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  1. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24942-cdc-will-eliminate-cruise-ship-buffet-require-organized-shore-excursions.html?fbclid=IwAR31A3mbSardWdNQ5N-5GEOw9MCeUZ-UdsKcAZd69y2CJYOV-QSWJgEB7Po Here is a link to the article. It doesn’t sound too appealing to me. Boxed meals. 6 feet between lounge chairs around the pool? oh, and they suggest that ships don’t sail to ports except those labeled level one. That would mean Iceland, China ( and I am certain they are reporting accurate numbers), Australia ( who won’t let us in anyway), and a couple of other countries, mostl
  2. We booked the September 26, 2021 sailing on NCL Jade out of Athens because of NCL’s announcement. With the CDC’s latest guidance, independent shore excursions will be banned, along with other onerous conditions. I hope that NCL continues its current plans for foreign itineraries. I don’t think there will be too many people wanting to sail under the conditions proposed.
  3. We were booked on the NCL Pearl departing Athens on Sept. 26, 2021. I just contacted NCL because it is not showing up on the schedule any more, and was informed that it is cancelled. Doesn't make much sense to me, but what do I know??
  4. I hope you are right. We are booked on the NCL Pearl departing from Athens Sept. 26, 2021, and our booking is frozen. The sailing is not showing up as available. I thought the Greece sailing would be more likely to go, but we will have to wait and see.
  5. Marazul, our hotel is in Fira. We had hoped to avoid an extra flight, as Santorini is our last port. I know that Fantasy Travel has offered some tours that include cruises on the Celestyal which disembark at Santorini, so I know that it's possible. We discussed it with a NCL travel consultant, and were told that, as long as we are aware they cannot guarantee the stop, and realize that it is a tender port, that we could disembark since both the embarkation and debarkation ports are both Greece. However, it would be a good idea to get it in writing. I
  6. We hope to be cruising to Santorini on the NCL Pearl in October. We plan to disembark at Santorini and have hotel reservations. My question is-once off the ship, what is the best way (with luggage) to get to the hotel? Thanks!
  7. So we bought the platinum insurance. Now I noticed that the terms on the Flightease said that the price on the flight could be raised before payment is made. Since it is insured, is there a reason why I wouldn’t go ahead and pay for the flights? The return is two days before Christmas, so I am sure the price will go up.
  8. JayHawk 66 & TiogaCruiser, Thanks for the insight. I think we will bite the bullet and pay for the insurance.
  9. My DH and I are hoping to go on a cruise on the new Rotterdam Dec. 12, 2021. We have never purchased flights through HAL or used their travel insurance, but, in this new world, are considering doing both. When looking at the flight purchase options, we do not have to pay anything until final payment date and may cancel without penalty before final payment, but the price may also change, even though we have a booking? Since we would be returning on Dec. 22, right before Christmas, it would probably be better to prepay for the flight, as I am sure prices will go up. Does whether the flight i
  10. Thanks for the replies! Yes, we are considering a private driver. We don’t need to see all 6 monasteries. We will plan on bringing some lunch from the ship or making a quick stop then.
  11. Can anyone tell me if the port of Volos is a tender port, or if the cruise ship (NCL Spirit) can dock? We would love to do a tour of Meteora on our own from this port, but we are only in port from 7-4pm, which is cutting it a little close as I understand, timewise.
  12. Thanks for the input. I have always wanted to visit Istanbul also. I am still leaning toward itinerary 2.
  13. My DH and I are hoping to take an Eastern Mediterranean cruise and tour in Sept.-Oct. of 2021. I am currently looking at the HAL Westerdam. There are 2 itineraries that are quite different, and one involve some ports for which there is not a lot of information on regarding the cruise port. We originally thought we would stick to mostly Greece, but both of these branch out into other areas that I have not really researched. I am leaning toward the 2nd cruise because I am more familiar with the ports, but there are fewer ports, and we will be staying 3 nights on Santorini before or after the
  14. https://cruiseradio.net/why-carnival-cruise-ships-are-skipping-some-caribbean-ports/ We sail on the Veendam next week to these ports. Has anyone heard about this? I like the itinerary that we already have, but would rather dock somewhere than nowhere.
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