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  1. Actually, no more butter, either. That stuff ain’t butter.
  2. one does have to avert eyes from time to time!
  3. Divina poolside YC is much smaller, as is the outdoor food service area. It is still fabulous. We actually much prefer the Divina Le Muse restaurant. Much more elegant and spacious. We enjoy the walk to/from. Think the food is better too, perhaps because so much smaller (fewer dishes to prepare). Divina also less crowded in YC We love then both, but I think Divina is our favorite.
  4. Sunshine has it. We gave it a pass. Liked the old one.
  5. We did! Love the Sunshine. Thanks 😊
  6. Good lord, as we say in the south - a picture of the Mardi Gras? And we got two! (Sunshine. Jan 15-20). That is actually insulting. And we thought the cheap luggage tag was insulting. Carnival, just drop the program is this is what it is devolving to. Ridiculous.
  7. My opinion - RS is just an extra room and the cabana. No special service that isn’t available for the asking beyond that - except you do get the cabana “picnic” one day out of the trip. The other days just stuff you can get yourself at the bar for free. we did it once, enjoyed it, but with only 2 traveling would not do again.
  8. Register two in YC. Have one sleep elsewhere.
  9. They are not giving credit for a past cruise, would prefer not to have to call. Any thoughts/experiences in getting this fixed?
  10. We decided to “embrace” the closeness and lightly chat with our “tablemates” ...
  11. We plan on bringing the allowed 2 bottles of wine. We are likely to have a couple of glasses in our cabin, bringing an opened and partially consumed bottle to dinner. Do they charge corkage for that?
  12. The environmental footprint of a metal straw taking into account ore mining, smelting, converting, trucking and packaging is probably thousand times worse!
  13. Booked a “cheeky balcony” suite fall 2020 in the high 4,000s - same suite in Jan-feb 2021 now almost $8,000 (same nites/itin). I can’t imagine paying that fir a five nighter - and it’s not even a true suite (not a separate BR, not very large).
  14. Also, I find that NCL prices the Haven at a sucker’s rate which is then heavily discounted through its bidding program ... which is why I no longer sail NCL. I want to pick my room and pay a fair rack rate, not “hope” to “win” a random room.
  15. Where have you been? MSC has made many changes in response to comments here, including major changes such as dropping the use of the smaller Seaside buffet as “MDR” at dinner time (adding a third seating instead), dropping charging for meals on the private island, widening the variety in the buffets, and many more! I have never seen greater responsiveness that what MSC did relative to the launching of Seaside. And to stay on topic, this included rearranging seating in YC pool area to provide greater shade, and not charging for umbrellas in the YC section of private island ...
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