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  1. Yeah airlines are waving the 1yr use by deal. We are going on the same cruise in March 2021 (I think March 21st). Fingers crossed
  2. Man I missed these posts. Takes me back to a simpler time
  3. I saw on a cruise news page that NCL was going to start covering gratuities for anyone who has booked a balcony stateroom or higher? I cant seem to find it anywhere else though. Anyone have anymore info on this?
  4. I don't know how they do it...but the hotdogs from the deli are the best hotdogs ive ever had. So my answer is...hotdogs lol ….oh yeah and also breakfast burritos from Blue Iguana 🙂
  5. Canada has totally shut their ports down for the rest of the year. They do not rely on cruise travel for their economy like say a Grand Turk or Nassau would. Ive done that trip before; its great! Halifax is probably my 1st or 2nd port ive ever been to (close call with Curacao). I could be wrong but I think the only stops on the NE/Canada cruise are Boston/Portland/St. Johns/Halifax and I think they always run around Aug-early Nov. (Ours was in Sept)
  6. Im wondering how they are even going to do muster drills now?? Even at half capacity that would be a tall task to maintain social distancing. Personally I don't see why they couldn't do them in the cabins on the TV, I know that's against maritime law or something but everything I see crammed onto the deck outside I could easily see on a TV in the cabin.
  7. You forgot "should I get FTTF", "Coke vs Pepsi" and the infamous no table cloths on the dining room tables
  8. Ive watched this a couple of times. GREAT! series.
  9. Our Honeymoon, March 2010 on the Destiny. I went reluctantly and when I was done I said "yeah I like that...maybe we'll come back in 10 years". This year marks 10 and we had our 9th sailing booked (and canceled)
  10. Their chicken parm was my favorite. My wife did not like it as much because the cutlet was to thin
  11. I didn't look through all of the replies so I dunno if this was said already but I think what may happen is they may send an email asking for volunteers to move their bookings (maybe offer more obc) because I'm sure plenty of people will not want to be some of the first to sail again. Who knows what the number will be but whatever % they sail at im sure its going to be a massive undertaking to figure it all out. After that...I would assume they would go in order of who booked first and who is sailing from an already canceled cruise. JMO
  12. John Heald addressed this in his morning video today and he actually names this site in particular as sources not to listen to. He said there are crews ready to start immediately, the ones who are going home to their families would have been done anyway. He said the reason they are not allowing new July bookings is so they have enough staff to crew ratio. Since they will be with a reduced crew, this makes total sense. And I agree with one of the above posts, if they don't cruise this year they will not survive and as a shareholder id hate to see that happen to but I don't know how any major industry could survive that long without operating. Right now, nobody knows anything
  13. Wow...I am really sorry to hear that 😞
  14. I read under normal circumstances gift cards would take longer but im thinking that gift cards may go through faster because of sheer volume of credit card refunds they have to issue vs the volume of gift card gift cards. Im only waiting on one $100 gift card from a cruise that was cancelled on 3/13 myself so im not to stressed about it.
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