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  1. Hello, Let's add to that rumour mill and opinion pile. I'm from the UK and have the following booked: 1. 4 days in New York at the end of December 2020 2. A 7 night cruise from Miami and 7 nights in Orlando in April 2021 Who thinks none of these will happen, one of them or both of them?
  2. Wow I'm really impressed with that and I'm a big fan of deals so well done! I've got to say I still wouldn't say they're conning you however its well worth an email...what have you got to lose?
  3. I'm really surprised at this...maybe I've got it wrong but I presumed - 1. Best price guarantee is for cruise price only....OR for cruise and flight total price only. 2. It wouldn't cover you for saying "my total cruise price is £4,000 but you charged £1,400 for flights and I can get them for £1,000 direct with the airline". Cruise lines (in my experience) have always charged a premium for flights as essentially you're also paying for insurance for the flights...it seems unrealistic (to me) to think you can get either a flight with insurance that could be really costly if there are problems (i.e. with RCI) for the same price no insurance (i.e. booking with Jet 2). The cruise lines wouldn't do this out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it because it's a good way to make a profit. I personally think you've done extremely well getting that OBC.
  4. Very helpful thank you! Didn't want for one day it all of a sudden to jump up to £50 and I sit and wish I had got it when it was reasonably cheap. To be honest if I knew the ports weren't too pricey for coffee I'd probably rather buy in port.
  5. I'm only Gold.... been a while since my last RCI!
  6. Is £23 for 15 speciality coffees cheap/normal/expensive? Is it worth it? If I had the voucher I could see myself having a coffee a day (7 in total)... possibly stretching to 2 coffees on some days. If I didn't have the voucher I'd probably do without.
  7. I booked mine through a TA, contacted them and they got in touch within an hour to say that's it adjusted.
  8. I like this way though..... worst thing for me is paying for a cruise (or anything for that fact) and then the next day the price comes away down. Makes sense (to me) that if you buy early then the company rewards you with best prices.
  9. I was tempted with the coffee offer (15 speciality coffees for £21)...didn't know whether that was a good deal or not. I'll struggle to drink 15 so might not use them all. Would probably need to drink 5 to cover my costs.
  10. I've booked for April .... a few days later the price dropped. I emailed and the TA gave a warning that you're only allowed to do one price drop and was I sure I wanted to use it now. I said to them that's not what RCI website says and I asked before I booked (in email) if it would be following RCI terms. I understand why the TA said it (they probably don't want me phoning everytime the price drops £5 but that's life and that's RCI's fault not mine)...they adjusted no problem. What I will say is you fully adjust to the new price (I booked when they were giving obc...if the price drops and the obc disappears then you will lose yours too).
  11. I get what you're saying and in general I'd normally agree....I normally hate that sort of nonsense talk HOWEVER, I got Allure OTS during school holidays for £500pp with $50obc.... It's been a long time since a ship like that was that cheap during school holidays, it can't stay like that for long I wouldn't think?
  12. I know but here's the thing...you're telling everyone else to pay it when you didn't so unfortunately that makes you look like a hypocrite. Doesn't really surprise me though ....you like to through your opinion about on here even though you don't follow it yourself. It's a shame but one day you might (if fortunate) notice that.
  13. Apologies, really hard to learn English on here when people say phrases like "One doesn't needed to know what happened to it", trying to learn when others around me spoke such broken English makes it really hard 😜 I'm sure NCL are devastated at losing you as a customer. The person that says "Removal of autograts should be banned. Autograts should be treated like port charges and taxes. If you go on the cruise, they are paid and no refunds. If you miss the cruise they are returned. No ifs, ands, or buts about it." And then a few pages later says he once reduced them.... Woopsies, once again looking like a silly sausage.
  14. Yes and my comment was talking about the person who goes to university not having to work therefore having a different experience so the comment was made to indicate that the lerson going to university gets it for free. You really are a silly sausage sometimes.
  15. On the news today it said a White House official stated it wouldn't be weeks but instead long months or possibly until a vaccine is found (surely not right?) when the US will open its borders to internationals from Europe/UK. If that's true that is really quite sad. I understand that months could mean 2 months but it really didn't sound that way....the statement sounded pretty long term.
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