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  1. Nightone….I am so sorry. My husband did not have that experience at all with the MDR. His GF.menu had more choices than mine. Every night he was offered a beef dish...including prime rib (which never appeared on the regular menu), lamp chops or pork as well as fish and chicken. We were on the Divina in January and have the Seaview booked for January 2021. We will be hugely disappointed if the menu onboard in January is what you experienced. Obviously, something has changed with the MDR and I wonder why? I totally agree with you regarding the buffet. He was told that the only thing he could have was the salad bar and fruit. I questioned why he couldn't have a slice of beef from the roast they were cutting and they said it had gluten in it. We have been on every ship from Seabourn to RCCL in the past four years and can truly say the buffet and pastry on Divina were the poorest. We were also distressed to see that there wasn't toast, waffles or pancakes offered for breakfast. We only had breakfast in the MDR as it does offer more than the buffet. My husband had an omelet almost every morning and it was always loaded with everything so I don't understand why they would restrict yours. I met the Captain and the Hotel Director and mentioned how disappointed we were with the buffet and the lack of pizza. Both said that MSC was working on providing GF pizza in the future.
  2. Heidi...you are correct. I am in Virginia and the experience of being in a Coronavirus target area is not pleasant. Lines to get groceries and hand sanitizers are up to two hours. We are advised to hunker down so all sports activities are cancelled, schools and libraries are closed. Plays, lectures, and community activities are postponed. Sadly, our President has bungled this badly so our preparations to fight this nasty virus were inadequate. We are following all instructions and have settled in for a month of confinement. We expect to weather the storm and be ready to travel in May. I hope your ship is able to find safe ports and you can stay in that magical bubble as scheduled.
  3. Heidi...Where are you and where are you going? Has Viking cancelled your cruise?
  4. How many passengers are left? It is sounding like you truly are sailing on a private yacht. Love your attitude!
  5. Did many passengers leave the cruise in Bali? Our friends were scheduled to sail to London and they posted on FB that Viking had arranged for them to fly home from Bali.
  6. Our friends are bailing in Bali. Viking is sending them home business class. They can't say enough kind words about Viking and the crew.
  7. Heidi13, I found your Magical Mystery Tour posts today. Our Haymarket, Virginia neighbors, Michael & Mary, are onboard with you on the January to May section. They have been posting photos and positive messages on FB. I am a frequent visitor to Cruise Critic and thought I might check on the voyages itinerary changes. Hopefully, the itinerary is now in place and the sailing will go smoothly. There have been several reports of passengers on an MSC cruise rioting when their Caribbean cruise was denied entry to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel due to one crew member having Type A Flu. MSC had offered a complete refund of the entire cruise cost as well as 50 percent off a future cruise. Evidently, that compensation wasn't sufficient to stop the smashing of a grand piano by a few irate passengers. Despite experiencing much greater itinerary changes, I'm quite certain, your fellow Viking passengers are behaving themselves. I'm totally impressed with your positive attitude in the midst of such dramatic itinerary changes.
  8. I don't know how the cruise lines can take the hits they have taken if this continues way into the future. We are traveling on the Seaside next January with friends and I just got a call asking if we should think about a land vacation instead. Yikes! This virus could cripple the travel industry for years if the cancellations continue.
  9. Manuel was terrific on Divina. He was super conscious of my husband’s GF restrictions. Actually, everyone was great.
  10. Walking outside on Deck 15 in the evening was quite delightful. I actually enjoyed walking on Deck 7 as there was always something to see. The people watching was fantastic.
  11. From what I understand, The Divina was not originally designed with a YC section. I actually enjoyed the walk to the restaurant on Divina. The only negative was passing by the smoking section on Deck 15. We also were told that the food served at the YC Pool was not as extensive on the Divina. I loved the entire YC area and am looking forward to our 2021 cruise on Seaside.
  12. If MSC really wanted to know they could message the OP. I would expect that the Hotel Director will be addressing this issue with the staff.
  13. it’s rather easy to be sitting at home, writing a post about how one should react to a difficult situation. You had to deal with it. I’m sure Karma will eventually catch up with this man. Hope the rest of your cruise goes well.
  14. Depends on the cruise line. We were on a line where we tipped our waiter extra and he asked us if we had kept the service charge on our account. When I asked if it made a difference, he told us that there was a list on file of those who had removed the charge, if we had removed the charge, he would have to give the amount we tipped back into the pool. We went on three different cruise lines that year and I can't remember which one it was.
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