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  1. We did this excursion and loved it! Great ride, beach stop was great and the crew made it all so fun, we would do it again!
  2. We booked Hooked on our November Symphony cruise for the last night, while on board. They gave us a 20% discount, but we had to pay 18% gratuity so it was pretty much a wash, but the food was excellent! We also did lunch at Hooked earlier in the week, booked pre-cruise in the cruise planner, no 18% gratuity.
  3. We did a scenic railway tour on St. Kitts, it was excellent. We booked it on the ship, if it's still available, I would suggest that if you would like to see all over the island.
  4. On Symphony last December, we went to Hooked one afternoon and asked if they had an opening that Friday night, made a reservation and asked if there was a discount we could get, she said she could do 20% off, so all you may need to do is ask! Enjoy!!
  5. Perfect Match, Yes it was one of those aluminum ladders with 4 or 5 steps, most likely a 6' ladder. See pictured!!
  6. it's not the getting up, it's the getting off that's sketchy to say the least
  7. If you do book the zipline, be aware that there are towers to be climbed for each of the stations of the zipline, and especially be aware that the way they dismount you at each landing is on an aluminum A-frame 6' step ladder!!! with the millions of dollars they spent, you would think they could have provided a better way to get off. I am a very small woman and at the last landing they made me stand, WITH NOTHING TO HOLD ON TO, on the flat top of the ladder. It made the whole experience awful. Just want people to be aware, there was nothing in the description to indicate that. The water slides
  8. Not offered on Symphony in Miami at all last fall, not sure if that has changed since
  9. Just so I understand, the FCC would apply to a cruise within the year of original cruise date, or within the year that I cancel. I have a cruise for August 2020 that we may need to cancel, so if I cancel it in April 2020 before final payment, the FCC will be good until April 2021? Considering something in November 2020. TIA for your expertise.
  10. No, that one is $68 - the one that is advertised as $52 says "50% off" the $49 does not - just deceptive IMO
  11. I already have that, but I am always checking for lower prices - thanks :)
  12. There are two Deluxe Beverage Packages listed, for several days now, one is for $49 and the other for $52, does anyone have any idea why? Symphony sailing November 30th.
  13. I know we have used Luggage Valet on Allure and Harmony, we are sailing on Symphony in November and are wondering if it is available on Symphony? Thanks!
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