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  1. We also love the ice skating shows. The Duck and Dog Pub is a great place to hang out. Depending on the artist, the music can be very good and it's also a great place to people watch on the Royal Promenade. The Schooner Bar is small on Adventure and foot traffic walking through can make it very crowded. However, if there is a good piano player in there, it can be a fun place to hang out also.
  2. We have early seating in traditional dining booked for our upcoming cruise. There will be a couple of days that we won't get back in time to make the early dinner. I know we can go to the Windjammer or a few other pay venues but if we want to still eat in the MDR can we show up at the MTD line and ask for a table?
  3. We sailed on Adventure in March. The menus posted on the app were exactly what was offered in the MDR.
  4. The later departure time is due to the fact that many cruise passengers fly into San Juan on the day of departure. A lot of those flights don't get into San Juan until later in the afternoon. We have cruised out of San Juan many times. We always arrive at the pier around 11:00 and are usually on board before 12:00.
  5. You will not become Diamond plus until AFTER the cruise. Points are not awarded until after the completion of the cruise. If you have 175 points after the completion of your upcoming cruise, you will be Diamond plus on your next cruise.
  6. We cruised out of Port Everglades in March. Our flight home from FLL was at 9:45. We did self-debarkation (which started at 7:02) and we were through airport security and at our gate at 7:47. If you do self debarkation and if there are no problems clearing customs, you'll have no problem making a 9:45 flight. Would I recommend this to everyone? Probably not. But, if this the hand you are dealt with, go for it. I don't think you'll have a problem making your flight.
  7. You will not be told you have to wait because of your scheduled boarding time. If boarding has started once you have checked in, you will be allowed to board. The only reason you might have to wait would be if boarding hadn't started yet,
  8. For $13.99 the voom with streaming will work on formal nights.
  9. I know this happens some (or even most) of the time but it does not happen ALL of the time. It's not a chance I'm willing to take. When in a foreign country, I carry my passport with me.
  10. New York State - Freedom of the Seas March 8th - 15th 2020. I posted it on the roll call so others could see if it effected their rate.
  11. A passport doesn't do you much good if you're stuck on land and your passport is in your safe. We always bring ours with us when we leave the ship.
  12. Thanks. That's what I figured. Through all of my cruises, this is only the 2nd time I've seen a resident discount and it's a big one. It would have been nice to be able to apply it to my original fare.
  13. I just found a $393 resident discount for our cruise next year. Do we need to re-price the cruise to today's rate to get that discount or can it be applied to original fare? The price of the cruise has gone up so much that even with the $393 reduction, today's fare is higher than what we paid originally.
  14. The balcony discount for Diamond members is only $225. Diamond plus gets the $250.
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