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  1. Yes, the booking shows both of our O Club numbers. The OBC on the cruise invoice is the same as what shows on the O web site when I look up the reservation.
  2. Isn't the CSO due to expire Nov. 1, 2021? This is what I see on the CDC web site: This Order shall remain in effect until the earliest of The expiration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency, The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the order based on specific public health or other considerations, or November 1, 2021. Unless this is extended again, all cruises from US ports should be good to go with no limits or restrictions unless the cruise lines decide to implement and keep them. I have a cruis
  3. I've never needed a specialist before last year. I have never cancelled a cruise or had them cancelled on me in the past. I don't who who O specialists are as we are not allowed to ask here.
  4. Neither of the TA's used for booking Oceania cruises were aware of this FCC. it's a good thing I was made aware of it before it expired and I donated $500 to Oceania. So what happens to this past admin fee paid and being applied to my next Oceania cruise in Dec. if I have to cancel that one? Does a new $500 FCC get issued with the date of cancellation?
  5. Someone on the Oceania boards commented that if the 2 O ships scheduled to sail from Miami this winter season starting Dec. 1, Sirena and Riviera, that Oceania might charter flights and send all of those pax to Nassau to cruise from. There are 20 cruises departures on these 2 ships from Miami between Dec 3 and March 17. It's a 1 hour flight, they would add in the cost of the plane ride to the cruise cost.This likely wouldn't work for NCL with the much larger ships with many more people. Even if full, Sirena holds 680 and Riviera holds 1200. I am scheduled on Sirena from Miami Dec.
  6. No. Still empty, both mine and my husband's accounts show no prior O cruises. My account still doesn't show my Oceania Club number, it reads N/A. After I emailed O about this I got an auto response, got your email we'Ll get back to you, nothing as a response to the email request to filmy account. As long as this is straightened out before penalty phase kicks in, Aug. 13, I can wait. If you have a FCC in your account is this supposed to show in your OC account? When I called about the Sirena cruise someone from O told me I had $500 there and to be sure to advise the TA to apply it t
  7. You can get a free covid test at Walgreens and CVS. I need one to go on a land vacation to Namibia in June, and I plan to use Walgreens. Just be sure to find out which one Jamaica requires, PCR or antigen. The time to get results back differs, much longer for the PCR test.
  8. That's not what regulars on the Oceania boards are saying., in fact just the opposite. Lots of false information out there. And if O is also requiring ship only excursions, then that is one more good reason that I cancelled the Aug. 29, 2021 Marina Baltic cruise.
  9. If everyone on the ship is vaccinated then it doesn't matter. No one will get covid. We do know how effective the vaccine is. From the CDC: Randomized clinical trials of vaccines that have received an EUA in the United States showed efficacy of 94%–95% in preventing COVID-19–associated illness Once people leave the ship to join a ship excursion they are out of the "ship bubble". Anyone going ashore could potentially be exposed to the virus to bring it back on ship, doesn't matter who they are with. What happens if you are with your bubble group and you use a public restroom?
  10. Why is Windstar requiring people to take ship only excursions in Europe this year 2021 but Oceania is not? Is it to make extra money? I have the same question about Tahiti. If you can go to Tahiti now on your own and do whatever you want, why is Windstar making people take ship only excursions to go ashore? Neither of these cruises fall under the purveyance of the US CDC requirements since they don't sail in American waters.
  11. The replacement Baltic cruise on NCL in 2022 begins in Stockholm. I will have been there for a few days before the cruise so it doesn't matter much to me where the ship is docked. This cruise ends in Amsterdam not in a Baltic city.
  12. The initial deposit made in 2019 for June 2020 Baltic cruise that was cancelled by O was rolled over to the rebooked Aug. 2021 Baltic cruise. This was done by the TA. You don't need to book directly with O to have this done. The only reason I couldn't roll the original $1500 ahead to the next cruise is I changed TA's. If I had stayed with the original TA the deposit on the Baltic cruise could have been rolled to the Caribbean cruise.
  13. Wrong. I have been with the same agent for over 10 years, the one who the Marina Baltic was booked with. I have used her for more than a dozen cruises and have referred many friends. The cruise was supposed to be June 2020, I did not cancel it, O did. I moved it to Aug. 29 this year, same agent, same cabin same price same perks as the original cruise. Right before I canceled I asked the agent about moving the same cruise to Aug. 2022 at the same price, same cabin. She was not able to do it for me. So I canceled Marina. Then the CDC said some cruises could sail from US ports this y
  14. Over the years I have contacted different TA's to shift my cruise business to who were Oceania experts, and never got much in the way of good pricing, perks and OBC offered. As an example: the TA who had the Marina booking, the agency claims to be an Oceania specialist, was given the chance to book the Sirena cruise. Her price for the cruise was the same as the TA I am using, she had $175 OBC for the cabin versus $400 from the TA I booked with. I have contacted people who post here on CC who are Oceania cruise agents and never was able to get better pricing or deals than what I already had fro
  15. I do the same, baseor, my plane tickets to Miami for Sirena are awards and can be cancelled. The plane tickets to Copenhagen and home from Stockholm were also award tix, I got my miles and taxes back immediately when I cancelled them. The hotels I had booked for pre and post cruise were also cancelled with no penalty. Regarding the shore ex policy, very few people who cruise are on CC daily like we are. We have friends going with us on Sirena, she only looks at the Oceania web site for information or relies on me to tell her what's up with O. If it is O's policy to allowed to go as
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