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  1. Let them argue about something so trivial...adds comic relief. Cruise won't happen anyway......completely pointless argument. But I did like suggestion to book Haven so one have the butler do it.
  2. I was booked and had the standard "120 days" final payment due, and then they changed it to 60 days. I'm hoping for my Oct cruise it gets changed to the 60 day policy....even though I can cancel up to 15 days in advance, I don't want a FCC on the entire fare.
  3. My final payment date for my now cancelled April cruise was 60 days before sailing. I'm wondering, did they extend the "60 Day Policy" to cruises after April?
  4. I'm hearing the same thing. Hopefully the vast majority will get vaccinated and we'll reach herd immunity. Otherwise, masks will be the new fashion accessory....kind of like hats in the winter. I only wear them out of necessity!
  5. America.....4% of the world's population and 20% of the world's covid deaths. I thank you....all you "special people" who absolutely must do non-essential travelling and visiting....for making that statistic possible.
  6. I am, obviously, not one of those "I booked a cruise and I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna have a great time and nobody is gonna make me wear a mask" people. In all honesty, I think you're right. So, if/when this one doesn't happen, I'll move on to 2022 and go thru the book/cancel routine again. Right now I'm praying for life to become normal. Being able to cruise is merely a perk.
  7. My just booked Joy 10/21 is showing this, but when I go to "manage my cruise" all is good.
  8. My 10% coupon was showing in my acct the same day they canceled. Cruisenexts aren't there yet.
  9. Source please? Cab drivers and hotel clerks aren't credible sources of information.
  10. This becomes a win-win because if I cancel, I don't forfeit the 10% discount. And if masks aren't mandatory....I get a cruise. Note: We are taking our adult son, which is why I wanted a specific cabin. He has also informed me that he won't go if he has to "mask-up". Based on the lack of vaccinations available here (NYC...we may run out today!) my crystal ball is getting foggier and foggier....just like my glasses when I wear the mask.
  11. Hmmm....we were talking about different things. You're talking about people giving them "new money" and I agree. But, I don't think anyone is giving "new money" of thousands; they're just using credits etc from cancelled cruises. I was talking about deposits to "hold your place" even if the price goes up.
  12. If it's "vaccines required" I don't think the port is important. And people from all over will travel to that port.
  13. Oh good. This cruise is Oct 2....so we're set to sail! (I'm joking. My expectations are low...but, you never know.)
  14. Nope...we're a team. I respect his wishes and he respects mine. Anyway...it's booked.
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