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  1. If you make full payment, even if the cruise is cancelled, according to others, the TA gets a commission. So, isn't it possible the TA let you pay, so she/he could get the commission?
  2. We have a choice of 2 itineraries. Bahamas....I'd be ok with NCL excursions (Charleston & Port Canaveral). The third port is GSC....no excursions necessary. Caribbean....5 ports...been there-done that on all....would not go on NCL excursions on any Chose Bahamas....for that and a couple of other reasons.
  3. I'm with you. The only thing I really care about is the space inside the cabin.
  4. A few cancellations back I told my TA to take my "credit card on file" off file...just to avoid. Right now....I have "nothing on file". Maybe they could reverse the charge. That's a lot of money to tie up. Or dispute.....
  5. We went on MSC twice and loved it twice. It's a "different kind of cruise" than Carnival or NCL. Different population (international crowd), the best entertainment at sea (well known artists in their home country)...and beautiful ships. The food was lacking (not into food, so I didn't care). If they sailed out of NYC, I'd go again in a heartbeat.
  6. Well...not always true. I had one "within the pandemic era" who had me waiting on hold while he called the cruiseline (30 minutes!). In addition, his computer skills were rather limited when it came to e-mails. I should have read those Yelp reviews. I found him on that "competition" site and he had the lowest price/obc.
  7. Although there are many benefits of using a TA, I did in the past but I don't now. TAs don't make a lot. During the past year I've booked, been canceled, changed cabins/categories, re-booked....too many times to count. And then thing gets canceled so the TA makes nothing for his efforts (and I've been charged fees which I could use as credits in the future). It's really just easier for me to deal directly than call the TA and wait for the TA....during these times. I also "feel guilty" asking the TA to do something, knowing that it's most likely in vain.
  8. I'm staying with the original 7 day cruise because I'm superstitious. I take the rep "not finding the 10 day cruise" as an omen.
  9. Switched back to the 7 day cruise. I don't want to end up with another cancellation or itinerary I don't want.
  10. You bring up a very good point....and that rule may stay in effect for ????? I have a strange feeling that the reps had different data bases. I mean....she saw nothing other than the Jan 2 Gem sailing. Oh well, something for me to do tomorrow!
  11. Well, I hope to see you on board. As I stated in my second post, the second rep had no problem finding it.
  12. Crisis averted....another NCL Rep has no idea of what they are doing. But, the nice guy who found it in a minute is going to report her.
  13. I have the Gem booked...Bahamas....1/2022...out of NYC. It's a 7 day cruise; DH and I decided "let's go on the 10 day Gem" to the Caribbean....same month 1/22. So, I called NCL to change the reservation. The rep said the only thing that came up for the Gem in January 2022 was the cruise I am booked on. Nothing for the Caribbean. When I search...a lot more sailings come up than my current one. I rechecked to make sure I was not hallucinating about Gem to the Caribbean...checked the dates etc....and I still see those sailings listed. I don't want to be pessimistic...but I t
  14. LOL! DH and I always felt "same ports, same food, same entertainment" so we always book "the best for our buck". Some itineraries just aren't worth the extra cost of balconies. Then, for the Miracle, my husband's friends (always in cheapest cabin) decided to join us. We had "the French windows" (really obstructed ov) booked, but a day or two before sailing I got that "upgrade call" and for $300 more we got what I think was called a junior suite at the time. It had one of those long bowling alley balconies and the cabin itself was gigantic (like, it would have been co
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