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  1. Those of us sailing in the next few months have been eagerly awaiting information on Ocean Cay and the posters on CC have not disappointed. I am very grateful for all the great photos and the information they have passed along. I am truly excited about our two stops in OC in January thanks to all the wonderful, informative posts on CC & FB.
  2. Yes, it is. Sorry...that is just for the umbrella. The float is $15.00.
  3. I have pre booked the umbrella and beach mat for our January cruise and it is $12.00.
  4. We were on with 17 of our family members. Fun times.
  5. I did see some photos of the inside of the Ocean House and it did look lovely. The bar and décor were well done. I think the poster's enthusiasm for the inside décor was because he expected a typical beachy vibe and the interior definitely has a more upscale look. I will post back if I can find the Ocean Club inside photos.
  6. The FREE sign is helpful. People are still asking if there is a charge for the food trucks on CC. I'm sure this home made sign was made to avoid confusion and perhaps went up after people kept asking.
  7. I would expect that they may take awhile to introduce complicated menus served at different trucks. Like any new project, this one will take a few months to sort out the wrinkles.
  8. I already had my umbrella rented...just in case. I think that they will provide them eventually as they are a basic item at resorts.
  9. It is going to be open based on the FB post that was the briefing YC passengers received yesterday on what to expect in YC. Of course, we will know more tomorrow. But, I can't imagine that they would go into detail on how many seats were in the restaurant if the passengers were not able to use it. It does appear to be ready for all the activities and judging from the photos the beach looks amazing.
  10. I believe it is a restaurant term for 75 seats.
  11. I'm sure we will see lots of photos after the ship arrives at OC tomorrow.
  12. We just added on a five-night cruise to our 11 day Divina January cruise. We attempted to book the five-night cruise directly with MSC.. However, the agent was unhelpful and did not offer any Aurea option other than balcony. MSC did not show the stateroom that we eventually booked. We were not impressed with our original TA so we ended up booking the first leg with another TA. We are staying in an Aurea Suite for the first leg and YC for the second leg. Does anyone know what we do about disembarkation/embarkation? I called CS with MSC and they were less than helpful. They suggested that we work it out with CS once we board the Divina . Obviously, we know we will need to physically leave the ship in Miami. It would be fantastic if we could have our luggage sent to our YC room rather than need to go through the entire disembarkation process. Has anyone done this type of trip? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. This is from a poster on another FB Ocean Cay site who is currently sailing on Divina: OC update: went to the yacht club director ocean cay talk on board MSC Divina, he has confirmed we will be docking there on the 5th December, the details I have are yacht club focused 1. Golf buggies to separate yacht club island area 2. Tram going around whole island - stops outside gate to yacht club area 3. Concrete path going around the whole island 4. Ocean house restaurant is in yacht club area - 75 covers at a time first come first served 5. Yacht club bar available in YC area - also 11 bars on the island and many food bars/trucks 6. Local restaurant is chargeable - but food trucks and buffet included 7. Lighthouse - shore excursion to go to the top 8. One ice cream shop on island which is chargeable as it is provided by locals and is not included in any packages 9. Lockers and showers available on island in bathrooms 10. Lighthouse show and lunar libre DJ in the evening 11. ATM machine available on the island 12. Umbrellas not included in yacht club area - need to be rented the same as the main island area I’m sure many things will change over the coming weeks as things get more settled and bedded in More to follow on Thursday.....Woop woop
  14. I also feel that some of the amounts mentioned are excessive. It seems that one person could not possibly provide that level of service to one stateroom without neglecting other assigned passengers under their care.
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