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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. We have decided to forgo the insurance at this time. Frankly, hearing so many health care experts say that it will be way into 2021 before the virus is contained enough to travel does not give us a lot of confidence that we will be able to travel in April 2021. We are going to take our chances and make a determination in November to get our deposit refunded or to make the final payment. If we decide to go forward with the cruise, then we will purchase the insurance when we make the final payment.
  2. Thank you both for your suggestions. I have looked over the insurance portion of cruise critic and it's obvious that many of us are 'in the same boat'. Nothing is as simple as it used to be!
  3. We have sailed on many different cruise lines from Seabourn to Carnival (25 years ago). For various reasons, we are just now taking our first Oceania Cruise on the Regatta in April. We are debating taking the TA's insurance. If we purchase the insurance within fourteen days of the deposit, we will be covered for pre-existing conditions as well in the event of a default by the cruise line. I have witnessed a number of well known tour operators go under (Thomas Cook among many). The Coronavirus will force many businesses into bankruptcy, so I do want to have protection should that occur to Oceania. However, there is always the possibility that Covid -19 will still be around and I will opt to cancel in November prior to the final payment. The insurance payment is about the same as the deposit. If I purchase the insurance and then cancel prior to the final payment, I will receive an insurance credit to be used for another trip. I already have a travel insurance credit from a Tauck Tour we didn't take in May and don't want another one. Unfortunately, Oceania's insurance would not cover us in the event of their own default. We are leaning towards forgoing the pre-existing benefit (we don't have any at this time) and purchasing the TA's insurance at the final payment. Am I missing something?
  4. Right now, we are seriously looking into an 18-day cruise in late April on Oceania. The cost for a verandah stateroom is less than our 14-day B2B on MSC in January. The ports are much more exciting and the ship has just 685 passengers and 400 crew members. While we won't have Yacht Club butler service, or the private island, I feel a bit safer on a smaller ship than sailing on a mega ship in April.
  5. Thank you. We have been on Regent and know that this will be an entirely different experience. Actually, we have sailed on everything from Carnival to Seabourn, and enjoyed all the sailings in different ways. It's fun to learn all the ins and out of a new cruise line. After Covid-19, I'm afraid everyone is going to experience brand new cruising norms. In fact, even the number of times one can visit the specialty restaurants might change if social distancing is still in practice in April.
  6. We are in the process of booking our first Oceania cruise in Verandah class. Based on what I am reading, it would appear that we would have 2 reservations in each specialty restaurant as we are on an 18-day cruise. We are newbies to O and are very excited to try a new cruise line.
  7. You should be able to go online and see your new cruise details. After the description of the YC, this was listed... Repro Shipboard credit 200 Eur/Usdincluded REPRO SHIPBOARD CREDIT 50 EUR/USD
  8. That's good to know. I'll wait the 60 days and then notify my credit card company.
  9. we received our cabin assignment for both B2B sailings in January.
  10. They should be able to accommodate you in the same room for a b2b. This is an MSC issue that they need to solve. Packing up your personal items and then repositioning them in your new stateroom is still a hassle that you shouldn't need to worry about. As this is going to be a B2B, you are already going to need to meet in a lounge with regular B2B passengers to disembark, and go through immigration again prior to returning to the ship. This took us at least an hour on our January cruise. I would wait and see what your TA can do for you.
  11. We are on deck 14 as well. I did feel better about the location when Beamafar posted photos of the door positioning off YC from the rest of the ship. It does mean that we will be taking the elevator a lot to get to the YC amenities. My knee would not be happy taking all those stairs.
  12. I thought they were just trying to confuse us.
  13. I am still waiting for reimbursement for my deposits from Princess and NCL. My TA said it is taking 30 to 90 days.
  14. Thank you. That makes me feel much better about the stateroom location.
  15. Thank you all for your encouraging words. I would imagine that by the time we sail, huge changes will have been made to reduce crowding in areas where people congregate. I think we are in for some interesting cruising experiences while the lines deal with Covid-19.
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