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  1. Others I remember were - - in Cyprus, our first Azamara cruise. They bussed us up to one of the villages in the Troodos mountains on a glorious day in October. The village was beautiful, all pedestrian, and we were greeted with wine and lovely snacks, then all sat down in the village square for a display of Greek dancing and singing. Unfortunately when they planned it nobody took account of the fact that once the sun goes down it gets very cold in the mountains and nobody had coats! It had to be cut short so all of us shivering passengers could get on the busses and back to the ship to warm up - Aqaba, where we were taken out to Wadi Rum to a sort of modern amphitheatre. The surrounding scenery was lovely. They cooked flat bread - 2 at a time, so it was very slow getting round. The display was a group of men and a boy doing traditional dances - interesting for the first couple of dances, after that pretty boring as the dances were all very similar.
  2. That should make your CC chargeback easier. Has the card paid you yet? I did a simultaneous chargeback & section 75 claim to my credit card for an Aegean air fare for a cancelled flight and the money was there in a few days (albeit marked as ‘Credit for Disputed Charge’).
  3. We’ve been having exceptionally hot weather here too. Yesterday it was 36C (97F) in the south of the UK. Where we are it was well over 30C. Overall we’ve had a good late spring/summer, tho’ we had some cooler & damp weather in July. We’ve just bought a couple of outdoor sofas and a large cantilever parasol, so it’s been lovely to sit out in the garden in the hot weather.
  4. Like dope we loved the evening in Bangkok. It was magical with the little train journey through the replica buildings in the ‘Ancient City’, a great display of dancing, fireworks and then floating a lamp in the river.
  5. Never - one of our favourites since our family made a video of them all miming to Happy & had it played to us on a small boat cruise in the Maldives to celebrate my DH’s 70th birthday.
  6. At least if you choose to take a FCC you will now get 125%!
  7. Yes, I just got it, even tho’ we’d already cancelled ourOctober cruise and moved the deposit to our November 2021 cruise.
  8. That’s certainly how we’re feeling - thanks for giving us a word for it!
  9. Same here - one of our neighbours has a son-in-law working on the Oxford Uni vaccine and he is very positive. If that vaccine works, then they are talking about potentially having large amount of it available at the end of this year - but there’s a long way to go before then. Regarding the virus mutating, I heard a virologist saying that the reason that the Spanish Flu second peak was so bad, much worse than the first peak, was that the virus mutated and became more deadly. He also said that at present COVID-19 isn’t showing any signs of mutating - of course that’s not to say it won’t.
  10. Thanks for the information, snowglobe. As you say it will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. regarding your point about a possible ‘false negative’ test, I heard a virologist say on TV that at the very beginning of their infection someone who has been infected can test negative because they haven’t yet got enough of the virus in their system to be picked up by the test.
  11. Thanks for that. I definitely wouldn’t fancy it, especially not being allowed ashore except on a ship’s excursion ( that’s how I read the last point in their Health & Safety Measures).
  12. Same here for football (soccer) & cricket. Some football clubs provide cardboard cutouts with photos on them of those supporters who haven’t asked for money back from their season pass!
  13. I agree, but it doesn’t allow social distancing.
  14. It depends which agent you use, some are very good. For example one national group has been named in a national survey as the best in terms of dealing with refunds etc.
  15. Same with Barclays, which is with Aviva.
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