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  1. Yes usually that’s fine, but in a few places you need to show your Azamara pass that comes with the digital guest booklet in order to get on the dock. We had to show ours to get onto the Marina in Dubai last year.
  2. You should get a digital guest booklet by email if you booked direct. If you booked through a TA then they need to ask Azamara for it.
  3. Thanks for posting that Phil. Certainly is food for thought!
  4. Thanks dtagirl & fruitmachine. Both sets of information added to the spreadsheet.
  5. 13 days I’ve added the details to the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pEoojQ5-EPmD4cI3gw1dVcYfYTXfZePdDXxU09l0H3M/edit
  6. Great photos & lovely to hear how much you are enjoying your cruise. Thanks for the wine tips - I’ll look out for that white wine.
  7. We’ve just got the upgrade bid offer. We’re in a CC Suite and to upgrade to a Spa they want a minimum of £1160 a head. The current difference between a CC Suite and a Spa Suite is over £2000 a head, so that sounds reasonable. We’re not bidding as we’re very happy with the cabin we have.
  8. Try emailing the CEO at dondra.ritzenthaler@azamara.com or the loyalty manager at erin.odonnell@azamara.com
  9. It’s all about the market - when they have very few empty cabins they don’t need to sell them off cheaply, but when they have a lot of higher level cabins left they will sell them off cheaply to open up cheaper cabins that they can sell more easily. I have no problem with that. I make sure I book a cabin that I am happy with - if I can get a cheap upgrade, that’s great, but if not I’m happy!
  10. And you also get whatever the current promotion is - in the UK it’s currently 20% off plus the Essentials Experience more package - and you get extra OBC for booking onboard
  11. Not sure if it’s one of the Atlas Bar cocktails, but I love a “Mumbai Hug” (lemony with ginger).
  12. We were invited to bid in February, and didn’t get the email about being successful until 2 days before the cruise
  13. If your TA has given you some OBC I understand that is not usually visible, and thus spendable, until you are onboard.
  14. We’ve done that route 5 times, we love it!
  15. No it can’t - we got caught out as once you are onboard it just shows up as OBC so we thought we could use it to buy a watch from the shop, but we ended up paying for the watch on our credit card. By the ways the Essentials package is $300 shore excursions credit - $150 per person.
  16. Same happened to us so we could use our free days on the cruise we booked while onboard
  17. If you like lamb, try the Greek Burger in the Patio - my husband has that for lunch most days!
  18. Just beware and check that all those wines are available onboard first!
  19. Interesting that you filled up at the Patio - presumably you mean at lunch time? Did you ever try the Patio in the evening - we have had dinner there a few times and it’s always been lovely.
  20. Best bet is to ask the F & B Manager when you get on board.
  21. We’ve done it for the last 2/3 days before.
  22. Thanks gymfreak, added to the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pEoojQ5-EPmD4cI3gw1dVcYfYTXfZePdDXxU09l0H3M/edit
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