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  1. Sorry, if this has been asked before...DH is packing and asking about electronic plug ins...
  2. Enjoying your review. We are boarding on Sunday so your review is really getting me ready to go! Do you know if the juggler is the headliner next week? Thank you so much for taking the time to share your cruise here.
  3. We are embarking on the Allure on Sunday. The US Women's Team is playing on Monday. What are the chances that they would have the game on the ship? If they do show the game, where might it be?
  4. Would it keep the beverage cold enough for a shore excursion? I am packing right now for our Sunday cruise on the Allure and am wondering if I should pack insulated mugs instead of using RC's.
  5. Just heard from the Allure concierge, Nancy Chu, 6 days prior to the cruise. Hopefully, she will be able to help us with a few items prior to boarding.
  6. Royal's position is much saner. When we arrived early to our HAL muster station, we were chatting with several folks in wheelchairs until an officer came along and said we would not be counted as participating in the drill unless we went back to our rooms and waited for the signal and then returned to the muster station.
  7. Thank you. That is great to know. On HAL we went 15 minutes early and they made us go back to our rooms to wait for the signal. There were so many people with walkers and scooters that it took forever to get the elevators.
  8. Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the subject.. FYI...pants and shorts are packed!
  9. We are sailing on The Allure in two weeks. DH has a really bad knee. We have been assigned to Muster Station E04 . We are in Cabin 12254. Does anyone know where E04 is located? Are we able to go to the station early to take advantage of the elevator rather than take the stairs? On our recent HAL cruise, we had to wait in our room for the drill to begin and then wait for the elevators to take us down to the station. I would like to avoid that big crowd by going earlier, is this allowed?
  10. For gosh sakes. Wear whatever you wish. BTW...I dined at Mortons the other night and half the folks were in jeans. I will not dress casually in the MDR just because I like to dress up. However, I am very happy to see people enjoying themselves. If that means they wish to dress in a tux, that's fine with me. If they want to wear jeans or shorts, that's fine with me. This will be our 52nd cruise. I've seen all sorts of different clothing worn on formal nights...including the odd old gent whose tux reeked of mothballs. Frankly, I like cruising more now than I did when my husband brought a tux, a suit and a sports jacket on our 7-day cruises. Cruising is more relaxing than it used to be when it took an hour to get ready for dinner each evening. I understand that folks wish to return to the good old days. Gracefully, accept the fact that those days are past and a new generation of cruisers is setting sail. Posting on CC is not going to change the cruise culture back to the way it was in 1990.
  11. Please don't bring God and the heroes of WW2 into a discussion about wearing shorts in the MDR on a cruise ship. My late uncle survived Pearl Harbor and then served on two ships that sank in the Pacific. Uncle Greg always wore his khaki shorts. He was a free spirit. He would not cruise as his memories at sea were just too painful. Times change and we must as well.
  12. Yes, it was on Holland America's Koeningsdam on our January 2019 cruise. He was the talk of the cruise as he was frequently spotted at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He wore the standard issued HAL bathrobe and throwaway slippers all the time. At first, we thought he might have just come from the spa. However, he was spotted too many times to be just going or coming to the Spa. He was an older gentleman with a large belly that the robe barely wrapped around. He was never spotted in the MDR.
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