be worth it is a tough question. "Worth" is a relative term. You can enjoy a great day at Cococay and not spend a dime. That being said, with six people you are spreading your per person cost of the Cabana out pretty wide. If you have never been and have younger people in your group they are going to want to experience the water park so I'd say give it a go. If you don't think enough of the party will want to experience the water park or enjoy hanging by the water park give it a pass.
  10. What I like about this article so much is that it demonstrates the gross inconsistency and philosophical hypocrisy at the CDC. Activities that can be fairly compared to cruising, hotels, all inclusive, theme parks, restaurants, all have workable guidance that allow them to operate at least in a way that is similar to their original form. The CDC's guidance for cruising, when they finally issued it, is so onerous and so experience altering that is discourages the companies from even attempting them. Also, the article's comparisons to the CDC's guidance on other issues was on po
  11. That's what I told my wife. She was horrified when she found out later. I keep reassuring her that I'm worth more dead than alive. That doesn't seem to help.
  12. The idea that the windjammer as we know it is history is fantasy.
  13. While at Foca de Chao a couple of weeks ago in Irvine their salad and buffet table were open. You had to put on little plastic gloves but you served yourself. They have quite an extensive collection of things available. It is not just salad. Of course, I'm just there for the steak, so my trip to the buffet section was only once and only to get a taste of a couple choice items. While is WA I went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Same deal. Little plastic gloves but you served yourself.
  14. I'm not all that smart. However, I'm smart enough to know when I 've been lied to and I'm smart enough to not let it happen a second time.
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