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  1. This is fascinating. I just assumed that passengers sailing on cruise credits would have to gamble onboard to continue to sail in the future. Now, it appears that there are several different ways to get free or greatly reduced cruises. If someone sails on MSC on credits earned at a land casino, are they obligated to gamble a certain amount in the ship's casino?
  2. Great explanation. Thank you. So you are not obligated to gamble onboard?
  3. We had a similar issue with a 10 percent discount. It took about four months to see the discount. I was told that since I wasn't going for a year, I was at the bottom of the pile and as it became closer to travel, my turn would come. They told me that the discount appeared to be legit and I would eventually process it. I was also told that they were overwhelmed by the discount offer and they were not prepared. I expect the same thing has happened here. After three phone calls and several e-mails, my invoice including the discount, magically appeared one day.
  4. On our June 2019 Allure sailing, we met folks who were on a complimentary cruise they earned from their casino. When sailing on MSC's Divina in the Yacht Club, we met several people who were sailing complimentary due to their casino credits. I know our particular 11-day sailing was always sold out. Both of these passengers had booked four and five months in advance. This was not their first experience In the YC and they had future MSC cruises booked as well...in the Yacht Club. We are not gamblers, so we will never attain casino status. However, I am curious as to how this program operates.
  5. We were on the Divina for 17 days in January. We loved our square room...16034. We were not able to book a square room for our 2021 sailing on Seaview and are fine with a regular balcony room as the YC experience is why we sail on MSC. I'm sure you will enjoy your anniversary. Let your butler and the concierge know that it is a special anniversary cruise. We found that both were outstanding and our concierge's extra attention to detail was amazing. If you want something...ask!
  6. They do not have wine in the mini fridge. This was not a problem for us as we just called our butler when we wanted wine. One evening, the bartender in Top Sail, gave us the whole bottle to take to our room. You can substitute canned sodas. Our fridge had regular coke and they exchanged it for diet. Our butler told us that they have no control over the mini fridge as it is a separate department. The peanuts are fantastic...especially the chocolate covered ones. Ours were replaced daily. The room service menu is the same one for the entire ship. If you want something like cheese and crackers delivered to your room, you just call room service. We eventually found out that when we called room service, we actually were calling the YC concierge. YC guests can order items not listed on the regular room service menu....just ask. We loved having coffee and juice delivered each morning. Since most deliveries were handled by our butler or his assistant, we just tipped them at the end of our voyage.
  7. We looked forward to visiting Maya Chan on our January MSC cruise. I had pre-paid our reservations with Paypal. The night before our scheduled visit, I turned to tell my DH how much I loved the evening show and missed a step at the end of the aisle. I found myself sprawled on the floor. I woke up the next morning sore and bruised. Frankly, the thought of walking down the pier and navigating the port was just too much. I e-mailed Maya Chan to let them know our situation and to inform them that we would not be visiting. Since this was just hours prior to our scheduled visit, I thought our $118.00 was gone. The next day, I received notification from Palpay that the $118.00 had been refunded. I was shocked as if we had booked a ship's excursion, we would not have received a refund. You can be sure if we booked another cruise that includes Costa Maya, my first thought will be to book Maya Chan. Obviously, what I've heard about them is true...this resort is run by very nice people.
  8. Your review and photos brought back wonderful memories. We had the same butler and the exact same stateroom...16034. I was told that these rooms were difficult to book as MSC preferred to use it for bookings of third and forth passengers Our 11-day sailing disembarked on January 28th. We are also booked for January 21st in the Seaside in YC class. Unfortunately, those square rooms were all sold out.
  9. We quickly realized that when we called room service, the YC Concierge answered the phone. We were not dealing with regular room service. At first, my husband didn't want to call for a pot of coffee and juice as soon as we awoke. I called the first few days and then he realized that this was a delightful perk and we ended up calling every morning but the last. By day four, the concierge would say, "Good Morning, do you wish to have the usual juice and coffee?" The last day is a hugely busy day for the butlers, so we just went to Le Muse. We also ordered wine on several afternoons with cheese and crackers as we were enjoying reading on the balcony. Another perk that was not mentioned, but really helped was taking an MSC Shore Excursion in Panama. Our butler took us directly to the tour outside on the dock. We did not need to wait in the lounge with the rest of the tour. There were two buses and our butler introduced us to the tour director who assure our butler that he would take good care of the six YC passengers. When the buses arrived, we were the first passengers to board.
