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  1. Thanks OP for the positive post. Too many people come here to complain about (in their opinion) all the bad things that RCI does. I think RCI really went beyond what they needed to do with this. They have given what amounts to a 200% refund for something that was out of their control.
  2. We cruise with a group of people quite often. On day one we establish a spot near the pool, usually the deck above the pool. That spot becomes "our spot" for the week. If you are looking to just hang out, go to "our spot", there will usually be someone else there. If you're looking to pass the word about an event, go to "our spot" and pass the word. Those that are there can help pass the word to those that aren't. When all else fails, you can leave a message on cabin phones. This system works great for our group, but it might not work for everyone.
  3. They claim they want to attract more digitally oriented talent. I know I'm reaching for the moon here but, maybe they'll be able to hire someone with the talent to build them a web site that actually functions properly.
  4. We always figure $100 per day. We usually bring at least 1/2 of it home. Like you, I'd rather be looking At it than looking For it.
  5. I know this has been planned for a long time. It looks like it's finally going to come to fruition. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article229185019.html
  6. Meals are always the thing that gets us. Are you flying to and from the port? Are you going to want a meal at the airport during your travels? Are you staying at a hotel before or after the cruise? You might want cash for the bell hop. You're going to need to eat at (or near) the hotel, you might want cash for that. You can eat for free on the ship of course, but what about when you're not on the ship? How long will you be in port each day? It's a lot more convenient to grab a bite to eat while on shore than it is to walk back to the ship for a quick, free meal. Most of these expenses you can probably use a credit card for but I try to use cash so my credit card number has less opportunities to be compromised.
  7. I was on Adventure 4 weeks ago. They never swiped my card and I was able to drink as many as I wanted.
  8. We considered the northbound itinerary for the same reason you did. Because of timing issues for flights we elected to do the land portion first and then cruise southbound. Our 9 days on land were so busy we were glad to get on the ship and have nothing planned for the first day which was a sea day.
  9. Yes, they do. There will be 4 or 5 backdrops scattered about the ship. There are usually a few right outside the MDR. If you can't find a photographer, go to the photo shop and ask them where the photographers are set up.
  10. Just curious, and I'm not taking stabs so please don't take this as me being rude. Have you spent much time in the Alaskan interior? I'm certainly not an expert, I've only spent 9 days there. We have been on cruises all over the Caribbean. The first time we visit any island we take a tour to get a feel for the island. We want to learn about the topography, culture etc. Sometimes there are things to see on land that you can't see from a ship. However, in my opinion, those differences have never been greater than they are in Alaska. Alaska has two very different parts to it, the coastline and the interior. In my opinion, the interior has so much more to offer than the coastline. A cruise to Alaska will certainly give you a feel for what the state has to offer but if you want to experience all of Alaska, you need to do it by land. When we did our Alaskan adventure, we did it with three other couples. While we enjoyed the cruise portion immensely, all eight of us agreed that the time we spent on land was better than the time we spent on the cruise. This is my opinion of course. Others will surely disagree.
  11. This is going to sound way off base on a cruise forum but I don't recommend cruising in Alaska. I say this from experience. We spent two weeks in Alaska 2 years ago. We spent the first week on land and then a week on a cruise from Seward to Vancouver. After spending a week on land, the cruise was almost a disappointment. There is SO MUCH MORE to see on a land vacation in Alaska than there is on a cruise. So, although I have never been and can't speak from experience, I recommend Dubai. If you want to see Alaska, do it from land.
  12. I'm not sure why you had to call. We always book our cruises a year in advance. We always use points to reduce the cruise fare about 2 or 3 weeks before final payment is due.
  13. Bob is correct, of course. With the way RCI plays games with their pricing, your points will have more cash value if you use them to reduce the cruise fare once it's booked or use them for OBC. Both of those scenarios give you dollar for dollar value on your points. While a "free" cruise sounds like a great idea, using your points for that "free" cruise will not give you nearly as much value.
  14. We went to Paradise Beach last month. We loved it! They have a huge pool and a very nice beach. The bar service and food service was very good and everything was very reasonably priced. We will definitely be going back to Paradise Beach the next time we visit Cozumel.
  15. Based on my experience also, this is the correct answer. I'm sure that they did not intentionally lie to you but RCI's customer service reps have a long history of not knowing what the company's policies are.
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