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  1. Our drinking age is 18 or 19 depending in the province (-:. Most of the US is still 21 I believe. I am thinking it may somehow have something to do with launching American ports - not drinking age as it would be like any non-adult only cruise - but maybe they don't want Americans booking through Marella - similar to the way they want Canadians to book Marella through Sunwing. That is fine for the Caribbean cruises - but won't help me with the Canaries. We can get a VPN to go around it - just a hassle for looking at cruises. I still get Marella spam telling me about all the great cruises I can't link to !@!@!!!!
  2. Any one on this board privy as to why Thomson/Marella are Geo-blocking the website? (For non-tech people that means for a person with a computer and hence IP address in Canada can no longer view the Marella website) 😭 We have in the past been able to view and book cruises directly with Marella on their website - but no more From a TUI business website - there is a Canadian redirection to 'Sunwing' - a Canadian travel company which partners with Marella. Unfortunately however, Sunwing only provides Caribbean and South America cruises. This has been the case for about a month or so .. was hoping it would just rectify itself but no luck ... sigh .... trying to view cruises for fall of 2020 to the Canaries ...
  3. I have been looking at cruising the Canary Islands in Nov or Dec of 2020. I see that Pullmantur will be pulling the Zenith early 2020 and does not have anything listed for Canary Islands for 2020. Would anyone know or hesitate a guess if they are likely to offer a similar itinerary to their 2019 sailings again in 2020 for the Canaries (with a different boat)? We have not cruised Pullmantur so not familiar with how far out their itinerary information is generally available. Thanks!
  4. We have been able to book with a Canadian credit card, but it took a bit to get passed the part where it wants a UK address as it expects a UK code. We have just added Canada and our proper postal code in the address line and then add in a uk code in that field. It was really just a shortcoming in the booking site software check. After getting past that, we had no problems using our card with Thomson or Marella. It has been a couple of years now though, so I was hoping they would have fixed that.
  5. From Canada - we have always booked directly with Marella on-line and phone. We have done this for both cruise only and cruise-fly (from UK airports). There are on-line travel sites that do Marella/Thomson but we always seem to be better off just booking directly with Marella. This will be our first time to book in Canada through Sunwing as we are doing the Panama itinerary. I think you are as well to book directly with Marella if you are worried about dealing with changes and such. Having another party in-between does not help, but generally makes it more difficult.
  6. Hi Tinsoldier, We have tried to use that site - but we would still need a Marella booking reference number which we do not have in our case. It sounds like you booked the Marella cruise holiday through a third part booking site - so you would still have a Marella reference. When we book with Sunwing -we are booking a Sunwing based flight and cruise package (non-thomson/Marella flight) - something like an all-inclusive holiday where Sunwing treats the cruise like a hotel stay for the package. 😐
  7. I have read to be safe it is recommended to use only registered cabs from the area (only coming in after ship tours have left the area) - but we would likely book a tour through Viator as there is a highly rated one there for a private tour to Panama City and the Canal with pickup at the port.
  8. OK - I see that statement now - it is on the Gatun Lake cruise port page - I think that applies to the Panama Experience cruise itinerary which partially cases through the canal (which we did to book as it it didn't work for us - but its what we want to do). We are doing Pride of Panama and only stop in Colon and do tours from there.
  9. Wow - that would really stink if we can't manage to get the Canal tour Marella excursion - I assume that would be just for the port in Panama? We were on a Marella (thomson) cruise before doing where we weren't allowed to disembark until all the Thomson tours had disembarked (Israel), but have not heard of Marealla excursions being the only people allowed to disembark. I did read elsewhere that taxis are not allowed in the port area until after all the cruise based tours have left - so it seems very geared to getting everyone to take ship tours.
  10. Thanks Addicted - not was I was hoping to hear - but what we have been bracing for. 🙄 I will still hold a very 'slim' hope that things have changed and I will find some useful reference when we get our Edocs a month before the cruise - but will reset our expectations and have a backup plan for the worse case scenario for doing a DIY canal visit. 🙁
  11. After thinking about this - I think the problem might be that Sunwing may not have specific reference yet to Matrella - they likely just have a certain # of bookings available to them to reserve in a general nature with Marella (just numbers and types of rooms to hold) - and then in the last month the final details are provided, money is transferred from Sunwing to Marella and bookings are finalized. When we book through another flight/travel package provider like Sunwing - it is starting to make sense to me that there really is no Marella booking reference until a month before departure (when final payments are due). 🤔
  12. Thank you all - if nothing else - I feel better knowing it's not just me that thinks it makes no sense that we don't have the option to pre-book. If 30% are still remaining when we get on board - at least we should have a good shot at booking then. It would really be a bummer to miss the canal tour - it is intended to be the highlight for us on this cruise.
  13. The Sunwing booking has been done on-line - and the booking confirmation only supplies a 9 digit Sunning reference (I've tried dropping front and end digits but no luck - pretty sure they are not related). When I login to my Sunwing booking - the option to get our 'e-documents' states they will not be available until Feb 25 (our cruise is Mar 24) - so maybe it will be there - and then at least I can book a month before (just hoping that the 1 popular excursion we want is not gone).
  14. Has anyone had any experience in booking excursions when your Marella cruise is booked through Sunwing vacations? We have booked a Panama cruise through Sunwing (flying form Toronto) and can't seem to pre-book any excursions. To do so on Marella's website requires a 7 or 8 digit Marella booking reference and all we have is a Sunning booking reference (9 digits). I have contacted Marella who has told me I need the Marella booking reference, and when I contacted Sunning, the answer was as far as they understand - we can only book after we are on the cruise. Just wondering if anyone has experience or luck with this - or if we really just have to wait until we are on the cruise. We don;t mind doing DYI bookings for most ports - but was hoping to do pre-book Marella excursion for the Canal.
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