  10. My husband asked for it on the first night and they brought it to the MDR every night. When we were in the YC, he also just mentioned it once and it came every night. MSC has a separate kitchen that just does GF. They have a menu printed every day, you just need to ask. Bob would check out both menus and then pick from the one that he wanted. Only area where they did not match the regular menu was in desserts. He pretty much was stuck with ice cream.
  11. On the Divina, we ordered hamburgers and fries at the One Pool bar that were not on the menu. Several folks also ordered apps from the Le Muse lunch menu and wings from the Sports Bar and had them delivered to their deck chairs. We also enjoyed attending the shows and arriving just prior to the start as we could sit in the special YC section. You will have an opportunity to meet the Captain and officers at a special YC cocktail party held on a sea day. Be prepared to be pampered. Just beware! The Yacht Club is addictive. After sailing in YC, you won't want to go back to the "lower decks".
  12. We were told that the chef was new to the YC. We never asked for food to be returned to the kitchen, but we did see several guests have their dishes (lobster & filet of beef) returned to the kitchen. One night, we heard rather loud shouting from the kitchen after multiple meals were sent back. We live in an urban area with lots of excellent restaurants. Our dining experiences at sea, rarely measure up to what we experience locally.
  13. . I do like al dente pasta. Ali made several pastas for me as I requested that he leave out the seafood. I totally agree about the food in One Deck. I only ate the fruit and salads in the buffet. We had most breakfasts in Le Muse.
  14. My husband had shrimp almost every night. One evening, we dined with another couple, and when they heard him ordering it, they did as well.
  15. General Impressions & B2B Experience We were very pleased with the Aurea Experience. We felt that the small extra charge for this service was definitely worth it as the room was spacious, the extra service in the dinning room was delightful and the 18th Deck was a quiet spot where we always had a deck chair. The Easy drink package was fine and we enjoyed the internet package. I had read on CC that it was difficult to get questions answered, the staff was curt and the lines were long at Guest Relations. I never experienced more than three or four people ahead of me in line and the staff was always courteous. I did have an issue with misinformation. We were told at Guest Services that towels would be available on OC as we exited the Divina. There were none which was annoying as we had to return to the ship to our stateroom to get them. We also asked three different times what the procedure would be for disembarkation as we were doing a B2B. We were informed that a letter would be delivered to our stateroom a day or two before disembarkation. When the letter didn't arrive on time, I called Guest Relations to inquire about the procedures and the letter finally appeared at 10:00pm on the night before disembarkation. The instructions were to leave our luggage in our original room and proceed to the Excursion Desk at 7:30am to obtain our new boarding cards. We appeared at 7:30am and the YC experience began immediately. Yacht Club Our butler was called to escort us to the Yacht Club. He arrived within five minutes and proceeded to take our carry-on bags and escort us to the YC. We were introduced to our concierge and invited to have breakfast in Le Muse. Our butler escorted us to breakfast and offered to escort us back to the YC area when we were finished. Since we had been on the ship for five days, we declined the escort. We had a delightful breakfast in Le Muse and returned to the TOP Sail lounge to wait for the ship to clear. Our butler then escorted us to the Black & White lounge about 10:00am to be escorted off the ship to appear before Customs and Immigration. There were about 40 passengers who were doing B2B cruises and we all were escorted off together, walked to the back halls of the terminal to meet with Immigration officers who quickly checked our passports. We were then escorted back onto the ship . It was a very easy process and was seamless. My only complaint with the YC experience was with the food selection in Le Muse. I found the menu to be heavily weighed towards fish with chicken dishes lacking. We spoke to several passengers who dinned in the MDR to get more variety to their meals. I also felt that the food selection in the One Pool grill was limited. We did special order omelets and burgers which were fantastic. Manuel & Trixie, our wonderful servers in Le Muse, went out of their way to make our dining experience pleasurable. On several evenings, Ali, the maître de, made some fantastic pasta dishes in the dining room. Our YC experience was delightful. Many others have described the excellent service and pampering that we experienced in the YC. We have booked a B2B on the Seaview for January 2021 and can't wait to get back to MSC's YC. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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