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  1. I saw that 🙂 Thanks for letting me know I was commenting on the wrong roll call.
  2. Our cruise is on the Breeze in April with the same itinerary. I noticed the same thing. I wanted to get one of those poolside cabanas at Amber Cove but we have a toddler and the minimum age is 14 for some reason
  3. I just bought mine. I used gift cards that were reimbursed from a canceled cruise so if it gets canceled again im not out cash.
  4. Just curious for those booked next year, have you booked excursions yet? I looked at my April cruise and was surprised that not only they had a lot already for sale but that some were sold out. I def don't want to wait to long because theres a good chance that you will only be able to take Carnival excursions if you want to leave the port.
  5. Took this awhile back. Its been in Baltimore forever, very good middle of the pack ship. Meaning its not too massive but its not to small either. I liked the retractable roof over the lido deck.
  6. For what its worth I posted my case on John Healds page and he got back to me and said he'd look into it. I understand hes extremely busy, so who knows if he will but he did respond.
  7. Funny story; we were boarding in San Juan and we brought back a bought of these alcohol drinks called Gasolina, they are mixed drinks that look almost like Capri Suns. We make it to the first checkpoint and the guard looks at it and says "juice?" I shook my head yes and he goes "Ok!" then the very next guard says "juice?" I said yes again and we got on lol....I mean theres def juice in it
  8. Agreed. Its my 2nd favorite island behind Curacao. Really sucks to see whats happening there
  9. I think they may actually have a chance of reopening this time.
  10. Casino rate bookings get paid the same as normal bookings. The only difference is because you get a discounted rate directly through the carnival casino, whenever you want to call about your booking you have to call directly to casino booking which can be a pain.
  11. Im sure but the way it was explained to me, it seemed that if I hadn't had called my refund would not have gone through. Like she sounded surprised that I had all these refunds still left in my account and then told me "I will process that for you now". Which id assume means that im going to have to wait for up to 3 months from now.
  12. Wow that's terrible. Sorry to hear that 😞
  13. That is an awesome picture. Talk about something you would never see today!
  14. They said they are "now being processed" I should still follow up daily? I don't think im ever going to book through the casino again. Its been nothing but problems
  15. Just curious if anyone else has been waiting this long or longer? I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I know they have been deadly with an ungodly workload but I just had a Norwegian cruise get cancelled last month and they said I only have to wait 45 days. My cruise of the Magic was cancelled on May 4th. I've seen bits and pieces refunded but im still owed over $1500. I called the other day and they had no excuse. From what I gathered my refunded was never fully processed because I booked through the casino which sounds fishy. Has anyone else had issues waiting this long with a casino rate as well? Like I said I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but this is ridiculous.
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