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  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Who provides the cooler?
  2. Thank you. It is very helpful to see the pricing. It is high, but doable if you really need it. I'm fine with just the laundry package if my DH shirts come out looking neat and pressed.
  3. I was also in a customer service related business. Once in a while, we were forced to ask a client to find another agent. It was amazing how suddenly they considered our service to be worthy of their business. One gentleman actually became a loyal client when I explained that he would need to leave the office as we would not tolerate yelling or belittling anyone on the staff. He immediately changed his attitude. This elderly, cranky, curmudgeon turned into a sweet guy. Years later, we actually laughed about his initial visit when I "gave him hell" (his words.) It doesn't cost anything to treat a customer with respect. There is an interesting post on the NCL board describing a woman who is upset because they banned her from the cruise line...for life.
  4. Thank you for the advice. I think that sounds like a plan. I have enough stuff to wear for a few weeks so I should be ok on this sailing. We have a longer cruise in 2021 where I would definitely want to have items of mine dry cleaned. Do the men's long sleeved shirts come back ironed? Do the pants have creases?
  5. Thank you. That is exactly the kind of information that I needed to know.
  6. Thank you for your response. I have experienced special laundry service on other cruise lines. So, I am not "dreaming". I hate to sound snippy...but, if you have never used the laundry service on MSC, why would you comment?
  7. We are researching laundry options for our Divina sailing. I have several "hand wash or delicate wash items ." Can I expect those items to be returned in good condition? Is it possible to indicate "delicate" wash on individual items? Has anyone received clothing back that was not ironed or that was damaged? I'm rather fussy with my clothing and would hate to have anything ruined.
  8. We were in a GS on the Allure in June. On the third night, the maitre d asked why we had not dined in the CK in the evening, I told him because only 6 of our group of 19 were in GS and eligible to dine there. The rest of our group were sailing in balconies. He said that he felt badly that we were not using the CK, and since our actual 50th anniversary was onboard, he very generously offered to host a dinner in CK for our entire group. The only stipulation was that we dine after 8:15pm as that would not impact the other passengers in CK. We declined as we already had reservations in the Chop House for 19 on the night of our anniversary. We had wonderful service in the MDR and the grandkids loved their waiter so we did not dine in the evening in CK. We had all of our breakfasts in CK as well as several lunches. Since we were traveling with our son and his family, they did allow us all to be escorted from CK when we disembarked. We received outstanding service in CK and we never felt that others were treated differently. I do believe that RCCL can't continue to allow Pinnacles to use the suite facilities. Every year, more passengers reach higher status and eventually, there will be way too many to be accommodated. This cruise was our treat to our children and grandchildren. Because we spent so much time with our family, we did not use many of the special suite services. We have no plans to sail on RCCL again as we do enjoy lounging by and in the pool. The pools on the Allure were so full of people, that you could not move. The lack of seating in the pool area for suite guests was a big turn off. I am looking forward to YC on MSC.
  9. I am a wine drinker. Do they offer bottles to keep in the room? My husband just likes tonic water or ginger beer. Is it possible to ask them to remove the rest of the booze and just have specialty soft drinks?
  10. I let the room steward or butler know what we expect at our first meeting. Since the butlers have plenty to do, I'm sure yours will be happy to learn that you do not wish to be escorted everywhere and you do not wish to have hovering service.
  11. In my quest to try to determine what is happening at Ocean Cay, I did a search and this interesting article came up. It details the type of employees MSC needs to man the Island. The article also mentions that employees will live on the Island. Working four weeks and then having one week off to return home. The article is dated May 28, 2019. http://thefreeportnews.com/news/msc-looking-for-120-to-fill-vacancies-on-ocean-cay/
  12. I agree...this is a great question.
  13. I would imagine that might raise frowns of disapproval from the non YC guests on the excursion.
  14. We just cancelled our Viking Homelands August 2020 cruise. I've been watching the pricing and I didn't want to get locked into that rate one year out. Had Viking offered a reasonable final payment date, I would have kept the booking. If we do go into a recession, the pricing for 2020 cruises will go down quickly.
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