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  1. Thank you for the photos, mice. I’d never heard of Bannerman Castle and have looked it up - what an amazing building and interesting history too. Sounds as if you had a lovely day!
  2. Thanks again, uktog. So helpful to hear all the wrinkles of travelling in current circumstances, and great to see all your photos, especially of the menus and food!
  3. I have no knowledge of this, but I would have said that if you had a dated screenshot of the UK website with that guarantee on it, then it would be hard for them to say it doesn’t apply to a UK booking made up to the screenshot date! Sounds like the onboard team are making it up as they go along!
  4. In current circumstances even noon may be a bit early. It depends how they organise disembarkation in current COVID times. I think it’s likely to be more staggered than previously.
  5. UK offer isn’t nearly as good- $500 OBC & free Wifi, no price reduction.
  6. I’ve not always found the invoice accurate in this respect, and when I bought an ‘Experience More’ package I didn’t get a new invoice showing the new OBC amount. I rely on the amount shown in ‘My Account’.
  7. Johannes showed photos of new Greek dishes on his social media page - he was tasting them.
  8. They had queues in Manchester going out, but walked straight through Corfu airport & had their luggage in half an hour after the plane landed there.
  9. Interesting that they are looking at Passenger Locator forms in Athens. My daughter & family (2 vaccinated adults & 2 unvaccinated 15year olds) flew to Corfu in July and no-one looked at any of their paperwork in Corfu airport!
  10. Thanks, Anne. It will be very interesting and helpful to have another perspective on travel in general, and Azamara in particular. Hope you have a wonderful time.
  11. I haven’t had an email about it, but have only ever booked Azamara, not any other RCL brand.
  12. I found the printer friendly version of the shore excursions for the cruise I’m considering for 2023. I searched for the cruise on the website, clicked on ‘View Itunerary’, then on the Shore Excursions tab, then scrolled down to the button for the ‘printer friendly e-brochure of all shore excursions’
  13. A mixture - a lot of the usual, but some more exotic - banana palms etc.
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