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  1. A vaccine doesn't have to be 100% effective. It's personal responsibility...you get yours and hopefully you'll be good to go. The first weeks of covid it was impossible to get tested.....now it's no problem. So even if health care workers are first in line, the rest of us won't have to wait long to follow. Priority will have nothing to do with "cruising".
  2. This "protocol" is never gonna work. I like cruising, but I like living even more. However, based on data available today (8/3/2020) I'm confident that a vaccine will be here sooner than you think.
  3. I can just imagine a sit-com named "Desperate Cruisers". No thanks...I can wait.
  4. It will. I won't guess, but it will. THIS will just be a bad memory. Right after 9/11 they said "lower Manhattan would never be the same". It came back even stronger.
  5. Yes we are agreeing. And, also, not useful if we want to return to "cruising as we knew it". I don't want to get off topic, but the cruise in question was, imho, an experiment that failed.
  6. A negative test only means the virus was not detected. It tells you that on "the results page" and that there are a lot of false negatives. My husband had corona. He had all the signs/symptoms and was hospitalized for "suspected corona". He was tested twice; both results were negative. To do the test properly the swab has to be deeply inserted in the nasal passage. If it's not deep enough, the specimen may not have enough "virus" to be detected. And, there are false positives if the sample is contaminated.
  7. Need I say more? It's the "unobvious problems" that you need to catch.
  8. Which only goes to show that testing (and taking the temp) means nothing.
  9. It's 10:30 in the morning. We just finished breakfast and DW needs alone time in the cabin to do his back exercises. I'm off to the casino. I love "an empty casino" so I get my pick of the machines!
  10. I never officially received the refund & obc. It was in my account. Call them...... (Unless you're waiting for a cash refund....then you just have to wait)
  11. This is just my opinion...take it or leave it. I'm confident that the cruise won't sail, but if it does, I'm also confident that Carnival will have some policy allowing last minute cancellations and rebookings or credits towards a future cruise. Wait until there's a vaccine before you come to NYC. Just about nothing is open. In the past few months the streets have become filthy, homeless people are on every corner and crime is way up.
  12. Have you read anything on this forum that isn't a guess?
  13. Most likely the policy will continue but maybe Carnival won't continue...nobody really knows. This OP needs to make arrangements to cruise....he's from the UK. I'd probably cancel and get my money back. If not refundable and final payment is before an official cancellation, I'd just let the deposit go. (In my case I only had a $100 non-refundable deposit...got a $600 OBC plus FCC....and found a decently priced cruise. Plus...I live walking distance to the pier and am retired. I had little to lose and a lot to gain.) But, nobody but OP can make that decision. ETA...in my opinion, I wouldn't be packing for a Nov 1 cruise. And I wouldn't give Carnival more money than I am willing to lose.
  14. Agree. But to add....because people got FCC plus OBC in the past doesn't mean it will happen in the future. Is your deposit refundable?
  15. I specifically said "a Carnival Cruise"....so it's on topic. I wanted to start a pleasant thread, where we all have happy thoughts and it would be impossible to be negative.
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