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  1. Our final payment date is November 23rd for an April 22nd sailing. The $250.00 per person penalty starts on October 23rd. I am assuming that the penalty will still be in place.
  2. We are very happy with our cruise fare. We booked in June and the pricing was much lower than is currently listed. In fact, I'm sure if the cruise is cancelled that we will not be able to beat the pricing.
  3. I have read that the first possible date for a vaccine is the end of November. I'll believe it when Dr. Fauci says its ready.
  4. Has anyone had their final payment extended for 2021 cruises?
  5. I would rather look at the possibility that she will be in a convenient spot to sail to San Francisco for the 22nd of April sailing. At $75,000 per month in docking fees, it would be cost effective to lose the ten days of port fees to gain the revenue they would receive from two eighteen day sailings. As I mentioned in a previous post, a six month contract might work out to be more cost effective than a five month, twenty day one.
  6. I have been in contact with our TA regarding our options as we are starting the penalty phase with O. on October 23. I certainly don't envy travel professionals as they confront all this confusion on a daily basis.
  7. We are scheduled to make our final payment on November 23rd. Hopefully, the situation will be clearer then. I'm not too concerned about Oceania having a contract with the Astoria Port that expires at the end of April. My experience with contracts has been the longer the contract, the better the rate. A six-month contract might have provided O with a better deal. There is nothing to deter O from leaving Astoria a few weeks earlier. Of course, it is possible that O is going to have major schedule changes as they adapt to the cruising new normal. We are seeing large increases of Covid cases throughout the United States and Europe. Unless Covid conditions improve dramatically, I don't believe cruising is going to be an option in the US next Spring.
  8. I just did a price check on my April sailing and found that our fare had increased by $2,000.00 per person since we booked in June. The sailing is actually showing more availability than it had when we originally booked. I noticed a similiar price increase on a Viking 2021 cummer cruise that we did not book but have been looking at since June. Could it be that the cruise lines have so much outstanding 125% credit that they are compensating by raising the prices? Perhaps, othe cruise lines are anticipating sailing with fewer passengers so they need to raise their revenue? Then again, it might be as simple as the cruise lines were attempting to get new bookings in June for the 2021 season and reduced the pricing to encourage booking.
  9. I certainly will post if I hear any news. We had to cancel two other cruises so I truly hope this one goes.
  10. We did that Itinerary years ago on a Renaissance Ship. It was absolutely delightful. Hopefully, you will still be able to make it.
  11. Most of us are anxious to get back to cruising. I've managed to spend a week in the Outer Banks, a few days on Bethany Beach and some time in the mountains. But, that travel doesn't make up for a few weeks of pampering on a cruise. The prospect of a long, cold winter without the warmth of the Caribbean sun is not pleasent. I think Covid fatigue is definately setting in.
  12. I totally agree. I won't believe I'm actually going until I step onto the deck. However, the poster who claimed to know that Regatta's first sailing was Alaska had to have received his information from some source...or it could just be a guess.
  13. It was recently noted on this board that the Regatta would not resume sailing until the 2021 Alaska season. A few months ago, it was reported that the Regatta's first post Covid sailing was the 18-day voyage departing on April 22nd from SFO and returning to MIA on May 10th. We are currently booked on this sailing and It would be helpful to have more information on the Regatta's current sailing status.
  14. We are booked as well on that sailing. A few months ago, Oceania's website showed most of the stateroom categories waitlisted. Today, O is showing availability in most categories.
  15. I might also add that the my first class ticket was also changable without a fee. Will United reinstate their full meal service by the time I fly in April? Will my cruise be able to sail from SFO next April? Our future is in a state of flux. We truly have no realistic way to know what will be possible in April , 2021. The only thing I do know is...when I can sail again, I'm going!.
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